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I guess everyone has to leave the nest at some point...and to make sure you fly instead of fall, I'm extending this list of places out in the wide blue yonder, all of them well worth visiting.

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General / Individual Authors / Links

General Fanfic Archives -- sites with numerous authors

Slayer's Fanfic Archive - Anya's fanfic page the biggest Buffy fanfic site on the net :) It's really well organized and has a HUGE selection.

The Labyrinth -- A HUGE archive of Willow fic. If you like Willow at all, this is a must see. It's run by Serendipity, whose stuff you should definitely check out. Also check out the rest of Serendipity's page.

Ignis Verbis: A Fire of Words -- Large site, dedicated to quality. Something for everyone regardless of which genre or pairing you're a fan of. If they don't have what you're looking for, there's a huge annotated links database.

The BAFFA -- The Buffy Angel FanFic Archive. This place is great. If you even vaguely like B/A go here.

Soulmates Eternal Fanfic Archive -- Very nicely designed Buffy/Angel archive.

The Naughty Slayer -- Adult Buffy/Angel fic.

The Buffy-Beta Fanfic Archive -- archive of fic posted to the Buffy-Beta mailing list.

sunnydale slayer's archive -- Large fanfic archive. Includes stories as well as song parodies..etc.

Slayerette FanFic -- Big archive focused on the Slayerettes...well organized...plus there's additional stuff like Buffy quizzes, etc.

BtVS Writer's Guild -- Newly re-opened. Encompasses all sorts of 'ships and characters through the zones.

Buffy and Angel Fanfic -- All Buffy and Angel fic, all the time.

The Willow Rosenberg Fanfic Mailing List Page -- For those of you who love Willow.

Really Bad Fanfic -- BADFIC...it's bad, but it's supposed to be. In the badness lies the humor.

The Watcher's Council -- The webpage for the Council (a group of fanfic writers)...has links to all the members' fanfic and our collaborations, etc.

Love's Bitch -- Dare's page. Lots of Spike fic. Her stories, stories by other authors, etc. It's somewhat biased in favor of Spike/Buffy but there's some other kinds of fic too. (Check out the manipulated pics for a laugh).

OzMIA -- Oz Missing in Action.  Run by Karen.  For those who miss the wolf.

~*We make our own fun*~ -- The site for Oz/Willow fic. It's changed ownership, but it's still a great place to be.

The Place Where Forbidden Love Dwells -- Very nice site devoted to Angel/Willow fanfic.

It's Always the Quiet Ones -- Another Willow/Angel site.

Divine Collective -- Gateway to Maayan's lovely Buffy and Angel sites. Including her fic site Heaven in Hell and the Angel Torture Anonymous Site, plus a new fanfic awards site. Much of the fic is adult.

Having a Thought -- The Buffy and Angel improv archive. Cool idea for a mailing list and lots of great fic.

Slashing the Angel -- The place to be for Angel slash. adult

Individual Authors -- sites house mainly stories by one author.

Hannah R.H.'s Mushy, Angsty, Racy Scifi Fanfic -- Hannah writes great fic...you should definitely check it out.

Catoninetails Page - Buffy for the Rest of Us -- Catoninetails' fanfic...She's hilarious, but writes good serious fic too. Plus the site has amazing graphics and cool stuff like the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Vampire Animals. (Also check out her sister's site dedicated to Angel.)

Yahtzee -- Great writing. Some B/A, some not. All good. If you read Phoenix Burning in the Gift archive you know what I mean. If you didn't, for God's sake, go read it so you'll know what I mean!

Letters to Whistler -- Well done B/A fic by Harpy.  Mostly adult.

Alex's BTVS Fan-Fic -- Another fanfic site with the author's fanfiction...great Buffy/Angel fic...go see it.

after.midnight -- Tamara's fanfic. She writes great Buffy/Angel fic among other things. She also runs a bunch of great sites with Lex; the entire list is here.

Raging Pixie -- Tinkerbell's fic. B/A, S/A, C/A. (Lots of Angel...it's a good thing. :)

Btvs Fic by Lex -- Lex is another incredible Buffy/Angel author. (Are you sensing the trend?) Seriously though...B/A fans must go here.

Erana's Place -- Another great Buffy/Angel fic author. She has some wonderful angsty fic, but she also has a Buffy/Angel fluff series.

Ducks' Fanfic -- More lovely B/A fic. Some adult, some general. All yummy. :)

Mace's Vampyr Library -- Mace's fic (mostly B/A), and stories picked by Mace.

Margot's Fanfic -- Margot's an amazingly good writer.  One of the best.  Lots of adult fic.  A lot of B/A, B/S, but some other stuff as well.

Octaves of the Heart - Good B/A fic by Chrislee. Also includes fic reccomendations and essays.

Fic by Laure -- Lots of adult stories and a lot of unconventional relationships...but it has other stories too if those aren't your bag :)

Melinda Dawney's Page -- Everyone has to read Friendship at some point, it's like a rite of passage. (for B/A try Broken Wings).

Suspension -- Sheila Perez's fic. She's especially great with Oz, Willow and Oz/Will fic. Also has some gorgeous manipulated pics that she's made.

at the stillpoint -- Pixie's new site now that she's given up managing We Make Our Own Fun. Her fic. Willow/Oz of course.

The Power of Willow -- Fanfic by Laura Smith and Tracy.  Willow fic.  Various W/someone pairings.  Some other stuff too.

Danielle's Buffy Fanfic -- Here's a site with the author's Buffy fic stories...some cool crossovers too...

Addictive Stigmata - This is Sandycat's page.  Great Fic (lots of it Spike-y).  But tons of other stuff as well including a Faith site, a beautiful layout and graphics, and more.

Seersha's Fanfiction -- Includes B/A, C/A, F/A, and Darla/Aus.

Links sites

Fan Fiction on the Net -- lots and lots of links to Buffy fanfic pages (and fanfic from other shows)

Sonja Marie's Fanfic Links -- She's got links to tons of Buffy fanfic pages...and look farther below for the link to her HUGE main links page

Fanfic Central -- Attempting to bring together all the fanfic sites, and allow people to learn of updates to sites from one central location. Large index of sites with links and descriptions.


The Buffy & Angel Resource Center -- This place is a bonanza of Buffy and Angel info. Especially if you need to look something up for a fanfic you're writing. There's episode transcripts, locations from the show, character descriptions, timelines for Buffy and Angel's lives, and a lot more.

The Thundering Looney Bin -- It's got a ton of pictures etc. But more than that..it's fun. There are silly polls, and Buffy bumper stickers, and more so go see it!

Dingo on the Prairie -- All the info on Buffy you 'll ever need.

The Buffy Cross and Stake -- This site has been up forever, and it's got tons of content.  Check out the huge graphics archives.

BuffyGuide.com -- Complete, detailed Buffy episode guide.  Nicely designed, and has lots of goodies in addition to the episodes.

Sunnydale Tours -- Neat-o concept.  And tons of content.

The Official Buffy site -- The official site has pictures, a posting board, and plenty of general info.

The Music of Buffy -- Ever wanted to know the name of that song that plays during your favorite scene? Here's where you can find out.

Raven's Realm -- This site has very cool multimedia stuff like MP3s and Winamp skins.

Lil Buffy Page -- If you need a laugh check it out.
Lisa Rose also has a gallery of pictures of the Buffy cast that she took at events like Great America and the Comiccon...lucky girl.

Star Crossed Lovers -- Great Buffy'Angel page...with Buffy/Angel fiction lots of pictures, wavs, etc.)

Heart of the Slayer -- This is a pretty amazing site...it's got pics, links,etc. But it also has a lot of really creative things you can't find elsewhere. I recommend that all Buffy and Angel fans visit.

So Bad -- All about Angelus.


Phoenix's David Boreanaz Cool Stuff -- This one is big. Lots of pics, and some transcripts of chats, articles, etc.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Video Image Library -- Sarah Michelle Gellar fans: This site is a must see...hundreds of WONDERFUL quality screen grabs of Sarah from Buffy episodes as well as talk shows, SNL, etc.

WillowWeb -- For Alyson Hannigan (Willow) fans...this site is outstanding. EXCELLENT quality screen grabs...transcript of TV interview...pictures of autographs.

Seth Green's Official Site -- For those of you that just love Oz...

JamesMarsters.com -- Brought to you by zero. A HUGE James Marsters site.  Pictures, interviews, wallpapers, multimedia...this has it all.  Better than the official site by far.

GlennQuinn.com -- Another zero production.  Find out all you want to know about the man who played Doyle.


Sonja Marie's Buffy The Vampire Slayer Links --A huge site. With links to over 1000 Buffy pages, it's probably the biggest Buffy links site on the net.

BuffySearch.com -- Buffy's very own search engine.

The Ultimate Buffy The Vampire Slayer Links Page -- Another page with a whole lot more links than me...very nicely organized.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Monster Page of Links -- For more links to lots of Buffy sites try it out.

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Strange as it seems to me, some people don't watch Buffy!! Can you believe it?
Well it's true, and for those people I've included some links to non-Buffy pages. Let no one say that I am Buffy biased :)


The official site - Episode guide, cast bios, pics, etc.

Section Zero - Really the only site you need from me. HUGE amount of links.

La Femme Nikita fanfic - Well organized, large. I like it.

You need to check this one out. It's LJC's la femme NIKITA page and it's got links, pictures, articles, fanfic...you get the idea.


There are two official pages...Highlander:rysher and HIGHLANDER: The Official Site .

If you prefer Methos you should check out...MethosLuvr's Methos Page

Here's a great Methos related page...Adam's (as in Pierson) Homepage it's a lot of fun. Some VERY funny pictures. Actually the whole page is funny.


Spirit of Sherwood -- Best place to start for all kinds of general RoS info.

Light & Darkness -- This is my RoS website. Has stuff like a drinking game, top five lists, episode guide, etc.

Gisburne's NASTY Knight Page -- Dedicated to Sir Guy. Tons of funny stuff to see and do.


Lois and Clark Fanfic Archive -- Nice, big site.  Over 1,000 stories. 

The Kerth Awards -- Award winning Lois and Clark fic.

The Unaired Fifth Season -- Fan-written 5th season of L&C.

FoLC Fanfic Obsession Page -- Has recommended fic, fan written fifth and sixth seasons, and more

The Original Internet L&C Episode Guide -- Just like the title says...Lois and Clark episode guide.


Official Site -- at the SciFi.Com site

All Purpose MST3K Page -- Multimedia stuff, tape trades, links.


The Newsradio Station -- Huge site.  Lots of content. Including downloads, images, cast, etc.

Newsradio Quote Site -- Quotes from all the characters, screen grabs, episode guide, and guest stars list.


The Crow: A Boy and His Bird -- Well done site for both the movie and tv series.

The Crow Fanfiction Archive -- Like the title says...fanfiction. 


Mahogany (my lovely college roomie) has a webpage, Nothin' But Woody...it's got some great poetry, jokes and about a jillion song lyrics..go there.