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I get a lot of emails asking, "How do you ....?" regarding various features on Angel's Acolyte. In answer to those questions, I've added some resources, courtesy of GUI Stuff, that will help you out. Choose the feature you want to add, input the requested parameters into the code generator and it will give you the code you need to add that feature to your site. All you have to do is cut and paste into your HTML. Can't get much simpler than that.

For those who know a bit of code but aren't sure how to create it from scratch, you can use the generated code as a foundation and customize it from there.

CSS Coder: Quick tool for creating CSS tags for buttons, forms and text.

CSS NavBar: CSS based navigational bar generator. Customizable.

DHTML Menu: Floating, expandable DHTML 'Dock Menu'.

DHTML Tool Tips: DHTML content tooltips, 2 content areas, customizable.

Dropdown Menu: Form based dropdown menu with graphic title. The "Quick Nav" menu in the upper right is an example of this. If you're comfortable using a graphics program and you'd like to customize the menu box and/or text as it's done above, you just need to load the .png graphics that will be generated for you into your graphics program and make any changes there. Then resave with the same filename and in the same format (you can convert it to .jpg at this point, as I did, but be sure to change the filename extension in the HTML to reflect that) and you're good to go.

Graphic NavBar: Graphic button navigational bar generator. More than 20 styles to choose from.

IE 5.5 Colored Scrollbars: IE 5.5+ colored scrollbar generator. This feature only displays in Internet Explorer 5.5 and above.

Pop Up Window: Select your window's options, and the javascript is created for you.


'Flash' Generators

Flash NavBar: Flash navigational bar generator, 9 styles to choose from.

Flash Status Bar: Flash based status bar, good for content notes, triggered by javascript.

Flash Dropdown: Form based dropdown menu with graphic file.

Flash TopBar: Flash navigational bar, 3 styles to choose from.

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