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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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A/N: Inspired by a line from Pagan Baby's Piano Lessons when Buffy reminisces about oral sex with her
camp friend Faith


"Oh ....OHGOD Buffy....That's sofucking good...oh right there lover ...fuckyes...fuck...." Faith Evans leaned back onto
her elbows watching the blond head between her splayed teen aged thighs as the smell of slightly mildewed tarp and
damp life jackets permeated the air. Nothing could be heard but the sound of the lake water gently lapping at the
wooden dock of the boathouse and the slick, wet suckling noises peppered with the occasional mewl of delight from the
girl between Faiths legs. Letting her head fall back so that she was angled against an overturned canoe just enough to
watch, Faith reached out and tangled her fingers into the dark golden locks, her body arching into the heated tongue
sliding over her hot dewy nether lips.

Gahhhh...." Faiths body arched up even more tautly, bowing out like a warped violin string that had been put on too
tightly, as Buffy complied with her pleadings and thrust two fingers deep into her molten cunt. Faith couldn't restrain her
hips from thrusting up into her lovers face as she released one hand from the golden tresses to run up to her own
naked breast pinching the nipple and gripping the soft mound harshly every few seconds.

Spreading her thighs even wider Faith fucked herself down onto Buffy's fingers her breaths becoming harsher and
harsher as she tripped closer to orgasm.
"OHFUCK....Suckmyclit.....I'mgonna....OHBUFFY....suckit...now...please....PLEASE...." She cried out loudly not worried
about being heard this far away from the camp bungalows.

Buffy lay between Faiths thighs the fingers of one hand thrusting hard and steadily into the wet center of her camp
roommate and her other hand between her own thighs as she rubbed her own clit in time to the bouncing movements of
Faith's hips. The juices of her friend flowed copiously into her mouth and down her chin the hotter she got Faith and the
closer she drove her to orgasm.

Faith started to tremble violently as she felt her friend latch her full lips onto the cherry of her clit and begin licking and
sucking on the sensitive bundle. She closed her eyes reduced to mewling and squealing as both her hands come down
to press her lover into her rapidly constricting cunt. "OHGOD.....OHFUCK...FUCKYES...BUFFFFFFFFFY...." Faith's
scream of ecstasy broke through the dark night as Buffy thrust 3 fingers suddenly into Faith with a hard quick in out
motion and nipped at her clit, biting down on it lightly while running her tongue over the tender bit between her teeth.

Buffy pressed her fingers into the hot quivering chasm of Faith's quim again and again as her fingers on her other hand
pushed her own body over into orgasm as well. Laying between her friends spread legs, eating out her juicy cunt,
spearing every crevice she could get to while Faith thrashed below her , Buffy groaned loudly and succumbed to the
animalistic need for release herself. Grunting against the wet flesh of the brunette Buffy rode out her orgasm her hips
thrusting into the wooden dock below as she licked away the last remnants of Faith's juices and rubbed her own clit
wishing that she had a hard cock in her as well.

After a few minutes of heavy panting, shudders of post orgasm and the occasional moan of satiation, Buffy knelt back
onto her knees and looked down at the dark haired beauty below her. "You taste so fucking good Faith, I love eating
you out, but...." She grinned mischievously," I love it when you eat me out more."

Faith moved her still weak limbs to the side so Buffy could take her place and with a deep kiss from her full lips and a
quick sliding of tongue against tongue, Buffy pulled her skirt up to reveal her clean shaven pussy wet with need. Sliding
her hand down she started a slow grinding of her cunt against her fingers as she closed her eyes and started thrusting
up against her questing fingers. "Oh god Faith, I need you so bad....I need you to eat my pussy for me..."

Faith had started to move to do just that when she saw the shadow of a man fall across Buffy's trembling form. Looking
up with huge brown eyes, Faith's hands went automatically to cover her naked breasts as William 'Spike' Masterson
stepped into full view.

"And may I ask just what the hell you two birds think you're doing?" He asked in a slightly irritated but also amused tone
of voice trying hard to disguise the heat he was feeling seeing the two nubile young women half naked and doing things
that every man only dreamt about.

Buffy's eyes popped open and her hands went to her skirt to try and cover herself as quickly as she could. Even though
she and Faith had had many a naughty night fantasizing about the sexy brit she certainly didn't want him to catch her in
the middle of masturbating herself.

"Miss Summers, stay right where you are." Spike said in his best authoritative voice watching as the petite blond let her
hands drop to her sides a deep blush covering her skin. "Miss Evans, seeing as how you are...How shall I say it? Clearly
not the instigator in this little tete-a-tete you may go. I wish to speak to Buffy alone, but make sure you go right back to
your cabin, I'll be round in 5 to make sure you're there." Crossing his well muscled arms over his tight white t shirt, he
watched satisfactorily as Faith scrambled to collect her clothing and throwing an apologetic glance at the blond still
splayed on the boat deck, scurried away into the night.

Buffy barely dared to breath, here she was lying on the wooden dock, her blouse and bra hanging open, her skirt
pushed up around her waist, no panties and on display for the camp counselor, could life get any more mortifying.

Spike took a deep calming breath willing restraint and looked down onto his wanton little angel, his cock already at full
mast and pulsing harshly in his faded blue Levi's. "So Miss Summers, what do you have to say for yourself?" He asked
crouching down directly next to her grimacing a bit as the material of his jeans cut into his massive hardon.

Buffy shut her eyes in the hopes that this was all a bad dream, a nightmare. But the fact of the matter was she could
hear his breathing, practically feel the heat of his eyes on her well displayed skin, and almost taste the salt of his skin in
her mouth. The truth of the matter was, she had NEVER been so turned on in her entire life. The sex with
Faith had only been an appetiser to the main course that she was ravenous for.

Arching her back just a tiny bit so that her supple breasts caught the moonlight more she opened her green eyed gaze
to Spikes and said, "I don't know what to say except I was horny. I needed Faith to eat me out but now that she's gone, I
guess I'll have to find someone else to satisfy." Taking a huge jump off the sanity diving board, Buffy ran her hand up
his inner thigh to cup his burgeoning erection. "Do you know anyone who would FIT that description?"

Spike practically growled at her as his eyes flashed to a deep indigo before saying, "Pet, if you're playing, you best stop

Continuing to rub his cock through the rough material Buffy allowed her other hand to drift down her stomach again to
her drenched pussy and start lightly touching herself again. "And why....mmmm....is that Spike?"

Tearing his eyes away from the hand that was doing the wonderful things to her own body, Spike placed a hand onto
one of her breasts and thumbed the nipple pleased with the hardness as he answered her. "Because luv, I'm going to
fuck you into next week otherwise."

Buffy groaned loudly biting her lip and shutting her eyes as she arched up into his touch, "Please....OH....PLEASE...."
She begged him, her eyes opening once again and beseeching him to touch her.

Rising to his full height he sat on the edge of the camps only outboard motorboat swung his legs in and sat down on
one of the two seats. Beckoning to her with a quirked finger he smirked as Buffy scrambled up and into the boat with no
questions asked.

Reaching out Spike pulled her forward until she stood in between his thighs. Pushing the top and bra back so that they
hung off of her elbows he latched onto one diamond hard nipple. "OH GOD..........."Buffy cried her hands going to his
shoulders as he sucked on the sensitive peak. "Oh...so good....oh GOD....it feels so good Spike."

Spike raised his hand and sought out her other nipple with his fingers lightly brushing over it for a bit before sliding it
sensuously and slowly down to her dripping slit. Nothing could prepare Buffy for the feel of his fingers sliding into her
thoroughly swamped pussy and into her body, his thumb brushing over the hooded clit lightly as he continued to bite
and nip at her breasts.

"Uhhhh....Oh....Oh.....fuckyes....ohgod....spi....OHYES....Oh......godgodgod........" Buffy moaned out to the darkness her
hands clenching on his shoulders trying not to fall over from the strength of sensations running from her tits to her cunt
and back. Spreading her feet even farther on the fiberglass boat floor Buffy started hunching her self down onto his
fingers as he drove them up into her.

Spike closed his eyes taking in everything he had been jacking off to since he had seen the hot blond two weeks
before. Catching her in the act with Faith tonight was just an accident but he damn well going to make sure that he got
more than his share of hot encounters for the rest of the summer. Sliding his hand from her waist where he had been
grasping her and down to his own jeans he tugged the buttons open hurriedly and released his mammoth tool. With a
groan he wrapped one hand around the purple headed monster and began a slow steady rhythm on it using the oozing
precum at the head to slick his palm as he pumped.

Buffy heard the groan and dropped her head slightly to the side watching his hand on his hard cock through slitted
eyes. "oooHHHhmmmmm........." She moaned thinking of how that would feel buried deep inside her hot clenching quim.
Every vein, every twitch, every....."OHGOD...YESS....OHYES....SPIKE..." she suddenly screeched at the first touch of his
tongue on her aching hot center. So wrapped up in her delicious thoughts she hadn't noticed that he had moved his
head downwards.

"OHMYGOD...I'MGOING...TO...CUM....OHNOWNOWNOW...........CUMMMING........"Buffy started quaking and shrieking in
pure, undiluted, hot, needy gasps of pleasure as his tongue and lips brought her to the precipice and with a steady
caressing motion to that hidden spot inside of her pushed her over into the biggest orgasm she had ever had.

Spike licked and sucked her spendings as she moaned and arched against him her fluids dripping off of her like a
waterfall, a delicious heated waterfall.

"OHGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD." She screamed out as he swiftly dropped his hand from her and tugged
her down onto his lap in one fluid motion, his cock sinking into her to the hilt, his balls pressed up against her ass as
she continued to quiver her inner muscles massaging his aching organ.

"Fuck me Buffy, fuck yourself on my cock..."Spike growled wrapping a handful of her hair in his fist and tilting her head
back so he could lick her neck tasting the salt on her skin. He grunted loudly as she did exactly what he asked and
began rapidly humping herself up and down his massive cock, each and every inch all the way in and pushing her into
mini orgasm after mini orgasm as he bottomed out.

"So ...Fucking tight....tightest....fuckingquim....knew you'd be.....OHFUCK
YEAH.....thoughtof....fantasized.....FUCKBUFFY....everytimeIwanked ...off......you....FUCK..." Buffy heard his words and
her heart tightened up at the implications, *It wasn't just me.*

Threading the fingers of her left hand into his soft blond locks and placing her other hand onto his shoulder she moved
herself a bit more slowly up and down his prick, savoring every inch, every pulse. Tightening her muscles inside as she
sank down even slower the next pass, her green eyes took on an almost feral gleam as she pulled her head back up.
Leaning down she crushed her mouth to his desperately. Each of them scraping fingernails over skin, tugging hair,
moaning and crying out as the movements of their body sped up the boat rocking viciously from their furious passion.

"FUCK....THAT'S RIGHT...BUFFY...FUCKME...." Spike groaned ripping his mouth off of hers as he felt his balls
tightening and the telltale swelling of his cock inside her passage,

Buffy tightened her vaginal muscles and slid all the way down onto his rock hard cock grinding against him as his pubic
bone hit her clit and blasted her off into orgasmic space. Spike gasped when Buffy growled out loudly in the throes of
orgasm "MINE," and bit down on his neck hard enough to draw blood. The pain/pleasure shook Spike to his very core
as he rammed himself up into her dripping pussy his fingers curling into the cheeks of her ass with bruising strength.
"FUCKBUFFFFFFYYYYYYY..." His howl of completion rang in her ears as she continued to burst into a million pieces
around his unloading cock. Every ropey emission coating her insides was even hotter than the one before, sending her
into orgasm after orgasm. "OHGODSPIKE......................"She keened throwing her head back from his neck her blood
stained lips seeking his out again as they continued to thrust together until finally spent.

Panting heavily Buffy drooped against him as his arms wrapped around her waist crushing her to him as he lapped his
own blood off of her swollen lips.
"That was..." He choked out gasping and grinning, "the best bloody shag I've ever had pet."

Buffy giggled against him resting her head against his shoulder her inner muscles massaging his still hard cock as he
pushed her hair from one shoulder and placed a gentle kiss onto one damp downy shoulder.

"This isn't exactly what I had in mind when I came out for last check tonight luv," He chuckled against her skin his blue
eyes twinkling up at her as she leaned back to look at him.

"Oh no?" She teased her heart doing that odd clenching sensation again at his deep fathomless blue eyes. "And what
were you expecting Mr. Masterson?" She asked threading her hands behind his neck and quirking a brow at him.

"Well for one, I wasn't expecting to find you and Faith having a go at it, very hot by the way, " he winked at her, "and I
certainly wasn't expecting to make a certain blond nymph actually mine." He touched the spot where she had bit him, "or
for her to make me hers."

Tilting her head to the side she regarded him for a moment, "Is this ok? I mean...I want you Spike. I've wanted you. I
don't think I can let you go now that I've had you."

Drawing her down for a sweet kiss he arched a bit against her letting her feel his still full erection deep within. "Does that
feel like I don't want you luv?"

Buffy moaned and clenched around him as they began the slow sliding rhythm against each other again. "You do
realize...." She gasped, "I'm going to have to tell Faith and she's gonna ....Ohyeah....want to join in...."

Spike's cock twitched and grew unbearably harder at the thought of the two vixens playing in his bed before replying,
"That's fine by me luv, but for now, all I want is you."

Buffy's stomach flip flopped at his words and his serious expression before leaning in and whispering into his ear,
"You've got me...and I've got you."

The End

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