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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
THIS STORY HAS BEEN NOMINATED AT THE FOOL FOR LOVE AWARDS - PLEASE VOTE! www.livejournal.com/users/_fool_for_love_

Title: Illicit Interrogation

Author: Sarah Aless

Contact/Feedback: give_it_to_me_spikey@yahoo.co.uk OR join my group to feed me :D http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bloodydoit/ OR drop by my LJ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bloodydoit/

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: B/S

Spoilers: All AU baby.

Disclaimer: Oh how I wish I owned the characters, but with no magic genies forthcoming I have to make do with making up smutty stories for absolutely NO financial gain. Joss and ME own them………….lucky buggers!

Distribution: mysticmuse.net, One Good Lay, StS, Fangsandfairytales & www.vampires-kiss.net. Anyone else.....Put it where you like ;-) but please tell me where it's going.

Summary: My first AU. One off PWP that popped into my head from a vague memory of a scene in some T.V. show I watched a couple of years ago and can’t remember the name of. We’re in Britain and Spike is a police man who’s about to make the biggest mistake of his life, accusing Buffy of something she didn’t do……or is it a mistake?

Buffy groaned as the relentless banging on the front door continued. Groggily she cracked an eye open and looked around. It took her a second or two to remember where she was. She had only lived in the new house for two weeks and the fact that she was waking up in the half-decorated living room only added to her disorientation.

It came back in a flash. She’d been waiting up for Parker to come home. Asshole Parker, her soon-to-be ex boyfriend. They’d met in college in California and started a relationship which, right from the start, had been shaky at best. Buffy was fresh out of her first major relationship with her childhood sweetheart Liam. Parker had been a shoulder to cry on that had turned into much more. They’d split up briefly when she had caught him playing tonsil hockey with some two bit ho-bag from his law class. Still emotionally vulnerable, Buffy had eventually been won round by his apologies, declarations of love and promises it wouldn’t happen again.

The axe had almost fallen again finally on their romance when she had overheard him trying to come on to her best friend Willow just after graduation. Parker had argued that she hadn’t heard what she’d thought she had. He begged her not to leave him, pleading a very good case of his remorse, adding that she was bound to jump to conclusions, given his past indiscretion. They needed a new start, he had said. Away from bad memories where they could build trust in one another again. The fact that he’d been offered a job in England was perfect, he’d insisted. They’d go there and start again, really make a go of it.

Parker had gone ahead to get set up and find a place for them and Buffy had followed a month later. She’d arrived two weeks ago, already dubious about this ‘new start’ thing working out. For the past month she’d hardly managed to speak to him for more than two minutes on the phone and her insecurities whispered to her that history was probably repeating itself. With him so far away, he had ample opportunity and his avoidance of speaking to her and vagueness when he did, did nothing to quell her doubts.

This was now the second night in a row she had waited up for him only to wake on the sofa in the living room to an empty and quiet house. She’d been stupid to come here, she berated herself. Leopards never change their spots. Parker was living it up, probably fucking every secretary in his office. She was already sick of his excuses for staying late, dinners with clients that she mysteriously couldn’t attend. These last two nights were the final straw.

Immediately in the pissiest of all pissy moods, she flung herself off the sofa to do something about the infuriating banging that continued unabated at the door.

“What?” she almost screamed as she yanked the door open.

Sergeant William ‘Spike’ Beresford held in a chuckle at the unorthodox greeting from the slightly dishevelled and obviously very grouchy little blonde before him, as he showed her his ID.

“Good morning Madam.” He said politely. “I wonder if I might have a moment of your time?”

“Um…….” Buffy tried to gather her thoughts. The guy in front of her was gorgeous. His chiselled cheekbones perfectly framing the most startlingly blue eyes she had ever seen; eyes that were looking at her in a most amused fashion. “Yeah…..uh…..come in.”

Spike grinned to himself as he followed the obviously flustered woman into her house. His eyes were drawn to her ass like it had some magnetic pull. He hadn’t failed to notice when she answered the door that she was wearing a low cut v-necked top that accentuated her breasts very nicely whilst still leaving something to the imagination. Below the waist she was wearing a ‘just long enough to be decent’ skirt, which despite its brevity still managed to be sophisticated. It also showed off her shapely legs beautifully.

With a shake of his head as they entered the kitchen at the end of the entrance hall Spike admonished himself to act more professionally. Granted, the woman in front of him was one of the loveliest he had seen in a long time but he was not here for a social call. No matter how much fun it might be to get to know her better. And that spark of annoyance and fire which had lingered in her green eyes suggested it might well be a lot of fun.

Meanwhile Buffy was having her own mental argument. She was still angry with Parker but the arrival of the undeniably handsome policeman had caused those thoughts to fade somewhat into the background. Those eyes of his had practically had her melting within seconds and she always had been a sucker for a uniform. His whole demeanour had instantly awoken something in her. He seemed ‘all business Mr Policeman’ but she had detected a hint of mischief in his amused gaze at her snappy opening.

Buffy too gave her head a little shake. The guy had been there less than a minute and already she was starting to construct a fantasy whereby he would be her means of revenge against asshole Parker. She mentally told herself to get a grip. She needed to see what this guy wanted and get him out of here so she could pack, leave a note for Parker and get the next plane home, not waste time having a frikkin fantasy about him.

Tugging down the skirt she’d put on at about 2am especially for Parker getting home she entered the kitchen and walked straight over to the kettle. She wished she’d had time to get changed before inviting a stranger into her home but he wasn’t going to be there long, so she’d just have to feel uncomfortable for a little while.

“Would you like a cup of tea?” she asked switching on the kettle, apparently this was the done thing over here, or so she’d been told.

“That’d be lovely thanks.” Spike said. “Milk and no sugar please.”

Buffy looked at him incredulously. She had totally forgotten the Brits’ habit of putting milk in their tea, she hoped she didn’t make a mess of this.

Spike was feeling a little less lusty until she turned around and he realised just how pretty she was. “If we er….if we could just have a brief chat.”

“Ok, I’m all yours.” Buffy said, internally cringing at her choice of phrasing as she took a seat at the kitchen table.

Spike followed suit and took a chair.

“This is actually probably a waste of your time Mrs……?”

“Summers, and it’s not Mrs actually.”

“Sorry right. Erm….” Spike mentally berated himself again. He had never been this unprofessional but this girl was distracting to say the least and he just didn’t seem to be able to follow a thought to completion.

“Well, I’ve only been here for two weeks so I really hope that I haven’t managed to break some crazy English law without realising it.” She joked.

Spike chuckled in response, feeling a little more at ease.

“No, you haven’t. Well, assuming what you tell me is correct about how long you have been here, you haven’t. You see I’m following up on a tip-off that we received about a month ago. We’re quite stretched down at the station and we only just got round to this one. Someone informed us that the lady who lived here was selling contraband cigarettes, smuggled in from the continent. People buy them like that because the tax is so high on tobacco here. The operation had been going for some time apparently. Obviously that’s not you.”

“Nope.” Buffy beamed at him, not exactly sure why she was suddenly in a good mood but deciding to go with it as he put his hat down on the table, smoothing back his light brown hair as he did so and looking all the cuter for it. “No contraband in this house. No sir!”

Spike grinned at that.

“Well I’m sorry to have bothered you. I must admit when you first invited me in I thought maybe you knew something about it and that you’d actually been here longer than you said. But unless I’m very much mistaken that accent is straight out of the good ol’ U S of A.”

“Wow you British policeman are pretty sharp ain’t ya?” Buffy teased. “I sure do hope I don’t get on the wrong side of you guys!”

Spike took her good-natured teasing as intended and smiled at her.

“Well, thanks for the chat anyway.” He said, making to stand up. “I’d best be off, I doubt you’d even have any useful information on the last tenant seeing as you’ve not been here long.”

“What about your tea?” Buffy asked as the kettle boiled.

Spike checked his watch. “Well I suppose I’ve time for a quick cuppa.”

Buffy made it as quickly as she could in the way she’d watched some woman on a dreadful soap do it last night. Sitting back at the table she popped it down in front of him watching his reaction carefully as he took his first sip. To Spike’s credit he managed to barely show a trace of the grimace that was lurking behind his placid face, and smiled at her.

“So where abouts in America are you from?” he asked. “I spent a bit of time in New York and a little time in California in my younger days.”

Suddenly the conversation took off. As it turned out Spike had actually passed through Buffy’s home town in California when he’d backpacked around the states. They got to talking about the cultural differences between their two mother countries. This conversation quickly degenerated into playful teasing about the crazy ways of each others societies. Both felt that the conversation was one of the most immediately easy they had had in a long time. They seemed to just click.

As the teasing became more prolific they found themselves laughing and Buffy reached out perfectly naturally and more than once placed a hand on Spike’s arm as they spoke. Throughout the conversation both parties felt themselves becoming more and more attracted to the other. Granted, the conversation was fairly superficial, but they both found each other so physically attractive that their easy banter just fuelled fires of temptation that were beginning to flicker in them both.

Eventually Spike looked at his watch again and regretfully told Buffy that he really should get going. Buffy was sad to see him go, he was the first person she had really spoken to since she got here, even including Parker. As he moved towards the kitchen door she asked a question that stopped him in his tracks.

“What if I did know something?” she asked, wondering herself where the hell that had come from.

Spike turned quickly and his friendly gaze had morphed immediately into a narrowed-eyed one of suspicion. It was a very intense look and Buffy felt it searing into her, immediately making her squirm in a strangely pleasurable kind of way.

“I….I mean……..I don’t…….know anything that is, but what I meant was……What would you have done if you thought I was hiding something from you? I mean, you’re obviously quite good at your job, already being a sergeant when you’re so young and all. I just wondered if you had any special way of finding out the truth.” Her tone turned playful. “You know if you suspected I was actually a big bad criminal who was lying to you.”

Spike wasn’t at all sure that she was going where he hoped she was with this but he had always been one to jump first and ask questions later. Fortunately this had worked in his favour in the past, which did nothing to make him think of the possible consequences to his actions.

“Well first of all Ms. Summers.” Spike said slowly crossing the kitchen, his eyes locked on Buffy’s. “I’d have to tell you that I really do NOT appreciate being lied to.”

Buffy gulped as Spike moved like a cat towards her. She suddenly realised how he had gotten promoted so quickly. His whole demeanour just screamed predator, and she found herself shrinking away against the back of her chair as he neared.

“Before I show you just exactly how I’d get you to talk I want to clear up one thing. I know you weren’t lying just now, but I don’t mind giving you a taste of what might happen if I thought you were a nasty little lying criminal.”

“Uhuh.” Was about all Buffy managed to squeak past her lips.

Spike grinned briefly as he moved towards her again.

“I’d get up really close, like this.” He said, moving round behind her and dropping his voice to a hiss as his mouth reached her ear. “So close you can literally feel me breathing down your neck. Can you feel it Summers?”

Buffy gulped again, the proximity of the highly attractive policeman proving to be intensely distracting.

“Yes.” She breathed out softly. “I feel it.”

“What was that?” he hissed in her ear, both arms coming round from behind her to rest on the table, hemming her in. “Speak up Summers I can’t hear you.”

“Yes!” She exclaimed, squirming slightly in her seat.

“Then, I’d ask you if you were lying your cute little arse off because you thought I was stupid.” He said, now moving round to the other side of the table.

When Buffy didn’t answer he leaned on the table so his face was inches from hers before raising his voice to repeat the question.

“Well? Do you think I’m stupid?”

“No!” Buffy exclaimed shrinking back against her chair again. Her head reeling at how quickly this had started and how, uncomfortable, unaccountably guilty and excited she felt all at the same time.

“Well you must do.” Spike continued his face coming even closer to hers. “Pretending you only just moved here, that you know nothing about it.” Buffy was fleetingly aware of what a relief it was that he had stated his belief in her innocence before they’d started this little game.

“Putting on that ridiculous yank accent…”

“Hey!” Buffy exclaimed. “Who do you think you are calling my accent ridiculous?”

“I’m asking the questions here darlin’.” Spike snarled, abruptly standing up. “And drop the accent!”

Buffy giggled, half nervously, half because it really was amusing her that he was using her accent, something she could do nothing about, against her. Had to give it to the guy he knew how to play this kind of game.

Spike walked round to Buffy’s side and stood over her threateningly.

“Do you think this is funny?” he growled.

This just made Buffy laugh all the more, sheer nervousness now taking over now he was so close again. Just standing there, looking her up and down, a menacing calm exuding from him. The air in the room electric with the promise of something Buffy could not place.


She jumped about a foot in the air as Spike’s fist came smashing down onto the table in front of her. That did it. Buffy was on a knifes edge now. Nerves and arousal fighting around inside her, making her tummy flip and squirm. She almost wet her panties when Spike’s very next move was to reach out and grab a clump of her hair. Not hard enough to really hurt, but enough that she didn’t dare try to move it out of his grasp for fear of losing half of it.

She couldn’t help but tremble, adrenaline rushing through her entire body.

Spike noticed it immediately. Yanking her head back he lowered his mouth to her ear again.

“Finally getting through to you am I?” he said in a low growl which set off goosebumps all over her body. “Finally going to stop being a lying little bitch and pissing me off?”

“I…..I don’t know anything.” Buffy gasped out.

“Liar.” Spike said his voice still a growl but more measured and controlled and all the more chilling for it as he continued to speak. “You picked the wrong man to fuck about with sweetheart. I’ll have you confessing to everything since the great train robbery by the time I’m done with you.”

Buffy’s breathing was becoming increasingly laboured and she didn’t know how much longer she could take the game playing. She was intensely attracted to this man and he had started an ache in her pussy that would not be sated until she had him hard and thrusting inside her.

Just as that thought crossed her mind Spike rubbed the considerable bulge in his trousers against her bare arm. Her head moved instinctively to try to see how big said bulge was, but was pulled back into place immediately by Spike.

“A-a-ah,” he chided. “You look at me and start talking. Right now before I make you regret it.”

Unconsciously, under the table, Buffy’s hands moved up and down her thighs as her lower body squirmed in agitation. Again Spike noticed the movement immediately.

“What are you up to?” he asked. “Got a weapon under there have you? How silly of me not to have searched you.”

Letting go of her hair he pulled her chair out from under her as he lifted her to her feet with his other hand on her arm.

“Hand’s on the table.” He barked. “And as you ‘yanks’ say – spread ‘em.”

“Yes sir!” Buffy said, partly in jest but partly instinctive reaction. She took her assigned place and waited. This was going to be good. It had to be!

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