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Faith aka Alyssa (
What Happened To Willow ~PG~
Synopsis: Willow has amnesia
Parts: 1-5
Status: Complete

A Twist Of Fate ~R~
Synopsis: Willow meets the new girl in school, who gets turned. All kinds of stuff ensues
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

Fixated Series ~R~
Synopsis: Spike's severely wounded and needs human blood which Willow gives willingly
Parts: 1. An Exhausting Night | 2. The End of All | 3. Face to Face | 4. Don't You Dare | 5. Friends | 6. Give it a Try
Status: Complete

Perchance ~PG-16~
Synopsis: Spike meets old friends again
Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5| 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
Status: Complete

The War Series I ~R~
Synopsis: Willow and Spike break up, but does this end their love?
Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Status: Complete

Fayth (
As It Should Have Been ~PG-16~
Synopsis: Spike has a dream
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

Astral Aspirations ~PG-13~
Synopsis: Astral projection and a photo
Parts: 1
Status: Complete ---> 31-08-2003

Class Act ~PG~
Synopsis: Willow has problems with a stalker in her class
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

Constant ~PG~
Synopsis: Willow's in pain
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

Disney-fied ~PG~
Synopsis: The Scooby gang gets Disneyfied
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

Enough Is Enough ~PG-13~
Synopsis: Willow has had enough of Sunnydale and her friends and decides to have a fresh start
Parts: 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-Epilogue |
Status: Complete ---> 10-08-2003

Flying, a Moment in Time ~PG~
Synopsis: A moment in time, a change of heart
Parts: 1
Status: Complete 2003-03-23

Forgive Me Love ~PG~
Synopsis: Song fic about what you can't have
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

Happy Halloween ~NC-17~ (Winner of the 'Halloween Contest 2002')
Synopsis: Willow gets a happy Halloween
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

I Can Make You Feel Better ~PG~
Synopsis: Spike needs a little confidence boost and he gets it
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

I Overheard a Conversation ~PG~
Synopsis: Spike overhears a conversation between Willow and Slutty... I mean Buffy
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

Je Souhaite: Reality TV ~PG~
Synopsis: Spike makes a wish
Parts: 1-End |
Status: Complete ---> 31-08-2003

Letters From The Undead ~PG~
Synopsis: Spike leaves Sunnydale but stays in touch with Willow
Parts: 1-Epilogue |
Status: Complete ---> 31-08-2003

Lying To Me ~NC-17~
Sequal to: School Not Really Hard Enough
Synopsis: Spike has his hands full with Dru and a new boy at Willow's school
Parts: 1
Status: Complete 2003-03-23

May Baby Lust ~NC-17~
Synopsis: Hmmm... again with the spells *lol*
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

One of Them ~PG~
Synopsis: It's time for Spike to be included in the group
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

Pain and Friendship Saga ~PG~
Synopsis: Pain and a helping hand
Parts: 1-10 | 11-15 | 16 |
Status: 19-05-2003

PMS and PC's ~PG-13~
Synopsis: Willow gets fed up with women's troubles and gives Giles and Spike some lessons
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

Put It In Perspective ~PG~
Synopsis: Time to put matters into persepective and stop bullying
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

Quit Moaning ~PG~
Synopsis: Willow wants to shut Spike up!
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

School Not Really Hard Enough ~NC-17~
Sequal to: Happy Halloween
Synopsis: Willow interferes with Spike's plans
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

Single White Female ~PG~
Synopsis: A single White female looks for love with A single white Vamp
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

Spike and Lorne Go Shopping ~U~
Synopsis: Spike needs some fashion advice from the fashion king himself Lorne
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

Tempus Focus ~PG~
Synopsis: Willow and Buffy travel back in time to rescue Angel, but something went terrible wrong
Parts: 1-10 | 11-13 |
Status: Complete

Tempus Two ~PG~
Synopsis: Willow and Buffy are back from their time-trip, but there are certain changes
Parts: 1-10 | 11-19 |
Status: 31-08-2003

Whatever Happened to Miss Kitty? ~PG~
Synopsis: The hard life of a little cat
Parts: 1-9
Status: Complete

Femailofthespecies (
Could We Wander Series ~PG-13~
Synopsis: Willow seems to be the one who would have gone back for him first
Parts: 1. Could We Wander? | 2. Digging Up Roots | 3. Papa Don't Preach |
Status: 28-11-2004

I Had a Plan ~NC-17~ (Co-author: Fayth)
Synopsis: A spin on Lover's Walk
Parts: 1-10 | 11-13 |
Status: 02-11-2003

In Shadows Series ~NC-17~
Synopsis: Willow was proactive in making him feel better when no one else cared
Parts: 1. In Shadows | 2. Beautiful | 3. Overtly Transitioned | 4. Trust Holds Promise | 5. Rise to Grace | 6. Hookey | 7. Practically Hunting | 8. Damaged | 9. Victorian Sensibilities | 10. The Truth is the Light | 11. A Day Late - A Dollar Short | 12. The Fall is Sweet | 13. Perfect in the Dark | 14. Lines | 15. How Can I Tell Thee | 16. Crazy Scary Love
Status: Complete ---> 28-08-2005

Might Last a Day ~PG-16~
Synopsis: Spike and Willow are not what they seem
Parts: 1-9 |
Status: 10-08-2003

Nothing But Trouble ~NC-17~
Synopsis: Spike came back to Sunnydale early and bumped into a vampire named Willow
Parts: 1-9 |
Status: 06-01-2005

Pronouns Series ~NC-17~
Synopsis: naked Spike, sex and blood
Parts: 1. Him | 2. Her | 3. Me | 4. You |
Status: 14-03-2004

Relentless ~R~
Synopsis: Willow and Oz take the Ring of Amara to Angel but Spike gets a better idea
Parts: 1-12 |
Status: Complete ---> 16-11-2003

School is Hardly Enough ~R~
Synopsis: Angelus was not the one who ate the gypsy girl
Parts: 1
Status: Complete ---> 28-11-2004

Stepping Up, Stepping In ~R~
Synopsis: Spike feels the need to wander for a while. Guess who he wanders across?
Parts: 1 |
Status: 20-03-2005

Taking - A Story of Dark Love ~NC-17~
Sequal to: Relentless
Synopsis: Spike keeps his promises
Parts: 1-10 | 11-17 |
Status: 19-09-2004

The Road To Rio ~R~
Synopsis: Spike kidnaps Willow to make sure her love-spell worked to get Dru back
Parts: 1-10 | 11-12 |
Status: 05-10-2003

Wick Is As Wicked Does ~NC-17~
Synopsis: Spike did get captured by the Initiative, but escaped, just as angry, before they chipped him.  You know what happened next!
Parts: 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-47 |
Status: 28-08-2005

World Made New ~NC-17~
Synopsis: They beat the First, but it went a bit different
Parts: 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-35 |
Status: 28-08-2005

Fenris (
Almost Love...Maybe ~PG-16~
Synopsis: Willow gets in trouble, Spike helps
Parts: 1-3
Status: Complete

Blind Faith ~PG~
Synopsis: Spike decides to help a witch
Parts: 1-2
Status: Incomplete

Fantasy Island ~PG~
Synopsis: Giles plans a vacation for the Gang and they go to a very special island
Parts: 1-5 | 6-Epilogue
Status: Complete

Seeking The Sun ~PG-16~
Synopsis:  Willow casts a spell, so that Spike is able to walk in the sun
Parts: 1 | 2 | 3
Status: Complete

Warming Up To Spike ~PG~
Sequal to: Fantasy Island
Synopsis: Willow and Spike are moving in together, but no one knows about them dating
Parts: 1-5 | 6-9
Status: Complete

Enough Is Enough ~PG~
Synopsis: Willow goes on a road-trip for revenge
Parts: 1-19
Status: Incomplete

Lay Me Down ~PG~
Synopsis: a short fic
Parts: 1
Status: Complete

The Hunt ~R~
Sequal to: When Darkness Fell Series
Synopsis: The thrill of the hunt, a victim, but who will it be?
Parts: 1
Status: Incomplete

When Darkness Fell Series ~R~
Prequal to: The Hunt
Synopsis: Spike has left Willow and she turns toward Angel
Parts: 1. The Beginning | 2. They Fell | 3. It Felt Like Magic | 4. And Angel Fell | 5. Too Late
Status: Complete

That's My Girl ~PG-13~
Synopsis: Spike wants Willow and Willow wants Spike, what'll they do to get what they want?
Parts: 1-2
Status: Complete

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