Willow/Xander Fanfiction

Do you think Xander and Willow would make the cutest couple? Do you wish Xander wasn't so totally clueless and would actually realize that Willow loves him? Well this is the section for you.

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-- GOLDEN BBETA nominee for Best Story Under 10 Parts
-- Voted one of the Top Ten Reader Recommended Stories at The Labyrinth. (for the week of 7/7/98)
-- WINNER of a 1998 Golden Frog Award for Best 2-6 Part Story.


Willow decides that the only way to make Xander notice her is to change herself.
And now for the comment...

"Just wanted to write and say I really enjoyed this one. Well written, very much in character, and I didn't even notice that there wasn't a munster of the week involved"----Virginia


A relationship based story that focuses on Xander,Willow,Oz, and Cordy. Xander's decision to have a relationship with Cordelia forces Willow to move on, directly into Oz's arms...at least for a little while.
Here's a comment....

"I just wanted to tell you that "Musical Chairs" is really good. I have to admit, I didn't think it would be -this- good! I started saving the chapters just because your dialog was pretty good... then it moved into really good, and finally I've gotta say it's damned impressive."

Rebecca Fic