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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
I have included transcript at the beginning because I wanted to remind folk of the dialogue but didn’t want to waste time writing out something we’ve all watched as if it was part of my creation, I’m not that clever we all know where the lines are from!

WARNINGS: Ok these are probably more important for this fic than any of my others. First of all, if you’ve read my stuff at all you KNOW there will be kinkiness here, there’ll be spanking and nasty words and maybe even some being tied up going on. There’s your first warning if you aren’t into rough stuff or bdsm or spanking then leave now.
Second warning – this is a threesome fic. There WILL be girl on girl action in this fic although hopefully no-one will at any point be left out (so plenty of Spike ladies). If this squicks you, again I say – leave now. I have placed this warning here so that you have no excuse for whingeing to me about it. I know some Spuffy fans never want to read anything that isn’t solely Spike and Buffy but some people don’t mind mixing it up a little – if you’re in the first camp then go find something else to read, there’s LOADS of fic here that involves no-one but our favourite two. If you’re in the second camp, come on in, there’s about to be some naughtiness going on!

INT: Buffy's Basement

Faith (moving to join Spike on the cot): I've met you before you know.

Spike: Yeah you made a great impression on my chin.

Faith: Not in the graveyard, before that. I was kinda wearing a
different body.


Faith: You seemed ok with it.


Spike: The body swap.....with Buffy.

Faith: She fill you in on that whole deal?

Spike: She told me it went down. Never mentioned who was driving her
skin around.

Faith: I mighta said a few things.....

Spike: ......like you could ride me at a gallop `til my knees buckled,
squeeze me `til I popped like warm champagne. Not the kind of thing a
man forgets.

Faith: Shoulda known it wasn't blondie behind the wheel. She'd never
throw down like that.

Spike: Oh you havebeen away.

Faith: Don't even tell me little-miss-tightly-wound's been getting her
naughty on.

Spike: Not of late.

Faith: Wow......everybody's just full of surprises!.......Hey B.


Buffy stood fuming at the top of the basement stairs, the conversation
she could overhear from below only adding to her escalating bad mood.

Ok, Robin had made a good point about his reasons for firing her, but
really, she kinda needed that job. It was her escape; her time-out
from dealing with scared slayer wannabe's; her timeout from this damn

She'd seen the logic of his words and even agreed to be fired but now
she was back here she felt like the walls were closing in around her.
Training was the only thing to look forward to and with the band of
mini-me's even that wasn't fun anymore.

Plus let's not forget the added Buffy bonus of her ex-nemesis, man
stealing sister-Slayer as a houseguest. And to add insult to injury,
said ex-nemesis was down there raking up sexual conversations with her
not-really-sure-where-we-stand vampire.

She'd never known about the encounter with Spike that Faith had had
whilst running around in her body; let alone what she'd said to him.
Really, she should kick Faith's ass for that, it was probably her
fault that Spike's whole obsession with her had started!

On second thoughts, she wouldn't really want to give up some of the
`happy's' he'd given her last year. But she could see Spike's point,
that little speech definitely wasn't something any man would forget!

Moving silently, without even realising she was doing it Buffy began
to descend the stairs. Reaching the bottom, she heard Spike's slightly
frustrated admission that no, she, Buffy, hadn't been getting her
naughty on of late. Faith looked up as she reached the bottom of the

".....Hey B."

"Well, it's nice to see you two getting along so well." Was that
jealousy in her voice? Get a grip Buffy. Geez!

"Yeah, you just know all the cool vampires." Faith said shifting a
little uncomfortably.

"Uhuh, and you were always a little too fond of sharing without being
asked weren't you Faith."

"Whoa.......whoa there B. No need for hostilities." A slow grin spread
across Faith's face. "I'm here to help, remember. Fighting the good
fight and all."

"Really luv, nothing to fret about." And in he chimes!

"Who's fretting?" Said Buffy, attempting to deny the emotions
awakening inside of her by sounding all business.

"Faith what else can you tell me about the girl you picked up? Did she
say anything at all, wake up at all?"

Faith studied her fellow Slayer intently.

"Y'know B, you're all shop talk these days." Again with the slow
smile, her eyebrows rising as she spoke. "Spikey here was just telling
me that you actually unwound yourself for a while there........"

"Stop talking right now Faith.......

"...... so what I'm wonderin' is, how long is it exactly since you let
yourself go a bit B?" Faiths eyes crawled over her body and Buffy was
shocked to realise that she found the gesture extremely sexual, and
not necessarily in a bad way.

"I mean, yeah there's a big fight coming but you're getting yourself
all uptight and cranky, y'know. It's not good for the strategising or
the training of the wannabe's and it really ain't good for us slayer
types. Maybe," Buffy shifted as Faith looked her up and down again.

"....`little-miss-tightly-wound', you do need to get your naughty on
again." Faith walked slowly, seductively towards Buffy, who looked
like a rabbit caught in headlights, unable to believe what she was

Spike sat upright quickly, intrigued and amused by the events
unfolding before him.

Faith reached out and ran the back of her knuckles along Buffy's cheek

"Whaddya say B?"

"Are you insane Faith?" She sputtered, knocking the other girls
hand away from her. Not even caring that she was perhaps `protesting
too much.' "You're not in the big house anymore. You want some action
go find some poor guy to take it out on!"

"Now, now Buffy." Spike piped up. "Faith could have a point. You've
been wound pretty tight lately. Maybe you do need to have a bit of fun."

Buffy looked at him in confusion. They hadn't properly discussed where
they stood since Spike had come back but she was always sure that
Spike could sense when she was having lusty thoughts about him. Which,
admittedly, lately was......well, a lot, but so not the point.

"So what? You two been hatching a little plan to see who can get me to
bang them first?" Buffy snorted. "Cos nothing is ever gonna happen,
with either of you, ever, again."

Oho! Spike immediately caught on to the implication that `something'
may have happened between the slayers before. Hardly surprising
really, they'd spent a while fighting together and Spike had
experienced post-slay Buffy horniness, himself.

Two slayers, fighting together, it was almost inevitable, especially
when you factored in that one of the girls was Faith. Buffy had shown
him that she had wilder desires than anyone would guess from her prim
and proper exterior and post-slay it probably mattered to neither of
them who was quenching the thirst.

"Oh but I think it will pet." Spike smirked, walking towards Buffy
himself now, stopping so that she was between himself and Faith.
Looking round Buffy he smirked at Faith. "She's wet, I can smell it."

"Wow, B, like I said, just full of surprises!"

Buffy opened her mouth to tell them both in no uncertain terms that
while she might not be able to control her body's physical reactions,
she sure as hell wasn't going to stick around and let this happen.

The words were never uttered. Spike grabbed her upper arms and pulled
her to him. Her mouth was crushed under his and she found herself
kissing him back instinctively. His grip on her tightened as he kissed
her hard.

"God, Spike....." she gasped when he let her up for air. It had been
so long since she had been kissed!

"I....wow! Er.......NO!" Reality was attempting to push back into her
consciousness. "This isn't going to work. Yes, we had some amazing
times together, and yes Faith, as much as I couldn't admit it then,
that one time we had a little make out session was also amazing but
this is all kinds of wrong and we can't do it!"

"Lighten up!" Faith whispered in her ear, stepping in close behind her
and holding her upper arms too. "Stop thinking so much. Just enjoy!
We're both doing this for you. To help you relax, make you feel
better. Don't be ungrateful!"

"Don't worry about it Faith." Spike said, stepping back from Buffy and
unbuckling his belt before slowly pulling it through his belt loops.

"I know just how to make our little Slayer see sense."
Buffy snorted, it almost disguised the fact that she was nearly

"What you think it's that easy? Off with the pants and out with Little
Spikey and I'll roll over and say `fuck me now big boy'?" Although she
couldn't actually think of anything she'd rather say at the minute.

"Not taking the trousers off Buffy." Spike said smiling grimly as
realisation began to dawn on Buffy's face. "Just the belt."

Buffy gulped as her brain immediately flooded with deliciously kinky
memories of the previous year and nights spent in Spike's crypt.

"Do you remember what that means Buffy? Remember what you let me do to
you with my hand, and my belt and......"

"I'm impressed B!" Faith exclaimed from behind, Buffy jumped. She'd
almost forgotten it wasn't just her and Spike.

"I mean honestly? I always suspected you were the submissive type."
Faith wrinkled her nose and grinned as Buffy continued to stare at
Spike. "But I never would have thought you'd take it from a vamp!
Hell, if I'd have known I'd have gotten a new bullwhip!"

"I-it won't work." She didn't even sound certain to her own ears. And
was she talking to Spike or Faith? She didn't even know anymore.

She was being assailed by too many memories of too much overwhelming
pleasure playing kinky little games with Spike. She couldn't think
straight and her panties were getting wetter by the second.

"It was fun at the time but, we don't do that anymore Spike." Damnit,
why couldn't she make her voice sound stronger?

And what in hell was that? Did Spike just wink and nod at
Faith? What did that mean, were they suddenly frickin psychic or

"Ok!" Faith said, deciding to take charge before Buffy went catatonic
with indecision. "If I'm going to have to play top to you both to get
you to relax, I'm gonna need to go get something before we start."

"Oh you won't be topping me Faith." Spike said. "I know you just said
you're always on top but I think I can make you see things
differently, c'mere."

Apparently abandoning Buffy completely, Faith and Spike walked a few
steps away where Spike whispered in Faith's ear. The initial frown on
Faith's face slowly morphed into a mischievous smile. Giving each
other a high five which Buffy found entirely worrisome Spike turned
and eyed her like a wolf who'd trapped a lamb and Faith quickly fled
upstairs to get whatever it was she needed. As soon as she was gone
Buffy spoke.

"Ok, Spike. So I gotta admit all this talk of our old games has got me
a little hot and bothered and I gotta say right now I really could go
a round with you, but it can't happen. I won't let it."

"That's the point Buffy; it's not about you `letting' anything happen
anymore. You have no choice."

Buffy gulped as he advanced on her snapping the doubled over belt as
he came. Damn him and that sexy swagger, that was another pair of
panties ruined by the sheer waterfall of lust he was inspiring

Stopping in front of her he pulled the belt taut between his hands and
lifted her chin on it, forcing her to meet his gaze. His voice was low
and gruff when he spoke and Buffy became aware of the distinct
possibility that her legs might not hold her much longer.

"Here and now, you don't have to take responsibility for anything; you
can relax and let me take charge. The only choice you have to make is
to accept pleasure. If you don't want to do that, I'm sure you
remember your safe word........well, Buffy, do you remember it?"

"Yes, but....."

"No, buts......if you want to use it, use it. If not I suggest you
find a way to rid yourself of this stubborn streak and accept the
pleasure we're offering."

Buffy chewed her lip, just the kiss and his actions with the belt had
her creaming her pants and almost panting with need. It had just been
too long since she had felt someone's hands on her in anything
approaching a sexual way.

Everything was so hard and draining right now, would it be the worst
thing in the world to give in and take some pleasure?

And what about Faith? They'd done a little heavy petting, once, way
way back in the day; it had been a teenage exploration coupled with
need that only a slayer could know. But now? Could she get
physical with a girl?

Her thoughts were interrupted by Faith bounding back down the stairs
hiding something behind her back.

"If you're not going to say it Buffy, get on your knees." Spike ordered.

Buffy stood there wavering, looking between the two before opening her
mouth to make her decision.


Chapter End Notes:
So, what do you think? More? I actually spent a little more time than usual going over this one so please review even if B/S/F isn't really your thing reviews will inspire me to write more on an AU I'm preparing which is strictly Spuffy!

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