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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. I own nothing

Buffy sat in her car across the street from the salon getting as far as putting the key in the ignition but not starting the car up. She could see his form in the shop, sweeping and checking the appointment book. When she left, there were only two other women still getting the finishing touches on their hair. She waited until they left along with the other two hair stylists. It was just her luck he was the one closing. She wanted him despite the fact that he was gay which some part of her still debated in the back of her mind but she was going to seduce him anyway.

Buffy had two plans of action. Both were bold in nature but one had an interesting twist that only a straight man would accept she thought. The first plan involved her telling him exactly what she wanted. She figured the words "You wanna fuck" ought to do it but then she thought her second plan, which would appeal to his occupation might work better. She laughed to herself thinking what she was about to do had to qualify as a Red Shoe Diary moment or if he turned her down, an America's Most Embarrassing Moment but Buffy refused to go home with only sexual frustration keeping her company.

Spike cleaned up his station and began to sweep up missed hair clippings from around the various other stations. He was in no hurry to get home and he thought it was the least he could do since the owner trusted him enough to close up. He continued to sweep up the left over hair, making his way over to lock the front door. He switched on the neon sign to signify the shop was closed then checked the appointment book to see if Buffy was listed for another appointment with Angel in the next couple of weeks. He'd taken one last look around the salon before turning off the lights. When he turned around, he saw Buffy standing at front of the door. He looked at his watch, wondering what she wanted this late at night. He unlocked the door but didn't let her in.

"Something wrong luv."

Buffy bit her bottom lip before answering. "I need you to do something for me."

Spike had caught the sexy gesture. "And what might that be."

They stared in each other's eyes for brief a moment before Buffy told him what she wanted.

"I need another trim." Buffy pushed pass him to enter the shop. There was an added sway in her hips as she strutted towards his workstation.

Spike tilted his head to the side, noticing her ass beckoning him to follow.

"I thought you were satisfied."

Buffy walked over to his chair, dropping her purse on the floor. She seated herself and motioned for him to come to her with her finger.

"I lied."

Spike noticed the lustful glint in her eye and decided to play along. "Well, I aim to please. He grabbed a smock from underneath the cabinet, shaking out the wrinkled plastic. "So tell me luv, where do you need this trim?"

Buffy looked at the smock then looked at him. "I want be needed that."

Spike looked at her with questioning eyes. "But your clothes pet. You don't want to get hair all over them."

Buffy had given Spike a mischievous smile while she hiked up her skirt. "Are you as good with a razor as you are with the scissors?"

Spike raised his scarred eyebrow. The sexy blonde could not have made it any clearer where she needed trimming. One of his fantasies was about to come true. He always wanted to shave a woman down under, tossing the smock aside and grabbing a hand towel then his shaving equipment. Lucky for her there was plenty of shaving cream, since his male clientele had not picked up yet.

Buffy found herself thinking God he wasn't gay. She spread her legs, placing one then the other over each arm of the chair, exposing her bare pussy to him. She wasn't wearing any underwear, having left them in the car when she knew she couldn't leave without having him first. She started to play with herself in front of him, moving a finger over her clit then gliding it into her opening.

"You think you could trim this up for me."

"I'm a professional luv. I'll see to it you want be disappointed."

Spike loved it when a woman touched herself and loved it even more when she could make herself come while doing it. He could feel himself getting hard as he pulled up a chair so he could enjoy the view.

"Taste yourself," He requested while rubbing his hand along his cock.

Buffy honored Spike's request, pulling her finger out of her dampness and placing it in her mouth.

"Ummmmm" She replied suctioning in her cheeks to make sure all remnants of her desire were gone. She reinserted two fingers this time, arching her neck and thinking how two fingers were better than one.

"Now let me taste you"

Spike's come closer words brought Buffy's head forward with a smile. She pulled her fingers out offering him twice as much of her desire that was gathering within. Spike grabbed her wrist, using his skillful tongue to lick from the bottom up and in between both fingers, ending with a hard suck to the very tip of her nails. If there was one thing he wanted her to know, he was through.

The way Spike licked her fingers convinced Buffy he was definitely a pussy eater and she couldn't wait to find out how good. "How was it?"


Buffy blushed. "You have no idea." She chuckled, thinking how she had been ready since the moment his masculine hands touched her.

Spike laid his equipment out then stepped on the chair to raise it higher and pulling his chair closer. He positioned himself between her legs, placing a hand towel underneath her bottom then grabbing her by the calves to spread her even wider. He reached for the shaving cream to lather it up.

He thought shaving a woman's quim was wildly erotic and knew just what he wanted his first masterpiece to look like. He spread the cool white cream over her pussy and like a careful surgeon began to shed the soft brown V. He touched her inner thighs and taunt belly, making precise angles while his fingertips grazed her lower flesh with light touches here and there.

Buffy tried to watch what he was doing but her head and neck wouldn't cooperate. Those were the only parts of her anatomy she could move. The rest of her had to remain still while he shaved her but that didn't stop the moans from escaping her throat. She didn't know how much of a turn it on it was having her pussy shaved, thinking how it sure as beat getting waxed.

Spike removed the drenched towel from her bottom, replacing it with a fresh one while he wiped away the remaining shaving cream. He leaned in further to inspect his work then used his tongue to trial over what fur remained. All artists had to place a signature on their work so he spelled out his entire name William Spike Reynolds all over her clit and lips, and then lifted his head to look at Buffy but all he could see was the beautiful stretch of her neck.

"Would you like to see the results, pet?"

Buffy felt his tongue circle over her clit causing her to ramble. It was apparent he was done shaving her but not pleasing her. She whispered, "Later" in response to his question, eagerly wanting him to get back to the pleasing. She removed her partially numb arm so her hand could grab the back of his neck.

Spike smiled then said "Fuck my tongue" while he spread her lips back and didn't come up for air until she came at least three times. By the time he was through, the towel underneath Buffy was soaked and there was no need to remove it because Spike wasn't done. He stood up to unbutton and unzip his pants, revealing he didn't care for underwear and positioned himself between Buffy's legs. He grabbed them to pull her closer to the edge of the chair, positioning them high in the air and resting against the solidness of him as he leaned over to enter her.

Buffy cried out "yes" several times while Spike pounded into her. She gripped the arms of the chair like they were her lifelines. He wasn't small by any means and she knew her orgasm was going to be historical as every hard thrust made her scream one step closer to demanding to be fucked over and over again.

"Yess...harder...uhhnnnn...fuck me...harder...yes." Then her eyes opened wide, when Spike found her spot. "Right there...don't move...yes...uhnnnn."

Spike had felt her cunt waves crash against his shaft while he continued to pound into Buffy without mercy. Her pussy was good and he didn't want to stop, feeling his own orgasm overtake him. He slowed his thrusting while he ran his hands up and down her sweaty legs. He pulled out of her, letting them down gently to zip up his pants but not button them for easy access later. He locked the front door then walked back over to Buffy, pulling her by the arms until she was flush against him. He stroked his hand through her sweated out hair then ran his hand down to her pussy, inserting his fingers and tongue into her mouth.

Buffy was limb in Spike's arms while she tried to use her shaky hands to slide down her skirt. She only made it midway when she felt Spike's fingers slip into her wet pussy while he kissed her. She tightened her arm around his waist but grabbed his shoulder out of desperation biting down to muzzle her moans. She rocked against him while his fingers explored her as her head dipped back, threatening her balance. Spike used the angel to run his tongue along her quivering throat. He pulled her tighter against him walking them both back to the small office reserved for employees only. He pushed her against the door, kissing her hard on the mouth with nothing but their tongues, teeth and lips, teasing and tasting their common lust.

Spike removed her high heels, grabbing her by the heel of her foot and trailing his hand up until he reached her inner thigh. He repeated the same action with the other foot, brushing the back of his hand across her partially shaven mound. He pinched her clit and lips together causing Buffy to let out a loud moan then removed his hand to lower the hidden side zipper of her skirt to pool at her feet. His hands cupped her ass and his tongue entered her mouth, diving deep several times until Buffy had to pull away to catch her breath. She looked into his eyes and saw nothing but want. He opened the door to the office and backed her into the desk, clearing a path with his arm to sit on her on top of it.

Buffy grabbed the back of his neck pulling him into another deep probing kiss while her hands unbuttoned his shirt. She marveled at the sight of him, wasting no time to let her hands caress the lean muscle. She was pleased he looked and felt the way she pictured him in her head but it was even better. She pushed the shirt off his broad shoulders, lowering her head to lick and suck at the pale hard perfection.

Spike cried out and pulled her by the hair, drawing her away from his body and to his mouth but that didn't stop Buffy from lowering the zipper on his pants to release him. She sat straight up, pressing her chest against his hard sticky cock that left wet spots on the silk of her tank top.

Spike slipped off his black leather loathers, stepping out of his pants while he pushed up her silk tank top to find her nipple with his mouth. He rolled it with his tongue then sucked it, doing the same to the other one so it didn't feel left out.

Small noises came from her as Spike's tongue climbed over the peaks of her small full breasts, licking from the base top to the base bottom. It felt so good that all she could say were four words: please, fuck, me, and now.

Spike spread her legs apart bringing her further to the edge of the desk. The tip of him brushed against her lips before he entered her, using his hips and legs to push into her as far as he could go.

Buffy tried to find something to hold onto but there was nothing. She felt his strong hands grab her hips, pulling her tighter against him. He pulled out then pushed back in and out, in and out. She cried out, knowing what it meant to be truly fucked as her tight wet pussy held onto him and didn't want to let him go. Her legs locked tighter around him while the heels of her feet dug into the flesh of his ass, pushing him even deeper. Her hips writhed in pleasure as she held onto him feeling the hard wood of the desk meeting her back. Her mouth found his with urgency, opening and closing around his because her whimpers and moans refused to be silent as her orgasm overwhelmed her, causing her to scream and buck against him.

Spike tensed against her. He didn't want to come yet but her heat only allowed him one final thrust before coming inside her. He kissed along the curve between her neck and shoulder while Buffy stroked his head, trying to regain some normalcy in her breathing. They laid there until the afterglow had worn off then they got dress.

Spike escorted Buffy to her car where they kissed for several long minutes before saying goodbye. She watched him get into his car and drive down the main street until he was no longer in sight.

When she arrived home, there was a message from Spike on her answering machine. She played it.

"Just calling to see if you made it home safely, luv. I'm looking forward to our date on Friday. Oh and by the way, I hope you were pleased with the results."

Buffy smiled but thought part of Spike's message sounded a bit strange then it dawned on her what he was talking about. She couldn't believe she had forgotten, rushing into her bedroom to undress. She stood in front of her full-length mirror and smiled, running her finger down the brown arrow of curls that pointed directly to her clit.

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