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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Disclaimer: The usual. I own nothing; I am a mere dust bunny under the feet of the almighty
Whedon empire!!! I also fall under the feet of the Domino’s industry…I’m poor, this is for fun,
Don’t sue, or ask me to cook please?

Distribution: If you want it, take it. Just let me know where it goes so I can tell all my friends!

Special Delivery

“Goddamn him!” Buffy fumed as she moved about the spacious third floor condo blowing out the many candles she had lit for a romantic evening with her husband. “This is the last straw!!! He thinks he can fuck around on Buffy Anne Summers and get away with it, he’s got another think coming!”

The phone call moments before had clinched it, “God how stupid does he think I am?” She raged, “Calling me from that blond bimbos house, did he forget we have caller ID? No of course not, it’s just another way for him to put me down, to show that he’s above me, I’m not good enough for him. Then WHY THE FUCK DID HE MARRY ME?” Buffy stomped into the living room and sat heavily on the cream-colored leather couch trying to reign in her anger. “I’ll show him, NO ONE does this to me!”


*Who in the hell? Oh it better not be that little trollop Faith from downstairs looking for dear sweet Angel, * Buffy thought as she moved to the door and flung it open hard enough to crack the plaster when it hit the inner wall, *I’ll kick her lily white……………HELLOOOO. *

“I have a pizza delivery for a miss Faith Evans, large sausage?” The gorgeous hunk of bleached blond Domino’s pizza boy, with the name Spike bold on his nametag, intoned not looking up from the slip he was reading.

Buffys eyes traveled the length of his lean body stopping to appreciate all the scenic sites along the way, especially the prominent bulge in his snug fitting black jeans, *Oh yeah someone’s definitely getting a Special Delivery tonight. *

“I’ll say you do. And I could go for a slice of HOT, THICK, Sicilian right about now!” *Yummmm…..Fuck you Angel!*

Spike’s eyes lifted at the sultry tones only to pop at the sight of the stunning petite blond woman dressed only in black satin and red lace. Black satin thong held together with tiny red bows, thigh high black stockings with satin ribbons tied to match the bows on the underwear at the tops, and a red lace bustier that set off her devils red lips and creamy complexion. *Jesus…H….*

Artfully draping herself in the doorway and running a French manicured fingernail down the valley between her breasts Buffy licked her moist red lips at the thought of this handsome stud pounding her into the mattress. *And would you look at those eyes, like deep pools of Caribbean Sea. *

Smiling seductively as she looked into those very eyes Buffy knew without a doubt she had to have him. Reaching out with one slender hand she hooked him by the belt loop and tugged him inside the door giggling when she felt absolutely no resistance at all.

“I didn’t order the pizza, but you my fine-looking delivery man are just what the lady of the house needs right now.” The door slamming shut and being locked behind the stunned young man finally pulling him from his stupor, *It’s a dream, a fucking fantasy. * The pizza box fell onto the floor unnoticed as Buffy knelt in front of him on the tile floor, tore open his jeans, took out his already raging cock *commando…ooo nice* and gave him the blow job of his young life.

“FUCK” Was all that came out amidst the groans and moans and slurping sounds.

“Mmmm,” Buffy hummed around his perfect 10” inch marble hard prick. Flipping her golden locks back for a moment she looked up at the panting boy/man as she continued to jerk him off and grinned, “You taste so good lover. I’m gonna love drinking down your spunk.”

“GOD…….” Spike’s eyes slammed shut as his head dropped back onto the door his dick getting impossibly harder at the words of the pocket goddess on the floor attacking his throbbing manhood like a starving woman. *Bedroom now. * Was all that would penetrate his lusty thoughts.

Buffy squealed happily as the stranger reached down and pulled her to her feet only to sweep her into his strong arms, “Bedroom.” He growled at her his hot eyes licking her skin like the flames of an inferno.

“That way,” She pointed her panties which were already soaking at the tongue bath she had given this total complete mystery man, were now beyond Niagara Falls in wetness.

Striding purposefully to the darkened back room Spike pushed open the door with one foot and walked in. Carefully setting her on her feet Spike looked down with a sexy smirk on his finely chiseled features, “take off your clothes, all except the stockings luv. I wanna see the little dish, I get to devour before I turn her into my personal feast,” His eyes sparking as he spoke.

Where the hell all the self-confidence was coming from Spike had no idea but he sure as hell wasn’t going to let this oft dreamed opportunity pass him by without gorging himself on the sweet meat before him.

Lust practically dripped off Buffy as she pushed the blue eyed delight into sitting on the bed and straddled his jean clad thighs her knees balancing on the bed on either side as she ran a slow hand down from her neck to the tops of her velvety breasts to the snaps at the front of her lace confection. Slowly, oh so slowly, she unsnapped each and every little snap one at a time.

Pop Pop Pop

By the time she got to the bottom she thought she was going to spontaneously combust from want. God, she wanted those long fingers on her naked breasts.

Winking at him she then slowly, with one hand covering her breasts, pulled the red lace fabric from her body and let it fall unforgotten.

“Ooo” she cooed as she felt his still unsheathed cock jump against the satin of her panties making her grind her pussy lips through the drenched satin panties into his turgid shaft in response.

Spike moved her hand from her bared skin and promptly set to devouring her. Long licks from the tender skin of her neck to the underside of her bosom with stops to nip at the pebbled nipples capping each creamy mound, had Buffy squirming even harder against his 10” inch gift from God.

Knowing damn well that if she kept that up he’d cum all over her instead of in her like he wanted, he grabbed her around the waist and deftly turned them so that she was now sprawled wantonly across the bed waiting for his sweet brand of torture.

Buffy watched as the gorgeous stud stood up and began peeling away the layers of clothing that covered his perfectly cut body. *My god, did I pick the right guy or did I pick the right guy. * She thought as her hands drifted down to the sleek bit of material between her spread thighs.

Spike bit back groan as he watched his fantasy woman start to touch herself while she watched him undress. Her eyes practically glowed in the dim moonlit room as she devoured him with her gaze; taking in every inch of his long, lean body, every joint, every sinew, and every muscle. *If he doesn’t do something right now, I’m gonna scream! *

Finally kicking off his shoes he dropped to his knees in front of the bed and pulled her to the edge.

Buffy shivered with lust as his roughened hands slid up her outer thighs to delicately untie the ribbons on either side of her panties before tugging the fabric from her and dropping it carelessly to the floor.

Gently draping her knees over his shoulders Spike couldn’t help the grin that spread over his face at her perfectly naked flesh.

“Well, thank god someone appreciates the trouble of a good wax job!” Buffy giggled feeling carefree lost in the moment with this total enigma.

“Oh honey, you’re about to find out how much!”

Buffy screeched at the succinctness of his attack. His long tongue sliding from stem to stern of her hot wet pussy in one delicious swoop, making her pitch and roll like a rowboat in the ocean. “GOD….” She groaned her mind adrift with her body in a sensuous sea of skin tingling need.

Spike closed his eyes and lapped lazily at the sensitive flesh of her nether lips, taking his time, breathing in her desire and allowing it to feed his own. *She tastes so damn good. * His thoughts repeating her earlier words as she sucked him off.

Sliding one hand onto the sensitive skin of her lower abdomen he gently rubbed circles making the muscles there jump as he slid a long finger on his other hand along her wet cleft making her arch and squirm on the bed.

“Oooo PLEASE….” She entreated the young man between her spread legs and she shifted her body trying to gain more contact from his tongue and fingers.

Spike took the hint and slid three fingers deep into her greedy body as he lathed his flattened tongue against her distended clit.

“Ooh…Oh…OH GOD…OHGOD…OHFUCK…YES…” She screamed in earth moving orgasm as he thrust the three fingers into her clenching cunt, his digits moving relentlessly into her, again and again and again. His wonderful lips, OHGOD, his lips and tongue driving her wild as they lapped every succulent drop of juice from her. Her hands were tearing at the bed trying, without success to control the delirious quaking of her tiny body, as her lover paid homage at the alter of her femininity.

“Uhhh…Uh…Uh…” Buffy was beyond words, beyond thought, all that was coming now, besides her, was monosyllabic noises in time with each cresting wave of euphoria.

When his jaw began to tire Spike pulled his fingers from her body with an obvious squelching sound, lowered her weakened legs and slid his long body up onto the bed supporting himself over her.

“Now…I’m going to fuck you pet.” He purred as he teased her opening with his long, hard, rod. “Gonna make you wish I’d never leave you. Gonna make you beg me to stay.”

Buffys mind may have been south of the Hamptons for the moment, but her body was responding all on it’s own as a surge of pure undiluted lust ran through her making her reply, “Make me beg.”

With a growl Spike raised her legs to wrap around his slender waist and thrust his full length into her without hesitation.

Buffy screamed out her pleasure at his welcome invasion. His cock so massive in her tiny body, she felt as if she were being stretched inside out. She could feel every pulsing vein in his marvelous tool, it went so deep and it was so fucking huge! She already knew that this was one man she was going to keep delivering for a LONG time!

Groaning and dropping his head into her fragrant shoulder Spike had to pause for a moment to regain his composure as the first thrust inside of this tiny inferno threatened to have him spilling his load without even a by your leave.

“So hot,” he mumbled to himself near her ear as he panted, “So goddamned tight. Perfect, bloody fucking perfect.”

His words turning her on more than ever made Buffy wriggle beneath him and thrust up at him trying to convey her desperate need for his domination.

Running her hands down his back in restless patterns she turned her head and when Spike lifted his head to look at her, she pressed her lips against his in a heated kiss of passion.

Spike groaned as he wrapped his strong arms around the diminutive blond underneath him, his tongue entangling with hers as he started the deep thrusts into her willing body that they both craved. Never had it been this good, never in a million years had Angel ever brought her this much pleasure, never was she giving this one up.

Buffy rolled her head back onto the bed as Spike moved down and attacked the heated skin on her neck with a voraciousness that rivaled a new born animal seeking it’s mothers milk.

“OHGOD…” She moaned out to the darkness that covered them. Had anyone been looking in on them they would have sworn they were seeing an act of love born on the waves of hedonistic passion and not just the coupling of two lonely strangers in the night.

As Spike pistoned his cock into her slick channel he could feel the flutterings of her orgasm beginning around him. Her inner muscles tightening down, the rush of hot moisture that had him grinding against her, into her, in the race for that final mind numbing, skyrocketing joy. Reaching down between their dampened flesh where they were joined intimately, Spike sought out and found the one spot that sent Buffy screaming into unforgettable orgasm with a flick of his fingers.

“OHGOD…OH…YES…NOW…NOW….NOW…” Buffy gasped as her eyes flew open to stare blindly at the ceiling above her body going rigid as the man above her pounded into her flesh. “GAAAAH…” She screamed out her fingers clawing at his soaked back as she went wild underneath him her cunt clenching and unclenching around the huge shaft penetrating her with the energy of a jackhammer.

“BLOODY………….FUCK……….” Spike roared above her as he reached the pinnacle and stepped off the precipice flooding into her with his hot spunk. His body slammed into her, both lovers whimpering and crying out as they continued to thrust against each other.

Buffy quivered and shook beneath him as she started to come down, each explosion from his cock making her cry out with aftershocks as her body tumbled helplessly back to earth, her languid limbs falling from around him and onto the bed with a small thump.

Finally unloading all of his passion from his sated body into the woman beneath him Spike pulled himself from her dripping snatch and rolled onto the bed on his back.

Turning her head, Buffy marveled at the muscles moving below his pale skin as he tried to catch his breath.

“Wow.” Was all she could say.

Spike looked at Buffy and grinned, “Wow indeed.” Reaching out he tugged her body up against his own and placed a gentle kiss on her swollen lips before smiling again in a way that made Buffy think of a young wolf.

“So you going to tell me your real name luv? Since you said you aren’t the bird that ordered the pizza?”

“Buffy. Buffy Summers.” She said somewhat shyly. Which was silly really considering she had all but attacked the poor pizza boy.

“What’s so funny pet?” Spike asked as her giggles turned into full fledged laughter.

“Dominos….They sure do deliver!”

“Deliver anytime you want from now on.” Spike said with a mischievous glint in his blue eyes.

“Oh baby, you just made my grocery list for the rest of your life! Pizza forever!”

Wrapping her arms around this remarkable young man’s chest Buffy’s smile never wavered as she thought of being able to tell Angel that he was being dumped for the pizza boy.

The end

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