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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Pairing: Buffy/X/S/A and B/S

Warning: This is a stepsibling story.
You don’t like …Don’t Read!

Friday Night 11:30 pm

“I’ll see you five and raise you two.”

“I’m out.”


Buffy walked into the smoke filled room and grinned when she saw all her favorite players sitting around the table. She stood watching from the darkened corner for a moment, when her green eyes lit upon her stepbrother Spike in a wife beater tank and a cigarette hanging from his mouth, her panties were instantly moist.

“Hey guys, what ya playin?” Buffy asked the teenaged men at the table as she tilted her head in a little girl like way, a flirtatious grin on her sweet lips.

All eyes moved to the 16-year-old blond bombshell, as hot gazes raked her from head to toe making her positively weak in the knees.

“Hey Buffster,” 17 year old Xander said sending a warm smile across the table to her, his deep brown hair, boy next door looks and muscular body practically begging her to crawl across the table and do her worst.

“Buffy.” Ah, just turned 18, Angel. Truly one of God’s most notorious. Dark smoldering looks, tall, broad shouldered, and handsome, every time she saw him she wanted to let him do all the work and judging by the bulge in his pants he sported, she had no doubt he’d have her screaming his name in minutes.

“What’s up bit?” Last but certainly not least, 18-year-old Spike. Ever since he and his dad had moved in when she was 8 and he was 10 she dreamed about him. When she had turned 14 and he had been 16 she had accidentally walked in on him in the shower. His lean hard muscles dripping with soap and hot water had led to her first ever masturbatory experience. She remembered it like it was yesterday, lying on her pink bedspread, surrounded by all her stuffed animals, rubbing at herself until she had to bite down on Mr.Gordo so she wouldn’t scream Spike’s name. He didn’t know she had seen him and ever since that day she had been sneaking peeks, adding to a growing puppy love that had since turned into heart wrenching teen angst filled love of the first order.

“Mmmm…not a lot. Just got back from the movies with Willow.” She replied sighing inwardly at the bright blue eyes that crinkled up as he smiled wickedly at her.

“Willow eh? Cute little redhead that one is, you weren’t doing anything inappropriate with each other now were you?”

The other boys around the table chuckled.

“Yeah, any girl on girl action we need to know about Buff?” Xander piped his face flushing red as a beet when Buffy turned her beautiful green-eyed gaze to him.

“Why? You wanna watch?” She said coyly as she twirled a long golden blond strand around a perfectly manicured finger.

“Hell Yeah, I would!” Xander said before slapping a hand over his own overexcited mouth as Angel nodded in agreement beside him.

“I think it’s time for bed isn’t it luv?” Spike asked before the situation got out of hand.

“Aaaa Spikey, I’m not tired. Can’t I stay up with you guys for a while? Mom and Dad aren’t here for the rest of the week, who’s gonna know?” Buffy pouted in the way she knew he could never resist; “besides if you let me stay up I won’t tell them about the alcohol.”

*A little blackmail never hurt. *

“Yeah Spikey,” Xander chimed in, “Let her stay up.”

Spike looked at his obviously horny two friends and his complete doll of a stepsister, *dammit she knows I can’t resist those eyes. *

Heaving a sigh and trying to sound totally unenthusiastic, “Fine.”

“Goody,” Buffy chirped happily taking her seat between Xander and Angel directly across from Spike, “What are you playing?”

“Strip poker.” Xander and Angel immediately said as Spike rolled his eyes.

“I guess its strip poker then?” he said looking at Buffy, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” *But I sure as hell hope you do. *

“No, it’s ok, I just think I’ll need a drink for courage, ya know?” She said trying to sound shy when all she could think about was naked Spike.

“Xan?” Spike motioned for his friend to make her a rum and coke, nodding slightly when Xander gestured a little coke and a lot of rum.

*It’ll make her more relaxed, * he reasoned to himself before adding, *Yeah and the fact that you’ve lusted after her since you were 16 has nothing to do with the fact that you just want to see her naked. * He shifted slightly to try and relieve the throbbing in his groin area at the thought.

“A couple of rules though first guys,” Buffy said breaking through the bleached blondes lusty thoughts, “We get down to underwear the winner of the hand gets to take off the clothes of the loser, or losers.”

Not to thrilled with the idea of taking off each other’s clothes the boys nonetheless went along with the rule in the hopes that they would be doing the honors of undressing Buffy.

“You said rules pet.” Spikes blue eyes burned into her flesh.

“Oh, right,” She stuttered just a little when she looked into the scorching heat of her stepbrothers stare, “You lose you gotta drink a straight shot.”

“Sounds fair to me,” Xander said eager to get the game rolling, “Ang?”

“I can go along with that,” His thoughts already straying under the hot little blonds clothing.

“That’s settled,” Spike looked around the table, “lets play some cards then.”

30 minutes later

“And you gits lose again.” Spike said laying his cards on the table with a grin.

“Aww man,” Xander grumbled good-naturedly as Spike reached over and yanked the hem of Xanders t-shirt over his head before doing the same to Angel.

“Must be cheating,” Angel joked as he downed his losing shot of rum.

“Um.” All eyes moved to Buffy who was waiting for Spike, “You gonna do this or do I?”
She asked gesturing to the plaid mini skirt she was wearing.

“Yeah Spike…go help your sister,” Xander taunted while Angel snickered.

“STEP-sister,” Spike said archly already moving around the table towards Buffy.

“Yeah yeah, just undress her already!” Angel said impatiently his eyes locked on Spikes hands as he stepped behind Buffy and slid the zipper down in back.

Buffy shivered just a little as she felt his warm breath graze across her naked shoulder, her nipples becoming impossibly hard at the close proximity of her fantasy lover.

Hands shaking slightly, Spike unzipped the skirt and with gentle hands slid the garment from her slim hips, revealing a black cotton thong that showed off her firm ass and golden skin.

*Jesus. * He thought as he silently sucked in a breath, *If I wasn’t hard before, I could probably cut glass with my dick now. *

“Very nice, Buffster.” Xander said, as Angel let out a low whistle of appreciation at the nubile girls tanned and toned body, now clad in only a bra and thong.

Moving back around the table Spike surreptisously adjusted himself through his black jeans as he sat back down.

“Man, I know you gotta be hard looking at that,” Angel said to Spike.

Looking up into her bright green eyes, “She’s my step-sister for god’s sake man.”

“Yeah but if my sister, uh, stepsister looked like that, I’d be trying to break off a piece every night,” Xander said in drunken honesty as Buffy flushed bright pink.

“Hell Xander if your SISTER looked like her you would,” Angel laughed, “Then again, if my sister looked like that so would I.”

Both boys broke into howls of laughter, and Spikes lips quirked up into a smile as he looked at Buffy who was now giggling, before nodding at the table, “Shall we?”

Dealing out the hands everyone was quiet as they looked at their cards.

“I’ll take 3,” Angel said.


“None.” Buffy said.

“You sure?” Spike asked.

“Yep.” She nodded with a big grin playing on her lips.

“Not sure this is gonna do any good but, dealer takes two.” Spike looked at his shitty hand and said, “I fold.”

“Let’s see em,” Angel said as he laid his hand with two pair on the table.

“And I’m spent.” Xander joked laying his hand on the table, a pair of jacks.

“I win.” Buffy squealed as she lay her royal flush down for all to see bouncing in her seat.

Groaning as much with losing as with the sight of Buffys breasts jiggling in the black cotton bra she was wearing, Xander suddenly realized that he was the first to be naked.

“Well Buff here’s your chance to undress the Xan man you’ve been waiting for.” Looking at the other two young men realizing this ended the game, “Sorry guys.”

Buffy grinned up at Xander as he stood up and faced her his hands locked behind his head and showing his cut abs to perfection.

Licking her lips in anticipation she reached out with both hands and yanked the blue sponge bob boxers to the floor, her eyes widening comically as his 8 inch hard on practically hit her in the chin.

“My, what big eyes you have Xander.” She teased as she gave his cock a playful squeeze and sent him back to his seat.

*Ok…so horny now. * She thought as she squirmed her panties becoming unbearably wet.

“Nice sock, there Ang.” Spike snarked as Buffy pulled off one of Angels socks leaving him in one sock and his boxers.

“Ok bleach boy your turn,” Buffy said as she slid up to Spike.

“Take it off, take it off, take it partially all off.” Xander called egging them on as Buffy pulled Spike’s tight black t over his head revealing drool worthy pecs and abs leaving him clad only in his black jeans and a leather belt.

*Gahhhh..Mommy like. *

“So, who’s gonna lose to me next?” She asked looking at Angel and Spike as she resumed her seat, letting them both know that the game wasn’t done until everyone was naked.

Taking another shot Spike grinned and began passing the cards out again.

Angel won the next hand. Looking at Spike he told him he could take his belt off himself, before he turned to Buffy.

Turning around in front of him she lifted her heavy locks from her back and allowed Angel to unsnap her bra from behind.

All the teenaged men at the table held their collective breath as they waited for the petite goddess to turn around again.

Taking a deep breath Buffy dropped her bra onto the floor and turned. All the men gulped as they were treated to the breathtaking sight of her two perfect naked breasts. Golden skin topped by two pink pebble like nipples had all of them squirming and wishing that they could all take her into their mouths and devour her.

“Since you won this hand Angel, I’ll allow you one minute to touch them and do with them what you please.”

Not one to question he eagerly cupped her from behind letting the two others watch as he lightly caressed the mounds of flesh, and pinched the nipples eliciting a small sigh from her lips.

*Fuck that should be me. I should be the one doing that. * Spike silently thought to himself as his prick grew even harder than he thought possible. Perversely he thought of taking those very nipples into his mouth and licking and sucking on them until she withered in delight. Then he had another thought, *what if I win the next hand? I don’t think I’m gonna be able to take her panties off in front of the guys without seriously blowing it. I’d better take the hit and let her and Angel battle it out. *

Deliberately losing the next hand Spike forgot that it would be Buffy doing the honors of removing his jeans as she pulled off Angels remaining sock and then turned to him.

Buffy stared at Spike as her hands reached uncertainly out to undo his pants. Everyone knew he never wore underwear and tonight was no exception.

Looking into her eyes he smiled, “It’s just a game Buffy.”

Nodding she unbuttoned his pants, slid down the zipper and kneeling slightly in front of him yanked his jeans down playfully.

“Damn Spike, I always wondered why they called you that.” Xander said in awe as he watched his friends 10 inches of rock hard meat slap up against his hard stomach muscles.

Buffy blushed crimson as she got a close-up look of his magnificent tool, her pussy now sopping in need, before returning to her seat.

“Guess looking at your sisters tits did affect you as much as us huh buddy?” Angel nudged Spike with his elbow.

Not saying anything, cause they all knew the truth behind the words, Spike downed another shot and waited to see what would come next.

“YES!!!” Angel shouted as he slapped down his winning hand on the table, “I WON!!”

“Oh fuck.” Buffy muttered as she realized that she was about to lose her thong in front of her very own stepsibling and his best friends. *C’mon suck it up Buffy this is your game; you can play it however you want. *

Taking a deep breath she turned her back and lay down across the table. Her thick long locks brushed against Spikes hard cock making it twitch and the slightest bit of precum leak out the top. It was all he could do not to reach out and place his hands on her beautiful breasts like he was itching to do.

Angel took her seat as the others joined him to watch. Putting her feet on either side of his chair she raised herself up slightly and waited for him to undress her fully.

Slowly peeling the damp panties off her long legs, Angel held them to his face inhaling for a moment before passing them to Xander.

Her hands clenched the side of the table in embarrassment mixed with deep-seated need, her hips twitching slightly as Angel spread her thighs apart to run his tongue over her cleft.

“Oh God.” She moaned, not expecting him to do that.

“I think she likes that Angel.” Xander said, as he passed the damp thong to Spike and then moved in to take a breast into his hot mouth, his tongue laving her hardened nipple making her arch her back even more.

Angel dove back in between her spread thighs, sliding a finger into her sucking on her distended clit as mewls of pleasure sprung from her lips.

Watching his friends, Spike lifted the wet thong to his face and inhaled the musky scent he had dreamed of, the fragrance making his cock twitch in excitement. Thinking he should stop this before it went to far, he found he couldn’t as something inside told him to let it be and see where things went.

“Oh Oh God.” Buffy’s moans got louder as Angel delved a finger into her tight grasping hole, sliding it into her as far as it would go before pulling it back out again slick with moisture.

Buffy could only groan helplessly tossing her head on the table, as Xander continued to lick and suck on her sensitive nipples and Angel drove his fingers and tongue into her hot, wet, cunt again and again.

“Fuck she tastes good.” Angel said as he took a deep breath before continuing to feast at her slippery cunny.

Spike could only watch as his friends swarmed over her like bees to honey. He wanted desperately to join in but he was too afraid of their reactions.

“OH fuck. Oh GOD ...I’M COMING….” Buffy howled as her body went into violent convulsions her inner muscles sucking Angels finger in deeper as he tongued her clit.

Still trembling with aftershocks Buffy gasped as she felt another tongue take Angels place. This time Xander had stepped up to bat and not to be outdone quickly brought her to another shrieking orgasm.

Leaning back in the chair he looked up at Spike and gestured for him to take his place. Before he knew what he was doing he was flickering his tongue rapidly over his stepsisters engorged clit drawing small shrieks and quivers from her gorgeous body.

*She tastes so fucking good.* He thought as he shoved the full length of his nimble tongue into her overflowing cunt lapping up the copious juices like a man dying of thirst.

Looking up from his feast he saw Angel at the head of the table Buffy’s lips wrapped around his hard cock as she sucked him.

Smiling against her mound, Spike slid two fingers into her body and gently nipped at her clit driving her over the brink again.

As her body shuddered and shook he quickly stood up and taking hold of his cock slid it home into her hot quim.

“Holy fuck, dude.” Xander exclaimed watching with avid interest as Spike started thrusting into Buffy, her pussy lips stretched around his huge prick.

“Yeah, Fuck her good man.” Angel chimed in, his voice finally breaking through the haze of delicious lust that surrounded Buffys mind.

Opening her eyes she looked down and saw Spike, hands on her hips, plowing his cock into her grasping, needy wetness. Eyes rolling back in her head as she realized her dreams had finally come true, she sucked even more voraciously on Angels 9 inch rod.

“Fuck…I’m gonna fill your mouth little girl.” Angel growled as she swallowed around him and he lost it, thrusting one last time into her mouth before flooding it with his juices.

“God …so damn good.” He groaned as she swallowed down the last of his spendings before releasing him.

Looking up into her stepbrothers blue eyes she quickly wrapped herself around him and encouraged him to take her harder. Dipping his head down, Spike closed his eyes and crushed his lips against hers in a hot kiss that melted all and any niggling doubts in either of their minds, both other boys forgotten as the two tumbled head over heels together towards their final goal.

The table groaned under the weight of the two fucking in the center, cards went flying and drinks tumbled to the ground as Spike pushed deeper and harder into his dream girls pussy.

Dropping his head down next to her ear his impassioned whispers raced through her like wildfire.

“Always you…Buffy…always…I’ve wanted this for so long…fuck…you feel….good…all around me…so wet…so tight…every time I jack off…you…”

Buffy could feel her cunt tightening around his driving girth, as she moaned and sighed back at him.

“I love you Spike….always…fuck…….I love….you fucking me……..OHGod…you feel so good inside me…Don’t ever stop….Never….”

Xander and Angel both stood to either side desperately stroking their rock hard cocks as they watch the hottest thing they had ever seen in their young lives.

Spike felt his balls tightening and knew it wouldn’t be long before he pumped his stepsister full of his cum. reaching down between them his roughened fingers found the bundle of nerves between her lips and twisted.

“OH FUCK….SPIKE….NOW….OHGOD NOW….” Buffy shrieked as her body crashed into the biggest orgasm she had ever had in her young life. Her inner muscles putting a strangle hold on the boys body above her as he slammed into her one last time.

“BLOODY HELL……..” Spike yelled as his cock jumped inside her hot canal and proceeded to shoot his life-giving seed deep into her receptive body.

As Buffy and Spike continued to rock together both boys on either side of them found their completion as well. Dripping cocks in hand Xander and Angel slumped into chairs and sat panting as they watched the couple on the table tenderly kiss. It was clear to both of them that the entwined stepsiblings were in love with each other.

After long moments of repletion, Xander piped up, “Well that was fun, next week?”

Angel threw one of his discarded socks at the goofily smiling teen as Spike lifted his head from Buffys neck and chuckled before pulling himself out and up and then helping his love to her feet as well.

Ducking her head down in embarrassment, Buffy quickly exited the room leaving three wildly satisfied men in her wake.

“Not a word to our parents right?” Spike asked pointing at Angel and Xander.

“Course not, I mean it’s not like you’re blood related but parents would probably wig right?” Xander said looking to Angel for confirmation.

“Seriously though, we’ve known you’ve been in love with her since forever, it’s about time you made a move,” looking seriously at Spike, “We’re best friends, you’re happy, we’re happy.”

Spike nodded sincerely happy to his core that his friends understood that he loved Buffy in more than just a stepsister capacity and that they gave their blessings wholeheartedly.

“Now, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go home, take a shower, and sleep,” Xander said pulling on his clothes.

“For about a week.” Angel finished as he too tugged on his clothes.

Spike pulled on his jeans running a hand through his mussed hair with a bemused smile on his handsome face as he picked up his and Buffy’s clothes off the floor.

Clapping a hand onto Spike’s bare shoulder Angel grinned, “ You put on one hell of a poker game man. Tell Buffy not to be embarrassed and this goes no farther than us.”

Xander stood behind him miming the zipping of his mouth and tossing the key to Spike.

“See you gits tomorrow for some hoops right?”

“Yea, about 11:00 am or maybe we should just go to the movies,” Xander said as the two walked out into the night.

“I hear that the new Matrix starts tomorrow I wanted to see that,” Angels voice faded as they disappeared into the darkness.

Smiling broadly as he closed and locked the door behind him, Spike turned off the lights *I’ll clean tomorrow. * And went in search of Buffy.

In the dark

Spike tossed the crumpled clothes into the laundry basket in the washroom and then went to Buffy’s room. The bright moonlight shone into the dark outlining her small form curled into a tight ball under her covers.

“Buffy?” Spike said quietly placing a hand on her shoulder, “Luv? What’s wrong?” He asked her still turned back.

“I….I…” A heart-breaking sob escaped her before she could clamp it down and suddenly she found herself crying with no end in sight.

Laying down beside her and pulling her shuddering form into his arms, Spike held her while she cried out her fears. When the last hiccup and sniffle had disappeared he tilted her face so he could look into her luminous eyes.

“You know I’m in love with you don’t you?” He asked suddenly afraid that she didn’t feel the same and was mortified at being with him so intimately.

“Oh…God, Spike…I hoped, I mean, I thought maybe someday,” she babbled her heart bursting at his sweet words, “I love you too, so much.”

His smile lit up the sharp planes of his face as pressed a soft kiss onto her lips. “Tonight, I didn’t know. I’m sorry.” He said after a moment.

“It wasn’t quite what I was expecting either. I don’t think I can ever look at Xan and Angel the same again. They must think I’m a slut of the first order.” She trembled slightly as the implications of what could happen came to her. “What if they tell mom and dad? What do they think of me sleeping with my stepbrother?”

Pressing a finger to her distraught lips Spike murmured, “They knew we’ve been in love for a long time. We just didn’t know it ourselves. They’re happy for us and they won’t tell, they love you like a sister, why would it be otherwise?”

“They knew?” Buffy questioned softly, “But…”

“Yes, and they are behind us 100 percent.”

“Oh…” Buffy lay for a minute absorbing this bit of information before saying teasingly, “So does this mean we get to have sex now? Cause ya know I’ve been fantasizing about having you in my bed since mom took me to get on the pill two years ago.”

Laughing happily as he rolled her onto her back pulling the covers off of her naked body and positioned himself to rub his erection through his jeans into her still sensitive mound he said, “Does this feel like a yes to you?”

Her small hand reached down to release him from his confines pushing the jeans down low enough for his erection to be freed, “In me…now.” She panted.

Positioning himself at her opening he slid into her with a low groan as he felt the heat envelope his rock hard cock.

“I love you Buffy Anne Summers Giles.”

“I love you William Spike Giles”

Everything felt right about the moment, this was home; this was finding the soul mate you searched for all your life. This was Buffy and Spike.

The end.

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