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The Bloodshedverse B/S Fiction with bite
The Crypt Has different pairings but a lot of the stories are B/S
Vampire's Kiss B/S Fiction
Sinister Attraction B/S Fiction
Nocturnal Light B/S Fiction
BS Diaries B/S Fiction
Spuffy Realm B/S Fiction
BS Central B/S Fiction
The Bloody Awful Sandlot Has different pairings but a most of the stories are B/S
One Good Lay B/S NC17 Fiction
Captive Souls Complete B/S Fiction
Morbid Desires Archives B/S Fiction
Spuffy Fantasy AU B/S Fiction (human)
Adult NC17 Fiction, the link takes you to the BtVS sub-category -> B/S Link takes you directly to all english BtVS-Fiction. Database is pretty big, but the quality is mixed.
FanFiction Author Sites
House of Bloodshed You can find the following seventeen authors at the house.
Bloodshedbaby Bring on the Bloodshed
Spikeskat Noctis Fabula
Mefiant Puppies and Christmas
Schehrezade Dark Sacred Dreams
Rema Wolf Writings on the Wall
Hang Nga Spiked Tales
Megan Tasting Dark Desires
SpikesDeb Vamp Tales
Spikeslovebite Just a little Nibble
Always_jbj and Q Axis of Love
Oracleholly An Oracle's Passion
Temptation Temptation's Playground
Diabola Chasing the night (hehe, mine)
Redwulf Titans Together... Bitch
Slaymesoftly Spuffy Stuff
HollyDB Blood and Roses
Selene It runs even deeper
Jerzeyanjel Lost in Spike
The Misfits The following five authors all belong to the Misfits
Ariel Dawn Frozen Bloodsicles
Tasha Hearts of Twilight
Uncaged Muse Obsessions of a Twisted Mind
Athenewolfe Midnight Moon
Dark Dremluver Spiked Dreams
AmyB I'll Be Your Mirror
Zarrah Always Forever
Kantayra Forbidden Love
NautiBitz Naughty Bits
Kallysten Divagations
Echidna Echidna's Pen
HW Beautiful Breathless
AJ Horfarce from Underneath
Eurydice Love's last Glimpse
BittenandStaked Tales of the Slayer
Tales-of-Spike He's No Angel
Moxie Moxie's Fic
Lady Tenebrion Tenebrion's Lair
PassionFish Morbid Desires
Holly The Order
Mrs. Muir When Buffy Smiles
MadRog Sunnydale Tales
Speaker-to-Customers Speaker-to-Customers' Corner
Sadbhyl Sadbhyl Row
Ripe Wicked Plum Spikes Guilty Pleasures
Xinion Beautiful Freak
Sweetie Beyond Surrender
Mr.Monkeybottoms Mr.Monkeybottoms diary
Isabel Tales from the Hellmouth
Rikki_oko Monster in her man
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Vampire Kisses AwardsB/S Award site
Lost in Spike AwardsB/S Award site
Spuffy AwardsB/S Award site
Lovebite AwardsB/S Award site
Love's Last Glimpse AwardsB/S Award site
The Chosen AwardsBtVS/AtS Award site (no NC-17)
Sugar n' Spice AwardsBtVS/AtS Award site