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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


Author's Corner

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Warning: Underage Sex! If you don't like that please don't read! Also, there's a cheating bastard in this! LOL

Dedicated: To my girl PaganBaby! She's the reason I started writing smut! She's my Smut Yoda! She taught me the ways of The Dark Force.

Buffy O’Connor sat on the edge of the king size bed that belongs to her and her husband Angel. She watched him move back and forth from closet to dresser, as he packed his shirts, pants, silk boxer’s that Buffy had brought him for his birthday and socks. He was leaving for two weeks with his business partner Lindsay McDonald. Buffy thought it was odd, since she knew Angel and Lindsay weren't the best of friends, every time she and Angel managed to have dinner together Angel would always bad mouth Lindsay.

"So, you’re leaving a number in case I need to reach you in an emergency" she asked as some more shirts where just thrown in the suitcase.

"Umm, well, I'll be in meetings all day, I doubt I'll even sleep much, but I promise when I have some alone time, I'll call you to make sure William and you are doing Ok" he said

"All right, but I'll miss you Angel" Buffy added

"Ya, I'll miss you too"

William O'Connor was Angel’s little brother, he was sixteen. Buffy hadn't seen him for over four years, since he was 13, Angel and his family wasn’t really close. But his parents needed someone to watch William for the summer since they where having a second honeymoon in Scotland, Buffy felt a pang of jealousy. Her honeymoon with Angel wasn't really romantic she didn’t even get a big wedding, She got married by Elvis in Las Vegas and for her honeymoon, Angel got stone cold drunk and spent their wedding night passed out in the bathroom.

"Angel, umm guess what," Buffy sai calling out to Angel who was in the bathroom packing has shavers and tooth brush

"Hmm" he called back

"Cordelia’s having a baby, Um she's three months now, Xander and her are super happy about it,"

"That's nice, Buffy tell me when the cab get's here please,"

Buffy frowned "I will"

Every time Buffy even brought up babies it was like he shut it her out, or left the room or changed the subject.

Angel came back into their bedroom and placed his toiletries bag in the suitcase.

"I hope after this business trip they give you sometime off, I mean they work you ragged, I barely get to see you anymore" Buffy pouted "I mean doesn't Kate miss Lindsay, she's pretty close to her due date isn’t she, shouldn't he be here with her"

"Ooh Kate staying with family while, Lindsay and I are on business" Angel explained, "Sweetie make sure, you go shopping before William comes, maybe some junk food growing boys need food"

"I'll do that, I need to pick a few things up anyways"

*HONK HONK* "Babe that's my cab I have to go" Angel grabbed both his suitcases, and started out of the bedroom and down the stairs followed by Buffy.

Angel put down the suitcases and pulled Buffy into a hug and gave her a peck on the lips "Love you, I'll try and call, take care be home soon"

"I love you Angel, be safe" she said opening the door for him, He gave a quick smile and walked out of the door. She watched him place his bags in the truck get in the yellow cab and drive off.


"Cor I can’t believe it, he’s gone for two weeks, and I'm stuck babysitting his little brother"

*What kind of business is it anyways" Cordelia asked

"Umm he never really said"


"I don't know, he said he doesn't like to bring work home with him"


*KNOCK KNOCK* "Who the hell is that" She said, then finally remembered who was coming today and spending the whole summer with Angel and her.

"Shit, Cordy got to go William’s here I think, I'll call you later bye" She got up and walked over to the door.

"Hello, Can I he-" then two familiar big blue eyes came into view "William?" she managed to get out.

He couldn't be William, William was short, had curly brown hair was a little chubby with two big bottle cap glasses and he wore bow ties and dress shirts with big pants. But this man that was standing in front of her, was tall, wearing a very tight black shirt that outlined an awesome six-pack and very tight black jeans with army boots, no glasses and bleached blonde hair with spikes.

"Hi Buffy, you going to let me in or what" he asked

"Uh huh" she said stepping aside He carried his bags in. "How did you um get here" she asked

"Taxi, I guess my dear sweet brother forgot to inform you, that my plane arrived at one"

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, Angel didn't tell me, I thought someone was dropping you off, or I would have picked you up"

"It's fine really," He dropped has bags "So where's my room"

"It's upstairs William" She smiled for the first time in days


She frowned "Spike?"

"My name, no one calls me William any more expect my parents, I prefer Spike now if you don't mind"

"Sure, Spike your room is right this way" she said as she started up the stairs

*She looks so pretty* Spike thought as he followed her upstairs *such a cute bum* Spike remembered the first time he meet Buffy. He had just started to hit manhood, and Angel brought her home. How she was sweet to him, And how pretty she was, and what amazing green eyes she had.

"Spike!, Earth to Spike" she asked waving her hand in front of his face.

"Oh sorry"

"It's okay, this is you room, our house isn't very big, so my room’s the next one over" she pointed out.

"Right then, well I’ll get settled in, mind if I take a shower, long trip and all"

"Sure, if you need anything I'll be downstairs making lunch, so just come on down if you want, and if you need towels they’re in the cabinet over the toilet"

"Right thanks"

Buffy nodded and walked down stairs. "Damn, It's going to be hell being so close to her, and not having her" Spike thought to himself.

Buffy was standing in the middle of her room. It was bright and early almost 9. She stood in a pair of tight work out pants and sport bra. Sounds of the ocean played from her stereo. She was about to begin when the phone started ringing. She grabbed the cordless that was on the bed.

“Hello” she answered cheerfully.

“Hi Sweetie” a male voice greeted

“Angel” Buffy smiled then falling back on there bed. “I’m so happy to hear you voice, I feel like you been gone for months, I know it’s silly you’ve only been gone a few days,”

She heard him give a little chuckle “I miss you too, Sorry I haven’t called I been busy with everything, Just wanted to check up on you and William, Is everything fine?”

“Uh huh, it’s good, he’s such a sweet kid,”

“I hope He’s not too much trouble, my parent’s said he’s been in trouble, and he’s always
wondering off”

“Nope, he’s here, and he’s doing fine, I haven’t had a problem, he’s been such a gentlemen”

“That’s good, anyways Buffy, I have to get going I’m on my lunch break and they don’t give us much time, but I’ll try to call you later, alright”

“Uh huh okay,”

“Love you Buffy’

“Love you to Angel bye”


She heard him hang up. But the phone lingered at her ear. She sat back up and once again started her morning routine. Buffy closed her eyes but she heard a soft knock on her door.

“Buffy are you up?” a voice came through the door.

She smiled “Ya Spike I’m up,” The door opened and walked in Spike. Dressed and pressed. “You’re up early”

“Yea, not much for sleeping in,”

“Same here,”

* Tight outfit. Hot Buffy! Sexy Buffy standing in front of me. Was she working out? I bet she was getting all sweaty *

“So, did you need something?”

Spike shook himself from his lustful thoughts about his sister in law. “Um ya, I was planning on going for a quite jog, and I didn’t want you to think I ran away or something,”

“Aww he didn’t want me to worry * “Okay, I’m doing my morning routine to,
Tai chi it’s supposed to relax the mind,”

Spike lingered in the room which was silent except for the music

“Oh ya right then I’m off, be back in a bit” Buffy nodded as Spike left the room. She heard him, bounce down the stairs, then heard the front door open and close.


Spike was standing in the shower, he had one hand pressed against the wall and another on his hard on. Coming home after his short jog. He found Buffy still doing her work out in her room. Guessing she didn’t think he’d be back so quick. She had her bedroom door half opened so as he passed by her room he saw her. Luckily she didn’t notice him watching her through the space of her door. But after her bending down he lost control and raced straight towards the shower.

Spike began stroking himself up and down, up and down over and over again.
His breathing coming a little harder. His mind was racing with one thing. Buffy! She’s all her ever thought about when he was wanking off.

Soon his movements became harder and quicker and he found himself jerking
his dick super hard.

A thought of him and her together rushed into his head. He imagined him and her on
Buffy and Angel’s bed screwing over and over again or even in that very

“Buffy Ahh Buffy” he groaned then he gave himself one more powerful thrust and
spilled his seed out, so it mixed in with the water and went down the drain

“Bloody Hell,”


The days seem to pass quite fast for Buffy, she missed Angel terribly but having Spike around wasn’t so bad. At first he was a tiny bit shy but within a few days he became more talkative. He seemed so smart and very mature of his age. He even liked the things Buffy liked. Like frozen pizza and no plot movies.

Buffy stood in the middle of the room. Not knowing anyone was there.

“What are you doing Buffy?” Spike asked making his presence noticed Buffy jumped a little .

“Oh thinking about a few things, but beside that, I’m about to paint,”

* Aww she looks so cute in those overalls* “Really, seems fun,” He added

She shock her head “Nay this is so pass due, I been planning for a while on turning it into my office,” she gave a slight smile but Spike could notice a little frown.

This was the spare room, Buffy had picked out for her baby, when ever her and
Angel got around to having one. When they first brought the house she knew right away what she had planned for this room? She even knew how she wanted everything, the crib the changing bed, right down to the kind of diapers. But she new with Angel having a baby wasn’t coming any time soon; He wouldn’t even have sex without having a condom. But then he got tried of always having to slip one on. He made Buffy get on the pill.

“Hey, if you want I can help? If you want”

Buffy smiled and nodded “Aww I would love your help, but you might want to
Change first”

“Right, I’ll be right back” Buffy watched as he raced out of the room. By the time she had opened the paint cans he was already back wearing a pair of ruined out blue jeans and plain black shirt.

“Grab a brush and start on a wall,”

After a few moments of silents “So Spike London how is it, I mean since you moved
there, and all,”

“Umm it’s okay, I guess,”

“So, do you have anyone special you had to leave behind,” she asked moving her arm up and down the wall.

“There was, but it wasn’t working, we where just too different, she wanted a bad boy, and well it wasn’t enough,”

Buffy frowned “Sorry, But is that why you changed,”

“You could say that, I met a girl her name was Drusilla, she moldrd me into this, we dated for awhile but that also didn’t work, My parent’s didn’t like her much, but she was special to me you know,” Spike started dating Drusilla after his crush on Celia broke his heart. She was always making fun of all his clothes and the way he looked in front of everyone. He had raced from the party crying one night and then Drusilla found him and that’s when he went from William thenerd to Spike, sexy bad boy. Drusilla was way older than him by least 10 years.

Eventually they managed to gett four walls done, and for some reason both Buffy and Spike were covered in paint.

“Wow, we done,”

Buffy noticed Spike holding back laughter

“Are you laughing at me?”

“Of course not It’s jus-”

She smiled and put her hands on her hips “Yes”

“You look like a bloody smuf”

“Are you calling me short”

“Ohh come on Buffy, it’s not just that your all blue,” he said busting into laughter She gave a fake pout

She turns away “Your so mean”

Spike walked over to her when he tried to face her she kept turning another way. “Come on Buffy I’m sorry, you don’t look like a smuf,”

Buffy smiled and turned to face Spike. Spike didn’t even see it coming as a paintbrush went down from Spike’s face to his shirt. “Well now you’re a big tall blue building,” she laughed

“Ohh that’s it,” Spike teased He grabbed another paintbrush and started painting Buffy as they started a major paint war. Getting it all over each other and all over the carpet. After almost every available surface was covered they both fell to the floor with laughter.

Spike rolled onto his side facing Buffy who was on hers. “You got paint on my white

“Ya I did didn’t I”

Buffy was a little sad, how come her and Angel never had fun she thought, well he’s never really home to have it, but when he is home he’s on the phone or watching TV or eating or screwing Buffy. Spike and Buffy stayed in silent, Spike brushed a piece of hair that had fallen onto Buffy’s face and pushed it back. They stared at each other.

*Ring * the cordless started ringing. Breaking the graze.

Both of them standing up.

“I’m going to shower get all this paint off,’

“And I’ll answer the phone” Buffy said. Spike noded and left the room.



“Oh Hey Cordelia”


Buffy walked into Spike’s room to put fresh clean towels out for him, humming a light
tune. She heard the shower on so that meant Spike was still in there; She finished putting them in the drawer. She was about to leave, when she noticed a piece of paper crumpled up that didn’t make the basket.

She walked over and picked it up and uncrumpled it.

Eyes So green
Skin so soft.

Before she could read another line.

“Buffy” Spike’s voice interrupted her thoughts

Buffy looked up and noticed Spike was out of the shower and standing there-dripping wet. Bare chest. Awesome chest he had. He must have worked out a lot.

“I-I came to leave towels, and take out your trash,” she pointed to the basket “I’ll be going now,’ she grabbed the trash can and walked right through the door. She felt her cheeks flushing major red.


Instead of staying home on Friday night. Spike and Buffy decided to take in a movie at the local movie theater.

“Wow that movie was awesome, I totally loved it, What about you Spike did you like it”

“Actually it was pretty good,” he smiled

She laughed “Ya, I mean I’ve been telling Angel I wanted to see it for awhile but his been busy with work so, He never got a chance to bring me, But you know I had a great time seeing it with you”

“I’m glad,”

They started walking towards the car.

“Ohh by the way, was I imagining but were you singing, along with the popcorn and soda,”

“Ahh you heard me,”

“Ohh ya, and I think the couple in front and back heard you,” she chuckled Spike smiled she seemed happy. He loved it when she was happy.

“Buffy Summers,” someone called from behind

Buffy and Spike stopped walking. They turned around. Spike noticed Buffy frown.

“Hi Parker,”

“Dang Summers picking them young, Hey I thought you were married?”

“I am, to Angel, and this is his brother Spike,” Buffy explained quickly Spike noticed she didn’t much care for this Parker person.

“Ohh damn Summers, I can still see once a slut always a slut, does Angel
know your screwing his brother, Such a whore,”

Spike didn’t like him talking about Buffy this way. And five years of martial arts and weight lifting does pay off. He grabbed Parker by the collar of his shirt

“Why don’t you watch your bloody mouth mate?"

“Sor-sorry man-”

“Don’t say sorry to me, say sorry to the lady,”

“Sorry Buffy,” he quickly said

“If I ever, hear you say anything like that about her again, I’ll kick your stupid ass,”
Spike warned

Spike still didn’t let go “Umm Spike you can let him go,” as soon as he did Parker ran off down the side walk

“Spike you didn’t have to do that,” Buffy frowned “He’s just being a jerk,”

“He had no right to speak that way to you,”

Buffy frowned turned into a little smile. She’d has a problem with Parker since the third grade which only worsted in High School when she refused to date him so he started saying lies about her all over school. Once Parker came up and said something when her and Angel we having dinner at a fast food joint. He out right called her a whore. And Angel merely said to watch his mouth. But Spike, he’d threatened him and it was so sweet.

They began walking to the car

“Thanks Spike,” she said before getting in the car.


"Okay, I have drama, comedy or horror, what's your poison" Buffy teased

"Hmm, I believe I feel like a good laugh, So, put in a American Pie, first one" He said as he grabbed a handful of popcorn.

Buffy put the movie in and flopped on the couch "Better not eat all of the popcorn, I'm all out, which reminds me, please tell me to add that to the shopping list"

"Will do"

As the movie started they sat quietly, Spike wasn't really paying attention to the movie, he was watching Buffy laugh, she had a really sexy laugh and a beautiful smile. And watching her eat popcorn, how she licked the butter off her fingers, just that was getting him hard.

During the movie Buffy had fallen asleep, and Spike was watching her sleep, Suddenly he couldn't help himself, he ran has hand up and down her thigh. They where like silk. just as he’d always thought.

"Hmm" she moaned

Spike pulled away but she was still asleep, he knew he should stop, but it was like he couldn't. Carefully he placed his hand back on her thigh and moved it up slowly.

As Spike’s hand continued it’s journey, Buffy’s breathing came faster and Harder, but she still remained asleep. Spike couldn’t help himself, he leaned in and started to place soft kisses along her neck , as his hand still continued to stroke Buffy’s thigh. As if he was unable to stop himself Spike moved from her neck to her sweet lips and then kissed her.

"SPIKE!" Buffy screamed jumping off the couch. "What the hell"

"I'm sorry, Buffy I'm sorry, I-I"

"I'm married Spike, and this is wrong, your just a child"

After hearing “just a child” he raced upstairs to his room and slammed the door.

Buffy frowned "Damn" she flopped back on the sofa and grabbed a pillow and hugged it. She knew being with William was wrong, so why did it feel so nice.


Spike and Buffy where enjoying a home cook meal that Spike made, it was roast beef with a salad.

“Spike this is really good you have so many talent’s,” Buffy said taking another bite of food.

”You have no idea, Luv, I can do amazing things,”

All of a sudden Buffy was laying across the dinning room table, with Spike crawling up on the table with Buffy, soon she was moaning from him suckng her breasts through her shirt. Then she felt Spike hands slide down, her stomach and down to the elastic of her lace panties and with one finger he pulled them down so that they dropped to the floor.

"Oooo" Buffy screamed when she felt Spike fingers slide into her, ???????, She jerked up her hips into his hand. "Ye-yes" She was lost in pleasurejust from his fingers. He slide two fingers slowly, achingly slowly, into her hot core. Buffy thrusting up against him wanting him to go deeper.

"Like that huh,"

"Uh huh, Spike thats so Ahh yes so very good more, pleaseplease.... deeper" she cried out.


Buffy all sudden jumped up in her bed. "Oh no," she cried out. She just had a sex dream about her brother in law.


Early the next morning Buffy woke up, She didn’t sleep very well, not after what happen with Spike and her dream; she walked down stairs, finding a note on the table.

"Went out be back tonight Spike"

"Good work Buffy, she thought not even been a week and you’ve lost Spike” She checked the cooler and she was totally out of food, she need to go shopping.

So Buffy got into her car and drove to the shopping market down the block from her home, . Being Saturday it was a little packed.

"Let's see, frozen pizza, check, ice cream, check, A big bag of kisses for me, check, bean and cheese Burritos, check, fish sticks, check, Four cases of 24 Dr. pepper check, and a 12 pack of bottled water, check. Condom for when Angel comes back, check," For some odd reason Angel would never make love with Buffy without having a condom. But she never really paid much attention to it. "Ya, I'm done" she smiled to herself

"Buffy" she heard her name being called from behind, as she stood in line, She turned around to see no another then Lindsay.

"Lindsay Hi, what are you doing here?" she asked as she suddenly felt terribly confused. Her first she thought was that the business trip had been cancelled or something had happened to Kate so he couldn't go, a million thoughts ran through her head.

"Umm actually same thing you’re doing, Kate had her weird craving for fish and cheese" he smiled showing his can of cheese and a dead fish in a plate box. "So you and Angel, having a party, since his vacation,"


"Ya his two weeks off," he answer lifting his eyebrow

"Uh huh, ya a party, that's what we have planned" she whispered looking away
"He Lied" was the only thing racing in her mind "He Lied"

"Next please" The crasher called out to Buffy

"Ooh sorry," she placed her things on the table and paid without saying good-bye to Lindsay, then raced to her car to back home.


Lucky the caller id, got the number from where Angel had last called from.

*Hello Paradise Hotel, How can I help you*

"Hi, um yes, I was wondering if a Angel O'Connor is registered at your hotel" Buffy asked praying they’d say no and giving her hope that maybe Lindsay was confused

*Were not allowed to give out that information, may I ask why? *

"He left somethings at the airport, and they’re addressed to Angel 'Connor care of this hotel "

"Well then, yes he is registered he and his wife just checked in a few minutes ago actually, shall I have a bellhop inform him"

"No" Buffy whispered hanging up the phone on the nightstand.

“He;s cheating on me.” And in that moment something inside her just snapped.


Spike sat on his bed, in only his black silk boxers,with had a notebook in front of him.

"Whatcha writing" Buffy asked, Spike looked up and saw that she was leaning up against the door fame. His mouth nearly dropped open as he took in her outfit, a red and black lace see through nightie. It was so shear he could see her red bra and panties underneath and her hair looked all wild.

"I-I--it's a, um, um, poem. I'm writing a poem," he managed to stammer out. "Did you need something?" As he said that, his voice was high pitched.

"Just came to see if you where alright. And to talk about what happen last night"

”Ohh, about that I’m sor-”

Buffy smirked walking more into the room. “Don’t be, I’m not,”

"Your not..." Spike gulped. He was getting seriously turned on just looking at her.

She shook her head.” I actually been thinking about it,”

“You have,”

“Uh huh,”

Spike didn’t know what to say. Buffy walked over to him. And sat down on the bed next to him. “I love your hands Spike, they’re so soft on my skin,” she said bringing his hand to her lips and kissing it.

* Spike was Hard *

Spike pulled Buffy onto his lap and began kissing her.

Buffy's body immediately flooded with heat and her blood boiled as his lips lightly brushed against hers. What started out as soft and tender soon became raw and filled with passion. Buffy dropped whatever she had in her hands as she opened her mouth, allowing him entrance. Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer to her.

They broke apart panting. Spike gazed into her cloudy eyes, they were full of lust and
want. Buffy put her hands on his firm chest and pushed him back as she kissed him hungrily.

Their tongues explored each other's mouths. Buffy laid underneath him, Spike gently moved his kisses from her lips to her shoulder. He pushed her strap off her shoulder and down her body, As soon as the piece of lace was off he latched his mouth to one of her nipples and started to suck on it.

She gasped, "Oh goddess, Spike!!!!!" He alternated between her breasts for a while.

They moaned in unison as they could each feel the other’s arousal. With Buffy grinding her hips into him, still kissing him feverishly and Spike groaning as she did so.

"Cor, Luv. You're so bloody beautiful. Love touching you. Love kissing you."
His tone was seductively low as he fused their mouths against each other.

"Mmmmm, Spike," she moaned as she unconsciously lifted her hips off the bed and rubbed them against his. His eyes rolled back in their sockets for a moment, and she watched as he shut his eyes briefly, trying to gain some control. This wasn’t going to last.

"Hmm? What was that, pet?" he asked, teasing her more. He pushed her panties down and pushed one finger inside her. She gasped and arched her back off the bed. Slowly, he pulled out. "Tell me what you want, luv."

"I-I...want...Unnha!" She gasped again as he dove two fingers inside her.

"You want...what now?" Spike asked again, letting out a smirk.

"Y-you!" Buffy managed to say as her eyes drifted shut at the feeling of his exquisite fingers working inside of her. Spike smirked.

Spike started kissing down her belly. Then Spike started to kiss her outer lips lightly. He could smell her heady scent and couldn't wait to taste it.
He moved into her wetness. She gasped when he ran his tongue along her slit.
He thrust his tongue into her.

"Ahhhhh! SPIKE!!!" she exclaimed.

He did this repeatedly until he attacked her clit. She gripped the sheets as her shouts of pleasure filled the air. He teased the sensitive bud for a bit, playfully nipping at it. Then he sucked on it as he inserted two fingers in her and thrust them in and out of her slick passage. Her inner muscles clamped around him. He continued to suck and pump her into another orgasm. Spike moved from her clit back up her body, and kissed her lips.

"I don't have a condom," Spike groaned in defeat, cursing his forgetfulness.

"It's fine. Shhh, don't worry," Buffy whispered. "I want it. I want you--Now!"

She felt the tip of his eleven inch shaft at her wet opening--Just waiting to enter. He was much bigger than her Angel, Angel was only eight inches. Suddenly she felt him push into her.

“Ahhhh! Spike! Yes!!! AHHH!” He buried his face in her neck and began thrusting hard. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he kept trusting into her body and making her scream.

“OHHhhhh Spike, please don’t stop,” she moaned “Please don’t ever stop!” she
cried out in pleasure.

“Uhn! Uhn! Yes! Yes! More! Harder! Give it to me!" Buffy growled, feeling
Spike pushing deeper and deeper.

"Buffy!!! Ahhh!"

He began trusting in and out again. Buffy's muscles invited this invasion. She held her breath hoping that she'd get used to the feeling. A prickly feeling built up in her stomach. Spike thrust harder. His cock rubbed against her cervix causing her to buck. Spike was in heaven.

He was just receiving pleasure as he thrust his cock into her tight, hot channel. Her contracting muscles sent Spike into a blissful orgasm as he spurted his seed in her.

“Ahhh,” he moaned.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next Morning~~~~~~~~

Buffy eyes slowly started to open. She felt a warm body next to hers. And felt tight arms wrapped around her. Then it hit her just whose arm these where. She sat up and looked down. * Spike * She felt sick. She used what Spike felt about her to hurt Angel. She felt her stomach turning flips.

She noticed Spike start to stir and she frownd as he woke up with a smile across his face.

“Mm morning Luv,” he yawned. Buffy pulled the sheet to her naked breast she started getting out of the bed.

Spike noticed her face. It looked so sad.

“I’m sorry Spike,” she whispered

She’s ashamed of what happened between them. Those words and that face. She was a shamed of him.

Spike got out of bed searching for his pants. When Spike walked across the room naked Buffy turned her face away, Spike laughed

“Why are you hiding, it’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked, I mean come on last night, I know you saw my dick, because you certainly seemed to enjoy sucking it,” he remarked coldly

“Spike,” she whispered

“You know what, Save it, Bitch! Alright, We screwrf last night, no big deal, Isn’t like I haven’t done it before, I mean I done tons of times, with married women older in fact,” He lied

“Please Sp-”

Spike had the bedroom door already opened. “Ohh by the way, so you know, I had better,” with saying that he left the room. And slammed the door shut.

The End

Celestria says: Plan On A Sequel, I think, I might, Review and well see, You do noticed I never once had a happy ending lol I love angst.

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