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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
I would like to thank Sotia and Carrie again for their ideas, input and support and Kristi for being such a wonderful beta.

Spike stood back and watched as the door opened and the light came on. He heard the jingle of some keys being thrown on a wooden table and the sound of a deep sigh and someone dropping on the bed. Once the only sounds that he could hear were the breathing and heartbeat of one living human, he came out from behind the curtain. His soft yet quick strides went unnoticed by the one on the bed, as her eyes were closed.

She was dressed in black leather pants, a leather jacket and a crimson top that was so tight one could notice her lack of bra easily. Dressed like that, in his favorite colors and without any underwear or shoes on, her hair fanned all around her and one arm covering her eyes, she was the most beautiful thing he’d seen in a long time.

He dropped himself on top of her, his duster acting as a blanket for them both as her startled yelp was suppressed by his eager lips. God he’d missed the taste of her lips. Cherry lip gloss, a hint of musky soap underneath, salty sweat from her earlier dancing, and something essentially Buffy. His hands cupped her face as his weight rested on his elbows and she twined her hands around his neck, her fingers playing in his hair, holding him in place. They kissed fiercely, passionately and yet with such tenderness that it brought tears to his eyes as well as making his cock rock hard.

After minutes of ceaseless kissing, the hunger for each other grew too much to be satiated with only light petting. He stood up and shed his duster, looking at her dishelved state with longing. Her lip gloss was gone, having not survived his attacks and her chest was heaving with her panting breaths. She was looking back at him, studying him as he was her until he was done with his task and bent over her again.

He started kissing her again, their tongues dueling for dominance as each wanted to claim the other’s mouth as their own. He put his hands around her back and raised her with him into a sitting position. Without stopping their heated kissing he started dragging her jacket off her body, uncovering more and more skin as he went along. He didn’t waste time after he finished that, though, and started flicking her erect nipples through the flimsy material of her top. The gasp this elicited was his chance and he plundered her mouth in earnest, reveling in the feel of it.

When it all became too much to take again, he flattened his palms over the mounds of her breasts, slowly dragging his hands downwards and under them, then to her flat belly until he reached the hem of her top. He slid his fingers under the fabric and started running his hands parallel to her ribs. She started writhing soon after, almost begging him with her body to go back up. Her hands were clawing and grabbing at his own shirt and he took it off with her help. Once he was topless she stared at him for a while licking her lips.

By that time his cock was so hard that any movement within his pants caused him discomfort. He disregarded that for the moment, though, and went back to caressing her body, raising her top slowly upwards until she whipped it off herself. They were now both topless and panting, their chests touching every time they breathed, sending small shivers of delight across his skin whenever they made contact. They stared in each other’s eyes, conveying everything their tongues and lips could not.

The feeling of love spread through his body like wildfire, making his heart ache and expand at the same time, making his skin tingle in pleasure. As he trailed his gaze over her body he noticed her own goosebumps and this made his heart soar with joy again. He closed the distance again, kissing up and down her neck. His left hand started kneading one of her breasts while his right one was placed at her back, stroking her while keeping them close at the same time. Thankfully, her bed was low enough that he could kneel beside it and still be level with her.

His fingers started running circles around her breast, in ever smaller circles, stopping in their perusal from time to time to grab a handful of her delicious flesh or drag his nails over her heated skin. And God she was hot! Like a living flame as opposed to his cold flesh, warming him, filling him with life – her life.

His tongue and lips glided across her skin, kissing and licking her. After she was sufficiently explored that way, he started using his normal teeth also, slowly dragging his blunt canines over her flesh, leaving faint pink trails on her skin. After a few passes from the tip of her breast up to her earlobe, each one making her gasp, he started gently biting down on her, putting just enough pressure to let her know what he was capable of.

Small crescent marks and red welts were left down his back from her nails as she mindlessly caressed him and tried to bring him closer at the same time, the intermingling of pleasure and slight pain making him even harder – if such a thing was possible – and his cock almost hurt him from the strain.

The smell of his own blood, her arousal and her panting and moaning finally did in his last shred of control. He brought both his hands to the front of her pants and undid them as she watched him as if in a daze. When he started sliding the offending garment down her thighs she helped him by raising herself on her elbows, providing him with a tantalising glimpse of her naked pussy, neatly trimmed and glistening in her juices. The sight almost undid him and he redoubled his efforts.

He thanked the gods that they’d both had the foresight to take their boots off as he finally tugged her legs free of her pants. He then stood up and undid his own jeans, sliding them down his powerful thighs and kicking them off his feet. As he stood there naked in all his glory, he watched Buffy lick her lips and dive in to engulf his cock in her mouth.

The sensory shock of her hot, wet, smooth and soft mouth engulfing his hard jutting member almost made him spill himself too soon. He mentally went over what was happening to him: Buffy, now naked and on her knees in front of him was giving him a blow job. He groaned out loud and thrust his fingers in her hair, holding it up and away from her face.

She locked her green eyes with his blue ones as she slid her lips slowly down his cock inch by agonizing inch. Her eager and open gaze combined with the inferno that was her mouth was driving him up the wall and he was sure he’d lose his footing at some point. She put one hand around him, squeezing his ass while the other one came to play with his balls, gently rolling them in her palm.

After going as far as her mouth would allow, she sucked her cheeks in and dragged her lips off him, making him buck his hips once in an attempt to keep himself inside her. She licked around and around his shaft, making it glisten and slippery. As she got to the base she licked his scrotum, making him groan. The cooling liquid covering his shaft caused tingles to shoot up his groin and his belly and down his legs.

When she’d tortured him enough she raised her head and, in one swift stroke, took him in as far as her throat again, then deep-throated him, making him howl in pleasure and involuntarily buck his hips again, making her lips touch the base of his cock. She retracted when she felt she couldn’t take anymore and again sucked him all the way up. When her lips got to his head she lingered there, sucking rhythmically and breathing heavily through her nose.

After she regained her breathing, she started bobbing her head up and down his shaft again, every once in a while taking him all in and holding him there as her throat muscles worked around him.

He was rocking his hips now in tandem with her sucking, unable and unwilling to still his eager thrusts in her inviting mouth. Her eyes trained on his kept him from throwing his head back and howling to the moon his pleasure and also kept him from closing his eyes to relish in the feeling of hot and cold as she glided up and down his shaft. Those eyes that he was losing himself in, trusting and inviting, loving as none other before them.

After a few more thrusts he felt the familiar tingling engulf his entire lower half. Nobody but her had managed to gain such powerful orgasms through their blowjobs, involving all the nerve endings in his legs and lower back in a short circuit that left him weak as a kitten. His balls tightened, the burning of his orgasm starting to well up inside him. Finally once she’d taken him in all the way again he started cumming down her throat.

She drank him down for all he was worth, pulling him in and sucking his spendings to gulp down hungrily. When he was done and she was satisfied that not a drop was wasted, he collapsed on the bed in front of him, twisting so that his semi-hard cock was jutting up.

She crawled on top of him and kissed him deeply, allowing him to taste himself on her tongue, making him harden again. She raised her head and started playing with herself using her left hand. The taste of his seed on her tongue, the sight of her fondling herself above him and the feel of her skin touching his made him harden all the way and he grabbed her hips, pulling her down on top of him.

She made a mewling noise and then wrapped her hand around his cock to guide him inside her. As she hovered above him, the weeping tip of his manhood touching her drenched and needy pussy she looked him straight in the eyes, letting him know she knew exactly what this was. She started lowering herself slowly, ever so slowly on him. Once she got about halfway down she made a swirling move with her hips, making him curse out and grab the bedclothes for dear life.

She did it over and over again until he was arching beneath her, the sweet torture she was exposing him to making his vision blurr with need. She impaled herself all the way then, making him gasp and grab her hips. She batted his hands away and then put both her hands on either side of his head. She moved forward, up his body, causing his shaft to emerge from within her with so much friction that, coupled with her extreme heat, it was sure to burn his cock right off. But what a way to go! Then she went backward, again swallowing his cock inside her scorching pussy.

Forward and backward, up and down and then from side to side, with a swivel and a twirl of her hips thrown in from time to time did she go. He was almost crazed with want, his hands now trapped by hers, her legs trapping his in place, leaving her in complete control of his body and his pleasure. It wasn’t long before they were both off together, climaxing and almost blanking out from the sheer surge of pleasure that enveloped them.

As she once again regained her breathing and her trembling subsided, he saw his chance and took it, raising himself to a sitting position, his legs still planted on the floor off the side of the bed. This caused her to entwine her hands around his neck and shift her legs so that they were spread out behind him.

They kissed slowly and sweetly as he once again grew within her, the feel of their combined juices as well as the smell of their spendings aiding his vampire constitution to regain its hardness. Once he was satisfied with the state of his cock and her desire for more, he placed his hands on her lips and started moving her over him.

Each time he gathered her close, his impressive manhood stretched her to the limit, filling every inch of her – a perfect match. Their combined moaning and grunting ricocheted off the walls, combined with the slaps of flesh on flesh and made up the soundtrack to their coupling.

As her new orgasm neared she leaned close to his ear and spoke for the first time: “Now!” in a breathy tone.

Hearing the word he had been waiting for he raised himself on his feet, Making her legs dangle, impaling is cock to the hilt, her ass wiggling and eliciting moans of pleasure from both. He walked to his duster, each bounce in his step making her shriek with another small orgasm, while his face shifted in his demonic visage. He then dropped to his knees and buried his fangs in her neck at the same time, the penetration of both fangs and cock within her, deeper than any other had ever been, making her white out in pleasure.

He took small sips of her rich elixir as his own orgasm loomed over him. Once her eyes fluttered open and her dreamy gaze fell upon him, still latched on to her neck, he withdrew and proclaimed “Mine!”

Her ecstatic, “Yours!” was followed by her teeth striking the flesh on his neck, tearing until blood trickled out and she could get a mouthful. The sight of her swallowing his blood, her lips smeared in his essence made him tumble over the edge of reason, his orgasm overtaking him completely as thick spurts of cum filled her pussy once again.

As he shook his head from side to side to regain his wits about him, she said in a clear voice “Mine!” He raised his eyes to hers and answered, “Yours!” He then bent over and fumbled inside his jacket until he came to what he was searching for. He took the plain black felt box out of the pocket and opened it in front of her. He took the band of gold with one diamond and six smaller emeralds around it and slipped it on her left ring finger.

No words were exchanged, as their eyes did the talking, both of them having huge smiles on their faces. Once the ring was in place they kissed one another long and hard.

Once they were satisfied that the celebration could continue, she lifted herself off him as he lay down on the floor. She then positioned her pussy over his face as she faced his now-again erect cock. They proceeded to clean each other of their spendings, making sure to catch every delicious drop.

Just as Buffy started deep-throating Spike again and he had inserted a slender finger in her up until now speared hole, the door banged open, revealing an enraged Angel, The Immortal and Andrew. What about Dawn wisely chose to listen in from the hallway. She didn't need that mental image burned into her memory.

Buffy lifted her head and her left hand from Spike and beamed at her exes, “We just got engaged and mated!” wiggling her fingers to display her newest jewelry.

Inside, Spike was jumping for joy at Angel’s shocked and contorted face ‘So he does have more than one expression, who knew?’ and he guessed that the sight of their naked bodies was enough of a thanks for Andrew, as he’d been the one to get him in contact with Buffy again, allowing them to plan this little reunion and show and tell.

Who knew The Immortal could still die of a heart attack?

Chapter End Notes:
As you may have noticed, there is quite a bit of back story to this (some might even call it plot!!!). After Andrew went to LA, he told Buffy of Spike's resurrection and together with Dawn they all planned this little pay-back for Angel(us) and The Immortal for trying to keep our favorite couple apart.

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