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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Title: Private Aftershow Party
Author's Name: Sarah Aless
Author's E-mail: give_it_to_me_spikey@yahoo.co.uk
Disclaimer: They’re on my Christmas list but until I see whether Santa will bring me them I still don’t own them. I don’t make any money from them, (unless they’re keeping it for themselves) I just enjoy playing with them.
Distribution:www.geocities.com/spikeaholic20, One Good Lay, Spanking the Slayerettes, www.vampires-kiss.net . Anyone else..... 'I'm just a girl who can't say no.......' But please tell me where it's going :)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: S/B
Feedback: Yes please.....pretty please.
Author's Notes: Sequel to ‘The Floorshow’ which was a Sequel to ‘You Know You Want To’ and Give It Me Good Buffy’. Again if you can’t be arsed to read those first you don’t really need to, though I would recommend reading at least ‘The Floorshow’ first. All you really need to know is Buffy has a big ol’ kinky/submissive streak and Spike loves it. This part depicts Spike’s reaction to Buffy in a schoolgirl outfit.

Private Aftershow Party
All the way back to the cemetery maintenance shed, where Spike stowed his motorcycle, Buffy clung tightly to him and wantonly rubbed her crotch against his ass and lower back as she straddled him from behind. She knew that Spike was well aware of what she was up to and that she’d probably pay for it when they got back to his crypt. She couldn’t help herself though. Despite her recent orgasm she was still horny as hell and in blissful refusal of thinking about why playing this game with Spike had such a powerful effect on her.

Spike dumped the bike, then turned to stare at Buffy. His eyes sweeping up and down her body, still clad in the schoolgirl get-up. His intense gaze made Buffy fidget nervously. Her eyes widened and clouded with lust as he growled at her.

“God Slayer, that outfit makes me want to teach you all sorts of lessons. Mostly , though, it makes me want to throw you over the back the bike and screw you silly.”

Buffy moaned slightly, as usual Spike’s dirty talk stoked the fire which had already been lit by their little role-play earlier, and her shameless humping of his ass on the way over. Buffy lost the internal fight she was having to stop her hands pressing against the throbbing heat between her legs. Her hand had barely touched her aching mound when Spike saw what she was doing.

“Don’t you dare!” he said in a low and dangerous voice which made her shiver “Put both your hands on top of your head. Now. And keep them there.”

Groaning again Buffy gave one quick push upwards on her nubbin before reluctantly removing her hands and placing them on top of her head, fingers interlocked.

“And don’t think I didn’t see that last little fiddle there!” he admonished. “You WILL learn to do as you’re told WHEN you’re told” he promised “ and the sooner you do the better for you. Now, you obviously can’t be trusted so you’re going to walk in front of me, where I can see you and I don’t want to see your hands move an inch from where they are. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir” Buffy mumbled repressing her desire to offer to put her hands in a very specific part of his anatomy. Although that would be fun for both of them, Spike was master tonight and she knew better than to try to distract him with her womanly charms and skills.
Spike took one last look at her toned stomach. It was beautifully displayed for him, as well as the under curve of her breasts, the elevated position of her arms making her shirt ride up. Sucking in an unneeded breath, to help him control the urge to throw her to the ground, rip her clothes off and pound in to her, Spike roughly man-handled her into position in front of him. He could see his hand prints still on her upper thigh, where he’d slapped her earlier and he knew that her bum would look much the same, were her skirt to ride up just a little higher. Shaking his head at his own lack of control around this girl he shoved her in the middle of the back saying

“Get going then. We’re going to my crypt, obviously, so move that tight little ass of yours before I decide to give it some encouragement.”

Buffy began walking immediately, the idea of another spanking not exactly the worst thing she could imagine; however the chance of it being witnessed by a whole bunch of demons prowling the cemetery was pretty high on her ‘worst imaginings’ list. As they walked Buffy discovered that it’s not easy to keep balance on uneven ground with your hands on your head. One particularly lumpy piece of ground made her stumble and she had to put her hands out to grab the tombstone in front of her to avoid upending herself over it. Spike was unsympathetic.
He caught her up and wrenched her hands back up on top of her head before raising her skirt a little and administering two sharp slaps to her still rosy rear.

“Ow!” Buffy protested. Reaching down to rub her ass before she realised what she was doing

“No fair Spike. I almost fell over.”

“When I give you an order, what do you do?” he questioned impatiently

“What you tell me to”

“And what is the only reason for you to stop doing what I’ve told you to?”

“I only stop if you tell me to or if you give me another order.”

“Are those rules too hard for you to understand or to follow?”

“No Sir” she admitted reluctantly

“Then why are we having this conversation Slayer?”

“There were extenuating circumstances Sir.” she protested.

“I don’t give a rats knacker.” he stated “So put your hands back. NOW! And don’t you dare move them again. They’re very naughty hands you have luv. I think they may have to be taught a lesson when we get back to my crypt.”

Moisture added to the lake between her legs as she pictured him tying her hands to the headboard as punishment. Spike sniffed the air before grinning lasciviously and playfully slapping her rear as he said “Move it young lady. You have a very important appointment to meet with your headmaster about your insolence.” Buffy jumped and squealed before setting off again, trying not to think about what lay in store for her and failing abysmally.

They reached the crypt without much further incident, apart from Spike giving her the odd prod in the back to make her move faster. He also periodically made her promises that if she didn’t ‘shift it’ he’d take his belt off and ‘encourage’ her to go faster right there in the open. No matter how often they did this Buffy’s inner slayer always railed at her to kick his ass. He was just so smug when she was being submissive she really did want to slap him sometimes. She loved the game too much to actually let her slayer take control though. As long as he never refused to stop if she used her safe word Buffy knew she’d stop herself from following her instincts and fighting him. Every now and then though she couldn’t keep her natural wilfulness at bay and she’d end up back answering him which only served to get her into more delicious trouble and she was sure Spike didn’t really mind that.

When they got inside the crypt he ordered her to stop as she reached the centre of the room.

“Go and stand in the corner and face the wall” he instructed “Keep your hands on your head and don’t even think about turning round. I’m going to get some things and you’re going to stand there and behave yourself for once.”

“Yes Sir” she replied taking up her assigned position. Spike was back in a minute with a pair of prim and proper white cotton panties, not that Buffy could see this as she was staring at the wall. He knelt at the side of her and for a second Buffy thought he was about to switch control until he held the panties open and told her to put her right foot into them. She did as he said throwing a puzzled look down at him when he moved to her left and held the panties in the same manner for her to step into.

“It’s going to be a while before I want access there again luv” he answered her look “You have to be punished before I indulge myself. It’s a tad chilly in here, don’t want you catching cold.” he then smirked as his hand purposefully brushed her sex as he pulled the panties up “especially seeing as you’re so wet! Could catch a nasty chill.” He snapped the elastic on her ass as he adjusted the underwear saying “Eyes on the wall again and remember not to move or turn around.”

He disappeared downstairs, he was looking for something judging by the clattering she could hear from the underground cavern. Buffy decided not to mull over why exactly he had underwear like that in his crypt, they sure as hell weren’t hers she was much more of a thong girl. They seemed new though and the thought of Spike buying them had her just about giggling her head off, hence her decision to stop thinking about it. Somehow she didn’t see Spike being happy to find her laughing when he got back. Instead she fell to wondering what he was planning, obviously not your average ‘bit of slap and tickle, wham bam thank you ma’am’ seeing as he’d actually made her put underwear on. That had to be a first. He seemed to be gone for a very long time and Buffy’s arms were beginning to ache. Then she realised that the noise from downstairs had stopped and she could feel his presence. It dawned on her that the noise had stopped a little while ago and she shivered involuntarily with the comprehension that he’d probably been standing there since then just ogling her. She squirmed a little and her panties grew wetter as she felt as if his gaze was now burning into her. Challenging her to do something else he could punish her for.

Spike knew she’d sensed him when he smelt the increase in the scent of her arousal. He was proud of the self-restraint she showed in not turning round to demand what the hell he was doing, and wasn’t he going to get on with it any time soon. Smiling slightly he pushed himself off the sarcophagus he’d been leaning against, considering her ample charms.

“Glad to see you finally decided to be a good girl.” He stated “Now. That little outfit of yours has given me some ideas about how I can punish you for everything; for taking that job, for parading yourself for other men, for refusing to leave with me, your wantonness on the ride over, your naughty hands. There’s a lot to be said for the corporal punishment of naughty little school girls luv. ’Course it’s a long time since I went to school, so your outfits all wrong for my experience of educational discipline. Never mind, it’s probably for the best, teachers in my day were much tougher than they are now, and I think that’s exactly what you need Summers. I’m sure I can deal with what you’re wearing and still give you authentic chastisement.”

All through Spike’s slightly rambling and slightly confusing speech Buffy hadn’t moved a muscle although her arm muscles were now screaming to be shifted from their uncomfortable position. She assumed referring to pupils by their surnames was the done thing in Spike’s day and found that ‘Summers’ actually sounded quite sexy coming from him.

“Now, Summers, turn round and face me.” she did so “do you have anything to say for yourself before we begin?”

“Yes Sir” Buffy said trying desperately to stifle a giggle when she looked at Spike, he was wearing a headmasters gown and mortar board. She desperately looked at the floor to avoid looking at the hat. Unable to contain herself she blurted out on a laugh “Why do you look like you’re graduating from somewhere Spike?”

Spike was not pleased. He ditched the hat but kept the robes as they were kind of imposing. Besides he liked playing at being one of those gits at who’s hands he’d suffered more than a century ago. “Are you laughing at me Summers?” he demanded his voice leaving no question about his anger at her disrespect. “I really hope for your sake you are not. Stop it this instant! Or I swear I will give you something that will wipe that silly grin right off your face!”

Buffy believed him, and now that the hat was gone and he was practically yelling it didn’t seem so funny anymore. “No Sir, I wasn’t …honest I wasn’t. I’m sorry”

“If you weren’t laughing then why are you sorry for it?” he had her with the exact same argument she’d used on him the one time they had switched positions.

“Ok, I’m sorry. I was laughing, but only for a moment and I won’t do it again. I promise.”

“Oh I know you won’t. It’s just one more thing to add to your list of misdemeanours, and when I’m done with you not only will you never do any of them again, you won’t be able to sit down for a week. And that’s MY promise.”

Buffy felt her knees go slightly weak at his promise, the throbbing in her groin doing nothing but increasing as she let herself go completely, to submit to whatever Spike decided to do to her. Solemn faced now she brought her gaze up to meet Spike’s.

“I really am sorry Sir.”

“I’m sure you are. But you’re about to be a lot sorrier, don’t think you can get out of this by going all ‘sincere’ on me. Sorry or not you need to be taught the error of your ways and deterred from behaving so disgracefully again. Now, you may take your hands off your head, but god help you if they go anywhere near that juicy little pussy of yours. Put them by your sides and come over here.”

Now that he’d said it all Buffy wanted to do was stick her hands between her legs. Not necessarily even with a hope of bringing herself off, just to alleviate the dull throbbing ache for a second. However, she did as she was told and stood before Spike, arms by her sides.

“Hold out your left hand Summers.” he requested pulling his belt from the belt loops of his jeans.

Puzzled but not hesitating for a second Buffy did as he said. He swished the belt down on her hand, hard. Buffy gasped, surprised at how much it hurt, instinctively trying to pull her hand back. She’d learned to take just about anything on her legs, back and ass, even her breasts but this was a new one on her.

“A-a-ah” Spike said grasping her hand at the wrist and pulling it back “You’ll take your punishment like a good girl. No trying to get away. And I don’t want to hear any yowling either. Now, you will thank me for each of these and when I’m done you will assure me that you will control your wandering hands from now on. If I think you mean it then we’ll move on to your other shortcomings.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.” Buffy said in genuine sincerity.


The heavy doubled over belt landed again across her palm.

Wincing slightly “Thank you Sir.”


“Thank you Sir.”

This continued for four stokes on each hand, Buffy becoming more and more aroused with every bite of the leather and also of his hand into her flesh where he held her arm still. By the last stroke her hands felt like they were on fire and although it was the very last thing she’d do, they were really needed between her thighs. Buffy tried to put all her emotion into her apology as she spoke, eyes fixed on the floor.

“I’m very sorry I tried to touch myself without your permission Sir.” she said “It was a very bad thing to do and it won’t happen again.”

Spike made her wait for a moment before deciding whether he was satisfied or whether this particular chastisement was to continue. Buffy let out a breath she hadn’t been aware of holding as he finally spoke.

“Very well, I believe you have learned that lesson. Never ever let me catch you with your hands down there without my express permission. You dirty little girl.”

She sucked the breath back in at the end of his sentence. Surely being called a dirty little girl shouldn’t make her as horny as it just had. She was starting to deeply regret rubbing herself against Spike on the ride here. Not just because she was undoubtedly about to be punished for it, but also because she’d aroused herself so much that everything Spike was now doing was making her much more excited than it usually did. Unfortunately she had no-one to blame but herself for this and she sure as hell wasn’t about to ask Spike to do something about it. He’d take far too much joy in her agitation and would love pointing out she had brought it on herself.

“Now for the real punishment.” Spike said, relishing the sight of the goosebumps which rose on Buffy’s exposed flesh when he said this.

“Stand in the middle of the room Summers.”

Buffy did as she was told, trying to slow her heart rate and stop the ridiculous butterflies in her tummy. Also trying to rub her thighs together as she moved, needing any kind of friction she could get. Spike picked up the leather covered paddle which he’d located downstairs, after a little searching. He walked over to Buffy and began to circle her; her survival instincts reacting before her brain did, she turned as he circled her. Spike tutted and taking a firm grip on her shoulders turned her back round.

“Stand still” he said sternly. Buffy knew what was coming and couldn’t help but push her hips forward as Spike swung the paddle at her ass. “Didn’t I tell you you were to take your punishment like a good girl? Do not try to avoid another stroke like that or I’ll take the skin off the back of your legs with this thing.”

“I’m sorry Sir” Buffy said cursing herself for her lack of control.

“Bend over and touch your toes.” was Spikes only response.

Buffy had learned the first time they had done this, not to hesitate following that particular order. Therefore she immediately obeyed touching her toes with the tips of her fingers. Spike gave her butt an appraising look, then, with a slight frown moved round to observe her from a side-on angle. Buffy was practically panting with lust as Spike’s pragmatic perusal of her form continued. Without warning he slapped a hand hard against the back of her thigh barking out

“Lower! You’re the Slayer, I know you’re more supple than that. Put your hands flat on the ground. I want that bum as tight and high as you can get it.”

“Yes Sir. Sorry Sir” she gasped out, moving her legs outwards a little to shoulder width to comply with his request.

“Just do it girl.” he returned “ stop trying to get on my good side. Head down. Keep your mouth shut! I’ll find use enough for that later.”

He watched for a second as Buffy placed her hands flat to the floor between, but a little in front of, her feet. She had shivered at his last words and he knew from experience of taking the sub side that it was the unfairness which had affected her. He knew well the feeling of loss of control, when no matter what you did to try and please your Dom they (sometimes quite literally) slapped you back down into your place. Reminding you that you are completely at someone else’s whim. That they can mete out pain or pleasure as they see fit, and all you can do is try to follow instructions and hope you please them enough to earn release. His evaluation of what Buffy must be feeling gave Spike a surge of power and, inevitably, lust. He took a moment to control himself, his trousers becoming unbelievably tight around his pulsing erection.

The thought of Buffy as his toy, at his whim and mercy almost made him give up on the punishment, rip her knickers off and fuck her senseless. In order to stop himself he recalled his fury when the demons had told him that Buffy was stripping (he was avoiding thinking about her actually stripping, for fear of tearing his pants with his dick), feeding on the anger to control himself and give Buffy what she barely acknowledged she wanted , but deep down knew she needed.

As it was, the anger made him put a lot of power into the first blow, right across both ass cheeks. Buffy whimpered as she caught herself on her hands, the blow having driven her forward with its force. Spike gave her a second to say her safe word, knowing that he’d hit harder than he meant to before she’d warmed up to this. She didn’t and he grinned, that was his Slayer, quite the little trooper, she was prepared to play hard ball it seemed and Spike determined to give her what she silently asked for. He cracked her once on the inside of each thigh, saying

“I told you Slayer. No yowling. You’re a big girl and you will take what you have coming to you without any of that nonsense.”

Buffy was unsure of the reaction she’d get from speaking so she kept her mouth shut.

“That’s better” Spike praised “Finally doing as you’re told I see. Keep it up.”

He smacked her again, not so hard this time, then rubbed tenderly at her bottom.

“You may be wondering, if I have decided to be lenient by not pushing your skirt up or removing your panties.” He said. Seeing Buffy tense up he smiled, obviously that had been what she was thinking. “Rest assured young lady that someone as troublesome and disobedient as yourself is not going to get off that lightly. This is merely the first part of your punishment.”


The paddle hit each cheek in turn.

“You’re a bad, bad girl and your punishment will fit that.”


“You should have told me you needed money.”


This time Buffy looked up at him standing to the side of her. Fire flashing in her eyes. He could tell she was just dying to tell him that she’d never take his ill-gotten money, she didn’t need his help and he could go to hell. He could also see her conflict, try as she might not to, she loved this and didn’t want it to end.

“Something to say Summers?” he questioned with that cocky grin of his, tongue curled behind his teeth.

“No Sir.” she finally acquiesced dropping her head again.


“Good. Stand up. How does your bottom feel Summers? Warm enough yet?” There was that grin again. Buffy fought her urge to rebel, fixing her eyes on the floor she said nothing. He moved in quickly lifting her skirt at the back he shoved his hand into the back of her panties and stroked her bottom. Then his hand slid lower, under her completely and began to run lightly over her drenched pussy. Buffy bit her lip and suppressed a whimper as his hand got closer and closer to just the spot she needed it to touch her on.

“You’re wet Summers” Spike said retrieving his hand having avoided her pleasure button “you really are a dirty little girl aren’t you? Getting all wet and horny from being spanked. Obviously I’m not making an impression here. Time to step it up a little I think.”

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