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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Chapter One- Party

"Okay girls, there are the rules and I expect you to follow them. No leaving
the room during the party. And keep the noise down, no loud music. This is a
very important night for me. If I get in good with the right people, I'll
get a big promotion and make twice as much as I'm making right now," Hank
Summers explained to his sixteen-year-old daughter and her best friend, who
was spending the summer with them.

"Jeez, Dad! Are we allowed to breathe?" Buffy asked, rolling her eyes. Only
her father could make her life so boring. It was her second summer home
from boarding school and it was already one of the worst summers yet. Lucky she
had Faith to share her pain so it wouldn't be as bad.

"Of course, sweetie. And if I'm right, my guests should be arriving any time
now. I must go and be there to greet them. So, ladies, enjoy your evening and
go to sleep at a reasonable time." With that, Hank left the two teens alone.

"Damn, B, your old man totally wanted me," Faith laughed, as she got up and
then sat next to Buffy on her queen sized bed.

"I wouldn't doubt it. He's been hitting it rather young these days," she
explained, as if it were nothing.

Buffy knew her father liked them young. Not even a week after her mother's
death, he was already screwing some ditzy college girls that he met at local
bars. One time she even caught them. It was the afternoon they buried her
mom when she came home and heard noises coming from her parents' bedroom. That's
when Buffy saw her father and some 18-year-old whore naked and screwing.
She was totally devastated. How could he be with someone else already? And
in her mother's bed! She raced away from the house and didn't come home
until the next night.

Faith got up off the bed and looked around Buffy's room. There was so much
little girl stuff in there, it looked like it belong to an 11-year-old girl.
"So, B, what's on the agenda for tonight? Barbies or Candyland? Ohh, even
better Clue?" she teased.

"Bite me. It isn't my fault that I haven't had a lot of time to fix my room
up. I've been too busy spending my dad's hard-earned money."

Buffy was 13 when she was sent to an all-girl boarding school. When she was
12 she started experimenting with boys and sex. Hank sent her to private
school but she got kicked out when she was caught with two boys in a broom
closet. Home schooling didn't work out either. Especially when Hank found
his 13-year-old screwing the tutor, who was a senior at Sunnydale High. And
then, finally, boarding school was the only option left.

The only reason Buffy did the things that she did was to make her father
suffer. Hank had hurt her so badly by flaunting his 'lady friends' in her
face. It made her dad crazy when it came to Buffy having sex with any boy,
so that's the weapon that she used. And what an effective weapon it was!

Buffy didn't mind boarding school. She had a bunch of friends and she was
actually getting high grades in all of her classes. She was even taking
Dance for fun.

"Oh my god! I just got another amazing idea," Faith smirked. She walked
over to Buffy's walk in closet and pulled out two short, revealing dresses.
"Let's crash your dad's party! I bet there's a bunch of hotties down

Buffy laughed. This would be better than staying in her room all night doing
nothing. And this would get her father ever so mad if he found out. This
was an opportunity that couldn't be passed up.

"I'm in!" Buffy smiled.



"Okay, one rule about tonight: If you see my dad, run the other way," Buffy
said, as she opened her bedroom door. She could hear the music and people
talking downstairs. Faith nodded.

The teens proceeded down the steps, both wearing almost identical dresses.
Faith's dress was a tight, strapless red dress with matching red heels.
Buffy's was a black strapless number, with matching heels. They both had
their hair down with some curls added.

"Yummy at 12 o' clock. See you back in the room, B," Faith said, as she
headed towards a tall, dark and handsome guy hanging around the buffet

Buffy laughed. It didn't even take Faith five minutes to find a guy.

Buffy went down the stairs and moved through the crowd. There where so many
people around. A lot of women, she thought, they must be the wives of
the men that worked with her father.

"Oh, hello, young lady. Never seen you around," an older male voice remarked.

Buffy turned to see a 60-year-old man lusting after her. He had almost no
hair, he was really fat and had wrinkly skin. It made Buffy's skin crawl
to think that he wanted her.

"I...um, well, I'm here with someone," she answered back. She didn't feel
very conformable talking to him. She wanted to walk away.

"I must say, you are a very beautiful woman. You have the loveliest green
eyes, and you smell very nice. Your skin looks so soft," he flirted,
running a rough hand over her bare shoulder.

"There you are, my love! I thought I'd lost you," another male voice spoke
up. The owner of the voice wrapped his arms around Buffy's waist from
behind. "Mr. Anderson, thank you for finding my girlfriend for me."

"Johnson, I didn't know that this lovely lady belonged to you," the older
men said with a grimace, slowly backing off from Buffy. She sighed in

"Oh, that she does. By the way, your wife was looking for you."

"Of course, excuse me, won't you?" He quickly walked away, leaving her and
her mysterious hero, with the deep British accent.

"Thank you," Buffy smiling and turning to look at this man. He was so
handsome! The most handsome man she had ever seen in her life. He had deep
blue eyes, high cheekbones, his hair was bleached and gelled neatly back. He
wore a black suit with a black neck tie. As well as looking really good on
him, it looked like it cost a pretty penny too.

"My pleasure. Mr. Anderson has a problem keeping it in his pants, even with
his wife in the same room somewhere." He laughed a little and shook his

Buffy laughed along with him. Wow, he looked even more fuckable when he
laughed and smiled. YUM!

"What's your name, luv?"


"Spike." He shook her hand, grinning softly.

"So, who are you Buffy? I haven't seen you at work or at any of the other
parties. I would have remembered you." He smirked.

"Oh, um, I'm actually Hank Summers' new secretary," she lied. She couldn't
tell him the truth - That she was Hank Summers' sixteen-year-old daughter.
That would kill any chance she had with him for sure!

"Lucky man," Spike smiled. "I must say, you look terribly young."

She smiled. "I know. I get carded every time I order a drink!" Buffy
laughed it off.

A waiter passed by carrying drinks; Spike grabbed two glasses of champagne,
one for him and one for Buffy.

"Cheers, luv," Spike said tipping his glass, looking over the rim. His blue
eyes twinkled.

Buffy smiled and drank hers too, keeping up the eye contact. Buffy was used
to the taste of fine wine. At boarding school, some girls brought wine home
when they left for the summer.

"So, Spike, that is an interesting name, nickname?" she asked.

He nodded. "My real name is William. Spike is something I picked up when I
was a teenager. It has been with me ever since. What about Buffy? That's
an interesting name too."

"Actually that's my birth name, my mom wanted me to stand out more. To be
unique." Joyce always wanted Buffy to dance to hear own drum beat, She
wanted her daughter to be her own person and not follow but lead.

"That you are, luv. Care to have a seat?" Spike asked, gesturing to two
chairs that were in a more secluded corner of the room.

Buffy nodded. "Yes, I would."

Spike lead them over. They sat close together.

"Tell me more about yourself, Buffy," he said.

"Nothing much to say. I'm a free spirit," she said, licking her lips.

Spike placed his hand lightly on her knee. He was waiting for her to smack
it away but she never did. "I like that you're a free spirit. It's hard to
come by those these days. Everyone is so uptight."

Buffy smiled wider as she placed her warm hand over his soft hand. She
looked around and slowly moved it up her leg until it was under her dress.

"Spike, I have a better idea. Let's go somewhere more private...Because I'd
love to get to know you better."

Spike nodded, his tongue gliding over his upper lip. "I'd love that too,
pet. Got any place in mind?"

Buffy smirked. "I've got just the place," she said, taking his hand, then
leading him towards the stairs.

They went up the steps. Hopefully none of the guests would notice them

They finally reached the room. It was away from all the other rooms. Buffy
opened the door and pulled Spike inside.

Spike took the initiative. He pushed Buffy up against the door and attacked
her mouth. She was a little taken aback but she didn't mind. She wrapped
her arms around his neck and Spike picked her up, his hands holding onto her
ass. Her legs wrapped around him.

"Mmm," Buffy moaned.

As she moaned, Spike pushed his tongue into her mouth. This made Buffy so
happy - and hot! She had never been kissed with such passion! All of the
boys that kissed her had been okay. But they had been nothing like Spike's
kiss. He really knew how to lay a liplock on a girl! Their tongues battled
against each other.

"Clothes off," Spike said urgently, between kisses.

Buffy nodded. "Mmm, yes!"

He set Buffy's legs back down. She unknotted his tie, pulled it free, then
threw it on the floor. She pushed his jacket over his shoulders
and started to rip at his black silk shirt. Buffy pushed his shirt over his
shoulders along with his jacket.

"Wow!" Buffy thought. He had such a nice bare chest. Just a perfect amount
of muscles. The sight and feel of him was making her mouth water. She
ran her fingers down his chest. "Amazing."

Spike shrugged his shirt and jacket down his arms. "Luv, now you have too
many clothes on." He attacked her neck with his demanding lips.

Buffy smiled deliriously. She was going to a screw a man she had just met
at her father's party - which she had been forbidden to attend. Not only
that, but she was going to screw this hot man in her father's bed. That was
some excellent payback!

Spike pulled the zipper down the back of her dress, the dress fell to the
floor, leaving her in a strapless black bra and black lace thong.

"Beautiful," Spike whispered, running his hands over her back.

"Fuck me!" Buffy demanded.

Spike smirked as he ripped off her bra from her body. Her nipples were hard
and perky. Spike pulled her panties down. Buffy pulled his zipper down and
unbuckled his belt. Spike got out of his pants fast, wanting them both to
be naked. Buffy was pressed up against the cold, hard door, Spike kissing
her neck and shoulder

"I don't have a condom...Didn't expect to get lucky tonight," he smiled.

"Don't worry, I've been on the pill since 12," she giggled.

Spike nodded. That was really young, he thought. Suddenly, Buffy had her
legs wrapped around him. She impaled herself on his thick cock. Spike found
himself in the tightest little body he had ever been with.

"AHHH, babe!" Spike moaned.

"Spike, you're so--Ahhh! Feels so good," she cried.

Buffy moaned and gasped while Spike kept pounding into her, up against the
door. Noo. Wrong. Bed. This had to happen on her father's bed.

"BED, Spike, please!"

"Uh huh." He thrust into her a couple more times, then he gripped her ass and carried her over to the bed, still buried inside of her.
They both fell onto the mattress, Buffy laid underneath him. She writhed and
arched against him. His cock was driven even deeper when they landed on the

"Ohhh, Spike! Uhhh!"

Spike's lips returned to hers. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, their
tongues caressing the other's. He pulled his lips away and looked down at
Buffy beneath him. Her hand caressed his cheek. He brought her hand to his
mouth, sucking on her fingers, making her even hotter then she was. His
mouth was so hot and wet, his lips wrapped around her digits. He pulled out
of her pussy, teasing her puffy slit with the head of his cock.

"I want you!" Buffy moaned.

He leaned down, kissed her lips and then applied sweet little butterfly
kisses to her neck.

"I want you inside me now! Please!" she managed to get out.

He raised her legs around him.

Their eyes locked and burned with mutual longing as she back, pulling him
down with her.

Spike settled himself between her thighs, his cock nudging at her opening.
He pushed in a little just to tease. She tried to pull him down, but he
pulled quickly away.

Buffy moaned in lust, "Spike, please!"

"Please, what?" he said with a devilish smile.

Seeing her nipples where hard, he leaned down and put his mouth over one,
making Buffy's hips jerk into him and press her breast harder against his

"Oh god--Oh Spike--Feels so good! Yes!" she whispered fiercely.

He swirled his tongue around the pink bud, then nibbled it for a bit. After
leaving the right one, he took the left one into his mouth--repeating his
actions. Buffy felt her body heat up considerably, as he continued to
tease her.

"Uhhh! Don't stop! Never stop! Ahh!" Buffy whimpered, running her hands
through his hair.

Spike's hand moved down her body and made it to her opening, pushing his
index finger forwards.

"Ahh! Ahhhh!" she cried in pleasure.

He moved his finger around in her, pumping and pushing. Buffy's head lifted
off the pillow. "Ohhhh! Uhhh! Such good fingers! Love your fingers! Oh

It made him hard as a rock, she was so wet for him. He lovingly inserted
two more fingers into her dripping pussy.

Buffy had a hard time breathing and making words come out. Spike was pulling
out and then Buffy ground herself against his hand.

"You want me, Buffy? You want my cock inside of you again?" he asked,
whispering and gazing deeply into her eyes.

She managed to moan, "Yessss! I want it--I want you!"

Finally, Spike withdrew his fingers. He lifted them to Buffy's face to
caress her cheek. He was shocked when she took his fingers into her mouth
and sucked on them. She moaned, licking her tongue around and tasting
herself on him. It made him even harder that her eyes never left his.

"God...You're so beautiful!" he said thickly.

"Mmmmmm," Buffy shivered, sucking harder on his fingers. Her eyelids
fluttered at the thought of having him all night; inside of her, loving her.

Spike settled himself at her opening again and pushed his hard, thick cock
into her.

"AHH! Spike! Uhhh!" she cried, arching her back.

Spike closed his eyes and moved inside of her exquisite tightness. Her
slick walls hugged his cock, driving him mad.

"More! Ohhh--Want more!" Buffy groaned.

He pushed himself in a little bit more.

"M-More! I want all of it!" Her legs wrapped tighter around his waist,
trying to push him down.

Spike pushed all the way inside of her. "Oh Buffy! Uhhh--Love being inside
of you--Love you!"

He moved slowly, rhythmically into her. They moaned at the sense of
completion that they felt.

"Harder, Spike! Harder! Oh god!" Buffy screamed.

Spike pulled out for a second, then rammed his cock inside of her again, his
hands keeping him steady on the sides of her body. His hips pumped
furiously, giving it to her the way that she had begged for.

"Is this good?" he asked, panting. "Does this please you, pet?"

"Ooooh--Yes!" Buffy moaned louder when she felt she was about to break,
"Spike! I'm gonna--Ahh!"

"Gonna what?" Spike asked, his panting and breathing coming harder.

He thrusted into her pussy over and over again, feeling his cock bottoming
out when he was fully inside. It was indescribable; when he was inside of
her, they fit perfectly. He'd never been with a woman before who had felt
so 'right'.

"Cum!" Buffy moaned loudly.

"Open your eyes, luv. I want your eyes open, alright?"

Buffy opened her eyes, looking up into his. Her breaths came in pants, she
was sweating. It had gotten so hot in the room. They were both burning up.

"Ahhh--I'm cumming with you," he said, after an eternity.

Spike pulled all the way out, then rammed himself all the way back inside of
her pussy, making Buffy scream out his name in ecstasy.

"SPIKE! OH! Oh god--Yeeessss!"

"BUFFY! Ahhh--Ahhuuggh!" Spike screamed out her name, then collapsed on top
of her.

His cock pulsed, shooting his load deep in her. Buffy's clasping walls
milked him of everything he had.

They were both panting heavily. Spike nuzzled the side of her neck, kissing
her softly, as his hands caressed her bare back. Their bodies glistened with

Spike was still hard inside of her. She closed her eyes and sighed happily
when she felt Spike begin to move within her again.

He picked his head up and looked down into her face, moving in and out of
her slowly.

Both reached their mutual ecstasy after a good twenty minutes of teasing and
lovemaking. This time, he pulled out and rolled on to his side, needing to
rest. Buffy snuggled against his sweaty, heaving chest, feeling more loved,
content and happy than she ever had before.

Spike made her feel all these things. She liked these feelings, but they
also made her scared. These where new feelings for Buffy.


She turned on her side to face him. The compulsion to tell him the truth
was strong. Spike was amazing; she couldn't let this be the only time, like
she'd originally planned.

"I....have to tell you something, Spike."

"You can tell me anything, pet." Spike slowly kissed up the side of her

"Uhhh, I lied." Buffy moaned, running her hands over his shoulders.

Spike pulled back, confused. "About what, luv?"

"I...don't work for Hank Summers. I'm...his daughter. I'm kinda

Spike's face took on the look of someone who'd just seen a ghost, or
something just as upsetting. "Wh-What? Don't say that....Oh fuck..."

Spike quickly got off the bed, hurriedly gathering up his clothes to put
them back on. He had the sheet wrapped around his waist, but once he started
pulling, Buffy pulled it back leaving Spike naked and Buffy clutching the

"I'm sorry that I lied! But...it's complicated. I didn't mean to upset
you! Don't leave, let's talk!"

She watched as Spike got dressed. He wasn't saying anything.

"Spike, please don't go! Please," she called to him.

Spike looked at her. He really liked Buffy and the sex was amazing.
But...She had told a whopper of a lie. He ran out of the room shutting the
door, leaving her alone. He raced downstairs past everyone; no one taking
special notice of him.

Spike kept running until he found his car, his mind racing, his heart
pounding, not wanting to accept the truth. He felt so close to her. He
felt a bond with her unlike any of his other women. She was Hank's
daughter? And 16? * Shit *


Buffy raced back to her room afterwards. Spike leftand she felt hurt. She
mostly blamed herself. She was back in her pink pj's, sitting alone on her
bed. She could still feel Spike's kisses burning her lips and the rest of
her body.

"WOW!" Faith said, coming back into the room. "I'm in love with a one Mr.
Lindsay McDonald! That man was amazing and he had a huge dick! We totally
screwed in the bathroom. Sadly, he thinks I'm some married chick. Ohh
well," She smiled, flopping on the bed with a very sad Buffy.

"Hey, B, what's wrong? Didn't find anyone that tickled your fancy?"

Buffy shrugged. "I'm sleepy," she said, turning on her side away from Faith.
She snuggled her plush pink pig.

"B?' Faith asked seriously. Buffy shared everything with her. She was
afraid something bad had happenened to her. "Did something happen? Did
someone hurt you?"

Buffy turned on her side. "No, Faith. I had an amazing night with an
amazing person. After we were together, I told him who I was and how old I
was and he freaked. I mean, I know it didn't matter, after this summer I'm
going back to school." She frowned "It's just that...he made me feel alive
and warm and good. I never felt that way before..."

Faith could say, "Well, why the hell did you tell him?!"

Buffy whimpered and made a frowny face. "I wanted to tell him the truth.
It was so good, Faith. When he was fucking me, I swear, I saw fuckin' God!
He was going to find out if I kept messing with him. I needed him to know
the truth." she explained softly.

Faith heard the pain in her friends voice. "Sorry, B. But hey, everything's
going to be fine, I promise," Faith said, pulling her into a hug. "You'll
find someone twice as better than that guy, understand?"

"Ya, okay. I'm tired. Need to get some sleep."

"All right, B. I'm going to shower. You get some rest, alright?"

Buffy nodded. Faith smiled, got off the bed, and headed into Buffy's

"But there is no guy better than Spike. I want Spike," she said to herself
as she drifted off to sleep.

The End

Beta: PaganBaby! and Jill there's awesome! I love them ever so much!

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