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The stories I post here are picked because I enjoyed them and hope that you will as well (plus it gives you a chance to find some other fanfic authors you like...and try some different styles, etc.)
I have asked permission for everything I post here, and I will include the author's e-mail address so that you can contact them. I will also provide any links I know of to other sites with more of the author's fanfic. If you like a story please let the author know, and check out some of their other stories.

Please don't post these stories anywhere without permission from the author!

THE CURRENT MOMENT: Lie to Me by Chrislee. Buffy hears that Angel may have feelings for Cordelia and goes to Los Angeles to confront him. Set during Seasons 6/3. This is a short, bittersweet fic that does a wonderful job of getting inside Buffy and the B/A relationship.

Read more of Chrislee's fic HERE.

THE PREVIOUS MOMENT: Ask the Lonely by Shawn Carter.

STORIES FROM PAST MOMENTS: A list of the past Stories and links to pages where they can be found.