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An Angel's Soul
Cast information, episode guides, forums and more can be found here.

Angel: No Limits *
A group of talented, and dedicated, fan fic writers give fans what the WB wouldn't, a continuation of the story of "Angel" in episodic format, for a "virtual" sixth season. New 'episodes' are posted at two week intervals.

Blitzgal's Wallpapers
Very nice Sci-Fi/Fantasy backgrounds of various subjects, including BtVS and AtS. Site also includes high quality image scans.

Chief Seattle's Reviews
Lengthy, thoughtful "Angel" reviews

A message board for discussion of all things AtS/BtVS

Flights of Angel
Lovely site that includes various actor/character photo galleries, fan art, brief synopses of each aired episode, and more.

Loey's Guide to Angel
A comprehensive AtS site which includes episode reviews, news, summaries and more.

AC Nielsen Ratings
This site has the ratings numbers for all seasons for BtVS, AtS and Firefly.

Romance on BtVS
The site includes episode guides for both BtVS and AtS as well as multimedia galleries.

A truly comprehensive site offering episode guides, news and rumors, various photo galleries, screen caps and more.

An excellent source for links to all things AtS/BtVS online including promos, trailers, interviews, and more.

The Bronze VIP Posting Archives
An archive of the VIP postings to The Bronze, the original "official" BtVS site, organized by date.

Totally Angel (UK)
A new site and as such, a work in progress. Episode guides, galleries, AtS news and more.


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