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Welcome to Lost In Spike. Home to Jerzeyanjel/Barb's Spuffy Fanfiction!


4-21-06 Please don't fall over or anything but there's another update. I was trolling the Bloodshedverse and found this challenge most appealing. Challenge #123 by redwulf50 The only Rock station within a hundred miles of Sunnydale has changed formats and now plays Talk Radio. Write us a fic where Spike goes on a rampage about it, as the Scoobies try to talk him out of pulling their tower down with his Desoto, burning down their studio Buffy realizes she totally wants this bad boy :P So I give you I Want my K-Rock! lol enjoy!!

4-18-06 Ok I know I know don't go peeing your pants or anything but alas there is something new on the site. I wrote a season 1 Spuffy remake of The Pack called Say it if it's Worth Saving Me. Not only does the “Hyena” spell zap Xander but Buffy gets zapped too. What will happen to our slayer when she encounters the sexy blond vampire? Will this be the death of him? Or will she finally stake her claim on him? Check it out...it's pretty good and and damn smutty. Since school is now over and I am a graduate I can concentrate on my site again so look forward to me updating my fics. I will hopefully have some INNNU by the end of the week and some new artwork that the lovely Spikeshunny made me. She is amazing!!!

10-01-05 My humble little site is 2 years old this month!! Happy Birthday Lost In Spike!!!! I give you chapter 12 of I'll Never Not Need You. I'm not even gonna tell you what it is about. You have to find out for yourself. Also I give you some more drabbles I have written. Drabbling part 2.

9-04-05 I added a list of drabbles I have written for various people on my Live Journal. I really wanted to share it with the rest of you so here they are. They are all different pairings, not just Buffy/Spike. Check it out! Been Caught Drabbling...

8-27-05 I have added Just like Heaven for your Spuffy fix. A short little fic set somewhere between Tabula Rasa and Older and Far Awar. Spuffy goodness. I have also added an original fic I wrote for my friends in college. Ode to a Grasshopper. Very smutty cuz I wouldn't be me if I didn't write smut LoL.

8-24-05 Three of my fics have been nominated at the Lie To Me Awards. Thank you soo very much to whomever nominated me. I am estactic!! I have uploaded my new PWP Sweet Revenge for your reading pleasure. There may be more...I just haven't decided. =)

7-26-05 Where the Wild Things Are has been nominated at the RDA's for Best Episode Rewrite! yay! Thanks to whomever nominated me. It means soo much to me!! :: hugs ::

7-24-05 I have updated the site with Chapter 11 of I'll Never Not Need You. Willow and her mystery guest have a chat and a thrall? Also I am pleased to announce that I have joined the House of Bloodshed. Thank you for allowing me to join. If you guys haven't been over there please do check it out. The site is full of awesome authors and such wonderfully nice ladies. Also Cookie Crumbs and Sippy Cups has been nominated at the Breathless Awards. YAY! Thank you to whomever nominated me. =)

7-10-05 Another week another update. This week I give you two chapters of I'll Never Not Need You. Chapter 9 Spike shows Buffy his demon. How will she react? Chapter 10 Her reaction continues leaving Spike astonished. Willow does some research on Spike's ring and gets interrupted by a stranger. Also I would like to thank everyone for their awesome reviews on Summerhaven. I am soo proud of that fic and even more happy that it was as received as well as it was. So thanks guys!! You all have made me feel soo damn wonderful!!

7-04-05 Happy 4th of July everyone!! I come baring gifts. I give you the last two chapters of Summerhaven. Chapters 19 and 20 are now posted. What does Xander say? And how does Spike handle it? Also some very happy news SilverSweet has made me a FANLISTING!!! WOOOOTTT!! She is such a sweetie so hey join it!! The link is at the bottom. Thank you hun!! I also updated my fanfic recs page so go read the good stuff there.

6-26-05 I know where has Barb been? I've been soo very busy with school that I have had no time for myself. So I promise to spoil you all in the next couple of weeks. Today along with a new layout which is much easier to navigate I give you 3 chapters of Summerhaven. Chapters 16, 17 and 18. Spike and Buffy ride out the storm and each other. Spike demands to know why he was sent away and storms out making Buffy fear losing him all over again.

4-18-05 My Muse has been kicking my butt!! I give you two chapters of I'll Never Not Need You. Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 . Buffy and Spike are interrupted in the Library..who is it? I also give you Chapter 5 of Blvd of Broken Dreams. Spike and Angel were still arguing in the cemetary. Buffy has a dream.

3-30-05 I'm on a roll guys. Chapter 6 of I'll Never Not Need You has been added. Spike starts to have second thoughts about Buffy since his dream. Chapter 15 of Summerhaven has also been added. Spike and Buffy alone in a warm cabin while a fierce storm rages outside. I also give you Chapter 2 of Awakenings. I highly suggest reading Chapter 1 again before going to the 2nd. Buffy and Spike get flung into an alternate dimension where they are married, oh and Spike is human. I also give you The Replacement. My latest Spuffyverse installment. What would have happened if Spike had been the one to be split in two?

3-28-05 Chapter 5 of I'll Never Not Need You has been added. Spike and Buffy spend the night together talking. Spike has a disturbing dream about his brother.

3-25-05 I have an update for you guys today. School is over for the next two weeks so plan on seeing a lot of new ficage. I'm hoping to have Summerhaven finished this week so stay tuned. I give you 3 chapters of my new fic I'll Never Not Need You. So go check it out. Re-read the first chapter to re-acquaint yourself.

3-03-05 I have 3 updates for you today. I give you Chapter 14 of Summerhaven, Chapter 4 of BLVD of Broken Dreams and Chapter 1 of I'll Never Not Need You. This is my new fic, based on Spuffy in high school. Spike Channing, a new face at Sunnydale high has the girls intrigued by his good looks and British accent. Buffy Summers has taken an active interest in him, trying every trick in the book to get him to notice her and getting stung every time he rebuffs her. She finally admits defeat, thinking he hates her when finally he opens his past to her and his heart.

2-16-05 OK finally I am done redesigning the site. :: whew :: You will find two new chapters of Summerhaven that I posted on my LJ Chapters 12 and 13. Also I have added Jingle Bell Drunk a Bloodshedverse Challenge fic I answered as well as Restless, my latest Spuffyverse Addition. Hopefully this will hold you guys over for a bit as Judging has started at the LSA. I will be writing but also making awards. March will be the month for new ficage!! In the meantime look around and enjoy what I have. Thanks for being soo patient guys!!

1-28-05 BLVD of Broken Dreams has been updated with two chapters. Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. The arrival of Spike causes tension between Buffy and Angel. I can't go too into detail I dont want to give it all away. Gotta keep some surprises so go read!! I know a lot of you are reading my fics and I want to thank those who have been reviewing. Feedback is a wonderful thing. It makes me write more and update even more.

1-15-05 I have two new fics you guys today. My Spuffyverse remake of Where the Wild Things Are and another new one, Blvd of Broken Dreams. I have come to a sad decision and have decided to trash Tantrums and Daycare. I just can not get back into it from where I left off. So for now Im going to trash and re-write it later on. Im sorry to all those who have been waiting for updates on that but I tried and tried and its just not working. So the re-write train will start moving!! In the mean time enjoy the two new fics.

12-29-04 Another new layout. I am happy with this one for now. LoL. Be sure to check back soon for new updates!! Happy New Year everyone.

12-10-04 New Layout. I know already?? LoL. I was feeling a little down and decided to whip another one out. So here it is.

12-06-04 Site has been reopened and all fics have been uploaded. I hope you all like the new place in cyberspace that I now have. Im very excited!!!


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