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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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The Starlight

Disclaimer: I own nothin cept the melon sittin on top my shoulders that makes up this stuff.

Distribution: You want it...you got it. Just ask. :D Also on Vampire's Kiss, Spuffy Realm, Of Fangs and Fairytales, Buffy and Spike Central, and Captive Souls.

Dedicated to: Lilacdream7 and _Cixelsyd for the Spuffy AU Ficathon. Hope you guys like theatre sex too! No angst but LOTS of SMUT!!!! :D Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

3. NC-17
4. Romantic, but angst and UST is good
5. Happy Ending, lots of UST, shower or alley sex ;)
6. NO Character death, No Spike sex with anyone other than Buffy


" 'Lo pet...here again eh?" The smiling Brit asked leaning over the candy counter of the only theatre in town that boasted the original historic interior along with two screens. This grand lady didn't try to be one of the plastic 20 something screeners and she didn't have to be. To alot of Sunnydale she was perfect preserved just the way she was. Or at least that's what alot of the chaste Sunnydalians would have you believe because in truth the main attraction of the theatre was that after 9 pm at night one of the screens switched to adult features. Spike had decided the town needed some spicing up when he had first gotten there and this was his contribution.

Ever since she was small Buffy had loved coming here. The beautiful scroll work with the gold leaf finish that decorated every corner and the thick rich deep red carpet with undulating accampus leaves twining on the floor that matched the deep red velvet draperies in the door ways, it was a dream come true. Her father always said it looked like some kid threw up a box of Red Hots and that's where they got the color scheme but Buffy adored it. It was so mysterious, so alluring, so 1940's femme fatale and gritty gumshoe feeling. She could almost picture Bogey and Becall poised for a kiss in one of the draped doorways.

When Spike had taken it over last year and added the adult features she had been mortified but naturally had done everything in her power to sneak into one. What she had seen had made her mouth drop and her panties grow wet in about two seconds flat. Ever since then she'd conspired in every way to be there whenever a new adult feature opened up.

*Now if only she could get Spike to do the same. *

Buffy smiled at Spike admiring his bluer than blue eyes and his wicked cheekbones and nodded, "yeah....wanted to see..." she looked around at the movie posters scattered over the back wall of the candy counter, "that." She grinned.

Ok so maybe the historical beauty and the fine run of porn wasn't the ONLY reason she came week after week.

"You're going to see Finding Nemo?" Spike said raising an eyebrow at the 17 soon to be 18 year old.

"Yup." She popped the p as she looked down scrutinizing the candy.

"And not try to sneak into Deep Obsessions?" He said his voice a low rumble of amusement that had Buffy's cheeks turning pink just the way that he fantasized about every night. "Cause I’d hate to have to kick you out of an adult feature again.... luv."

*Oh.......I love it when he calls me that.* she thought trying not to show how much he affected her.

"You don't have to." She pouted looking up at him with her kitten soft lips and her huge molten green eyes just begging him to let her have her way. She was a nubile, standing at the precipice of her sexuality, teenaged young lady was it her fault if she was curious? "I'll be good," she said adding just a hint to how good she'd really be if he let her.

*Cor...She looks at me like that and......Ok...now you can't come out from the bloody counter you git are you satisfied?* he mentally berated his over active imagination where Buffy was concerned as his erection popped it's ribald head up as usual around her.

"Fine...what'll you have then?" He asked a bit gruffly trying to hide the fact that she had him turned on faster than a hose at a four-alarm fire.

Buffy looked up at him and blinked, the sadness in her eyes flickering for a second and making his chest hurt before she masked it and told him what she was supposed to want.

"Right...um....licorice whips, Gummy Bears, M & M's, and a large Pepsi please,” she said primly thinking that if he didn't want to play tonight than neither did she.

Getting the goodies for her he put them on the counter and took her money giving her back her change without another word.

Buffy collected her candy and drink and giving him one last glance and a tiny saucy smile walked to the staircase leading up to the balcony sections of the theatre her hips swaying invitingly.

Spike heaved a deep sigh watching her go and resisted the urge to bang his head on the counter.


1 and a half hours later

Buffy giggled as the screen finally went blank a happy smile on her face as she thought of Dori and her silly antics in the movie. *See? I didn't lie...I did come to see Finding Nemo, * she thought as she exited the theatre and stood in the closed balcony hallway peering at the door to the other theatre. *Not my fault it lets out a full hour before the other one. I mean, I'm up here already, not like anyone is going to know...or care if I just slip in.*

She let out a nervous puff of air as she took another surreptitious look around and snuck quietly into the empty upper level of the nights Adult Feature.

"Wow...." She said to herself as the door closed behind her and her eyes locked onto the screen. Fumbling for a seat Buffy moved down the staircase to one of the front rows of the empty balcony and sat without ever taking her eyes from the action going on.

A bodacious blond woman lay on top of a man his long hard meat stuffed in between her ass cheeks as another man plunged into her wet glistening cunt and yet another man rubbed her tits with one hand while she sucked on his cock with obvious enjoyment.

"Holy shit." Buffy said her hand making it's way to her to the front of her cotton skirt and rubbing the building pressure as she watched, "Damn that's hot."

The foursome came all at once and the woman was soon covered in thick sticky streams of molten man juices and licking the three cocks that surrounded her face voraciously like they were lollipops.

Buffy slid one leg up and hooked it over the armrest positioning the other foot on the railing in front of her so she was turned partially away from the door but spread wide for her fingers as the movie moved on to the next scene.

This one was another blond woman with hair like her own honey tresses and a man with bleached blond hair that reminded her of Spike. They were in the shower soaping one another off and kissing. The woman took the soapy sponge and moved it slowly over the mans back and down his firm buttocks and long hard thighs while the camera followed the action capturing the mans angry red cock as it bobbed against the woman’s breasts.

Buffy bit her lip a small whimper escaping her lips as the players turned into her and Spike in her mind.

"Oh yeah baby...just like that....you know what I like." Spike/the actor growled at her moving his hand over her damp tresses as she knelt in front of him his cock nudging her kiss swollen lips. "Now suck it clean..."

She/the actress obeyed instantly her face full of lust and a secret sexy smile that was all for him.

"Like this?" she/the actress asked innocently taking the man's cock all the way into her mouth to the balls in one long deep throated movement.

"FUCK YEAHHHHHHHH.........." Spike/the actor cried out flexing his ass as he pushed into her mouth curling his hand into her hair and holding her steady as her cheeks suctioned in making him moan even louder.

"Oh........oh yeah Baby..."

Curling her soapy fist around his cock she/the actress pulled back and teased the head of his staff with her wicked little tongue swabbing the shiny knob and flickering over the sensitive meat of it.

"You like that Spike?" Buffy said in her own mind as her hands tugged her sweet little girl white panties out of the way and she slipped two fingers over the now drenched outer lips of her tender cunny.

"Oh yeah baby...." Spike growled at her as she moved her lips over the head of his cock and sucked in time with her twisting hand movements as the water crashed down around them creating a perfect cadence of sound for their adult feature film.

Buffy's foot tensed on the edge of the balcony rail as she pressed her hips up to her fingers. With a small gasp she spread her nether lips with her left hand and thrust two of her right fingers into her tight pussy letting her thumb caress the distended clit and sending electric currents to her toes tightening her stomach with need.

Her glazed eyes blinked open to watch the man and woman on screen as he fucked her ferociously up against the wall her back to him. He held onto her hair pulling her head back and kissing her wet neck as he pressed her stomach and breasts up against the wall slamming his prick deep inside her.

The woman moaned and begged squirming against the man her fingernails digging into his ass cheeks making him fuck her harder.

"Oh...........OH.............OHGOD................" The actress started to chant in a hoarse voice her head tossing this way and that in her fury.

Buffy moaned softly as the screen once again changed to Spike and she and all she could almost feel the cool tiles pressed to her tan skin as he skewered her on his huge slab of meat, stabbing into her again and again, faster and faster.


Spike glanced up at the clock and shook his head a grin on his face. Time to throw out his favorite wet dream. It was well past the time that everyone else had exited Finding Nemo and since there wasn't a back entrance from the theatre for patrons he knew she hadn't left.

*Not like I’m keeping an eye. She is allowed to make her own decisions but she is too young to be watching that stuff...and oh balls, who the hell am I kidding? You know you want to shag her six ways to Sunday mate...just admit it, go home and have yourself a good long wank. *

Spike shook his head again ruefully and called out to one of the kids roaming around in the back doing clean up that he was going upstairs to make sure no one was theatre hopping. He knew all the teenagers that worked there thought he was watching the flicks when he did this and was nothing but a dirty old man but he really didn't....most of the time...honest.

Walking up the stairs he chuckled remembering the last time he had to kick Buffy out of what she called an "educational" film.

"Really Spike...all your doing is making me more curious...I mean if my mom won't tell me...how am I supposed to find stuff out?"

"School pet...it's what they pay teachers for." He had replied escorting her downstairs all the way to the sidewalk where her '66 Bug was sitting in front of the theatre.

"You're no fun." She had pouted sticking the adorable lower lip out making him want to bite into it's plump juiciness and nibble at the sweet spots.

He remembered that he had leaned down dangerously close to her and whispered into her ear, "Oh...I'm ALL kinds of fun luv...you're just to young to know."

He had tapped the end of her petite nose lightly with his finger winking at her lasciviously and licking his lips before walking back inside chuckling as she turned beet red and practically ran for her car.


Spike opened the door to balcony where he knew he'd find her like he always did, the light from the hallway spilling into the dark momentarily and blinding him. As the dark closed in again and the door swung shut with a soft thud he took a moment to let his eyes adjust.

Seeing her sitting down by the front he wondered why she hadn't looked back at him like she usually did all smiles and sweetness trying to wheedle her way from him. *Maybe she fell asleep? * He thought to himself though he somehow found that doubtful with all the loud moaning that was going on the screen.

Taking the 10 steps down to the front he stopped almost directly behind her and as the light from the movie filled the theatre he practically swallowed his tongue at what he saw. Before him facing away from him in fact was the single most erotic sight he had ever seen in his entire existence. Buffy her head laying back on the headrest her eyes closed, her cotton candy lips parted in a silent moan, her chest heaving as she finger fucked herself.

Spike stood dumbfounded. All the blood in his body left it's appointed stations and slammed into his crotch region so fast he got lightheaded. Unable to help himself he took a seat one row back and one seat over. After a few minutes of mental debate he threw caution to the wind and took his hard prick out stroking it and watching her as she worked her fingers into her glistening wetness harder and harder her whole body squirming and glistening.

Spikes breath sped up as hers did as well, seeming to sense that she was coming to her inevitable climax he bit his lip hard to keep his own moans from scaring his golden goddess off as he strangled his cock with his hand his hips coming up off the seat.

"SPPPPPPPPIIIIIKKKKKKKKEEEE............." She moaned in a low guttural purely adult female sound as she clenched hard down around her fingers and then loosened like a spring with her release her entire body shuddering as she came and came.

The word on her lips made him groan low in his throat his hand clenching around his cock hard fighting off the urge to spill his seed onto the back of the seat cushion. *Bloody fuck she....my.....fuck....* was all he could think as he closed his eyes and pressed his thumb forcefully down on the spot that kept him from spewing his seed everywhere.

Spike inhaled deeply through his nose trying so hard to maintain his composure he didn't even think about why he didn't want to come right then when it was probably his only chance...he just didn't.

When she had heard something behind that had made her heart pound she slowly opened her eyes and turned her head hoping against hope that it wasn't some sicko jacking off to her free show. When she had seen Spike, the light from the movie revealing his swollen cock in his hand a slow wicked smile had come over Buffys face. To say her mouth started drooling for a taste of his salty spendings was an understatement. Her entire body ached with the need to feel him stuffed as deeply inside her grasping wanting cunt.

Spike’s eyes popped open when he felt heat. Wet, wanting, swollen heat kissed the head of his silken hard shaft making him gasp in need as Buffy straddled his lap barely able to wiggle her legs into the seat around his thighs.

“NO….Nonononono…..” He gasped releasing his hold on his shaft and reaching out and grabbing her hips digging his fingers into her waist desperately to keep her from dropping down onto him.

“Please…..Please Spike…….” She begged him bending her lips to his neck and nipping at the speeding pulse there as she wiggled ineffectually against his hands. “Please….”

“You….young…..not…..no Buffy…..can’t……want to….” He groaned and growled trying to brand the words into his skin and hers in a last ditch attempt to deny his baser urges.

“God…..pleaseeee………I’ll be 18 in a few weeks Spike…I need you….want you….let me have you…please...” She pleaded plaintively as she wriggled harder pressing her teeth to his earlobe and nipping the hot breath of her mouth scalding his inner ear and sending shivers down his spine.

It was that last please said so tenderly and heart wrenchingly soft that got to him. It shot an arrow straight to his heart and broke right through the chains he placed there the first time he had ever seen his golden minx.

With a moan of pure acceptance to his fate he released her hips and crushed her into his arms kissing her hard and deep as she sunk down onto his long tormented cock.

Buffy’s fingers dug into his shoulders her eyes slamming shut as he filled her touching her deep inside making her inner muscles tremble with pleasure. The deep seeded knowledge that here…here was finally the man she was supposed to be joined to intimately making her want to weep with the sheer beauty of the moment.

“God….so long…..wanted you…..all I dreamed about….” He said with a deep growling intonation of his voice, “Buffy…”

She pulled herself up and wrapped her fingers around his neck leaning back to look at him. His eyes were black in the waxing and waning light of the movie as it played a backdrop to their unbidden lust.

She moved her hips just a bit watching as the emotions shifted across his face. His eyes glittered with unrepressed passion; his mouth was soft and slack in a silent sigh of desire and his cock jumping inside her swollen tunnel.

Her body sheathed his like a warm summers rain, the type that fed the earth with its life giving soft caresses and brought forth nothing but beauty.

Looking up into her eyes he knew it was hopeless, he was lost to this girl…this woman, the fiery goddess of his night dreams and she to him.

“Buffy…I…..” he choked on the words as she grinned naughtily and pushed herself up half way and then dropped her full weight back down onto him gurgling in delight as he pressed into her filling her to the hilt his balls pushed up against her softly rounded buttocks.

Dropping her forehead against his she stared into his eyes the same emotions reflecting brightly in her darkened orbs as she moved on his body her skirt bunched up around her waist her panties forgotten on the floor.

“I’ve waited forever for this…” She breathed her as she hunched herself down a bit pushing as much of his rigid veined length into her sucking heat as she could possibly get. “Wanted you …..dreamt about you…..every night……finger fucking myself….did you….like….uhhhh…that?” She asked him her breathing hitching a notch as the tremors of pleasure skipped over her nerves making the butterflies in her belly dance and dip in an erotic dance.

“Uh huh….” He groaned his eyes never leaving hers as his mind went on hiatus, “Loved it….wanted to…..god Buffy….taste you….want to still…..stick my tongue in…..your juicy quim…suck….Uhhhhgggghhh…your clit till you screamed my name.”

“Oh god…Spike…” She cried out softly the words cutting her to the core and making her insides slick with moisture as her temperature shot through the roof. “God…..so…..deep…..love…..making….you mine…..” She panted her eyes closing briefly as the emotions and feelings threatened to overwhelm her.

Spike slid his hands up and under her top moving his hands across the soft expanse of her back loving the feel of her muscles moving under the skin and knowing that she was his….for good or bad…she was his now.

Spike thrust up into her heat feeling his body tingle with the first hint of oncoming orgasm. Tugging her top up with one hand he cradled her body with his thighs and strong right hand as he impatiently pulled her bra to one side and latched onto her nipple.

“Ooohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssss…..” She cried out as her body shuddered against his her fingers scrabbling over his strong shoulders looking for something to hold onto in desperation as her hips sped up over his. Up and down…swivel…shimmy…. Up…down….swivel…shimmy…. more….more…harder….faster…..god….deeper….

Spike suckled on her breast like he was starving, and he realized that he indeed had been starving….starving for her, desperate for his taste of Buffy, his taste of heaven on earth and now that he had her he was never giving her away.

Spikes hands slid back down to her hips and helped her move harder slamming her down onto his throbbing swelling jumping penis his balls tightening as her body pushed him ever closer.

“Oh god Spike…” she panted offering up more of her body to him and wanting to give him all that and more as she started the uphill climb of pleasure every single thrust pushing her higher and higher towards that pinnacle.

“Please…..OhGod….PLEASE….” She begged beseechingly for something she couldn’t put to name but knew she couldn’t live without.

Spike let her breast go as she arched away from him pushing her legs down into the cushion below him swinging her hair away from where it was sticking to her neck and baring the lovely line of her neck for him.

Suddenly he knew what he wanted…what he needed…what she was begging for…he had to mark her.

Groaning he pulled her down and laved his tongue over the pulse moving in a heated rush along her throat. Buffy moved hard on him feeling his cock swell even more inside of her and responding in kind her clit grinding against his pubic bone.

“Oh….Oh I’m going to…..OhGodSpike…” she cried out the first flutterings of her body demanding more and more of his as she started to lose control.

Spike wrapped his hand into her long golden hair and pulled her head over roughly and sank his blunt teeth into her neck seeking to mark her for his own inside and out.

The combination of pleasure and pain threw Buffy into a headspin of unrelenting orgasm her inner muscles choking his cock in a velvet clutch so tight it made him dizzy as his own orgasm smashed into him.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH GOOOOODDDDDDDD…………..” She screamed over the sound of the movie her body shuddering in long quaking shakes from her head to her toes as her juices mingled with his milky seed and covered him in a slick film of lust.

Spike grunted loudly his teeth never leaving her neck and the eventual taste of blood in his mouth made his head spin as he pounded up into her heat again and again trying to leave some sign of his ownership.

Buffy panted and finally gave up to his mastery her entire world going black as her body shut down in a desperate need for oxygen. Slumping against him bonelessly her body twitched without her conscience knowledge even as he released her neck and stroked her back as she rested against him.

After a few minutes Buffy’s eyes blink open to a partially lit theatre and the sweet smile of her man as the lights came up. Flinching a bit she moved her hand up to touch the raw bite mark on the side of her neck.

“Sorry bout that luv.” Spike apologized looking a bit sheepish. “I….I wanted…” He didn’t finish his words letting them trail off as he realized how it must look to the young woman in his arms.

“You wanted to mark me…” she said in awe looking into his blue eyes with wonder, “does this mean?” She barely dared to hope what it meant.

“I love you Buffy…I have for awhile now.” He said softly the trepidation in his eyes clear for her to see, but behind that, the slightest glimmer of hope.

“Oh Spike…” She breathed a bright smile breaking over her face, “ I love you too…so much.” She told him sincerely feeling like the newborn sun was just breaking on the horizon. “I thought you’d think I was just a silly little girl though…I never knew….” She said shyly smiling a purely feminine smile to herself that had him twitching in response.

“I don’t think you’re a little girl. I think you’re mine and that’s all I’ll ever think again, my beautiful little girl.” He said tenderly cupping her face and kissing her lips softly. “ Do you think you’d be willing to accompany a dirty old man home? I seem to have developed a cramp in need some help with. “ He grinned wickedly thrusting up to prove his point.

“Oh I think I may be able to help with that, besides…” She said giggling as she slid off of his now rapidly growing erection, “ I never did get to taste that yummy man juice of yours and that…is something I’ve been waiting for for a LONG time.”

Spike chuckled as he stood up quickly stuffing himself into his now uncomfortable jeans and watching as she smoothed down her skirt and slid her now not so pristinely white panties back into place.

“Um….pet you do know there’s no back door to this place right?” he asked “We’re gonna have to walk through the lobby.” He said not relishing the smirks and grins he’d get from his teenaged staff.

Buffy giggled and nodded, “it’s ok…I’ll go down and you follow a few minutes later…just meet me at my car ok? It’s in front.” She said standing on tiptoe and kissing him lightly but with promise and then slipping up the stairs and through the doors.

Spike looked around and grinned running his hands through his hair and smoothing it somewhat back into place. He took a moment to reflect on his decision to open The Star Light back up and restore her to her former glory little did he know that in doing so he’d be making everyone in the small town of Sunnydale happy and himself happiest of all.

With that final thought he turned and bounded up the stairs and out the doors in pursuit of his lady love and all her charms, the night just beginning.

The End

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