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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
Spuffy Kinkathon assignment: on LJ:
Writing For: denny_dc
The Kink requirements: tortured Spike, physcially abuse him, emotionally and sexually.
Three other requests: Buffy loves Spike and admits it. Angel turns out to be Spike's most loyal friend, Willow gets hurt.
Up to two restrictions: No Dawn, No bad Xander, No Kennedy
Rating preference: R to NC-17
I cover all the kinks listed so be warned…..no under 17 please and it gets kinda dark (but light at the end of the tunnel). Note I decided to "get rid" of Dawn before getting into the story to comply with the "no Dawn" portion. Cannon until S6.11 "Gone", when we get rid of Dawn, then cannon until 6.15, "As You Were". S6, goes AU from that point. Events in Older and Far Away, Hells Bells and Normal Again occurred, but with slight changes. Angel S3 cannon with some slight changes after 3.21, "Benediction". Again warning this fic gets quite dark in places.

A Prayer From Dante


Mrs. Kroger wasted no time after her enforced vacation ended. She phoned Mr. Hank Summers in Spain, where he currently resided, and informed the missing father about his youngest daughter’s recent behavior. He agreed that a stronger hand was needed than his college age daughter, Buffy, seemed able to provide.

Mr. Summeres tsked when told of the fall in Dawn’s grade point average. He seemed properly horrified when told of the odd goings on at his deceased ex-wife’s home. He won Mrs. Kroger’s heart with the tale of how he had sacrificed his natural desire for having his youngest with him in the interest of keeping her school and friends as much the same as when her mother had been alive. He had been assured that Buffy was up to the task, but now he sadly had to agree that she was not.

After being reassured by Mrs. Kroger that his financial obligation to his offspring, in the form of child support, would not be required once he assumed guardianship of Dawn, Hank made arrangements through his attorneys to rescind the custody arrangements with Buffy. Dawn was henceforth removed from Buffy’s custody and rapidly shuttled to her new home in Barcelona. Hank assured his daughter that she would love the food and the culture there and that she would eventually come to love her new stepmother and toddling stepbrother. Dawn was excited about seeing Europe and the prospect that could earn spending money with the baby-sitting duties she would have with her not-yet-met sibling, Cody.


Buffy was reeling when Dawn was removed from her care. True, she hadn’t spent much time with her sister and was not enjoying the extra responsibility, but she was so very tired of people that she loved leaving her.

First was her dad. Now, Buffy doubted she’d get so much as a Christmas card since his small monthly check for Dawns support and brief, obligatory note were terminated. She had missed her dad a lot, but that loss was tempered by having her mom with her. Joyce had been more betrayed by Hank’s leaving than Buffy had been, after all.

Losing Angel had furthered the descent into constant abandonment and loss that made up Buffy’s world. He hadn’t even bothered with a goodbye kiss, merely looked at her across the smoky distance, turned, and walked out of her life. The few times they had met since then had only served to show how much distance there now was between them.

Her mother’s death had nearly killed Buffy. She had never realized how much she had relied on Joyce, how much she had loved her. Buffy regretted every weekend she had not gone home to visit and every missed phone call when she was away at college.

True, Buffy and Joyce had gotten closer again that last year, but the whole Glory thing had kept it from being the blessing it could have been. Buffy had lost the only "normal" part of her life and any semblance of childhood along with her mother. She had been forced to assume the responsibilities of Dawn and the household that had grown during her absence. This was in addition to the usual duties of holding the fate of the world, and maintaining the balance in the war of good vs. evil, in her tiny hands. Buffy was crushed long before that jump from the tower.

She had finally found rest and peace in Heaven, only to lose that too. Her friends demanded much from her. Buffy loved them dearly, but they were really high maintenance in many ways. She had so much to live up to in their eyes. "If they knew about Spike!", Buffy shuddered in fear. She just knew she would be left alone in reality if they ever found out the truth.

Giles, her real father in all the ways that counted, was gone too. He had known the pressures she was under, knew how she had been pulled from Heaven, and still he left. He seemed to think she needed to grow up and handle things on her own. God, she couldn’t even figure out her own heart. How could she be expected to handle the mountain of duties and responsibilities she had before her?

Buffy knew she should be grateful that her responsibilities regarding Dawn were over and her little sister was safe and cared for, but it just felt like another loss.

The only being in her life she couldn’t seem to lose was Spike. No matter what she did or said, she just couldn’t get rid of the vampire. Part of her held that thought close to her heart and cherished it, the secret part of her that she didn’t acknowledge even to herself. Her fear outweighed it though, so she didn’t examine how she really felt about Spike at all. When she did think about it, she remembered how at ease she was with him since her return to life.

Actually, that feeling had started to take root not long after Spike had protected the Key from Glory at great personal cost. Since Buffy’s return, however, she had really started a friendship with him that held the potential of much more. Naturally, the idiot had to ruin that by pushing her into a physical relationship. Buffy usually stopped analyzing her feelings at that point. It was a good spot to blame Spike, get angry, and ignore any development of tenderness she might be having.

With the money from Hank no longer a factor at Casa Summers, Buffy began to work extra shifts at the Doublemeat Palace. She was going to have to look for a better paying job if she expected to keep her home and pay the outstanding debts that had been piling up. Buffy was tired, tired and numb. She began to plan another visit to Spike after her shift ended tonight. At least the numbness would be physical then and she’d have good reason for the tired.

Spike was on his third bourbon when the red-eyed, four-foot-high demon approached him at Willie’s. He had been drinking more than he would have ever expected to, considering he was involved in a very intense affair with the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, having Buffy in his bed had not equated to having himself in Buffy’s heart. Bourbon took the edge off the pain of that realization, so Spike drank.

The demon, a Ravnar if Spike was not mistaken, had been quite nervous in his approach. Spike could feel the fear rolling off the little guy in waves. Ravnars were not particularly known as fighters and were usually inclined to avoid trouble, so Spike was not worried when it tapped on his shoulder. The Ravnar turned out to be male (impossible to tell with that species) and identified himself as Argot of the Reavenoir. He said he had a business proposition to make to Spike that could make the vampire a tidy sum of money with little effort.

"Yeah, well, vampire here. I take what I want. Why should I do some job for you to get some ready? And why me specifically? Lots of Vamps and demons in here tonight", Spike asked. He eyed the demon suspiciously and drank down his glass of Jack.

"You are well known in demon circles as one who deals with the humans and fights his own kind. You have a reputation of years as a Master Vampire with a long and bloody history. You are famous! Indeed, I am humbled in your presence", he groveled. "One is needed to do harm to demonkind, in the service of a human. Who but the storied William The Bloody should I approach?", he asked.

"What’s the job then? Can’t say I’ll be takin’ it, but you’ve got my interest", Spike said. He then motioned to a booth in a corner and ordered another bottle of Jack Daniels. "My little friend here’ll pick up the tab, won’tcha buddy", he said to the bartender, indicating the Ravnar.

In a matter of an hour, Spike had accepted a commission that would pay enough for his Slayer to get her bills paid, pay off the mortgage and finally be able to get a job she actually liked with hours that didn’t kill her slowly.

All he would have to do is store a few Ferrisite demon eggs, milk the hatchlings for the poison they had in a sac in their abdomen, and hand the venom over to Argot to be given to a human doctor working on a cure for some rare blood disease. Seemed like a win-win situation to Spike. He would get to help his ladylove, the doctor could possibly cure lots of people in some Southeast Asian country and Argot would get a nice fee for putting the deal together.

Spike knew the Ferrisite demons were nasty little buggers. They were insect-like and ugly as sin. Their venom wouldn’t kill a human, but would sting like the devil. It would take the speed and skill of a vampire such as Spike to be able to do the job quickly before the little bastards scampered away after hatching. Spike agreed to take delivery from Argot as soon as the eggs were laid and begin egg sitting until time for the milking job.

Now all he had to figure out was how to get Buffy to accept the money. He’d figure that part out after he had the cash in hand. Too much planning usually didn’t go well for Spike.

Chapter 1

Spike sat in his gutted home in a state of numbness. For a creature of such strong emotions, being in a position of feeling nothing was foreign to him. Buffy had gone, really gone this time. Spike had feared this from the time Captain Cardboard had barged into his crypt hurling accusations. Accusations that Buffy didn’t once question.

After destroying Spike’s home, Buffy had returned to destroy his heart. She wasn’t even angry. That was the part he couldn’t really process. She was calmer than he had ever seen her. She looked happy even.

She said their affair was killing her and that she didn’t want to hurt him anymore. Well, she didn’t want to hurt William anyway. That was who she addressed her farewell to, William, not Spike, as if he had some multiple personality disorder or something! Angel might want people to think that Liam and Angelus were two different people and that neither had a thing to do with Angel, but Spike knew who HE was, knew who the poof was too, for that matter.

Spike thought he knew Buffy too. He had been sure that she felt something for him that was real, as real as what he felt for her. Spike had been counting on time
for Buffy to realize that she wouldn’t keep coming to him if she didn’t have feelings for him. Time would help her to decide those feelings were love. Now it was all in ashes around him, just as his crypt was.

He hadn’t bothered to defend himself to Buffy with Finn there. He hadn’t wanted to expose his plan for those eggs either, or the reason for it. Not with "Mr. Normal Life" standing there acting so superior. GI Joe kept calling them Suvolte eggs and not once did Buffy act like Finn could be anything but right.

He had half expected Buffy to come back and stake him; he hadn’t been prepared for her to just pull his unbeating heart from his chest and destroy him, while leaving him alive, or as alive as a vampire can be. Spike didn’t expect it to be over this soon, to run out of time. It hurt like hell.

Spike walked in a daze to the sarcophagus that acted as storage for the more potent alcohol he kept on hand and lifted the lid. He finally fell asleep, passed out actually, after depleting the contents of his stash.

The vampire woke to the sound of his crypt door being kicked open and a blur of movement he was still too inebriated to follow. When the taser hit him, he
recognized his visitor and growled in anger.

"Finn. Well I shouldn’t be too surprised to see you back. Come to drive another plastic poker in me, did ya? Well, don’t have a heart for you to poke now, do I? What’s with the cattle prod, not manly enough to face Buffy’s follow up choice without usin’ that toy?", he asked.

With that, Spike found himself being tasered again and again until he lost consciousness. Riley had let his weapon do all the talking he was going to do.

"Provo to base. Hostile has been incapacitated. Beginning transport as soon as target has been secured. Out". Riley snapped his cell phone shut and began to bind the unconscious Spike in a way that would allow little or no movement from the vampire should he regain consciousness. Everything had gone too well so far for a slip up at this point.


(flash back to just after Riley and Sam "left" Sunnydale)

"No, Sam, I’ll be the one to recover Hostile 17. Right about now, he should be good and drunk. I don’t think he’ll put up much of a fight. I’ll taser the son of a bitch and we can get him back to the labs by morning", Riley said.

"I’d like to be there, Ri. This creature escaping was the start of all the horrible things that happened to mom. I owe it to her to be hands on".

Samantha Walsh held her greatest hatred for Buffy Summers, of course, but the vampire ran a close second. The visit she and Riley Finn had just made to Sunnydale had been bittersweet. Sam had reveled in the anguish she saw on Buffy’s face as they had
presented themselves as happy newlyweds. She and Ri had done plenty of recon before making the contact. Ri knew just how to get to his ex girlfriend.

They had easily stumbled on the secret affair between the Vampire and the Slayer. Riley had suspected the two would be involved by now. He had known Buffy well
enough to realize that she would not go public with her relationship with another vampire. He had seen the attraction between the two even before he left. Knowing how the Scoobies felt about Spike, there was no way that Buffy would be openly involved with him. Riley’s suspicions had been right on all counts.

His pose with Sam as a married couple, happily in love and fighting the good fight with first class weaponry, had been the perfect method to make the Slayer even more uncomfortable with her love life choices, her entire life actually. Part of Riley felt sorry for his former love; the other part could only feel that Buffy deserved the pain for betraying her calling once again.

Sam had known Riley Finn ever since her mother, the late Dr. Maggie Walsh, had pulled him from Special Forces and made him her top muscle with the Initiative. He was like a brother to Sam and that had helped make their easy familiarity so believable to Buffy and her friends. The Scoobies had been almost too easy to fool. The conspirators had made sure to not have Sam come into any contact with the vampire, however. Spike was unnaturally observant and would have raised a question or two that might have ruined the entire plan.

It had been a gift to arrange for the vampire to be egg-sitting some Ferrisite offspring. For once, being overheard while discussing the plan with Sam had been a blessing. Enemies made strange bedfellows, indeed!

Riley knew that Buffy wouldn’t know the way Suvoltes bred and if they were egg layers or not. He figured that all he had to do was identify the eggs as Suvolte and imply that Spike was dealing in demonic weapons of mass destruction and Buffy would accept his word at face value. He also knew that she wouldn’t stake the vampire either, but it would end the relationship. Everything had gone according to plan, perfect in
every aspect.

Now all they had to do was immobilize Hostile 17, take him to headquarters and the lab so the doctors could do their tests before allowing Riley the pleasure of ending the vampire’s existence once and for all.

The Initiative had lost the American government funding that had been so useful for years. However, any great idea could find funding elsewhere. The many medical and military personnel from the Initiative that had been involved based on a deep belief in their work went along with the reorganization. The addition of some disgruntled former members of the Watchers Council had added to the store of knowledge of the demon world and the world of Slayers as well.

The resulting group was now made up of true believers, those who sought to rid the world of every demon on it while discovering and using anything they could from those demons. The group was well funded and used as mercenaries for more than one international government in need of demon eradication.

The former Watchers Council members were few, but their skills were quite an asset. They knew more Slayer and Demon lore than the Initiative had ever been able to collect. That knowledge had made some of the experiments unnecessary and saved plenty of time. A few demon species had been completely wiped from the planet because no further information was needed from working on them.

There were a handful of former "wet works" Council members that had joined as well. They were well versed in methods of killing the various beasts. They had a particular hatred for the current Slayers due to their consorting with Vampires and going soft on certain members of the demon population.

In their opinion, both the current Slayers should have been "put down" and a proper Slayer called. The sloppy Watchers who had allowed the girls to get out of hand should be punished as well.

The one responsible for the acting Slayer had been removed and was undergoing re-education in London even now. The other, Wyndam-Pryce, had thrown his lot in with one of the worst of the creatures he had sworn to eliminate. Although, if informants could be believed, there was now some kind of estrangement there and the vampire had turned on the former Watcher.

The doctors who had served under Maggie Walsh had a special interest in Hostile 17. He was the only vampire they had chipped who was still among the living. He should have been finished a few months after his escape. Just why the vampire was still functioning was a puzzle that the doctors were determined to solve. To do so meant recovering Hostile 17.

Riley had volunteered immediately. He had issues of his own where Spike was concerned, as did Sam. The higher powers of the organization had a vague knowledge of the issues Colonel Finn had with the Slayer, but knew he could be counted on to keep his head and get the job done.

They also knew he had some personal grudge against the escaped Hostile and to sweeten the deal they had promised, when the doctors were done, Finn could have the duty of terminating the vampire with extreme prejudice and a blind eye to the method Finn chose to use. Riley had looked like a child at Christmas at the prospect. Payback was going to taste sweet.

Their first contact in Sunnydale was a short, long-tailed demon who looked more like a middle-aged librarian than anything else. He went by the name of Doc and he too had a score to settle with the Slayer and her Vampire lover.

Doc had been hiding, keeping a low profile, ever since he had recovered from the injuries he had incurred in his fall from the tower the previous year.His only source of joy had been realizing that the Slayer was dead, until he heard the rumors that she lived yet again. From that moment on, Doc had a purpose in his life: revenge. The Vampire and the Slayer were going to suffer enough to wish that Doc had been successful in opening the portals and letting loose the hordes of demons in this dimension.

When he overheard Riley Finn laying groundwork for his plan to entrap the vampire, Doc’s ears perked up. He offered his services and an additional idea to the
original plan. In return, he was going to be allowed to help Finn when it came time to put an end, a slow end, to the soulless traitor of a demon that was Spike.

In the months of planning and laying groundwork for the plan, Doc looked for just the right go between. He spotted the Ravnar, Argot, as he was shuffling off to hunt up supper for his family. The payment Argot received from Doc in making the deal with Spike was enough to allow him to take his large brood and move to a cooler, and safer, clime a much richer demon.

Doc felt it money well spent. It hadn’t been too big a step from "Doc" to "The Doctor". Since no one was going to meet this "human researcher", his true identity would go unnoted. He didn’t even have to do anything more than purchase a few Ferrisite eggs. Even better was the fact that the soldier group gave him the needed cash and contacts to make that part the easiest job of his very, very long life.

Naturally, Doc didn’t trust the humans one bit. Having a chance to even the score with the Slayer and her pesky, interfering vampire made his discomfort bearable, however. Doc could hardly contain his excitement at the thought of the look that would surely be on Spike’s face when he saw just who he had been egg-sitting for!

Now all the months of preparation and planning were about to come to fruition. Doc waited at the designated place for his two human co-conspirators to arrive. The box was ready for Spike to be placed inside for transport as their moment of revenge was at hand.

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