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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Dedicated to: PattyAnne just because

A/U: Listen to some Disco when reading this it makes it that much better ;)

11:30 PM Saturday Night Studio
Dancing Queen

Spike Atherton stood behind the bar dressed in his uniform of no shirt and extremely short extremely tight faded, frayed in all the best places Levi denim shorts. The whirling disco lights bouncing off of his pale oiled skin played over his tight body and the cut of his abdominal muscles that were as prominent as the bulge in his shorts.

Leaning his hand on the bar he tossed back the tequila shot a beautiful redhead had just bought him and grinned at the woman with a lascivious wink in her direction. The music was loud and the place was just starting to fill up, the party would go onto well into the wee hours of the night and Steve Rubell always made sure he had his sexiest boys on hand for the party.

Feeling a hand slapping his shoulder he nodded at Angel O’Shaunessy as he walked in nearly identical in his clothing except his shorts were well-worn white. Against his dark good looks and toned body the women and the men alike swooned. Next came Xander Harris in bright red satin shorts, a true mans man the shorts merely sufficed to whet the appetite, pair the boyish good looks and the easy grin and it was easy to see why he was a favorite with everyone. Put the three of them together and you got a lethal combination that kept the partiers coming back for more.

“Looks like a good crowd tonight.” Xander said looking around the rapidly filling dance floor and the growing crush of bodies’ boogying into the popular club. “Sure to make the tips tonight.”

Spike nodded watching the club goers, the flash of bare skin and various body parts par for the course as each patron tried to outdo the next; each in a more outrageous costume than the next. Spike could still remember the time when Bianca Jagger had made a grand entrance when she had ridden a horse into the club for her 33rd birthday, or the time that Steve had turned Cher away from the door. It didn’t matter who the hell you were as long as you were beautiful. Here stars rubbed elbows with plumbers and housewives by day were transformed into starlets for the night all by the whim of Steve at the door.

Angel leaned up against the bar with Spike and Xander his arm brushing against Spikes as he poured shots for the three of them and passed them over. “Here’s to good coke, beautiful women and huge tips.”

Spike smirked and Xander grinned as they all clinked the nightly opening shots together and downed the burning liquid in one swallow.

“Got anymore of that behind the bar baby?” A sultry voice cut through the din of music as Xander and Angel moved away to take care of other patrons crowding in at the bar.

Raising a scarred eyebrow Spike’s eyes burned bright blue as he got a good look at the devastating blonde standing on the opposite side of the bar. About 5’9 in her 6” clear Lucite platforms she was dressed in a tiny white string bikini, her long hair flowing and curling lush and full around her body down past her ass. White Angel wings adorned her back made of fluffy white feathers the tips of the wings stopping at the back of her knees and making the perfect showcase for her tanned toned thighs and calves. Glitter and hazy white powder adorned her shoulders, stomach, upper thighs and upper breasts, her lips and eyes done up in sparkles and white shadow made her deep green eyes shimmer.

Leaning over the bar a bit Spike took her hand into his and placed a kiss on top of her hand, licking it lightly with his talented tongue and winked at her not letting her go. “Baby I got whatever you need behind this bar.”

Smiling at him with a wicked grin to make even the brightest stars in the heavens envious Buffy Summers leaned herself onto the bar so that her breasts were pressed up invitingly and looked him up and down her eyes stopping at his crotch area, and curling a lock of hair around her finger she licked her glistening lips. “I’ll just bet you do. Maybe if I’m willing… you can show me a sample of the goods on your break big man?” Putting special emphasis on the word big so there was no mistaking her interest.

“Names Spike luv,” he said, “Breaks at 2:00 am. Be ready for the ride of your life.”

Buffy pulled him forward so she could taste this hottie for herself and leave him hot and revved as she was, and kissed him deeply her tongue seeking out every crevice of his supple lips and agile tongue.

Both of them moaned at the instant flaring into disco inferno sized flames that ignited at that first kiss, finally pulling back after a few minutes of soul kissing that had each of them on fire for the other.

“2:00 am Spike and I will be back.” With that Buffy grabbed the drink of the man next to her and sauntered off into the crowd her ass and hips swinging from side to side as she walked.

Unabashedly adjusting his massive hardon he threw his head back with a loud WHOO and a huge grin making Angel and Xander chuckle at him as they continued on with their jobs. Tonight was a good night to be alive that was for damn sure.

2:00 AM

Spike nodded at Xander setting his last round of drinks down onto the bar and leaning over taking a snort of blow off the small mirror sitting on the lower section that had been set out by Steve as an appetizer for his boys.

“You ready Spike?” The blonde was back. Her hair wilder than before and her skin glowing with heat and perspiration, her eyes bright with alcohol and coke as well.

Coming out from behind the bar, Spike walked up to the blond wrapping one arm around her petite waist the other hand taking her hand and moving her in a grinding dance step worthy of the Saturday Night Fever God, John Travolta himself. “More than ready luv,” he said against her pouting lips before releasing her and moving her hand down to his erection, “Can’t you feel it? Gonna take you too heaven, little earth mother.”

Buffy ran her hand appreciatively over his hard bulge her eyes smoldering with passion and heat, “Then take me there Spike.”

Spike clasped her small hand in his, entwining their fingers and pulling her out onto the dance floor as The Bee Gees Night Fever began to play. The crowd on the dance floor threw up a cheer as the sexy beat pulsed and flowed through the club every single body set in motion. People danced, kissed, touched, and made love in full view of one another. The bright lights swirled around every beautiful person making them all that much more heartbreakingly stunning and the deep base of the music drove tremors to the sweetest spots of everyone in the club.

Wrapping his arms around his own personal Seraphim, Spike moved her to the beat singing huskily with the words, the look in his eyes making Buffy practically crumble from need. Sliding her hands up around his neck she shimmied and ground against him her nipples hard points pressing into his delicious skin as she leaned her head back in abandon her glorious hair sweeping the dance floor in a cascade of gold. Closing her eyes she lost herself to the perfect motion of their bodies and the feel of his strong hands pressing into her back as they danced.

Pulling herself upright again she looked deeply into his eyes as she slid one hand under the waistband of his Levi’s to run silkily over the head of his rock hard cock.

Spike groaned and held her closer as the music changed to KC and The Sunshine Band’s Shake Your Booty and her green eyes caught his again. “Fuck luv, what’s your name?” He moaned into her ear making her pussy muscles clench in anticipation and her hand grip his cock harder than ever as she slowly pumped him up and down the precum dripping from the head wetting her fingers.

Taking his ear in between her blunt teeth she nibbled and licked on the sensitive shell for a minute before whispering into it. “Buffy… but for tonight you can call me whatever you want lover.”

Spike’s eyes closed at the feel of her hot breath on his skin and the damp tickling of her tongue against his lobe. Taking her hand from his shorts he opened his eyes smirking his sexiest grin at her and pulled her to a booth he had just seen vacated in a semi dark corner. Pulling her down to straddle him her legs on either side of his thighs on the sumptuous velvet seat her damp bikini crotch rubbed hard against his painful hardon making her whimper. Reaching down between them Spike unbuttoned the buttons allowing his erection in its full glory to spring out making him sigh with instant relief.

Buffys eyes traveled the length of his torso down to the tasty throbbing manhood now bared for her fiery gaze. Her mouth positively watering with the want of having that huge weapon thrust in between her lips and licking up his spendings.

With a coquettish grin she sleekly slid down between the table and his splayed legs taking the massive prick in between her glossy lips. Feeling him jolt as she deep throated him on the first pass she smiled around his exquisite schlong running her fingernails lightly down the inside of his thighs making him groan.

Running his hands into her mane of burnished golden locks Spike thrust lightly into her mouth watching through slitted eyes as she licked and sucked on him as if he were a tootsie pop and she was determined to find the sweet candy center.

People continued to move and groove to the loud music in the club, the occasional horny partygoer stopping and watching the free show for a minute before boogying and bopping away.

Buffy cupped his balls in her warm hand gently rubbing and caressing the soft sac in her palm loving the feel of him jumping slightly and his hips starting to bounce under the pressure of her sucking action.

Slurping at the head her tongue laving flatly against the sensitive glans she slid one hand up and encircled the hard shaft adding a forceful pumping action to the phenomenal blowjob.

Her thumb traced the veiny underside as she slid the head between her lips and started avidly moving her head up and down in time to the beat of the music in the club. Feeling his balls start to tighten she knew it wouldn’t be long until she had a mouthful of his delicious juice filling it.

Spike rolled his head back onto the high cushioned seat his eyes clenching shut as he felt the impending tingle of forthcoming orgasm. And if his blond angel had anything to say about it, it was going to be the hardest he’d ever came in his life.

Buffy looked up at him her head still moving over him and her bikini bottoms becoming soaked as she watched him strain against the seat his stomach quivering and the muscles on his neck tensing. Moving her hand from his cock to his stomach she suddenly deep throated as much as she could get into her mouth. When the head hit the back of her throat she swallowed around him pushing him over.

With a loud cry of pleasure from Spike, Buffy moved back slightly as he bucked up into her mouth, his cock pulsing as it began unloading it’s huge load of spunk. Swallowing it all down all the while continuing to lick and suck at his shooting organ Buffy finally leaned back on her heels with a wicked grin at him as he finally ran dry.

“C’mon up here minx.” He growled pulling her up and onto his lap his cock still rock hard for this goddess. Pulling her down against him he slid his tongue into her mouth tasting himself on her tongue and running his hands up and down her back feverishly.

“Wanna fuck you Buffy, wanna feel you around me right here, right now,” He said pulling his head back and looking into her eyes seeing her nod and feeling for himself how ready her body was as he slid one hand in between them and moved aside her drenched bikini bottom with his fingers.

“Lean back luv.” He coaxed her as her fingers positioned him to the entrance of her juicy cunt her other hand pressing down on the tight pecs of his chest for balance.

As she leaned back her free hand moving from his chest to behind her onto his knee Buffy cried out as she felt him wrap his hands around her waist and thrust himself up into her hot slick warmth pulling her downwards onto him at the same time.

“OH GOD….” She cried out, one of her hands coming up to tangle into her own hair as she started moving on him. The bliss of their union along with the sheer mass of his humongous tool crammed tightly into her making her forget where she was. All she knew was that she was in paradise.

Moving both her hands onto the chair back up behind his head Buffy dropped her lips to his as she started a snakelike motion on his body. Her mouth copied the motion of her hips as she used her knees against the chair seat to move herself up and down his hot fuckstick.

Spike groaned and fucked back up at her, impaling her on his meaty rod as it slid to and fro past her stretched tight nether lips. Never had he felt anything this deliciously tight and wet around him. It was like dipping himself into warmed butter, the strength of her cunt muscles massaging his raging inferno of a prick as she twitched her hips over him.

Dipping her back, Buffy pressed her breasts against his chest seeking contact with each and every part of him. Crystalline tears came to her eyes with each wave of the staggering sensations welling up from where his cock had taken up residence in her slick pussy.

Wrapping his strong arms around her Spike crushed her against him as he began thrusting more powerfully into her feeling each and every contraction and squeeze of her as she broke apart bit by bit around and over him.

Releasing her lips, he drug his tongue down the responsive skin of her neck making her mewl against him as he had her sit up a bit and moved the top of her bikini open in the middle baring her breasts to his assault as well.

“OH Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh….” She groaned loudly looking down at him as he captured one turgid nipple in his full lips and nipped at the ripe bud. Unable to help herself Buffy slipped into orgasm her pussy spasming around his hard seeking cock.

Moaning against her skin Spike was eternally grateful for the blowjob beforehand that helped to prevent him from spewing his load into her. He now released her nipple and laved the skin in between her breasts tasting the salty skin there as she quaked above him.

“Fuck you feel so bloody good pet….that’s right….fuck yourself on me….OhOH YEAH….” He groaned as she started humping against him in earnest, feeling the onset of yet another orgasm following closely behind the first.

Her fingers bit into the velvet of the couch as she tightened her internal muscles around him, reveling in the feel of every vein, every bump and curve of his love muscle within her.

Knowing he wouldn’t last but a few more seconds and wanting to be sure that this Angel would be coming back to his sinful arms even after this encounter, Spike ran one hand under her damp stomach and down to the distended nub he found where they were so intimately attached and started a slow caress.

Buffy dropped her forehead against his her eyes open wide, her breathing as sketchy and hitched as his own as she started the down hill slide, her body being played like a concerto by a master of the sexual symphony.

“OH….OH…Fuck….Fuck…FUCKME BABY…FUCK ME…FILL ME UP….OH oh…godGOD…CUMMINGGGG……..” She shrieked her voice lost to the pounding beat of the club and the pounding of his flesh against her own. Buffy arched her body up her head thrown back her lips parted in ecstasy as her entire body went taut and then set to violent tremors and quivering as she rode him at a frantic pace.

Looking up at her with dazed eyes Spike felt her first tremors and knew instinctually that he wouldn’t last long himself. Her pussy muscles sucked on his cock as if trying to pull it from his body by the root. Keeping one hand on her clit he moved his other to the firm curve of her ass and gripped it in a bruising grip, pushing her into a faster pace on his rampant cock.

Suddenly Spike arrived at glory station, his body arching up into her as he discharged round after round of sticky hot cum deep within her body. His balls tightened up against his body and his face showed every nuance of pleasure as he spilled himself within her again and again.

Finally after what seemed to be endless minutes Buffy collapsed against him breathing harshly her fingers clutching lightly at his chest as they both fought to catch their breath.

Loud shouts of encore and clapping began to filter in after a moment or two as they both became aware of the crowd surrounding their table.

Buffy leaned back up flicking her damp locks from her face and smiling as Steve walked up and kissed her cheek and turning back to the crowd said into the microphone he had in his hand, “Weren’t they great folks? Let’s hear it for Buffy and her handsome husband Spike, the only two working performance artists at the club. Come back tomorrow night and you might get a repeat performance. Now let’s give them a little time to recuperate.” He paused looking around at the still enamored crowd and with a flourish shouted happily, “Well what the hell you all waiting for? LET’S PARTY!!!”

Buffy turned back to Spike giggling and grinning at him as she moved herself off of him so that he could slip himself back into his shorts adjusting her bikini as she did so. Slumping down next to him she ran a finger over his chin brushing her lips against his lightly, “I love you so much baby. That was fantastic. Who knew it’d be such a rush to have sex in public?”

Sitting up and draping his arm around her shoulder he returned her smile nodding, “As long as it’s just you and me babe I’ve got no complaints whatsoever. Bloody hell I love you woman.”

Buffy pressed her lips against his again before looking up at him a wicked smile in place on her face her hand on his still semi erect cock, “Wanna go home and clean up? I’ve got a new outfit for tomorrow you may want to test drive first.”

Spike smirked at her before standing and swinging her into his muscular arms, “Baby…for you …anything.”

The End

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