As it should have been.

Author: Fayth


Rating- Did you watch the show?

Spoilers- S5

Summary- As Out of my Mind, should have gone.

Disclaimer- I own nothing- not even the idea.

To Inell- No plot here!


Spike lay asleep in an armchair in his dingy crypt. His mind was still racing.

It had been a disappointing day, all told.

He’d finally had one of the Initiative moron’s in his grasp. He’d been *so* damn close to getting the bloody chip out and having himself a grand old blood bath. Then the Slayer and her pup came in to mess things up, taking the doc away, ruining his unlife. Again.  To add insult to injury the dirty, double crossing, Initiative scum had tricked him. He was still chipped.

As he cursed his luck, his unlife, Bill Gates and the Slayer, he heard banging noises and was awake, bolting out of his chair before the door flew open.

 “Should have known one of you would be by. Been nearly six hours.” He growled hoping to intimidate the girl.

“It would have been less but we were still cleaning up your mess.” She glared at him, folding her arms over her chest.

“*My* mess?” Spike stared down at her incredulous “I just *borrowed* the Doc. The mess is yours. You and the rest of the sodding Scooby’s.”

“Riley nearly died!” she ground out wide-eyed.

“No loss.” He smirked but it disappeared at the same time she bought a stake from her back pocket.

“We’re done.”

Spike looked surprised as she walked towards him.

“Spike you’re a killer and we should have done this *years* ago.”

Spike stared her deep in the eyes feeling a sense of emptiness when he saw the seriousness there. She really was about to stake him.

“You know what? Do it. Bloody just do it.”

She was taken aback “What?”

“End. My. Torment. Seeing you, everyday, every where I go, every time I turn around. Take me…out of a world…that has you in it!” he ripped off his t-shirt and threw it away, exposing his chest “Just kill me!”

She stared uncertainly at him for a moment and then raised the stake and lunged, only to stop when he winced. She looked up into the depths of his piercing blue eyes.

Suddenly Spike grabbed her by the upper arms and slammed his lips down onto hers, ravaging her mouth. She returned the kiss with equal intensity dropping the stake with a clatter neither of them noticed. She pulled away and pulled back with a gasp of dismay, her hand coming to touch her tingling lips.

She and Spike stared at each other, panting hard.

Slowly she dropped her hand and walked towards him lacing both of her hands at the back of his neck and pulling him back down to her. This kiss was just as passionate as last time and Spike reached down to the small of her back, pulling her body closer in full contact with his. He moved his mouth, aware that she had to breathe, and kissed her cheeks, trailing kisses down the side of her neck fully enjoying the little sounds of pleasure she was making.

“Spike…I want you.” She panted.

His own voice was muffled against her soft skin

“Willow, I love you.”

He pulled back to see her wide green eyes, his fingers tangled in the soft sheets of her red hair.

“God, I love you so much.”

Spike shot up in bed, his unneeded breath leaving him in a huff.

He could feel Harmony in bed by the side of him but all his attention was focussed on his dream.

“Oh, god, no.” he gasped horrified

“Please, no.”

The End