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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
Hey people! That's assuming any of you remember me it's been so long!! So, RL has been CRAZY for me for a while but I'm hopefully back in the Spuffy fanfic fold now! T o celebrate my return I'm posting a new YKYWT fic. Hope you enjoy!

Title: Doing the Domme Thing

Author: Sarah Aless

Contact/Feedback: give_it_to_me_spikey@yahoo.co.uk

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: B/S


Disclaimer: They’re not mine. Joss and ME own them but they’d have way more fun if they WERE mine!

Distribution: www.geocities.com/spikeaholic20, One Good Lay, StS, & www.vampires-kiss.net. Anyone else.....Put it where you like ;-) but please tell me where it’s going.

WARNING: This story is set in my You Know You Want To Universe - it's explicit, it's kinky and Buffy is predominantly the bottom (although you should hold that thought just for this particular instalment as the tables are turned), there will be spanking and other forms of naughtiness, if this bothers you, don't read! You've been warned. I assume most people reading this will be familiar with my content so hopefully there'll be no big surprises.

Summary: Spike accidentally damaged Buffy more than he liked in their last role play session. Buffy actually doesn’t mind but they both decided it’d be a good opportunity for Buffy to play the Domme for a while.


Part 1 - Get down to it.

My Slayer strength has been back for about a week now. I still haven’t dominated Spike even though we had decided we would do it Tuesday past. I ended up working a double shift at the Doublemeat and couldn’t do anything but go home and crawl into my bed after work which had been followed by slaying.

We met up – ok so I turned up unannounced at Spike’s crypt as usual – a coupla times this week but I guess I just wasn’t in the right place. Then when I was, Spike wasn’t. It’s been a heavy couple of weeks slaying-wise for us both. Add to that the shifts I’ve been pulling and, ok I admit it, my nervousness about taking charge playing on my mind and you have your explanation for the non-bunniness of us lately. Turns out even super powers don’t stop these little dips between a couple.

It’s actually not like it turned out so badly. I could tell on patrol the last couple of nights that Spike is back to being itching to get going; so making him wait has been kinda fun. I mean isn’t that the kind of thing the one in control is supposed to do. Surprise the sub? Spikey is going to get a surprise tonight I can tell you.

When I enter his crypt it is in darkness but light seeps up from his underground bedroom. Looks like it’s the usual destination for the sexcapades then. I jump down into the room ignoring the ladder but making sure my long coat stays buttoned all the way up and down.

“Someone has been a very, very bad boy.” I announce as Spike, lounging on his bed turns his head to look at me.

“You want to do this tonight?” he asks in frankly a rather flat tone of voice.

“Do you have a problem with that Spike?” I say, taking in the rather bored tone of voice and lack of change in his posture. That’ll change as soon as he sees what I’m wearing, well maybe not right away……

“Kinda bushed luv. Was a late one last night, if you recall. Been unwinding watching a Passions marathon all day, but it’s a highly emotional show, kinda takes it out of a vamp.”

“Well, you’ll just have to get ‘unbushed’ then won’t you?” I say, trying for a steely tone of command in my voice – I think I manage it ok. “Because I got all dressed up special.”

He doesn’t move but his interest is definitely stirred by my words. When I begin unbuttoning my coat I finally get movement. He sits upright watching closely, a slightly predatory gleam in his eye. This is going to be fun; he’s so easy to play with. He raises an eyebrow as I reveal an outfit slightly veering towards the Catholic schoolgirl look. A plain white shirt, little plaid skirt.

“Erm, luv, if you’re still planning on switching I think you put on the wrong outfit by mistake, apart from the shoes – they’re great!” I’m wearing black patent leather shoes with 4 inch heels and a black ribbon which crosses up my leg to mid calf like ballet shoes.

“No, no Spikey.” I say. “This outfit was just to get your attention, it’s what’s underneath that’s going to hold it.”

Yeah he’s definitely warming up to the idea now. His feet are off the side of the bed and he’s looking at me expectantly.

“What? You expect me to undress myself?” I say. “Get over here now and take the outfit off………..Carefully. None of your usual ripping antics, show some self control, and fold them nicely on that chair over there.”

He doesn’t need telling twice and I feel a sense of power starting to flourish as he does exactly as he’s told, gently sliding each button of my shirt free before sliding it slowly down my arms. That’s when he stops though.

“What are you gawping at?” I question. “Get on with what I’ve told you to do.”

“You – you’re amazing.” He stutters. “Bloody perfect so…..”

“I will tell you when you can compliment me Spike. Don’t speak another word until I give you permission to speak.” I say, secretly applauding myself for my choice of outfit.

I’d imagined it’d have a major effect but the reality of it is even more delicious. So far he’s only uncovered the basque. Its red satin with a black lace overlay, boned and extremely well fitting and it gives my boobs more lift than any wonderbra ever did! He’ll be salivating by the time he gets the skirt off me.

“Yes Ma’am. Sorry.” He says, lowering his eyes reluctantly from my cleavage and moving to slide the skirt down over my hips.

He kneels down at my feet and holds it pooled in his hand just off the dusty floor so that I can step out of it. I step backwards away from him and frown slightly as his eyes stay down, seemingly fixed on the skirt in his hands. I’m about to command him to look up when he takes a deep breath and does just that. Must have thought he needed to get his composure. When he looks up it’s as if I slapped him in the face.

His expression goes from astounded, to ecstatic, to pure raw lust in the space of about five seconds. I’m wearing black satin panties with a black garter belt and black stockings which are so sheer I don’t even think he noticed them until he saw the garters. This is what I’d anticipated.

Walking over here I couldn’t help but pay attention to the feeling of the underwear under my clothes. The basque, at once constricting and empowering. The feeling of the satin panties on my shaved pussy. I felt sexier and sexier the further I walked and more and more certain Spike would want to fuck me six ways from Sunday when he saw the ensemble. That’s where I really started to feel power; he could want to fuck me all he liked but it would all be on my terms, this time. I can make him wait as long as I like AND make him get me off in the meantime. Yep the outfit had been a good idea on more than one count.

His eyes travel incredibly slowly from my ankles, up my body to finally meet mine. I’m immediately in danger of losing control of the situation when they do. He looks ready to throw me down and fuck my brains out and to be honest the proposition is (a hell of a lot) more than slightly attractive. God that look. It never fails to make me turn to jelly. Frankly he could do any damn thing he wants when he looks at me like that. Just in time I gather myself, my own gaze turning steely as I raise an eyebrow at him.

“See something you like vampire?” I question.

“Bloody right I do.” He says, actually licking his lips as his gaze drags down my body again.

“I don’t like your tone.” I tell him as I place a foot on his chest, just below the shoulder, allowing the heel of my shoe to dig in ever so slightly.

“Well, what did you expect?” he says, apparently still a little on the ‘stunned’ side of things. “That outfit it’s…..it’s just…..”

“Spike!” I say sharply, I can’t allow that kind of disrespect. “Get control of yourself. Right. Now.”

With a quick shake of his head he carefully folds the skirt, but still kneels there looking up at me. I dig the heel in further until he winces then use my whole foot to push him hard. He lands on his back and I trail my foot up his chest until my toes are under his chin, tilting his head back as I stand over him.

“You had better start doing as you are told.” I warn. “I’m in control here tonight and don’t forget it. Now are you going to be good and finish doing what I told you to?”

“Yes Mistress.” He says avoiding my gaze and swallowing hard.

I let him up and he quickly moves to put my folded skirt with my other clothes and returns to kneel before me again, looking up in wonder. Another surge of power runs through me and I briefly wonder if this is what he feels when I’m kneeling at his feet. No wonder he likes these games so much if it is. I know that if I could only assume one role forever I’d choose the sub side, even now, the look of awe on his face is powerful and it is definitely affecting me in the best of ways but there’s an edge to it; it still makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.

Maybe it’s just that he’s far more experienced in these games so I’m afraid of making a fool of myself or not giving him what he wants. I know when I’m subbing that if what I do is wrong or not what he wants he’ll correct me and he’ll do it in the horniest of ways. I want to make him feel that desperation to please that he can evoke in me. I’m just not sure enough of myself…….yet. Let’s see what we can’t do about that tonight.

“Now.” I say, slowly circling him as he stays kneeling where he is. “I know that you haven’t been on this side of things much with me. However, I expect you to follow the same rules as I do when the tables are turned. And just so you know, I’ll punish you severely if you don’t. You made the rules so I know you know what they are. There is absolutely no excuse for disrespect, flippancy or disobedience. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress.” He says; eyes on the floor like a good little subbie.

“Good.” I say stopping in front of him again. “So, now that I’m asking you for it, I’d like your opinion on my outfit.”

“It’s amazing Mistress. So sexy, but still classy, it suits you perfectly.”

“Do you like the shoes slave?” I ask, smiling slightly as I see a small shiver go through him at my term of address.

“Yes Mistress. Very much.”

“Show me.” I say.

He knows exactly what I mean and wastes no time getting down to it. I’m aware ‘slave kissing Mistress’ feet’ is a total cliché but I have to start somewhere and I know in the past that it has worked well in starting off a suitably submissive mindset in myself. I look down at him as he kisses and licks the black patent leather before moving on to kiss the top of each foot. He becomes more ardent as he moves up to one ankle, gently cradling it with a hand at the back of my leg. He traces the diamond shapes created by the criss-cross of the ribbons with his tongue then places feather light kisses in each diamond in turn. Job done, I expect him to move back but this is Spike after all. He places kisses all the way up the front of first my right leg then the left. As he reaches mid thigh on the left he angles his head slightly so that his kisses land more on the inside of my thighs. I know full well what he is up to.

“So beautiful, so perfect.” He murmurs between kisses.

“Spike.” I say sharply; it’s the only warning I will give him, he knows as well as I do that he wasn’t told to go this far.

Completely ignoring my warning his hand caresses the back of my left thigh, sliding up to my ass as his kisses continue upwards on the other leg. I can’t deny that as he gets closer to my panties I’m getting increasingly aroused. He will be able to smell that fact and no doubt thinks this means he can go as far as he wants. Big mistake bucko.

He reaches my panties and just as he is about to place a kiss on my mound, his hands sliding up to the waistband, I grab his hair and yank his head back hard.

“Did I tell you to do that?” I question.

“N-no Mistress.” He answers, wincing slightly as my grip on the bit of hair I got hold of tightens.

I try a theatrical sigh on for size – sounds good!

“You know Spike, I actually would have had you do that next, but you had to go and spoil it didn’t you? And now, I have to punish you for not doing as you’re told. You know how it annoys you when you have to do that with me? Well I have far less patience than you do vampire!”

“I’m sor…..”

“Get yourself on that bed, face down right now!” I interrupt him. “I warned you, you’re under the same rules as apply when positions are reversed and you still thought you could do what you like. I’ll tell you when you can apologise. Now do as I say and lose the trousers too. Move!”

Fortunately for him he gets into position very quickly. Maybe I’m not as bad at this as I thought. Maybe he realises that he really does need to do as he’s told. For now though I think the best course of action is to keep reminding him of the way he is expected to follow the rules exactly the same as I do.

I walk over to his toy chest, slowly, making my heels click as best I can on the floor. I make musing hmmm sounds as I peruse the contents and I grin a little as I hear Spike shift on the bed, obviously wondering what I’m going to choose.

“Don’t you move a muscle.” I warn him.

Finally I turn, a paddle in my hand. A smile very briefly crosses his face, but he is sensible enough to hide it quickly. I know what he is thinking, he’s thinking that there is no way I can hurt him with it. He told me once that he thought exactly the same thing last time our positions were reversed and the paddle came out – he should’ve learned then not to underestimate me. Last time it was all about revenge for me. I was new to these games and I did want to get him back to a degree. Now though, I understand just how good playing the submissive can feel and I want to return that to him.

I begin with my hand as he usually does. The spanks gradually get harder and his ass begins to take on a rosy glow, evidently he had a couple of his bagged dinners before I came over. Good, now I can see the effect I am having and he’ll feel it more with enough blood in him to stimulate all his nerve endings.

“I know you think I’m going easy on you just now.” I tell him. “But don’t worry it won’t last. You WILL pay for your disobedience. I’d never have gotten away with that behaviour now would I Spikey? So you can bet your nicely warmed ass that won’t. After all, how many times have you punished me for trying to make things go quicker than you wanted?”

I’m bringing up punishments he’s given me, not as revenge but to remind him of the behaviour I expect and also to remind him exactly what position he is in; that ‘I have the power’ to quote ‘He-man’. Also, hopefully, it’ll raise his anticipation levels; give that edge of not knowing what is coming next.

“I put a plug here last time didn’t I?” I ask, now running my hand lightly over his ass, gently running a finger between the cheeks as I speak.

“I don’t think that will be necessary this time. You know your place now don’t you Spike?”

“Yes Mistress.” He says, squirming slightly as my hand slides lower to caress the underside of his balls through his legs. He is getting into the touching, beginning to raise his hips slightly, obviously hoping that I’ll reach right under and play with his dick. Silly boy. I grin as he actually yelps when I draw my hand back and deliver a full slayer strength slap to his behind.

“Down boy.” I say, trying to keep the hint of amusement out of my voice. Trying not to betray my lust too. Soon as this spanking is over he’s going to help me out with that, believe you me. Ok, maybe it’s not totally about revenge but I’m having fun torturing him, and I’m just getting started.


Reviews anyone? PLEASE? Remember I've been away for ages, I need the encouragement!

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