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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


Author's Corner

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Authors Chapter Notes:
I own nothing apart fom the story line

Note - I just thought I better explain a few things before we begin. This story has been floating in my head all week. I my self live in a little army town, where quite a few of my friends are soldiers or army brats as we like to call em lol. So a few of the places are actually real. The music thing actually comes from them, its what they do to pass the time when they are away, and they are good.

Note 2 - The lyrics are all gonna be by 3 Doors Down as I personally think they all fit really well with the story.


Chapter 1

“Come on B smile its not like I’m asking you to give up your right arm here, just come and have a drink before work, that’s all.” Faith goaded, Buffy just smiled as they entered the pub, the smell of stale beer and smoke hitting her. “Look there they are.” Faith grabbed her and pulled her over to the table her friends were seated at.

“Hey” a red head called, pointing to two free seats.

“Hey Willow, where are the boys? And where’s Anya for that fact?” Faith asked pulling off her jacket.

“They playing tonight, nothing big I don’t think, needed to blow off steam after 6 weeks away.” Willow smiled at Buffy. “Hey I’m Willow.” she held her hand out to Buffy.

“I’m Buffy.” the blonde smiled shyly and shook her hand.

“So you an army brat to?” Willow asked.

“What ……. Oh no, just staying with Faith for a while, she’s my cousin.” she wrapped her arms around her self. She didn’t like new places, specially ones with lots of people.

She played with her sleeve’s as she took in her surroundings. The pub was grotty to say the least, the paper was pealing in places and a waft of mould was mingling with the stale smells. She was regretting saying yes to coming out with Faith now. She had been in the little town for only a few weeks. She had decided England was many things but above anything it was cold compared to the warm climate of California, but she was free, that’s all that mattered. He wasn’t going to find her here.

“You want a drink?” Faith asked, Buffy just shook her head.

The lights dimmed and the little makeshift stage lit up. Willow turned and started cheering. The group walked out on stage, a slender bleach blonde man fronting them. A boyish grin plastered on his face as he turned to his band mates signally that he was ready.

The music started playing as he stood up to the microphone.

I'm not supposed to be scared of anything
But I don't know where I am
I wish that I could move but I'm exhausted
And nobody understands (how I feel)
I'm trying hard to breathe now
But there's no air in my lungs
There's no one here to talk to
And the pain inside is making me numb
Try to hold this under control,
You can't help me, cause no one knows

His eyes wandered around the room, searching out his friends. He spotted Faith walking back from the bar, and followed her path back to the table before waving at them all. He smiled when Willow started bouncing up and down waving franticly at them all. He turned and nudge his guitarist who saw what he was grinning at and nodded at them all.

Now I'm going through changes, changes
God, I feel so frustrated lately
When I get suffocated, save me
Now I'm going through changes, changes

The music was intoxicating, Buffy couldn’t help but tap her foot along with the beat. Who was that man on the stage. Those eyes were intense, someone could fall in love with those eyes. She mentally beat her self, she couldn’t be even thinking about letting someone get close, then they might know.

Feelin' weak and weary
Walkin' through the world alone
Everything they say every word of it
Cuts me to the bone, (and I bleed)
I've got something to say
But now I've got nowhere to turn
It feels like I've been buried
Underneath all the weight of the world
I try to hold this under control,
They can't help me, cause no one knows

The music cursed through his veins, his body constantly moving with the beats and the words. He carried on watching his friends noticing the small blonde who was trying to make her self invisible in the corner. God she was beautiful. He couldn’t help but plat scenes through his head of what he could do with her, god he’d spent to much time away on manoeuvres.

Now I'm going through changes, changes
God, I feel so frustrated lately
When I get suffocated, save me
Now I'm going through changes, changes

Faith pushed a drink towards Buffy, refusing her protest as she carried on watching the band play. They were good she had to admit that. Talent wasted on the army lifestyle. Then again who was she talk, she was an army brat. She’d grown up with the lifestyle, it was all she knew and she secretly loved it.

I'm blind and shakin', bound and breakin'
I hope I'll make it, through all these changes

Willow waved at the guitarist, her girly grin sending her face blush. Faith glanced over, that girl was in love big style, she wanted to warn her to be careful. Squoddies weren’t to be trusted, but she couldn’t burst her bubble.

Now I'm going through changes, changes
God, I feel so frustrated lately
When I get suffocated, save me
Now I'm going through changes, changes
Now I'm falling apart, now I feel it

The bleached blonde kept on watching the blonde, he made a promise to himself to at least get her number before the end of the night. She was intoxicating, beauty defined.

But I'm going through changes, changes
God, I feel so frustrated lately
And I get suffocated, I hate this
But I'm going through changes, changes

They finished and lapped up the applause they were given. Stepping down off stage all three of them joined the girls at the table.

Willow jumped from her seat wrapping her arms around the guitarists neck, kissing him hard. “God its been to long” she whispered to him.

“I know baby I know.” he whispered back, kissing her deeply.

Faith just smiled and turned to introduce the rest to Buffy.

“Hey guys, you were great.” she said hugging each of them in turn. “ This is my cousin Buffy, she’s staying with me for a while.” Buffy waved from her corned trying not to look at the blonde. “This is Xander,” the drummer smiled at her. “The one playing tonsil hockey is Daniel Osborn, also known as Oz” the two never separated. “And the bleached wonder is William also known as Spike. Though he’s managed to spend six weeks in the jungle without being put on lock down I have no idea.” she laughed.

“That is actually a long story.” Xander said picking up the pint that was on the table for him. “Where’s Anya? Just out of curiosity.” he asked looking round the room. “Oh wait here she comes late as ever.” he pulled the woman close and kissed her.

“Typical mate, you only been gone six weeks you whelp cant you keep it in check for a few more hours at least.” Spike rolled his eyes and looked at Buffy.

She was staring into space again, contemplating the world or what ever you were supposed to do when avoiding making contact with someone you couldn’t escape. Spike sat next to her pulling his chair closer, he brushed her arm lightly to get her attention. She jumped and looked at him a slight fear in her eyes.

“Penny for em love, didn’t mean to make you jump.” he smiled.

“Nothing really.” she looked at the floor.

“So what you think?” he asked gesturing to the stage.

“You were good, really good. I thought you were all soldiers though, not musicians.” she smiled at him. She didn’t know why but something in her wanted to trust him.

“Yeah well we have to do something when we are all cooped up like chickens, so we three sing.” he shrugged it off like it was nothing. “It keeps us sane and the other blokes entertained so we all win.” he took a long swig of his beer. Something told him to tread lightly with this one.

A few hours later and a few more songs they all headed out. Buffy had been convinced to blow off work and walked back threw the little town with the group, all separating there different ways. She was actually sorry the night had ended. She’d enjoyed talking with Spike, and Willow was nice, and now it was over and it was like waking up from a dream and entering reality again.

“You got a place to stay tonight?” Faith asked Spike as they carried on walking after waving the last couple off.

“I’ll just go back to barracks.” he shrugged.

“Not likely, you gonna crash on my couch?” Faith smiled she knew he hated going back to that place when he didn’t have to.

“Go then, that’s if Buffy doesn’t mind.” she shook her head. The little scared girl had come back out again and conversation had escaped her.

“That’s settled then, you can come to mine and we can hang tomorrow, its been ages since we just veged out.” she giggled before grabbing his arm and marching him home, leaving Buffy a few steps behind.

*Good job you didn’t get your hopes up there Buffy, looks like Faith wants him. He wouldn’t want me anyway, I’m damaged property, he made sure of that.* she thought to her self as she kept her distance from the coulple.


so wot do we all think? I hope you all enjoyed it and I promise I will finish Wanted soon. Just this poped into my head, mainly coz my friends are off to Iraq soon and I'm kinda dwelling.

So leave me reviews and cheer me up :D

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