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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
Spike182 asked for a birthdy fic: 2 Buffys, 1 Spike, and anal sex. Hope I made your wish come true :P

Thanks to PB, Mary, Sotia and Chantel for reading, betaing, and making suggestions.

Backdoor Buffys

Buffy was unpacking the sixth box of the day in the basement of the magic shop. She could hear the hustle and bustle of shoppers mingling with her friends as they worked the most recent holiday sale.

“Why is it that Labor Day, which is a day off for everyone else, is my day to work my ass off in this smelly basement?” Buffy looked around at all the merchandise she was supposed to be stocking, and then the backdoor. “I should just leave, go find something to beat up.”

Thinking she had had just about enough, she decided she would put the contents of one more box away, then scurry out unnoticed. Maybe a little slay break, then back to work, refreshed.

The last crate was more difficult to open, and the writing on the box was foreign to her. Hoping it didn’t say something like oozing lizard eyeballs, she stuck her hands deep into the crate.

There were three large glass jars and one definitely had a leak. Stinky, pink gel coated her hands as she lifted the first jar out.

“Damn it! Who knows what kind of toxic mojo I have been exposed to now! I swear, I wish there were two of me, so that I could have the second one do all the crap and I could have a little fun for a change!” Buffy grimaced and rapidly shook her hands, trying to rid them of the nasty goop.

All at once, a giant puff of pink smoke poured out of the box, and an identical Buffy appeared, peeking out of the tall wooden crate, nervously checking out her surroundings.

“What the…??” Buffy stared at the twin Slayer climbing out on her own.

As she stood up and stretched, other-her smiled and said, “Happy Birthday!”

Buffy 2.0 was identical in every way Buffy-original-version could see, even her clothes were duplicated. Buffy wiped the remaining goop on her jeans and tentatively touched her face. She was soft and warm. Nope, not a bot! What the hell am I supposed to do with this?

“Hi, I’m Buffy 2. What chore do you want me to do first?”

Buffy stared at the double, gob smacked. Hmm, she doesn’t seem dangerous. This has great possibilities. If she’s part of a spell, I wonder how long she’ll last. I suppose I could have her do my work here and I could go do something more fun, or I could take her with me… and have some real fun.

“I will call you B2, and the first thing I want you to do isn’t here. We need to take a short field trip. You ready?” Buffy watched as her double nodded. B2 looked exactly like her, except she was a little stiff in her language. I will just keep her talking to a minimum… this is gonna be fun. “Follow me.”

Buffy chose to go through the sewers, not wanting anyone to see two Slayers, plus she figured sneaking into Spike’s crypt would be even more of a surprise.

“B2, we’re gonna pull a prank on Spike. He’s a vampire, but not exactly an evil one. Well he’s evil, but not all the time. Jeez, I know I’m not making any sense. Just do what I tell you when we get there, ok?” Buffy led B2 through the maze of sewer tunnels under the city.

“I know all about Spike. I have all of your memories, Buffy 1. I know he is hot and yummy and lickable. These are the words in your head. Will I be licking him?” B2 looked very enthusiastic at the prospect.

“Well, um, that’s not exactly what I was thinking. I was actually thinking we’d just show up looking angry and maybe just make him think he was in for a double beat down.” Buffy’s own words made her think of naughty things.

“Beat off? That’s what you’re thinking. Is this a chore I can do for you?” B2 looked very eager to help, and horny… if that was possible.

Shocked by B2’s question, Buffy asked, “Can you read my mind? What… How… This is so weird…”

“Yes, I guess I can, Buffy. I am here to anticipate chores and duties you don’t want to do and do them for you. Are there any other Spike duties you would like me to perform? You could just relax and watch.”

The insanely perverted thoughts that flooded her mind as she walked through the tunnels flustered her so badly, she was unable to answer right away. Soon, she found that they were standing just outside the entrance to the crypt.

“B2, I’m going to go inside and wake him. Wait until you hear him ask me why I’m here, and then come in and stand by me. Do you understand?”

“Oh yes, Buffy, I do. Then can I do that thing where I ride him like in a rodeo? Just like the vision in your head? That looks like it would be lots of fun.”

Buffy’s cheeks burned a dark crimson at B2’s question. She had been thinking about that. This might be a problem. Or it might be hot to watch. And Spike would surely be thankful to have the opportunity to have his way with me. I mean, my double. Could be highly profitable.

“Um, well, let’s make that decision in a few minutes. I will let you know. Don’t do anything without asking me first, though. I will see you in a few minutes, ok?”

“Ok, Buffy. Listen and enter. Wait for you to tell me what to do. Got it.”

Buffy opened the old metal door, leaving it ajar for B2, and snuck into Spike’s lower level bedroom.

Spike was sleeping on the large bed, obviously naked and barely covered by the blue jewel-toned satin sheet. His muscles rippled as he breathed deeply in his sleep. Stupid vampire, doesn’t need to breathe but does… and look at those abs. This is so unfair. Why should the undead look this good, and the living look like Riley?

Buffy tiptoed closer to the bed, trying to sneak a peek before she woke him.

“See something you like, Slayer?” Spike stretched and folded his arms behind his head.

Startled, Buffy responded in a way that just sounded stupid. “No, eww! Undead creatures do not make me hot. What would make you think I want to look at your body? I mean… yuck, you’re all skin and bones!”

“I’ve got a bone for ya…” Spike started to pull the sheet down to show her.

“Stop! That’s not why I’m here. God, Spike, you’re so cock…”

Spike raised his eyebrow in a sly smirk, causing her to rephrase.

“I mean so sure of yourself, aren’t you?” Buffy blushed and walked back to the foot of the bed.

“So, Buffy,” he started, running his hand under the sheet to obviously touch himself. “What’s this all about, if you didn’t come by ready to try a bit of the cold comfort I’ve been offering for so long?”

Buffy could see the hardened length of his cock under the shiny sheets. “Well, I, uh... B2! Get in here!”

B2 came running in and stood beside Buffy with her hands on her hips, looking like a superhero come to save the day.

Spike sat up quickly, forgetting his nakedness. His erection bobbed on his tight abdomen. “What!?! How did you…? TWO!”

Both Buffys started to salivate at the sight, B2 reading Buffy’s very detailed thoughts.

“Shall I get to work on that luscious cock now, Buffy? I will gladly do this chore for you.”

Spike’s mouth dropped. “You have a twin? And you want her to do what to me? Not that I’m not up for it, but what’s going on here?”

Buffy struggled to find the words as she stared at the biggest cock she’d ever seen outside of porn movies. Flustered, she blurted out, “Well, I, uh… B2, please wait till I tell you what to do. No, I do NOT want to take care of that luscious cock.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she realized what she had just said, and the smirk on Spike’s face told her he had heard it too.

“Let me understand this. You, for some reason, have a double, and you want her to have her way with me, so you can what, watch? Oh Slayer, I knew you’d be into the kink.”

“I am not. How dare you! I came over here to beat you and to freak you out, not to—to…” Stop talking!

Spike had rolled onto his side, and was stroking himself as both Buffys watched, mesmerized. “Dare, eh? I’m always up for a game of truth or dare, Slayer. Shall I go first?”

Resisting the urge to squirm, Buffy shifted her stance, pressing her thighs together. “I’m not… well, I wasn’t. But, I guess I could have her…” Buffy’s brain was going through many wicked scenarios in rapid succession. It would be hot to watch ‘herself’ do things with Spike. Things she had thought about many times. And Spike would be much more agreeable if she gave into this. He would owe her. This was a great idea all the way around. “Yeah, I’ll play. But B2 will be doing all my dares.” Buffy figured she could get freaky with the hot vamp and still maintain her hands off policy.

The lusty grin that seemed to take over Spike’s face, made her pussy betray her. The moisture pooling in her panties was surely evident to him.

Spike’s senses were overwhelmed by the double Buffy arousal within his room. DOUBLE BUFFY AROUSAL! Spike pinched himself, making sure that wasn’t a dream. Nope, not a dream. He had two hot Buffys, and they wanted to play a naughty game with him.

Buffy decided she was losing control of the situation, and wasn’t comfortable with that. “I will go first. Truth or dare, Spike?”

Spike thought about it. He wasn’t sure how he was going to accomplish it, but within the next thirty minutes, his goal was to be surrounded by naked Buffys. “I will take dare, but I think you forgot part of the game. If you don’t want to answer the question or do the dare… you need a consequence. I vote for removing an article of clothing.”

“But you’re already naked. What’s your consequence?” Buffy’s brain was so over-stimulated; she hoped she wouldn’t have to think of one for him.

“Won’t need one, Slayer. Like I said, I’m up for whatever you are. Now, what’s my dare?”

What do I want to see him do… Buffy’s thoughts were interrupted by B2.

“I think your thought about him kissing me sounds nice. Dare him to kiss me, with his tongue. Just like you are thinking right now.”

Both Spike and Buffy stared at B2.

“Sounds good to me!” Spike quickly hopped off the bed, took B2 in his arms and began to make out with her.

Buffy stared, unable to say a word. Spike’s kisses looked so good. She licked her lips, then realized that B2 and Spike’s hands were roaming as well. B2 had his firm butt cheeks in her hands, and was rubbing her pelvis against his hard cock. She was jealous. UNbelievable! I am jealous of myself. “Ok, that’s enough. My turn.”

Spike slowly pulled away from B2 and looked at Buffy Classic. This was going to be so much fun. “Ok, so what’s it going to be, Slayer? Truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Buffy regretted it as soon as she said it.

Spike was standing about a foot away from her. She figured that if that cock weren’t pointing upward, it would be touching her. B2 nodded beside her.

Spike saw the interaction between them. “So, Buffys, truth it is. Tell me, what is the something special you’d like to do with me today?”

Buffy looked at B2 and issued her a warning with her eyes. “I think we will remove an article of clothing.” Buffy started to unbutton her blouse, while B2 quickly removed her shoes as per Buffy’s thoughts.

Spike looked at Buffy and wasn’t disappointed by the clothing removal at all. The pink lacey bra and the one step closer to pants removal were fine by him.

“Truth or dare, Spike? Or do I even need to ask.” Buffy fidgeted, her chilled chest goose bumped, and her nipples hardened.

“Dare, and no you didn’t. Nice nipples, Slayer. Cold, or just excited to see all of me?”

Buffy once more cursed her body for betraying her. “Ok, let’s see. Dare, huh? How about you …”

Once more, B2 interrupted. “Oh, I like that one even better! Spike, we dare you to undress me!”

“Wait! I didn’t say that, B2!” Buffy couldn’t form words as Spike rushed over to help B2 shed all of her clothes. Yes, it was exactly what she was thinking, but Spike looked as though he was enjoying this far too much. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that. Once more, she found herself jealous.

Spike saw the look on her face out of the corner of his eye. “You could strip too, if you wanted. No complaints here!”

As much as she felt like it, she refused to admit it. That whole thing was just to get Spike to owe her one. On with the game. “No, Spike. You won’t be that lucky today. Now, I want dare this time.”

Spike thought about telling her to strip, knowing that the consequence would still get an article of clothes off her, but decided to give himself something special.

“I dare you to kiss her, just like I did.”

Buffy should have known that he would suggest something like this. He was guessing she would take the safe route and remove clothes. Well, he was wrong. She had actually always wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl, and there was her chance.

B2 got the memo before she had to say a word. Buffy made the first move, gently placing a chaste kiss on B2’s lips. Then following with a longer one. Soon they were making out and moaning, oblivious to Spike watching.

Spike wanted nothing more than to join in. It was torturous. Buffy was more of a vixen than he’d thought! After a few minutes of amazing girl on girl action, he cleared his throat.

Buffy smiled at B2 as she pulled away, wiping B2’s sweet saliva off the corner of her mouth.

Buffy smirked at Spike. “Didn’t think I’d do it, did ya? Now, your turn.”

Spike was momentarily speechless. “Right, my turn. Dare, pet. And make it a good one.”

Buffy and B2 looked at one another, running through the multitude of possibilities.

Spike wished he could read their minds. As he waited, the ideas he was fabricating in his sick, twisted mind would have made hookers blush.

Finally, Buffy spoke. Her voice was choked as she issued the dare. “I want you to… Well, you to…”

B2 scampered over to the bed and climbed on. Laying on her back with her legs spread wide, she started pinching her nipples in anticipation. “She wants you to eat me. But only for three minutes.”

Spike didn’t need to be asked twice and dived in hungrily. B2 was soon humping his face, as he worked quickly to bring her to climax within the allotted time frame.

Buffy watched her double writhe in ecstasy as Spike tongued her mercilessly. B2 cried out as she came, holding his head to her sex.

Spike lapped up all he could, then looked back at Buffy, his face glistening with her juices. “Would you like a taste? She tastes like heaven.”

“I don’t think so, Spike. Now, my turn. I guess if I said dare, you’d want me to taste her, so I will say truth.”

Spike smirked, this was way too easy. “So, Slayer, do you want to taste her? Want to taste her off of me?” Spike walked over to her and put his hands on her hips, then lowered his slick lips to hers.

His close proximity and her curiosity got the better of her. She didn’t answer, just slowly licked his lower lip.

Mmm that’s nothing like I thought. And his lips are so soft…

She quickly pulled his head down into a passionate kiss, savoring the flavor of B2 in his mouth. Her hands traveled down his back, clutching him, pulling him closer as her hunger increased.

B2 watched from the bed, basking in the glow of her orgasm, but her arousal was quickly renewed with the erotic display before her. She began to slowly finger herself, as she read Buffy’s thoughts. Buffy wanted Spike inside her, and B2 wondered if she would be allowed to try that too.

Spike deftly undid Buffy’s bra, helped her remove it and tossed it far away. His mouth sought her pert nipples, as he was eager to get as far as possible before she changed her mind.

Buffy was lost in lust. The things Spike was doing to her… His mouth, cool and moist on her hot skin, was like nothing she could have imagined. She could feel him walking her towards his bed, and she couldn’t bring herself to stop him. She would only be denying herself, and that would be just foolish.

B2 watched as Spike gently laid Buffy on the bed next to her. He winked at her, and motioned his head in the direction of Buffy’s face. B2 understood, just as if she’d been reading his thoughts too. Turning Buffy’s face toward hers, B2 began to kiss her, allowing Spike to remove her shoes and pants. He decided to leave her lacey thong on, partially because he wanted to pull it off with his teeth, but also because if the Slayer suddenly changed her mind, he could say he left them there to show he respected her right to choose.

Once she was stripped, he watched Buffy roll her naked body closer to B2. The sight, so powerfully erotic, caused him to tremble. He wanted to join them, but feared making the wrong move and breaking whatever spell had brought B2 and had the Slayer in his bed.

B2 was still reading Buffy’s thoughts as she stopped kissing her. Buffy blushed and nodded at her.

“Buffy wants you to join us, and do it now, before she changes her mind.” B2 and Buffy each held out a hand and helped him onto the bed and between them.

Spike let the girls explore his body with their hands and mouths. That was a fantasy he’d never expected to come true, but enough thinking about that; he had Buffys to satisfy.

The girls were taking turns sucking on his cock and balls, humming as they went. “Buffy? B2? You ladies are doing a great job down there. Truly amazing. But I think my turn is over. Buffy—gaaah, Kitten. Truth or Dare?”

Buffy released the suction off his cock with a wet pop and looked into his eyes. Spike had never seen the Slayer like this. The wanton look in her eyes—she could get him to do anything with that look. He was at her mercy.

“Don’t need to ask, Spike. Dare me to do whatever you want.”

Spike moaned. B2 was working on him with suction he was sure only a Slayer could produce, and Buffy was crawling up the bed to him. “Buffy… I dare you to ride me. Slide that slick pussy down onto me and show me just what you can do.”

B2 let go of him with an identical pop and helped Buffy remove her thong and straddle Spike.

Spike was panting heavily, but held his breath as the Slayer sheathed his thick cock deep within her insanely tight pussy. Neither breathed, until B2’s hands were touching them both where they were joined.

With one hand, she massaged Buffy’s clit, and with the other, Spike’s heavy balls. Her touches urged their hips to start moving, and soon.

Buffy was fucking him with more vigor and zeal than she’d ever exhibited before. She was squeezing him with muscles she’d never used, fearing she’d hurt her partner. This partner couldn’t be hurt, she knew. He was giving as well as he took, slamming into her like there was no tomorrow. Feeling her release built up, she let go. The orgasm building deep within her seemed to start in her soul. Every muscle quivered, as she lowered her chest, changing the angle so that Spike hit that spot that she’d never known existed, and her clit pressed hard against his pelvic bone.

Spike felt her walls flutter, correction, constrict with a ferocity that felt like she was trying to strangle him. Clinging to each other, they both screamed out as they came together, the metal bed beneath them bending with the strength of their convulsions.

B2’s fingertips were tickling them, trying to rouse them from their dazed states.

Spike smiled and looked at his two Buffys. Both naked and in his bed. His cock still inside Buffy, swiftly returned to its previous hardened condition.

Buffy sat up, impaled on him, “Already?!”

“It’s one of those cool vampire things, Kitten. But I do believe you’ve had your turn.” He wiggled his eyebrows. “I choose dare, again. I can’t wait to hear what you have in mind now.” Spike turned to B2, knowing she would be the one to announce his next mission.

B2 looked at Buffy surprised. “Oh, I want to do that. Dare him, now. Please.”

Buffy reluctantly climbed off Spike, but she knew that dare was something she would rather B2 do. “I dare you to…” Buffy couldn’t even say it.

B2 quickly flipped onto all fours and wiggled her butt. “She wants you to fuck my ass. And if she can’t say it, I will. I dare you to fuck my ass, and do it now. I can’t wait to try it.”

Spike couldn’t believe his luck. “Yes, ma’am! Buffy, watch closely. I think you might like this if you give it a try.”

Spike opened a drawer next to the bed and pulled out a bottle of lube.

“Prepared, aren’t you?” Buffy asked. She moved closer so she could watch.

“I used to be a Boy Scout, or maybe I drained one…” Spike winked at Buffy as he squirted a large amount of lube onto B2’s virgin hole and some into his hand. He once more thanked whoever was responsible for his luck today, as he spread the lube all over himself.

Buffy watched as he took his finger and slowly circled the hole. Observed, fascinated, as B2 flinched at first, then moaned as he slipped the digit inside to the first knuckle. Watching them made her wish it were her in that position, and Spike teasing her tight hole.

Spike’s finger eased in and out, slipping a little further inside B2’s ass each time, until he was pumping his whole finger into her.

“More. I want more.” B2 was breathing heavily, and pressing back into his hand.

Buffy saw that B2 was not in pain. She was enjoying herself. I wonder if I will get a turn at this…?

Spike carefully slipped in a second finger and—once B2 began moving against them both—began to scissor them within her, preparing her for his throbbing member.

Withdrawing his fingers, Spike slid the tip of his cock in slowly. Having been in Buffy’s pussy, he wouldn’t have thought there was a tighter hole on their bodies, but he was wrong. She was clenched around him like a fist, and it took some soothing words, as well as stimulating her clit, for B2 to relax enough for him to manage to gradually sink his entire length inside her.

He started moving, trying to go slow, not only out of concern about hurting her, but wanting it to last as long as possible.

“Harder, Spike. Fuck me harder!” B2 was rocking back against him, urging him to speed up.

Spike reached around and squeezed her jiggling titties, slamming into her from behind.

Buffy couldn’t take it any more. “S-Spike? I want to try that too.” Her voice was barely over a whisper, but he heard her loud and clear.

Spike lost his rhythm as he tried to figure out how to accommodate her request. As good as he felt right that moment, B2 was temporary—for all he knew—while Buffy wasn’t. He wanted to please her, to show her he could.

“Buffy, would you mind helping B2? She’s close, and she did ask first. Then, I’m all yours.”

Buffy nodded. She wanted that and Spike didn’t know she would have done anything he asked just to try it with him. Spike sped up as B2 wanted, pounding into her as Buffy used her hand to finger her. She looked for that spot, knowing that it would expedite B2’s climax, and awed at the feeling of Spike’s cock rapidly entering and exiting B2’s body. She could feel him with her finger inside her double, and his sack rhythmically slapping against her hand.

Buffy felt B2’s inner muscles spasming. It was something she’d never experienced before, and as B2 came, Buffy felt her own pussy pulsing in time with hers.

Spike held off cumming, clenching his teeth, saving himself for Buffy.

As B2 collapsed onto the bed, Spike looked at Buffy, once more hoping she hadn’t changed her mind.

“Spike? Do I have to bend over like that? I was wondering if we could do it facing each other.”

Spike was floored. “Yeah, we can. Anything you want, pet. Anything at all. Lay back on the bed.”

B2 opened the lube and prepared to squirt it where it was needed to make it good for Buffy.

Raising one of her toned legs, he kissed the arched of her foot, before he placed it against his chest, granting him access to her behind. He held out his hand to B2 who sensuously lubed his fingers for him.

He started to loosen Buffy, when she bucked her hips. Grinning, she said, “No fingers. I want the real thing. I’m more than ready.”

Using the lube B2 had just given him, he quickly smeared it all around his cock head and lined himself up with her backdoor. “Are you sure?”

“Oh yeah, don’t make me beg, vampire.”

Spike pushed in slow, trying not to hurt her, concerned that she hadn’t let him prepare her. He closed his eyes as he sank into her inch by agonizingly slow inch.

Buffy raised her other leg and reached around to his ass. “I told you I’m ready.” She jerked his ass, plunging him completely inside her. Breath escaped her. She climaxed immediately at the intrusion, and began to rock her hips urging him to fuck her like her body was demanding.

Spike was done for. He folded her in half and pounded into her tight ass like an animal, twisting his hips, finding different angles, making her scream. He couldn’t stop himself, his own orgasm roaring through him. His hands were under her shoulders, pulling her body into him as he thrust from above. He had never fucked anyone like this. His toes curled as he too fought for unneeded breath, spilling his seed, his fangs lowered and he gently sank them into her neck. Buffy came again around his pumping cock, strangling him, milking every last drop from his body, till they both collapsed on the bed.

Neither noticed B2 climb the ladder to the upper level, until she called down to them.

“Buffy, I’m going to get the lunch you want, and Spike has blood here. Did you want fries with that?”

Buffy laughed as she saw Spike’s confused face. “I wished for a double to do all the things I didn’t want to do, and she reads my thoughts. I’m hungry. What can I say?”

Spike pulled her close, smiling. “You can get me some wings to go with your fries.”

Buffy thought about wings and fries and began kissing Spike again.

“Ok, wings for Spike, and fries for you. I’ll be back as soon as I can,” B2 called down just before she left.

“So, how long will she be around for?” Spike asked as he caressed a nipple.

“Don’t know, but she sure has opened my eyes to chores I definitely don’t mind doing.” Maybe I can get her to bring some of that goop back and have Spike dip his hands in it, ‘cause two Spikes… think of the fun I could have then!

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