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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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A/N changed the ending a bit, hopefully this will fix any confusion.

Title: Show and Tell

Author: Sarah Aless

Contact/Feedback: give_it_to_me_spikey@yahoo.co.uk

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: B/S

Spoilers: Season 6 after Smashed/Wrecked

Disclaimer: Y'know I wish they were mine. Unfortunately it still hasn't happened. Joss and ME own them I'm just using them for my own smutty ends.

Distribution: mysticmuse.net, One Good Lay, StS, Fangsandfairytales & www.vampires-kiss.net. Anyone else.....Put it where you like ;-) but please tell me where it's going.

Summary: PWP An interlude in the YKYWT series. Written for the lovely Jill’s birthday. Spike wants to try something out of their ordinary, with Buffy. If you haven’t read the others in the series here’s the scoop. – Buffy and Spike like lots of kinky sex. Buffy’s predominantly the bottom (as is the case in this story) Spike’s teaching her lots of new things - that should do ya.

WARNING: BDSM!!!!You don’t like ? Then don’t read :D

Buffy burst into Spike’s crypt with hurricane force, almost banging the heavy door off its hinges.

“How dare you?” she bellowed at the back of Spike’s chair. She could see the top of his head and the fact that he didn’t move an inch when she yelled made her blood, almost literally, boil. “Hey! I said How dare you?”

When he still didn’t move Buffy looked around for something to throw at the bit of head she could see. She’d just bet he was sleeping. He could sleep through anything! Well, she was going to give him a piece of her mind and he would damn well wake up to hear it. Sighing theatrically when she saw nothing to throw she stalked round to the front of the chair and was stopped in her tracks when she got a decent view of Spike. Gulping, she moved right around to the front of the seat.

Spike, as it turned out, was wide awake. He was also sporting a wicked grin, not to mention a rapidly growing erection, in the confines of the leather pants he wore. Her gulping was caused partly by the sight of the handcuffs which were draped over his left thigh. Mostly it was caused by the sight of the riding crop which he held in his right hand and now began tapping against his left palm. Buffy’s anger, although not entirely dissipated, was swiftly replaced by an intense rush of lust.

“Position.” Spike barked out. This was the most recent lesson they had worked on. Spike had gone to painstaking lengths (emphasis on the pain, mixed as always with a lot of pleasure) to press home the appropriate response to this order, depending on what stage of play they were at when it was given, and what had been done or said just before.

This order as a means of beginning the games produced an automatic response in Buffy which surprised even herself. She obeyed immediately. Dropping to her knees before him she clasped her hands behind her back and dropped her head, fixing her eyes on the floor just in front of the chair.

“Well,” he said his tone achieving ‘menacing’ quality with just the one word “at least some of my lessons have sunk into that pretty little head of yours. Now at the risk of sounding like you, my bratty little bitch……How dare you? You DO NOT come charging into your master’s home, screaming like a banshee……”

“I’m sorry Sir. I didn’t kno……”she interrupted him. He returned the favour in a much louder voice making her jump, and instantly wish she’d kept her mouth shut.

“And you MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT open your insolent mouth unless I tell you to. Hold out your left hand.”

Buffy fought back her urge to tell him to go fuck himself, she was mad at him and apparently that hadn’t disappeared as completely as she had initially thought. Holding her hand out, but not moving her gaze from the floor, she mentally slapped herself when she realised the hand was noticeably shaking. Although she herself wasn’t sure if it was caused by nerves or anger she knew what Spike would interpret it as.

“Oh poor baby!” he sneered “is someone finally learning that she should fear me?”

“You wish.” Buffy muttered, still mad at herself for the trembling.

“Don’t push me girl!” Spike warned. Yanking on her wrist he pulled her a little loser before arranging her hand palm up on his own. Without warning he brought the crop down hard.

Buffy hissed but kept her head down and managed not to pull her hand away from his. However when he cracked her again, this time on the soft skin on the inside of her lower arm, she didn’t control herself so well. Her arm shot behind her, instinctively trying to avoid another stinging blow on the naturally soft and tender flesh.

Spike didn’t even bother to threaten her with dire consequences, she should know by now to obey his next instruction. “Give me your hand back Buffy. I was actually finished with it, but as you saw fit to move it when you hadn’t been told to, you will receive another.”

Buffy felt a flood of moisture in her panties at his words and tone. The way he spoke, confident that he would be obeyed made her want to rebel and submit at the same time. She held her hand out like a good girl and used all her willpower to keep it in place after he landed another blow on her arm. If she had expected praise for doing as she was told she was to be sorely disappointed as Spike spoke again.

“Ok. Put that one back behind you and give me the other.” Again, one blow struck her upturned palm and two landed on her arm. “Resume position.” Spike said.

Again, Buffy did as directed and knelt waiting to see what would come next.

“Don’t ever come flying in here like that again. I believe we’ve had words about that before and now that you’ve been punished for it I don’t expect to have to do it again. Much as I love to punish you I do not expect to have to teach you the same things over and over again. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“Yes Sir. Thank you, for my punishment. It won’t happen again.”

“Good girl, see that it doesn’t.” He reached forward and brushed a stray hair from her face, studying it intently. He had something a bit different planned today and he wanted to make sure she was firmly in ‘sub-space’ before he started. If she wasn’t feeling well and truly submissive she may well bring the whole thing crashing to a halt when she found out his intentions. He cupped the side of her jaw with his hand and stroked his thumb along her cheekbone. Buffy ever so slightly nuzzled into his hand, loving the contact. The slightest touch, which was not given in punishment, when they were playing these games, felt like an enormous gift.

“Are you ready to play my little pet? Ready to do whatever your master wants?” he asked gently.

“Yes Sir.” Buffy sighed, her panties still getting wetter by the second. Spike being loving like this was heavenly but she’d sensed a couple of minutes ago that he was feeling particularly strict today and that always got her going. He could be so damn demanding and unbending sometimes and she loved it; loved the lengths he could push her to.

“Good.” He said, removing his caress. “Go downstairs, strip and lie on the bed, hands above your head. I’ll be down directly.”

“Yes Sir.” Buffy said getting to her feet and turning to head for the ladder to the lower level. She’d gone a couple of steps when his voice, now back to stern and commanding, stopped her.

“Oh and Buffy…..” she froze and he moved closer to her “Keep your hands off my property. I’ll know if you’ve been touching, so keep those hands away from between your legs. Is that understood?”

“Yes Sir.” Buffy said breathily. It was his favourite trick, talking about her touching ‘his pussy’ when the thought had yet to cross her mind. Making her want to do nothing but the thing he had forbidden.

“Off you go then.” He said slapping her ass to get her moving and smiling as this elicited the tiniest of startled yelps from her.

Once she was downstairs Buffy got out of her clothes in a hurry. She noticed when she took off her panties that she was so wet it was in danger of running down her thighs. God how did he do that? He hadn’t even touched her sexually and she was drenched from the unspoken promise of things to come. She turned the underwear inside out and hurriedly wiped some of the excess moisture away. Balling the panties up she threw them on top of her pile of clothes and got into position on the bed. On her back, arms above her head. She heard Spike speaking to someone upstairs and wondered if she should get dressed in case whoever it was went exploring. Then she heard him say loudly, “Ok then see ya mate.” She relaxed again and waited for him to join her.

He was downstairs in no time and quickly divested himself of his t-shirt, leaving him in just the tight and oh-so-sexy leather pants. His nostrils flared as he approached the bed and the scent of her arousal hit him like a ton of bricks dropped from a great height.

“Ooooh, some naughty girl’s very ready to play.” He teased. “Now let’s just see if she’s already been playing while I was upstairs taking care of a bit of business.”

Buffy tried not to squirm as he climbed on top of her and kissed her neck, rubbing his groin against hers. He only kissed her neck for a second before moving his head up to her hands. Buffy lay as still as she could, smug in the knowledge that he couldn’t punish her this time, she’d been an angel, hadn’t touched herself once. After a couple of audible sniffs on both hands Spike pulled back. Sitting up, his weight on her legs, he gave her an extremely annoyed look.

“What did I tell you about keeping your hands off?” he questioned.

“But I didn’t!” Buffy protested “I didn’t even….”

“Jesus Christ, girl. Don’t make it worse by lying! You said you were ready to please me, to do as you were told. That was lie enough. I don’t want to hear any more of them, just answer the question. What did I tell you?”

“Not to touch your property Sir. But I am ready to please you. I didn’t touch…….” She babbled the whole lot out quickly, alarmed that she was in trouble for something she hadn’t done.

“If you aren’t going to apologise and tell the truth Buffy shut your mouth now.” Spike cut her babble off.


“I mean it! Unless you are going to say what I want to hear you had better keep your mouth shut.”

With preternatural speed Spike cuffed her hands to the headboard with the cuffs that he’d brought from upstairs. Cuffing one wrist, passing the chain round the rail and cuffing the other wrist. “As you can’t be trusted, your hands will be restrained until I see fit to release you. I am very displeased with you.” He continued “I have special plans and they will now have to be delayed in order for me to teach you not to lie and to do as you are told.”


“If you say ‘but’ one more time you’ll feel the back of my hand on your pretty little face.”

Buffy bit her tongue to stop from protesting again. She couldn’t believe this was happening. He was royally pissed at her and she hadn’t done anything. At that point she remembered wiping her arousal off her pussy with her panties. She must have touched the wetness, and him with his damned vampire olfactory abilities would pick that up a mile off; no matter how little of it had actually touched her hands. She opened her mouth to explain but the look Spike gave her shut her up before she even made a sound.

“Turn over.” He ordered.

Again she wanted to argue, she hated it when he cuffed her on her back then made her turn over. The chain on the cuffs was only just long enough to allow this but it meant that her wrists ended up crossed over one another and the metal bit into her skin. Sure she could move them up and down the rail of the head board but that didn’t stop the pinching. In fact its only benefit was for Spike, in that he could have her kneel up in a sitting position, or lie flat on her stomach, or on her knees with her ass pushed back. Inwardly raging at the unfairness she nevertheless obeyed and turned over without even glaring at him. She wasn’t getting out of this it seemed and the last thing she wanted to do was piss him off more.

“Damn! I left the crop upstairs.” Spike cursed.

Buffy gave a silent prayer of thanks.

“Oh well. I’ll just have to make do with my hand and my belt.”

Buffy became an atheist.

“Position.” He ordered again. Immediately Buffy put her ass in the air, her face down on the pillow and her hands loosely clenched around the rails on either side of the one to which she was bound. They clenched round the rails as Spike gave a preliminary spank with his hand, across the middle of her ass. It was hard and Buffy knew she was in for it now. She closed her eyes and tried to prepare herself for the next blow. She was surprised when instead of a spank she felt Spikes hands pull her hair until she was holding her head up and back. Quick as a flash he tied a blindfold around her eyes.


“Shut it.” Another fierce spank, this one across the back of her thighs. Buffy had enough sense not to even attempt to apologise. “You know what you need to say if this is too much. Unless you need to say that, I don’t want to hear another word out of your lying dirty little mouth. Do you understand?”

She chewed her lip. Should she answer? Was this a test to see if she’d carry out his order and stay quiet? With a crack his belt hit her ass. “Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Now prepare yourself to have your bottom well and truly warmed my little bitch.”

She stifled a groan at his words and flexed her fingers knowing they’d be gripping tight soon. God help her, her pussy was overflowing again. Spike began to spank her with his hand.

“You’re a bad,”
Spank, spank. One on each cheek.

Spank spank.

Spank spank.

Spank spank.

“lying little hussy.”
Spank spank SPANK!

Spike stopped for a second to push his hands between her thighs. He was happy to find her drenched, but he wasn’t going to tell her that. “Even now, when I’m trying to punish you; your pussy is wet. You don’t know your place my girl. Now, we’re going to see if we can’t get your bum even rosier with my belt. Make some nice patterns for me to look at. This time I want you to repeat after each stroke. ‘I belong to my master and will do whatever he wants, to please him.’”

Buffy still wasn’t sure whether she was allowed to answer and besides she didn’t know if she could. He hadn’t let up fondling between her legs. One finger was brushing her clit infuriatingly lightly and his thumb was circling her oozing opening. The thumb too was barely touching her but she knew better than to push back against it. No matter how much the empty feeling in her pussy grew. “Do you understand slave?” he questioned jamming his thumb just inside her and pinching her clit between his fore and middle fingers.

“Y-yes Sir.” She gasped out as her pussy desperately clenched and unclenched when he removed his hand from her entirely.

“Good, let’s get started then.”

This was what she both loved and hated about him using instruments like the belt and the crop on her. They made noise before they struck. You knew it was coming, but coming too quickly to do anything about it. It made her panic about the pain she knew was coming, but also made her want it so much, and all in just the fraction of a second before the fire started.

The belt hit with a crack across both cheeks and she immediately chanted out “I belong to my master and will do whatever he wants to please him.”

Spike went at it full strength, barely giving her a chance to finish speaking before he landed the next blow. At first they were always in a new place but eventually when her ass and thighs were red raw he began hitting exactly on top of previous welts. His vampire skills making sure he had excellent aim so that the edges of the belt which caused the raised edges of welts always landed exactly on the welts from last time. By the time he was satisfied that he’d done enough for now Buffy was whimpering out “I belong to my master and will do whatever he wants to please him.”

Spike moved up the bed and turned her face to him. He just wanted to check that she was definitely ok. He knew she could take much more than this and for longer than this but he’d started off fairly harsh instead of leading into it slowly like normal. His lips tightened when he saw that there were no tears leaking from beneath the blindfold. She was trembling and gasping, but no tears. He honestly didn’t know if this pleased him or not. It wasn’t like he enjoyed her crying, but it was the one thing she’d never done in these games. It was like she was determined not to show that particular weakness. She didn’t cry on his shoulder about anything any more, why would she let him make her cry? It was enough that she had continued repeating his words, they were designed to place her in a properly submissive frame of mind.

Shrugging off these thoughts he decided now was about the time to introduce his planned little twist for tonight’s festivities. God he hoped she’d go with this, because he had a suspicion that she’d love this. As he looked at her shivering body, well whipped ass, her last declaration of his ownership echoing in his head, he grinned to himself. He was sure he’d gotten her worked up enough for this.

“Buffy?” he questioned gently.

Her brow furrowed. What was he up to? When they were playing he only ever said her name like that if he was about to finish the game, or about to introduce something new and usually perverted. Not that she minded ‘perverted’ as such, but that voice this early in events made her very uneasy.

“Yes Sir?” she said softly.

“Did you mean what you just said? Do you wish to please me?”

“Yes Sir.” She sounded a little more confident this time.

“Good because I have a surprise. Now, you may not like this idea at first but it would please me immensely.”

“Ok Sir.” Buffy still didn’t sound sure so he began to stroke her pussy again as he spoke.

“We have a guest. An old friend of mine, who wishes to see just how good a girl you can be. We’re going to put on a little show my pet.”

He’d expected fireworks. He didn’t get them. Buffy was far too pliable just now as he touched her intimately. He did get the reaction he’d expected though, even though it was to a lesser degree.

“Spike no.” she moaned. “I can’t. I can’t let some stranger……oh god…..you have to stop touching me……I can’t let some stranger see me like this.”

“Come on darling.” Spike decided that coaxing was the best course of action at least for now. He continued in a soothing voice as Buffy began to pull at the handcuffs. “Now, now, pet. Stop that you’ll hurt yourself. You know you can’t break those. They’re the special cuffs. Let’s just give this a try. You don’t want to disappoint me do you?”

“No,” she whimpered “but I can’t Spike. It’s too embarrassing.”

“Just give it a go pet. You know I’ll stop if you say the word. You know that don’t you?”

“Y-yes but…..”

A male voice cut through Buffy’s thoughts. “I thought you said she was trained. In my opinion you need to cut out this soft talk. Who’s the master here? Tell her she’s going to do it and she’s going to like it if she knows what’s good for her.”

At first Buffy tried to place the voice, she didn’t think it was anyone she knew. Sounded human though, as far as it was possible to tell. As he continued speaking however she felt his words have an effect on her. ‘she’s going to do it and she’s going to like it if she knows what’s good for her’ echoed in her head making her stomach turn over and her pussy contact and secrete copious amounts of her inner fluids. She was caught off guard by an image of herself as they must see her. Face down, reddened ass in the air, hips almost imperceptibly undulating against Spikes sensuously torturous hand. Bound and at the mercy of her master and whomever he chose to join them. With an about-face that surprised even herself she stopped pulling at the cuffs and buried her head low in the pillow. Spike would stop if she asked, she had faith in that and the other party’s words had apparently had a profoundly arousing effect on her.

Spike grinned down at her. “Will you do it if I order you to? I think you will. And here was me thinking sweet talk would do it. Oh well, never mind. Now, let’s get a few things straight first.”

Buffy nodded slightly.

“First, you know how to stop this if you want to Buffy, if that happens you won’t even see our guest; he’ll be gone before I take the fold off. Second, you will show him as much respect as you would me. Is that understood?”

Buffy pulled her knees up under her and bringing her hands up to the top of the headboard, sat up. “Yes Sir, but I want to make some things clear.”

Spike’s eyebrows rose, she never bloody let up! His sassy little slayer, always looking out for herself. Good for her. Good in general that was, in terms of her playing his slave, it wasn’t good at all. He moved up the bed so that he was kneeling at her side. Her chin came up in determination as she looked where she thought he was.

“First, you better believe that I’ll stop this if I want to, and god help you if you don’t, cos you can’t keep me chained forever. Second, he doesn’t touch…..unnmmggfhh”

She was silenced by Spike grabbing her head and shoving his cock into her mouth. “Suck it!” he ordered, “And while I fuck your face I’ll tell you the rules here. No ‘he’ won’t touch you, but that’s by my choice not yours.” Spike wasn’t so stupid. He knew if he let someone else take part when she didn’t want it she’d stop the whole thing. “You are the damn slave here and you will not speak to me like that again.” As he spoke he continued to thrust his cock into her mouth.

Buffy had been shocked by him doing it but as he began to push her head forward to meet his thrusts she regained her senses and started sucking.

“I’m glad you started sucking my little whore, because that’s all your mouth’s good for and it’s about time you learned that. Now,” he pulled his dick from her mouth. Much as he hated to, he wasn’t planning on cuming down her throat just yet. It had just been a strong way of shutting her up and making her understand the hierarchy. When she hadn’t immediately sucked he’d thought the safe word was coming but she did him proud. “Turn over. I want you on your back again. I have a gag ready so I strongly recommend that you keep your thoughts to yourself.”

Buffy shuddered as she obeyed. He’d actually just shut her up by slamming his dick into her mouth. It was so demeaning and degrading and god it made her horny. Now he was going to fuck her with an audience. She knew the idea of Spike showing her off like a piece of meat shouldn’t turn her on but her body had other ideas.

“Very nice.” Said the male voice, sounding a lot closer now and cutting through her thoughts in that annoying way.

“Oh, very nice piece of ass she is mate.” Spike said “Open your legs.” He commanded.

Buffy did as he said. A blush crept over her cheeks at the thought of being so open and vulnerable to them both.

“Look at this.” Spike said running his hand over her exposed labia. “All nicely shaved. Pink and succulent. Such a pretty pussy my little bitch has. As you can see, she has a tendency to get overexcited. Such a naughty little whorish body she has.”

Buffy cringed inwardly at the words. So embarrassing to lie there and be perused and have judgement passed on how wet you had become. It made her even wetter of course.

“You’ll have to feel this little pussy next time.” Spike continued. “So smooth. So fuckable. And it loves to be fucked. She takes cock well, takes it anywhere too. See it creaming? It begs to be fucked. Look at her. She’s panting, all flushed starting to writhe like a good ‘un and I haven’t even touched her properly yet.”

Whoever the other guy was his voice seemed to get right in to her brain and echo there tormenting her with his comments as Spike gave his appraisal of her body.

“I see.” Said the ‘guest’. “She writhes like a cat in heat. And she looks like she needs a good fucking. I’d like to see her getting one.”

Buffy stifled a moan as they continued to talk about her as if she wasn’t there.

“Want to see how she takes a good hard fucking? That’s what she loves most. Don’t you my little whore?” As he finished speaking he finally touched her properly, twisting her clit and one nipple as he spoke, his mouth descending on the other nipple to suck and nip momentarily.

“Oh god yes Sir” she gasped as she arched up off the bed. “Please…..”

“She pleads nicely.” That voice observed again.

“Pleading already my little slut? You can plead much better than that!.” Spike said. “Lets show our guest what I mean shall we?”

Buffy wanted to scream when he removed his hand from her nipple and brought it down to her overflowing opening. He jacked three fingers straight into her. Letting his other hand just rest against her clit for the time being. “You see when you get just ….the right” his fingers were delving inside her searching the upper wall of her channel “spot” he grinned as he body went rigid and her legs flopped further apart. “You can get her to beg for anything.”

His finger tip grazed lightly over her g-spot, the hand on the outside of her body just pressing on her clit, still not moving. He began to massage the magic spot inside her more firmly as Buffy gasped louder, her hips shifting unconsciously.

“You see this pussy likes to be played with inside and out. See how when you think it can’t possibly get any wetter it just comes gushing out. I told you it was a naughty pussy didn’t I?”

“She’s loving that.” The voice observed “look at the wanton little whore. Loving getting her pussy played with. I bet she likes to be finger fucked. I bet she’ll take anything she can get up there.”

At this moment in time Buffy would have to agree. This torture was driving her insane and she desperately needed something, anything thrusting in and out of her overheated core. “Please……please….” She panted.

“Please what, slave? What do want?” Spike stilled his hands as he waited for a response.

“Fuck me…….please……please fuck me.”

“All in good time. You see, overexcited. Unfortunately it’s not just her pussy, it’s her in general. She knows she’s going to get it but she’s always so impatient.” He removed the hand that was pressing her clit “See how erect her little nub is. Like a little cock all hard and ready for fucking.” He began to thrust his fingers in and out fast and hard and Buffy almost screamed with relief at finally getting the friction she’d been waiting for.

“That’s it. Shove your fingers into her, show that pussy who it belongs to. Make it take you.”

Buffy began to mewl as the voice continued to extol Spike’s efforts. Then Spike’s voice took over.

“This what you want? Or do you want more Slayer? You want my big cock in you. Want me to fuck you six ways from Sunday? Want me take you hard and fast, the way you like.?”

“Please ……yes…..cock, need the cock……..please.”

“Eager little fucker isn’t she?” he was there again, taking over her thoughts.

“Oh you’re going to get it Slayer. Going to put it to you so good.” Spike withdrew his hands and Buffy’s hips bucked trying to keep contact. “Lie still!” Spike commanded.

He quickly pulled is trousers of and sank his dick fully into her.

“Aaaaaghhh….yes!” Buffy exclaimed as he filled her. Her brow furrowed when he didn’t move.

“You’ve got my dick there now slayer. How much do you want me to fuck you?”

Buffy immediately clenched her inner walls around him. Speech not being something she was entirely sure she was capable of just now.

“Uuuunngh!....you should feel her squeeze mate. Tight as a virgin she is. Oh yeah baby you’re just begging for it aren’t you? You need me to fuck your brains out. Well hold on tight baby.”

He pulled almost all the way out before plunging back in hard, yanking another groan from Buffy as she lay helpless beneath him. He repeated the action until her hips were shifting quickly, trying to convey her need for him to go faster.

“You’re right, she does love it.” That voice again. “I’ve never seen a whore squirm like this one.”

Spike began to pump into her hard and fast; panting more and more as he did so. “Yeah that’s it baby. Take my cock, squeeze it yeah.”

“That’s it. Give it to her. Make her take your cock fast and hard.”

Spike grabbed her legs behind the knees. Moving with her he shoved them up to her chest and held them there, her bottom tilted up. “Lets give our friend a better view eh?” he said. “Open you up wide, so he can see your sweet little pussy getting pounded.”

Buffy’s brain was going into melt down. Images of what she must look like, bound and shoved open for the guy to watch Spike fucking his glorious prick into her, flashed into her brain sending her hurtling closer to the edge. The thought of someone watching and the sound of Spike grunting above her as he thrust into her sloppy centre made her wonder how she still hadn’t cum.

Spikes grunts got louder with the effort of the plowing he was giving her and were joined by her own. Her eyes squeezed tight shut behind the blind fold as the lust engulfed her.

“Oh shit……oh….oh….oh….” Buffy panted as Spike let go of one of her legs and slapped her upturned, still burning ass, in time with his thrusts. An image of the faceless guests cock, and him jacking off as he watched, again almost sent her over the edge.

“That’s it bitch, take that cock in you, while you get your ass slapped hard. Ram it into her. The little slut is loving it. Fuck her good, smack her harder. Make her feel it.”

“She sucks like a pro too.” Spike gritted out “Next time, I’ll do this and you can make her suck your cock, while I fuck her senseless.”

“oh fuck…….” Buffy cursed as that image did irreparable damage to her ability to hold back her release. Spike hadn’t commanded it, but whenever these games were played, she wasn’t allowed to cum until he said so.

“Fuck her hard. Give it to her man. Fuck that pussy. Make the bitch scream.”

“You want to cum Buffy?” Spike asked with a resounding slap to her ass as he thrust in again.

“Please…..please Sir….have to…..have to…can’t hold it back.”

“Make her wait. Make her beg harder. Give that pussy a pounding it won’t forget.”

Spike wasn’t suicidal. When the playing was over Buffy had a tendency to get revenge if he made her wait too long. He redoubled his efforts and pistoned into her as fast and hard as he possibly could. “Cum for me!” he yelled as he spilled into her.

“OHHH….fuckk…….unghh!!! ungh!!!!!unnnggggghh!!!” Buffy screamed out as her orgasm roared through her. Spike pulled out and stuck his head between her thighs. He suckled her clit, drawing out her orgasm as long as he could. Eventually Buffy’s body went limp as she relaxed and began to enjoy the afterglow.

Spike moved up to lie next to her, the soppiest grin in the world on his face. He reached out and untied the blindfold. Buffy looked at him in amazement. “Wow! Spike that was…….wow!”

Thought you’d like that little fantasy Spike grinned.


“Yes luv?”

“There was never anyone else here was there?”

“Strictly speaking, no pet. Hence the blindfold. I wanted you to have the uncertainty. Make it that bit more real.”

“You know I never would have thought I’d like to be watched. But that was……again, I say wow!”

“Well, it’s not an uncommon fantasy luv. But don’t think it’s ever actually gonna happen. No way I want another man looking at you, even fully clothed.”

“I could hear a voice in my head you know. While we were……… y’know.”

“Really? Do tell luv. Was it saying nasty things?”

“The nastiest.”

“Seriously Slayer do tell.”

Buffy blushed slightly.“Well, I thought it was you at first, y'know some vamp thing that you never told me about. Then I realised I was doing it myself! I made up this dirty voice for guy! Seriously, can you say 'pervert' Buffy?" she blushed a deep crimson now. "The things I was imagining! Can I whisper it to you. I can’t get the feeling out of my head that someone’s watching and listening.”

Spike chuckled and leaned his ear down as she began to whisper. His cock hardened as she spoke and he thanked god he hadn’t uncuffed her. He was going to have some punishment to mete out for her ‘other man’ fantasies. Also, he’d obviously need to give her some more criminally good fucking as well thanks to the mental pictures she was creating.


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