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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:

Double Meat Palace:

What if Spike didn’t want a Buffy bot? What if he knew he was right in telling her they had a spark and decided to double his chances of wearing her down first?

Spike sat in his crypt on the sarcophagus, eyeing the robotic double across from him on the couch. Would this work or was he just fucken’ insane? He took a deep, long haul and jumped down, pacing in front of his likeness.

“You can do this mate…all you gotta’ do is turn it on and find the girl…and then wait for her to shove a stake through your heart.”

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair before activating…what the hell should he call this thing? Spike 2 wouldn’t do, his eyes lit up in satisfaction. Randy, he ran a hand through his hair and activated Randy.

“Morning sexy” he purred the Randy as he booted up, goddamn he was hot.

“Morning sire”

Spike groaned low in his throat; the thrill of power he felt was intoxicating. It was almost like he had his own childe to do with what he pleased.

Randy was in a pair of jeans Spike had had Warren buy and a black wife-beater. Exactly what Spike was wearing tonight; he shrugged the jacket of his shoulders and tossed it to his newest toy.

“Put it on yeah?”

Randy gave him a smirk and curled his tongue behind his teeth, “Whatever you say” he answered, pulling the soft leather over his equally soft skin.

Spike felt himself harden at the sight, “Ready to go pet?”

Randy nodded his head and Spike turned his back to head towards the door, expecting the bot to follow, NOT to push him to the floor and straddle him.

“What the fuck?” he roared out, the cold concrete pressing into his cheek and chaffing his not forgotten hard on.

“I’m hungry” the bot purred into his ear and Spike moaned when Randy flipped him over to run his hand over his ‘sires’ erection.

Spike found himself thrusting upward, it had been so long since he’d been touched by anyone and without it resulting in pain at that.
He sunk his fingers into Randy’s hair and pulled back hard, “Take it out” he growled, eyes turning yellow, it wasn’t even a matter of want right now, it was pure need and he gasped in pleasure when he felt his cock being tugged from his pants, an eager hand wrapping around it.

“Do you want me?” he asked gruffly, hips jerking upwards when he heard the soft spoken “Always”

His eyes squeezed shut when the bot began a harsh and fast pumping of his dick, just the way he liked it, but then, it had been programmed to know his needs and what he knew were Buffy’s. It had never been intended for a one on one with himself, it was meant to ensure both his and Buffy’s pleasure if she were to ever allow it, but when his eyes flew open and he looked down into the deep blue eyes so close to the mouth that was now sucking him into oblivion he knew he’d made a smart decision.

He shoved the bot off him and walked to the couch, the “Bloody hell” that Randy shouted at him barely registering as he spread his legs, beckoning his mechanical lover back to him with a seductive smirk.

Randy smirked back and walked over, sinking to his knees and taking Spike into his mouth, humming and cupping the balls as he did so.

“Fuck so good” Spike growled out, his hips thrusting his cock as deep as it could go into Randy’s mouth, his hand gripping the bots hair and forcing him to take as much as he could. He’d never let loose during head before, Dru would gag and Harmony wouldn’t do it at all but Randy…Randy could sit back for hours while Spike fucked his sexy ass mouth and it wouldn’t hurt him at all, a frown flickered across his face for a moment, wondering why he was happy he couldn’t hurt the machine, it wasn’t like they could feel. He snarled at his own thought, ‘I sound like Buffy, the way she talks about vamps’. He subconsciously gentled his movements by a fraction and Randy’s free hand ran across his chest, leaving red marks in their wake.

Spike hissed in pleasure and bucked, “Come on baby so close” he murmured and Randy moved his hands under Spike’s ass to squeeze and knead the flesh there, pushing him further and harder into his mouth.

He could feel Spikes body tense and swallowed around him, his sire was coming completely undone and when the babbled ‘bite me’ came out of his mouth Randy acquiesced, removing his mouth from Spike’s cock, a hand coming up to pump it furiously as he slid up his body and clamped down on the neck, his two fangs protruding on command.

Spike felt his skin split open as Randy held him down, the feeling of bliss that shot through him was almost alarming and he found himself thrashing as he came, his dead cum landing on the pale skin of his stomach and Randy’s hand.

Without a second thought his lips captured Randy’s in a searing kiss, the taste of his blood on him prolonging his orgasm and his body shuddered as the ripples of pleasure slowly subsided.

When he pulled away he leaned his head against the bots, “Bloody fucken’ hell, that was…”

“Fucken’ hot” the bot supplied with a cocky smirk before bringing his hand up for Spike to watch as he licked his makers spendings from his fingers.

When he was done he looked Spike in his half hooded eyes, “Time to see about the girl”

Buffy swore to herself as she cleaned the restaurant, of course Billy would have to leave two hours early on a day she’d had to work a double, if she never had to work a double again she’d be happy. The counters creaked under the pressure of her angry scrubbing, the dim lighting casting an eerie but welcome glow to the place, she hated the bright neon lights in this place.

A bang had her head whipping to the left and then she groaned. “Spike, what the fuck are you doing here?” she asked, more irritated than angry.

“I’m not Spike” he purred out, eyes glowing a bright yellow in the shadows.

She sighed, “I’m not in the mood for games tonight, we’ve been over this, I’m using you and I’m sorry William, but you should leave.”

“Not William either” he answered with his trademark smirk as he advanced on her.

“And I’m not Buffy, I’m little red riding hood, either way I don’t want your company, get lost.”

“Little Red Riding-Hood ran from the wolf, at least in some versions, not the other way around.”

She took the mop and snapped the handle over her leg, “I mean it Spike, leave me the fuck alone.”

“And I mean it little girl, I’m not Spike.” Her eyes followed him as he walked to the front door and opened it, letting in…Spike?

“What the hell is going on here?” she asked, her breathing becoming more rapid, one Spike she wasn’t worried about but she didn’t know if she could take on two.
“Hello cutie, miss me?”

“I won’t ask again Spike…and Spike.”

“M’ Spike, that’s Randy” he said giving a little nod to the bot who smiled and winked at him. “Gonna’ have to give Warren a thank you card, this one’s a hundred times more advanced then his first one…of course the threatening of his life probably played a factor.”

Buffy’s face scrunched up in confusion, then in disgust and then into something else that he couldn’t quite read.

“He’s a bot?”

Spike nodded as Randy walked over to Buffy and she reached out a hand to touch him, “So lifelike” she muttered as Randy leaned into her touch.

Her eyes flicked to Spike, “Why?”

“Why else? For you?”

“For me? What am I supposed to do with one Spike, let alone two?” she asked sarcastically.

Spike smirked and walked over to Randy, “Whatever you’d like to kitten” he whispered huskily. Her defenses were faltering, he could see that much.

“You could stake me and short circuit him, you could have us both or you could sit back and watch.”

“I’m not some perverted freak here to get off on your side show act” she spat out.

“Exploring yourself and your needs doesn’t make you a freak Buffy, it makes you a human”

“And sexy as hell” Randy whispered in her ear before wrapping his arms around her from behind, running his tongue over her neck in a long languid stroke.

She couldn’t help it and her body, of its own accord, thrust backwards into his wantonly.

“Spike” she half mewled, half cried as she looked right into his eyes.

“Right here kitten” he said and sat in a booth against the wall, kicking the table to the side and lighting a smoke, wanting to be a voyeur for the moment.

“Don’t cum until I tell you to sunshine” and with that he nodded his head at Randy, giving him the go ahead.

Buffy moaned loudly when the hands that held her from behind found their way to her breasts and squeezed them none too gently, plucking at the hardened nipples hidden beneath her uniform.

“Now that won’t do will it princess?” it asked her softly…or was it a he? No, an it. She decided that right now it didn’t matter, maybe it would in ten seconds or an hour, but right now semantics were meaningless.

She shook her head ‘no’, her eyes never leaving her spectator. She felt free somehow and wondered if this feeling of calm came from finally giving into what she wanted plus one, or if being the Slayer and working here had finally stolen her sanity. Again, right now it didn’t matter.

The hands worked with expertise, working over the buttons of her work shirt and holding it open, giving Spike the perfect view of her half hidden tits while Randy’s hands snuck to the button of her pants.

“Touch your tits for me Buffy” Spike growled lowly.

Her fingers came up to dance across her heated flesh and she shivered, the cool air of the restaurant, Randy’s hands playing along the hem of her pants and Spike’s fixed stare washed over her.

Randy walked to the front of her and sank to his knees, pulling her pants down just enough to reveal her panties, black lace.

“You’re going to kill me sweets” he moaned before running his tongue over the material, feeling the moisture already there.

Her hands came to tangle in his hair but her eyes still only remained on one man, the same man who was currently running his hand over his denim clad erection and smoking his cigarette like he did this sort of thing everyday, but she noticed the slight tremble in his hands and offered him a small smile.

The corner of his lip twitched slightly but he refused to let his grin break free.

“Fuck his face Buffy, but remember, don’t cum”

She nodded, unable to speak but wanting him to understand she’d heard. The sound of his zipper sliding down had her eyes glued to his pants and she couldn’t help the deep moan that tore from her lips when Randy plunged his tongue into her pussy and his fingers found her swollen clit, what had really done it though was the way Spike had freed his cock and began to lazily stroke it.
“Feel his tongue deep inside you Buffy, feel what it does to you? What I could do to you if you let me every night?”

Her answer was the way her body trembled at his words, when he saw her body tense he spoke to Randy, “Bring her to me”

Randy gave her slit one last lick from top to bottom before standing up and sweeping her into his arms, walking her slowly over to his sire, his cock bouncing with every step and lightly brushing her heart shaped ass every time.

When he put her down onto Spike he placed her so she was straddling him and facing him but the head of his freed cock was still exposed.

“Want me?” he asked Buffy, shooting the smoke into a half filled cup of soda before biting down on her breasts.

“God yes” she answered, beginning to thrust against him so that her swollen clit rubbed against his taut stomach in an up and down motion as Randy’s fingers sunk into her from behind, his mouth latching onto to Spike’s head.

Spike moaned into her tits as one hand tangled itself into her hair and the others went to Randy’s.

“M’ burning alive for you Buffy” he choked out, her juices beginning to coat his stomach, her movements becoming more frenzied.

“I love you” he added softly, not expecting her to pull his head up roughly upon hearing his words only to have her tongue push it’s way into his mouth with a hunger he would have never thought she had for him.

“I know” she whispered back, never stopping the assault of her clit against his muscles.

She half sobbed when Randy pulled her off his sire roughly and when Spike stood Randy guided his makers cock into her waiting body, catching them both off guard, making them both shake. When Spike began to slowly move inside her Randy urged her to bend over enough to take his cock into her mouth while Spike’s hand found her clit.

With every thrust Spike gave her her mouth would slide over Randy’s shaft, there were hands all over her and all at once, and she felt as if she would die from the pleasure.

When Spike upped the tempo and it became harder for her to stay bent over he lifted her back up so that her back was flush with his chest and he used one arm to band across her chest, the other dropping to continue rubbing and twisting her clit with the expertise of a man who had been around for over a century. Her slick pussy was a magnet, pulling his dick back in before it had the chance to pull out even just a few inches, a sheen of sweat covered her body and the sound of his balls smacking against her as he fucked her filled the room. Randy came to stand in front of her, so close that Spike moved his hands so that Randy’s swollen dick, mechanical or not, could find some release in the friction to be found by pressing himself against this golden goddesses body. His arms wrapped around the two people he knew he would love even if not programmed to and he held them all together as they swayed. Buffy moved Randy a little so that she could wrap her hand around his cock while he played with her breasts and Spike’s human teeth clamped down on the soft skin of her neck.

“So close” she keened and Spike moved her so quickly she almost didn’t realize it had happened. Facing him now, her tits pressed against his sweat soaked chest, a part of her knew it was her sweat, that he couldn’t generate his own but she found it looked appealing on him. Their lips fused together hungrily and Buffy felt the tip of Randy’s cock pushing into her gently from behind, willing herself not to tense he eventually sank himself into her and all three growled out in pleasure, the men finding a steady and hard rhythm, every time Spike would thrust Randy would follow a second later, and everytime Randy thrust Buffy’s burning clit would rub against Spike. When her muscles began to clamp both vampires choked out a “Bloody hell” and when Randy’s cock came deep inside her Spike growled and bit down onto her neck, sinking his fangs in and roaring out ‘mine’ before falling over the edge and filling her throbbing pussy with his seed. When he felt the small tear in his own neck and heard the soft “mine” that escaped her lips and felt the small amount of blood being taken from him he gave one last thrust, cuming again and harder than he ever had, alive or dead.

She leaned her forehead against his and Randy leaned his chin on her shoulder.

“Does anyone else see the irony in doing this in the Double Meat Palace?” Randy asked with a grin.

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