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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Title: Dreams and Secret Passions

Author: Magan and Patty Anne

Disclaimer: Joss is the brilliant one that invented these characters.


Spike had been sleeping in his chair when suddenly, there were noises echoing from around his crypt. He opened his eyes, and realized someone was banging at the door. As he got up to answer, it flew open and Buffy walked in.

"Should have known it's you," he said. "Been nearly six hours."

"Well, it would've been less if I wasn't busy cleaning up your mess."

"MY mess? I just borrowed the doc. The mess is yours, Slayer. Yours and the boy's."

"I'm done."

She grabbed the stake that had been in her back pocket and walked towards Spike, who looked surprised to see it.

"Spike...you're a killer. And I should've done this years ago."

He looked her in the eye. "You know what? Do it. Bloody just do it."

'What?" Buffy asked, stunned.

"End...my...torment. Seeing you, every day, everywhere I go, every time I turn around. Take me...OUT...of a world that has YOU in it!" He tore his shirt off and threw it to the floor. "Just kill me!"

Buffy stared at him, then raised her stake and lunged. Spike winced at the thought of becoming dust before his very eyes, but Buffy seemed to be having second thoughts. They looked into each other's eyes, wondering why they were always fighting when there could be so much more!

Suddenly, Spike grabbed her by her arms and kissed her passionately. To her own surprise, she returned his kiss. It only lasted for a moment, until

Buffy pulled away, bringing her hand up to her mouth. They stared at each other, panting, wanting more. The stake was gone from her hand, nowhere in sight.

Slowly, Buffy removed her hand from her mouth and it dropped to her side as she moved closer to Spike. She snaked both arms around his neck, pulling him to her, kissing him. The kiss quickly became deeply passionate.

Spike brought her closer to him. He began kissing her cheek and leaving

a trail of butterfly kisses down to her neck.

"Spike...I want you," Buffy said, panting.

"Buffy, I love you," was his muffled response. He quickly pulled back as

Buffy stared at him. "God, I love you so much."


He sat up in bed with a gasp. He looked at the girl lying next to him. "Just Harmony."

The dream came flooding back to him. "Oh, God, no," he said, with a look of disgust. "Please...no."

He was panting in horror. No, this can't be. I can't be in love with the Slayer. She hates me. I hate her.

Harmony rolled over on him. Annoyed, he pushed her off, and she rolled over on to the floor, still asleep.

"Bugger this. I'm outta here."


Buffy bolted straight up in bed, panting. She looked around, making sure she was in her room, and not in Spike's crypt.

When the dream came back to her, she shuddered. "No. No, not Spike. EWW!" She pushed the sheets down, and noticed something else. Something she wasn't quite expecting. "I'm wet?! EWW!"

She removed her damp underwear and stuffed them in her clothes hamper, then grabbed a clean pair from her drawer, and a towel. She crossed the hall to the bathroom, trying not to disturb Willow, who was sound asleep.

She pulled her hair up into a ponytail, placed the towel on the hook, then undressed and stepped into a hot shower. As the water cascaded over her body, she kept thinking back to that very real dream of Spike. For a vampire, he's okay...no, he's totally hot.

Her sex began to throb as she thought about the dream. She needed release, and began touching herself. Soon, she was begging out loud, asking Spike for more, screaming his name when she began to come.

Leaning against the wall, she heard someone come into the bathroom.

"Buffy...you okay?" Willow asked sleepily.

"Um...yeah. I'm just fine," Buffy lied. She was still reeling from her orgasm and was a little embarrassed.

"I woke up, and the light was on, but you weren't there. I...I heard screaming from in here, and I ran as fast as I could. I thought something had happened to you. Why are you in here?" Willow was curious as to why her friend was taking a shower in the middle of the night, when they'd both gone to bed at the same time. "Did you go out and patrol?"

Willow...I wish you wouldn't ask me so many questions. I hate lying to you.

"I...um...had a nightmare and I...just needed to take a shower." Boy that sounded lame. Buffy rolled her eyes. "I'll be done in a minute."

"Oh, okay. I'm going back to bed." Willow didn't quite believe her friend, but she shrugged it off. It was past three a.m., and she had an early class in the morning. "Goodnight," she said. Turning on one heel, she went back to their room.

Buffy turned off the shower, stepped out, and grabbed her towel. She dried off and dressed, then went back to bed.

She tossed and turned. All she could think about was her dream. "Forget this." Pushing the sheets off again, she pulled on a pair of jeans and her shoes. On her way out, she grabbed Mr. Pointy. She was in the mood to stake a vampire...a certain vampire. She wasn't going to allow herself to feel anything more than loathing for him.

When she walked out of the building, she sensed Spike's nearness. "Oh, good. Time for some ass kicking."

Spike has been making his way up the walk when he saw the Slayer. "We're gonna have this out right proper." He wasn't about to let some stupid dream dictate how he felt about her. He hated her with a passion, and that was it!

As soon as they were close enough. He looked her up and down. "Slayer!"

He stopped right in front of her, almost nose to nose.


He could feel her warm breath on him, and he grew painfully erect.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she asked.

"Out for a stroll."

"Not here you're not," she said snidely, holding on to her stake so tightly that her knuckles turned white. "I've got slaying to do, so get out of my way!"

"Playing hard to get, heh?" he teased her.

"What part of "GET OUT OF MY WAY" don't you understand?" Buffy walked around him.

He sniffed the air. Oh, Slayer is wet...for me. He smiled as she walked away from him.

Spike was looking for a fight, and a fight he was gonna provoke. He placed one hand on her shoulder, and she immediately grabbed it and flipped him over on to the ground.

"Don't touch me." Secretly, she wanted him to touch her. His touch sent shivers all through her body.

Buffy watched as he smiled mischievously. He's up to something, she thought, keeping her stake firmly in her hand.

"Aww...Slayer. Is that the best you've got?" Spike rose to his feet, taunting her. He could tell he was having an effect on her, the same as she was having on him. And, as much as he didn't want to admit it, he felt something for the girl.

"Spike, go home!" Buffy started to walk away again. She wanted to touch him, to kiss him, but she pushed that feeling back. She wasn't going to let

Spike do this to her. Not a soulless creature like him.

"...And miss all the fun, not bloody likely," Spike whispers in her ear as he slaps her ass.

Buffy took a deep breath as the sensation turns her on, and she wishes he'd do it again and again, but she wasn't about to let him know that.

Spike sensed that she was quivering under his touch. He wouldn't mind showing her a thing or two. She had walked away from him, bringing him out of his reverie. He followed.


He was still walking behind her, like a lost puppy, and it began to annoy her. Turning around, she punched him in the nose.

Spike stumbled back a little. "Bloody hell, woman! You broke my nose!" He felt his nose, checking for blood. I'm getting to her. I know I am, he thought, watching her from beneath lowered eyelashes.

"Good! Maybe that'll teach you to stop messing with me!" Why did I say that? I don't want him to stop. I don't want him to go.

"I see, ya wanna fight?" Spike punched her in the face. Buffy reeled back, dropping her stake. He waited for her to regain her balance, and then struck her again, knocking her to the ground.

Buffy swept her foot underneath him, and he fell to the ground beside her. She grabbed her stake, straddled him, then waited with it hovering over his heart.

Spike really believed he was about to turn to dust. "End...my...torment. Seeing you, every day, everywhere I go, every time I turn around. Take me...out of a world...that has you in it!" He tore his shirt open, exposing his chest.

Buffy had to admire it, but she didn't want him to know that!

"Just kill me!"

He hadn't realized what he'd been saying, but Buffy was startled by it. "What did you just say?" She eased up on the stake.

"End my torment...bloody hell, that's what I said to you in my dream," Spike said, slapping his head as he remembered where the speech came from.

"Oh, God." Buffy rubbed her temples. "How could we have had the exact same dream?"

"What, now?" He propped himself on his elbows, and she slid down, feeling his erection. She ground herself against it, and he let out a moan. Buffy held back her giggles.

"You said that exact same thing in my dream," she told him.

"That's not possible."

"So, what does this mean?"

Spike licked his lips, and leaned forward to kiss her. She didn't protest, which made him very happy. He only broke the kiss so she could breathe.

"This," he whispered huskily.

Buffy moaned. "Spike...I want you. Now!"

"Right here, love?"

"Anywhere." She wrapped her arms around him, and pulled him into another passionate kiss.

Spike stood up, holding her tightly, still kissing her. He crossed the quad into the trees, wanting a little privacy for their first time. Their lips parted so she could take in some air, and he removed his jacket and laid it on the ground.

The slayer and the vampire undressed quickly, then stood naked in front of each other.

"Exquisite," he breathed.

"I didn't know you knew words like that," Buffy teased.

"Come here, you!" Spike ignored her teasing words and enveloped her in another passionate kiss, lowering her to the ground. He moved from her mouth to her neck, nuzzling her. His lips traveled down to her breasts, sucking and biting each nipple, leaving marks on her skin as she moaned in pleasure.

"Spike...please...need you now."

Spike smiled, and continued his way down her stomach, leaving butterfly kisses all over it.

"Now, Spike....now!"

"What do you want?" he asked with a sly grin.

"Want you inside me."

"Plenty of time for that, love."

He knew what she wanted, and he returned to her breasts.

"Oh, Spike...please!" She rubbed her knee against his groin.

He wanted her as badly as she wanted him, but he also wanted to savor this moment as long as possible, since he didn't know if it would ever happen again.

The vampire came out of hiding and bit down on her breast, licking and sucking it until it was dry. A moan escaped her lips. She had to have him now.

He could tell she was going over the edge soon. "Now, now, Slayer...all in good time." His human face returned. He spread her legs, and she felt sure he was going to enter her, but she was mistaken.

Sliding his finger into her, he rubbed and teased her with it. "Hot...and wet."


He started pumping his finger back and forth, in and out, slow and fast. "Oh, Spike! Faster...faster...faster!" she cried.

He continued his ministrations until he felt she was about to come, and then removed his finger. Buffy whimpered at the loss of his touch, but he smiled and lowered his head, then began licking her until she was near orgasm again...and stopped.

"Spike! Stop teasing me....I need you!"

He reached down and positioned himself, then entered her. Not all the way, though, still playing his teasing game with her.

Buffy grabbed him and pulled him down into a kiss. It had been too long since their last one. Their mouths opened and their tongues began to duel.

He entered her a little more, but she needed him all the way in. She began clawing at his back, urging him on, and then wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in deeper.

"Faster! Harder, Spike!" He did as she asked, moving faster and harder, doing it all for her.

"Oh, Buffy....so hot, so wet...for me. Ohhhhhh...yes!"

He pumped in and out of her, going as deeply as he could with every thrust. Pulling completely out once or twice, he then rammed back in all the way, burying himself in her tight warmth.

"Oh...SPIKEEEEEEEE!" Orgasm hit Buffy hard, and she screamed her pleasure into his ear.

His vampire emerged once more as he was nuzzling her neck. He bit her in the same place that Angel and the Master had once bitten her. This sent

Buffy over the edge completely, feeling Spike drink from her, until he knew it was time to stop.


"Buffy! I...I love you!" he said as his released his seed into her womb.

"Spike...Spike, I love you, too." The sound of those words thrilled him. Buffy hadn't realized that she'd said them, but he knew. He'd heard everything she'd said, and he wouldn't let her forget it. Ever.

They fell asleep that way, with him still sheathed inside of her. Hours later, they were woken up by a cat that jumped on Spike's back, startling them.

He quickly withdrew and jumped up off of her. Buffy rolled over and grabbed her clothes, dressing quickly.

"Where you going, love?"

"This never happened," she replied coldly.

"The hell it didn't!" Spike grabbed her and kissed her, but she pulled away.

"It...Never...happened!" she repeated, then turned and ran off, leaving him there, still stark naked.

"Bloody hell," he muttered. "That woman's gonna be the death of me."

Laughing a little, he dressed, and then slipped his duster on. He dreaded the idea of returning to Harmony, but she probably didn't even realize he'd been gone. Stupid bint's probably still sacked out on the floor.

Spike had a huge grin on his face. He wasn't ever going to forget this night. As he walked home, he began to realize that it must have been their secret passions that had brought them together. Someday, it would happen again, and he could only hope that day would come soon.

He fished around in his pockets for his cigarettes. Lighting one, he took a long drag before resuming his trek home.


Buffy closed the door behind her, and leaned against it. "Oh, my God," she whispered. It had been so damn good with him. How was she going to live without more of it? "Oh, God," she moaned again.

She could feel the passion flare in her all over again, but she ignored it.

Kicking off her shoes, she crawled into bed.


"Yeah, Will?"

"Did you go patrolling?" Willow asked, half awake.

"Yeah, I did." And THEN some.

Willow went back to sleep, satisfied with Buffy's answer.

The slayer took a deep breath, and sighed. She closed her eyes, and the events of the night quickly replayed in her mind.

Buffy realized now that Spike was her secret passion. She'd wanted him all along. That was what the dream had been telling her. Someone, somewhere, had thought up this cruel trick to make her see.

"Thanks a lot," she said sarcastically. "I really wanted this, and I couldn't come to terms with it. Thank you."

She closed her eyes, and drifted into an exhausted sleep.


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