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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
I know "Something Blue" fics are done all the time, but I really think I have something different here. Tell me if you agree!

Disclaimer: Joss owns everything (lucky bastard), I own nothing tear. Therefore, don’t sue me for using them for my own twisted pleasure!

Engaged and Wrong

Spike swore that if his heart still beat, it would be pounding in his chest. He didn’t ever remember being this nervous. He took an unnecessary breath to calm his nerves and make his brain function properly.

“It’s just so sudden, I don’t know what to say,” Buffy answered with wide eyes.

“Just say yes, and make me the happiest man on earth,” Spike said.

Buffy jumped to her feet, “Oh Spike, of course it’s yes!”

He smiled broadly as he embraced his bride-to-be. His entire being was experiencing a feeling of complete euphoria. He found it momentarily curious that even his demon was at peace with the engagement. The demon wanted more than just the ring and the exchange of vows, but there was plenty of time for that.

Buffy couldn’t remember the last time she was this happy. Maybe before she was the Slayer, but even that couldn’t compare to the happiness she felt at this moment. It did not escape her that she had fallen in love with and was marring a soulless vampire…she just couldn’t make herself care. At the moment, the only thoughts she had revolved around the feeling of Spike’s lips on hers. When they had to part for her to breath, she felt a rush go straight to her core when he nuzzled her neck.

“Giles!” Buffy exclaimed once she noticed her Watcher, “You’ll never believe what’s happened!”

The old English man observed the two blondes. Something was terribly wrong about this situation. First, Spike was untied. Second, he was untied. Third, he was untied. At the present moment, the Watcher was choosing to repress the images of his charge kissing another vampire.

Spike lounged on one of Giles’ chairs as if he owned the place. He watched hungrily as Buffy walked back into the room carrying a mug of warmed blood.

“Here you go…98.6,” Buffy said as she settled herself on his lap.

Spike grinned at her cheekily before capturing her lips in a tender kiss. He’d never thought the Slayer would be so thoughtful, fiancé or not.

“There’s so much to decide,” Buffy said as she idly caressed his forearm, “Ceremony, reception, guests.”

“Well, fist thing I’d say, we’re not having a church wedding,” Spike ordered. The thought of anything in a church made him shudder. He wasn’t a complete fool, he was fairly sure that Buffy had the same childhood dreams every young girl had. One that involved white dresses, sunlight and churches.

“How ‘bout a daytime ceremony,” Buffy said as she pulled his ear into her mouth and gently nibbled.

Spike groaned as he felt himself harden from the girls ministrations.

“In the park,” Buffy continued once she’d released his ear.

Spike, who had momentarily been distracted, now looked at the girl as if she’d lost all her marbles, “Fabulous. Enjoy your honeymoon with the Big Pile of Dust.”

Buffy pouted and looked thoughtful, “Under the trees. Indirect sunlight only.”

Spike shook his head, sometimes she really was a California Blonde. “Warm breeze tosses the leaves aside and you’re registering and Mr. and Mrs. Big. Pile. Of. Dust.”

Buffy slapped his chest lightly, “Stop it! This is our wedding and you’re treating it like a big joke!”

That lip of hers was going to be the second death of him. She looked more adorable than usual when she pouted. “Oh, pouty! Look at that lip…gonna get it…gonna get it.”

Buffy giggled as she pretended to move away from his advancing mouth. She was determined to make sure his lips and every other part of him was for her and her alone. She had paid minor attention to Giles when he had discussed vampire mating rituals with her and was fairly certain she could convince Spike to mate with her. They were getting married after all.

“Oh, stop,” Buffy said between kisses.

“Yes, please stop,” Giles grumbled from the couch.

Buffy looked up. She hadn’t even noticed Giles enter the room. “Oops.”

“Giles, did you see my ring?” Buffy asked excitedly.

Giles looked over at the ring on Buffy’s finger. He didn’t know how to answer the girl. The ring wasn’t attractive in any sense and it had no business acting as an engagement ring, however, the look of bliss on the young woman’s face forced him to be delicate with his answer.

“It’s very nice Buffy,” he lied.

Buffy smiled and moved from her place on Spike’s lap. She ignored the feeling of loss that shot through her and sat on the couch next to Giles. “I’m not crazy, and I know that you probably don’t approve, and my father’s not that far away, I mean, he could, but this day is about family. My real family, and I would like you to be the one to give me away.”

Giles didn’t know what to say. He was touched beyond measure, but something about this whole situation didn’t settle well with him. He knew they had nothing to fear from Spike with his current chip status, but still…

“Oh, Buffy,” he answered. He wanted to say something more, but there were no words.

“Is that the British way of saying, yes?” Buffy asked with a soft smile.

“Of course, Buffy. I’m honored that you would think of me,” Giles said sincerely.

Buffy hugged her Watcher warmly. Nothing could possibly make this night any better. It was a rarity on the Hellmouth, and she planned to savor every moment of it. Buffy looked over at the man, er, vampire she had agreed to spend the rest of her life with and smiled. That smile turned sultry when she saw the hungry look in his eyes and saw him motion for her to join him on the chair.

He would never tire of seeing his Slayer saunter over to him. He’d been in love with the way she moved from the very first moment he’d met her. There was just something about it that called to him. And the first time they’d fought, he was hooked. He hadn’t lied when he said what they did was a dance, and now that dance was over. The bloody commandos had seen to that. His angry thoughts were pushed aside once he felt Buffy’s hot little ass on his lap. She curled herself into him.

“Duh dum, da-da.. Duh dum, da-da, duh dum da da dum da da dum da da..,” Buffy sing-songed as she moved the wedding topper couple up and down Spike’s arm, “Aren’t they a perfect little us?”

Spike made a face, “I don’t like him. He’s insipid. Clearly human.”

“Oh! Red paint. We could smear a little on his mouth…blood of the innocent,” Buffy purred.

“That’s my girl,” Spike said as he pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

Buffy mewled into his mouth. She loved when he kissed her. There was nothing better than Spike lips, not even chocolate…maybe. She moaned as she felt his thumb flick across her nipple. She teased him by wiggling her ass against his growing bulge. She smiled to herself when she heard him growl, a sound that send a wave of liquid to her panties.

His nostrils flared as he smelled her arousal. “Maybe I can get her off right here in front of ‘ol Rupes! Wouldn’t that be bloody perfect.” Spike moved his mouth to her neck and began to suckle on the skin there. The heady scent of her arousal and the warmth of the blood coursing through her veins was almost enough to cum in his pants like a school boy.

“Willow’s missing!” Xander exclaimed as he and Anya burst through Giles’ front door.

Buffy and Spike jumped up, both flushed from their little grind session.

“Are you quite sure?” Giles asked as he removed his glasses.

“Yeah, she wasn’t in her room,” Xander said, “But there was a big burnt circle in the middle of the floor.”

“Ta'hoffren,” Anya said as if that meant anything to the people in the room.

“Huh?” Buffy eloquently asked.

“Ta'hoffren, He made me a demon 1120 years ago,” Anya said.

“This demon guy took Willow?” Buffy asked, “Why?”

“He wants to make her a demon,” Anya said in a bored voice.

Buffy looked at Spike. He pulled her close and rub her back soothingly. “Don’t worry, luv, We’ll get to the Witch.”

“Why are you hugging Spike?” Anya asked.

The couple pulled apart and looked deeply into each others eyes.

“They have to hear it soon or later...” Spike said.

Buffy grinned at her friends, “Spike and I are getting married!”

“How? What? How?” Xander asked in a baffled voice.

“Three very good questions,” Giles said, “Although, I’m going to be the one to give Buffy away.”

“There was only two questions, one was repeated,” Anya corrected.

“Guys,” Buffy interrupted, “We’re wasting time. We need to get to Willow before Demon-Guy can turn Willow into Demon-Girl.”

“I can summon Ta'hoffren from his crypt. I think I can remember the incantation,” Anya said.

“Ok, that’s our first option. I want to get Willow out of there and kill Demon-Guy,” Buffy offered as a plan.

“What if we can’t summon him?” Xander asked.

“Really not going to focus on that, Xan,” Buffy said with a shudder.

* * * * * * * *

Willow found herself in a completely black cavern surrounded by demons. Surprisingly, she didn’t feel any fear. Even without Buffy. Maybe her lack of fear was an unconscious death wish. She might as well die. Oz left her. Her Oz. She was a pathetic excuse for a witch, and she couldn’t even keep a boyfriend. She’d never been able to make Xander see her as anything more than a friend until it was too late. She’d nearly lost Oz over that little fiasco, and in the end he left her anyway.

“You have much anger and pain. Your magic is strong, but your pain. It's like a scream that pierces dimensional walls. We heard your call,” one of the demons spoke.

Willow looked up at the thing with wide eyes. The fear was starting to register with her now. “I-I'm sorry. I'll try for a quiet rage. Bye.”

The red-head moved to leave, but the group of demons pulled closer together, forcing her back to face the demon who had spoken.

“Our intention is not to quash your potential,” the demon spoke again, “Quite the contrary.”

“Contrary?” Willow asked with interest.

“I wish to take you under my wing,” the demon spoke, “You are ready to join us here in Arash Ma'har.”

“Y-you want to make me a demon?” Willow asked.

“Yes. I believe you will make a fine vengeance demon,” the demon informed her.

“Who are you?” Willow asked.

“Forgive me, I forgot my manners. I am Ta'hoffren,” the demon answered.

Willow pondered the demons offer. Something about what he said sounded familiar. Anya! “Vengeance demon? Like Anyanka?”

Ta'hoffren looked thoughtful, “She was quite the demon. Very powerful in her time. Now she lives the life of a mortal.”

“I know. She went to my high school last year,” Willow said conversationally.

“What is your wish, little one?” Ta'hoffren asked, “Do you wish to be elevated?”

Willow’s first instinct was to say no very loudly and run back to Buffy. Then she remembered how her best friend had run off to find Spike when she needed her the most. Ok, yeah, she was the Slayer and she had to take care of Spike, but her inner turmoil was far more important than finding a vampire that couldn’t bite anyone! Then she remembered the spell that she had cast. Wishing for her will to be done.

“What made you think I would make a good demon?” she asked.

“You have power already. We saw the result of your power,” Ta'hoffren said as he opened a dimensional rift.

Willow watched with wide eyes as Buffy and Spike practically had sex on Giles’ chair. She didn’t mean to be cruel, but she couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped her lips. “Servers her right.” Then the rift showed Oz. He was in pain. He had been captured by the same group that caught Spike. “Just like I said during the spell…”

“I accept,” Willow said.

“Very good to hear,” Ta'hoffren said with a slight smile.

Willow nodded. This wasn’t exactly the smartest thing she’d ever done, but she really was tired of being the sensible safe one. Xander seemed to be attracted to demons, perhaps as a demon she’d be able to keep a man…or at least torture them into staying. It seemed to work for Spike and Angelus!

Ta'hoffren moved closer to Willow and ran a clawed hand gently down her cheek. He was quite pleased. She had power flowing freely from her. It would not take very much for her to become very powerful. Anyanka had been one of his favorites. She had been so brutal, so very good at what she did. Willow had all the potential to be greater than Anyanka.

“The ritual will be quite painful. The Transformation is usually the worst,” Ta'hoffren warned the young woman.

Willow gulped and nodded. Pain wasn’t exactly good, but the end result was what was important to her now.

Ta'hoffren nodded to one of the other demons. The demon left the circle only to return a few moments later with a small stone.

“This is the key to your power. Once it is broken, so is your power. You will be returned to your human state,” Ta'hoffren explained.

Willow nodded and clutched the offered stone tightly. She remembered Anya complaining about her stone being smashed by Giles after Cordellia’s wish.

Ta'hoffren began to recite the ancient words in a language Willow didn’t recognize. After a few moments, the stone in her hand began to burn. Then she felt the power surge through her. It was more powerful than anything she’d ever encountered. Then Ta'hoffren sliced a symbol into her forehead with his sharpened finger nail. She cried out in pain as the blood trickled down her face. After the blood had flown for a few seconds, the demon smoothed a grayish colored paste into the scar. Immediately, Willow felt the effects. Instead of the healing she expected to feel, there was more pain. She felt her muscles straightening and her inner organs shifting. Soon, the pain was too much for her to bear and she slumped into unconsciousness.

“Very powerful indeed,” Ta'hoffren commented.

“I’ve not seen one sustain the pain of Transformation for so long,” another demon said in awe.

“Nor have I,” Ta'hoffren said.

Even in her state of unconsciousness, Ta'hoffren could feel the power ooze from her form. For a brief moment, he wondered if it was wise to elevate such a powerful human. He quickly pushed away the thought and instead congratulated himself on creating a powerful demon. A void needed to be filled; the void made by Anyanka’s absence.

“Oh my god,” Buffy whispered as she took in the sight in front of her.

Ta'hoffren looked away from Willow only to encounter a very upset Slayer. With here were three humans and a vampire. One of the humans looked familiar to him…Anyanka.

“Ta'hoffren, you bastard. What have you done?” Anya demanded.

“You should know well what I have done,” Ta'hoffren answered coldly.

Spike tried to restrain his fiancé. There was no need for her to be rash. If this bastard was the one who had changed the witch, he could change her back. But, if Buffy destroyed him…then there was no chance for the girl.

“Willow?” Buffy whispered as the girl on the floor began to stir.

The group watched in amazement as Willow stood to her feet in a motion fluid enough to be vampire worthy.

“Willow doesn’t live here anymore,” the girl spoke.

Buffy didn’t like the sound of that. The voice was colder and deeper than Willow’s. The eyes were black, solid black. She could feel the power from the girl in front of her and took an unintentional step back.

“You are wise to move back, Slayer,” the girl taunted, “Lilith does not play well with others.”

“Oh dear lord,” Giles whispered.

Ta'hoffren had to agree with the Englishman’s sentiment. He had no idea this would happen. “What have I done?”

Buffy looked at Giles curiously. He knew something, a bad something.

“Leave now,” Lilith said, “And I will spare you. My fight is not with you.”

Buffy was about to protest when Giles grabbed her roughly. She glared at the man, but took the hint. She led the group away from the group of demons. Her mind was going in circles. The day had started out so nice, and now…badness.

Anya did another chant and the group found themselves once again in Ta'hoffren crypt.

“Giles?” Buffy asked.

“We should return to my house. There is much I need to tell you,” Giles said.

Buffy nodded. This was so not of the good. She allowed Spike to pull her pliant body against his. She needed his support; this was something she couldn’t do alone. Her best friend was a demon. She killed demons. She would have to kill her best friend, just as she had to kill her first true love.

Spike felt Buffy shudder in his arms. He tightened his grip on her. The chip didn’t even make him feel this helpless. There was nothing for him to do for the petite girl in his arms.

The group made the journey back to Giles’ in silence. Everyone was lost to their own thoughts. They were used to facing demons and apocalypses but, to kill one of their own? That was something new. Even Anya was upset. She hadn’t been around this group of people very long, and never really felt accepted, but she still liked Willow.

Once everyone had settled themselves in Giles’ living room, the Watcher removed his glasses and began to pace.

“Giles, what do you know?” Buffy asked.

Giles walked over to his bookcase and removed a very tattered looking volume. He quickly turned to the passage he needed and paled. His assumption had been correct.

“’The evil Lilith, who causes the hearts of men to go astray and appears in the dream of the night and in the vision of hte day, Who burns and casts down with nightmare, attacks and kills children, boys an girls.’ This is the demon that has taken over Willow,” Giles said flatly.

“That’s not possible,” Anya said, “Ta'hoffren can only create vengeance demons.”

“It appears that Willow’s magical ability has made her an acceptable vessel for more powerful and more ancient demons. The ritual preformed by Ta'hoffren only enhanced her powers,” Giles said.

“How do we stop Lilith?” Buffy asked with out emotion.

“We can’t, Buffy,” Xander shrieked, “It’s Willow!”

“Willow’s dead to us, Xander,” Buffy said.

“No. I won’t accept that, Buffy,” Xander said as he stood to his feet.

Buffy stood up and stared hard at her friend, “You really don’t have a choice.”

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