Je Souhaite: Reality TV

Author: Fayth


Summary; Spike made a wish.

Rating/Pairing- PG S/?

Disclaimer- I now own a pretty red dress, you cant have it, its mine.

Dedication- Everyone who keeps writing W/S fic, there has been a decrease recently of which i am not impressed!!!


~Part: 1~

The bottom of the glass was making Spike annoyed. It wasn’t the fact that there *was* a bottom, more along the lines that he could see it, which meant that his glass was empty. Again.

“Bar keep!” he growled at the bleary figure at the end of the dirty bar.

“Another?” the weasel- like guy asked nervously from behind the bar.

A glare from the irate Vampire had him scuttling to the liquor cabinet and after taking a considering look at the bottle of Whisky, he just handed it over to Spike.

Spike poured the whisky into the glass and took a long swallow; it burned most satisfyingly as it went down. He was pissed, pressed and ready to get paralytic.

“Hey there, this seat taken?”

Spike half turned until he saw who it was, “Bugger off Hallie.” He growled.

Halfrek just smirked and sat down, “Now, William is that anyway to treat an old friend?”

“Friend?” he raised an eyebrow and scoffed before returning to his drink.

“What would you call us then?” the pretty brunette asked haughtily.

“All I know is that you’ve never done anything for me. Patron Saint of Scorned whatever, vengeance demon, yeah, well I’ve been scorned baby. Three times and not a bleeding blip for Ol’ Spike so take your vengeance-yness and piss off.”

The alcohol made him as eloquent as ever. And twice as polite.

“Three times William?” Halfrek looked honestly surprised.

“Cecily,” he eyed her “Dru and now bleeding Buffy. I show her what soldier boy’s been up to and she forgives him with open arms and then *and then*,” he started to get louder “She has the nerve to be pissed at me, like it’s my fault her boy likes to get sucked on.” He shook his head in disgust “But, I’m getting over it. I mean I must have been insane, the bloody Slayer? I reckon this chip’s doing more damage than I thought. Fancying the Slayer, Angelus’s cast offs? Both been there and done that pet. Don’t care for a rematch.” He shuddered at the thought.

“Well I never understood what you saw in her anyway.” Halfrek continued archly.

“She’s a cute little thing, strong too.” He put his head on the side considering “But she ain’t the only one, I mean take Red and boy would I like to.” he leered “She’s cute, hot as hell beneath the fuzz and strong, plus she treats me a hell of a lot better than the sodding Slayer.” He nodded, that wasn’t a bad idea, at least Willow didn’t treat him like a leper, “Yeah maybe I could try something with the witch.”

Halfrek laughed a high tinkling sound that grated on Spike’s nerves.

“What’s so funny about that? Just because she thinks she’s gay?” he snorted, like he couldn’t talk her out of that.

“No William, that girl is far too much for you to handle.” Halfrek smiled condescendingly “You’d be better off with the Slayer.”

“What Willow?” Spike looked sceptically at her, “Red hair, yay tall, magic chit, and good with computers?”

Halfrek nodded.

“You think she’d be too much for me?”

“When Anyanka first arrived here, it was to avenge Xander’s scorned love Cordelia.”

“Angel’s cheerleader?”

“Yes, she wished that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale and the whole world changed as a result. Your innocent little Willow was the most powerful Vampire in the alternative dimension, a favourite of the Master. She had your sire as a play toy chained in a basement.”

“Bloody hell!” Spike nearly fell off his chair, little Wicca a powerful Vamp? The Masters favourite?

“Unfortunately, the Watcher destroyed Anyanka’s power centre and the world was turned to rights. But, a few years ago the Vampire version was bought here; it was the talk of the demon circuit for months and was nearly enough to grant Anyanka’s ascendancy back into demon status. Willow has been carefully monitored from then on.”


“She had the Bronze under her control in a few hours and had most of the Vampires in Sunnydale under her power in less than a single night.”

“Sounds neat.” Spike tossed back his drink “Wish I could have seen that.”

“Wish granted.”

~Part: 2~

Spike felt the world shift at his feet, his stomach rolled as he fought to keep a hold of the liquor he had consumed in his stomach but the flashing lights made it hard. He closed his eyes briefly and opened them when the swirling stopped. He was in a crypt, no a chapel. He shuddered, what the hell was Hallie up to? He went to speak when he heard a voice coming from behind him. He spun around to see the moron’s girlfriend kneeling on the floor in a circle, surrounded by candles. If this was one of her and the moron’s shagging sessions, he was going to eviscerate Hallie.

Spike heard something talk behind a column and saw that Anya was talking to a horned demon

“Do not ask again.” He stated resolutely.

Anya gaped “But… but I-”

Spike rolled his eyes “Hey demon girl, quit moaning!” but, to his surprise she ignored him.

The demon interrupted them both “Your powers were a gift of the lower

beings. You have proved unworthy of them.”

Ah, so this guy was D’Hoffryn then, Anya’s boss, why was the demon chit trying to be a demon again? Was she finally fed up with Xander?

Anya continued unabashed, “I was robbed of them.”

“By your carelessness,” D'Hoffryn answered idly

Anya  pouted in the way that Spike had seen a dozen times it was the look that she got just before launching into a vengeance story “For a thousand years I wielded the powers of The Wish. I brought ruin to the heads of unfaithful men. I brought forth destruction and chaos for the pleasure of the lower beings. I was feared and worshipped across the mortal globe. Yeah, there it was. Spike rolled his eyes as Anya continued disgustedly, “And now I'm stuck at Sunnydale High, mortal, child. And, I'm flunking math.”

Spike started, Okay that was new, Anya ran the Magic Box, and she wasn’t at school.

D'Hoffryn waved dismissingly “This is no concern of ours. You will live out your mortal life and die.”

Wow that was Harsh, thought Spike as he stared down at Anya who was still ignoring him. Like that was something new he snorted.

Anya pleaded, “Give me another chance. You can fold the fabric of time. Send me back to that place and I'll change it. I won't fail again.”

“Your time is passed.” The demon obviously wasn’t going to change his mind.

But Anya was getting desperate “Do you have any idea how boring twelfth graders are? I'm getting my power centre back. And if you won't help me, then, by the pestilent gods, I will find someone who will!”

“You go Demon girl!” Spike cheered her on watching as she left but before he could follow her to annoy her some more he felt the world shift under his feet again.

“Oh bloody hell!”

Spike stumbled back and nearly fell over a chair in his haste to get out of the way of the sun streaming into the room from the windows. It was an office of some sort.

“Where the hell am I?” he hissed and stepped back as the door opened.

A small obnoxious man entered, forgetting the chip momentarily Spike tried to attack him. He lunged only to walk right through the man.

“What the-?”

“Miss Rosenberg, Mr West.” The man whined, ushering two people into the office.

The first was what Spike would usually refer to as “A steroid Starter”, a jock, athlete probably dosed up on both drugs and his ego.

The other caused Spike’s jaw to drop. “Willow?”

A very young Willow edged into the office; her shoulders hunched over.

He knew that the Witch had never been the most confident of people but the only phrase he could come up with right now was “Painfully shy”. She was dressed in a pink fluffy jumper with smiley faces on, yellow tights and red shoes; it was a hideous combination that she managed to pull off because she was so cute. Her hair swung around her face and Spike found himself tighten at her obvious innocence.

“Hey Red,” He said with a smirk but she just stared nervously at the ferret man. Now that wasn’t like Red to ignore him, she was always the nicest one of the bunch. Which meant…

“Hallie!” he yelled and the brunette appeared

“What?” she said innocently and then grinned

“What am I doing here?” he enunciated each word between gritted teeth

“This is what you wished for- well not actually, I’m not letting you interfere, I kind of love how this whole thing played out, but you can watch.”

“How is this relevant.” He pointed to the ferret man

“Just setting the scene. Anyanka petitioned to get her powers back and was denied, oh and that new Slayer is around.”

“Faith?” he asked curiously, he’d never seen her before.

“Well everything starts here; you will see why she chose to help Anyanka. So be quiet and pay attention.” she stood with her usual flourish ready to disappear

“Wait up Hallie, what are the rules?” Spike wanted to know whilst his eyes were drawn back to the redhead. “I mean will I be dust if I go in the sun, or walk through a wooden door?”

“No, you are just a spectator, a ghost if you will. You can’t influence anything and nothing can influence you, you see what I want you to see, no more, no less. When the story is over I will put you back where you belong. Enjoy it.” She laughed that laugh again and then vanished.

Spike grimaced and turned back to the three in the room.

The ferret man walked behind the two sat near his desk

“As far as I'm concerned, this is a marriage made in heaven. Willow Rosenberg, despite her unsavoury associations, represents the pinnacle of

academic achievement at Sunnydale High. Percy West represents a devastating fast break and 50% from behind the three-point line.”

Spike smirked to hear Buffy and Xander called “Unsavoury” just as well the ferret didn’t know about the Vampires. He frowned he was sure he’d heard the name “Percy “ before, wasn’t that the name of the geek that called Red a nerd? What? He paid attention.

Willow glanced at them both confused “I-I'm not sure I understand the marriage part.”

The ferret indicated her and the boy in turn “You've got the brains, he's got the fast break. It's a perfect match.”

Spike snorted, yeah right, perfect match, and he was about to run off with the Watcher.

Willow was now beyond puzzled “Match?” she did a double take “You want us to breed?” Spike burst out laughing. Oh, she was priceless, a real gem. Why the hell had he been interested in the Slayer?

The ferret rolled his eyes, “I want you to tutor him. Percy is flunking history. Nothing seems to be able to motivate him.”

The boy finally opened his mouth, “Hey, I'm challenged.”

Spike disliked him before he’d spoken. Now he knew he would have drained him faster than anything ever. He reminded him of those pansies he’d hung around with as a human, so full of themselves, they were in danger of ego overload.

Luckily the ferret seemed to have his number too

“You're lazy, self-involved and spoiled. That's quite the challenge. But we need a winning year, especially after last year's debacle with the swim team. Can't have our point guard benched. So, you're gonna take on a little teaching job. I know how you enjoy teaching.”

Spike’s smile was soft, yeah, she did. And she’d be good at it too. He could just see her standing in front of a class with her resolve face.

Willow didn’t seem too sure though and stammered out a feeble excuse, “Well, I have a lot of work of my own.”

“You've got a letter of acceptance from every university with a stamp.”

Spike’s frown returned, she did? So why did she go to UC nowheresville? It was something he’d never considered, he knew the chit was smart, had seen ample proof of that fact, why did she stay in Sunnyhell?

“Y-yes, but I still have classes and I don't...”

The ferret interrupted “Rosenberg, it's time to give something back to the

community. I know you wanna help your school out here. Ask me how I know.”

Willow obediently replied “How do you...?”

But, the ferret just glared, “I just know.”

Spike wondered if he could find this guy and eviscerate him too. It was obvious that he was bullying the girl and she wasn’t confident enough to fight back. Strangely enough it bought out the Knight in shining armour out in him. Something he thought had died at the same time as his impulse to suntan. He wanted to be her protector, and kill everyone who hurt her.

~Part: 3~

He followed her as she left the office and walked despondently down the hall only cheering up when the Slayer joined them. The Slayer that Spike suddenly had less than charitable feelings for, what exactly was so special about this chit? It sure as hell wasn’t her fashion sense; he rolled his eyes at her ensemble.

“Hey Buffy!” Spike hadn’t seen that radiant smile of Willow’s for a long time and never directed at him, he felt bad suddenly. Was he really so horrible to her that she’d never smiled at him. Was her life really so bad that she didn’t smile as often anymore.

He was so caught up in his thoughts about the witch he was beginning to think of as “his” that he didn’t realise they had reached the library.

“So he threatened you?” Buffy was saying “With what?”

Willow shrugged sweetly “Well, I -it wasn't exactly anything he said. It was all in his eyes. I mean, there was some nostril work as well, but mostly eyes.”

Spike grinned at her words, she was a funny bird.

Buffy growled “Snyder needs me to kick his ass.”

Snyder, well now he had a name for the ferret.

Willow looked almost apologetic “Oh, no, Buffy, don't get in trouble. I'll be okay.” She put her bag down on the table “I just hate the way he bullies people. He just assumes everyone's time is his.”

Spike turned as Giles came out of his office wearing…tweed? And sucking on a lollipop. Spike rolled his eyes, TWEED?

Giles saw Willow and motioned “Willow, get on the computer. I want you to take another pass at accessing the Mayor's files.”

Spike’s eyebrow’s shot up to his hairline, what, no please? Or even hello?

He knew that they all took advantage of Willow but he never realised how much. The stupid watcher was treating her just as bad as the ferr-Snyder.

Willow didn’t seem to notice, smiling happily as she said “Okay.”

The door opened again and a leggy brunette entered followed by a panting man who seemed on the verge of a heart attack.

“Well, that was a blast.” the girl sassed with a roll of her eyes.

Giles replied slightly coolly “How did it go?”

She pointed at the panting man “Princess Margaret here had a little trouble keeping up.”

Spike waited for someone to make the obvious dirty joke and pouted when they didn’t, damn these people were too innocent.

Giles turned to the man “How did it go?”

He panted heavily before replying “Faith, uh... did quite well on the obstacle field. Still a little sloppy, though.”

So this was Faith? Spike thought, walking a circle around the girl. She was hot, and insane- his favourite combination in a girl; or had been until he added innocent and deliciously naive to his list.

Faith shot an incredulous look behind her unaware of the perusal going on.

“Do you feel up to, uh, taking Buffy out, or shall I?”

He knew it! Spike thought triumphantly, all Watchers were just a bunch of perverts getting their kicks watching teenage girls get hot and sweaty.

 The new guy seemed to consider it between pants “Oh, no, no, no. I'll be fine. Just give me a minute. And some defibrillators, if it's not too much trouble.”

Pansy. It was no wonder American’s had such a bad opinion of the British if this was what got sent over.

Faith smirked “You're gonna love it, B. It's just like fun, only boring.”

Giles watched her sternly “Faith, this evaluation is a necessary part of the


She nodded interrupting what Spike knew would be a spiel about Slayer duty and destiny; he’d heard it all before. “I know. I'm on board here. Just shooting my mouth off.”

Buffy looked down “I better change.”

“Please do!” Spike said out loud “We’d all be dead grateful.”

She started to walk out only to be stopped as she passed by Faith.

“Good luck.” the brunette said. She reached out, lightly brushing Buffy's shoulder with her hand and gave her a little smile. Buffy returned the smile weakly and continued out.

Spike wondered at the harsh undercurrents between the girl and the rest of them, he knew the Slayer went bad eventually but she was okay now wasn’t she? Not that they’d ever spoken about her much. Or to him about their adventures at High school at all really. He was an outsider, an unwelcome one at that.

It made him sad even as he declared adamantly to himself that he didn’t want to be a bleeding Scooby.

The watcher, what was his name, Weasley or something followed Buffy out.

Faith noticed Willow, as if for the first time and hopped up on the counter to sit and watch her, which was what Spike was now doing. She tensed as Faith sat closer and tucked her hair behind her ear in a gesture that Spike knew as a nervous one.

“What cha doin'?” Faith asked.

Willow took a deep breath before answering her, “I'm trying to access the Mayor's personal files.”

Faith looked surprised “Can you do that?”

“Well, he's got some tricky barriers set up.”

“Can you get past 'em?” she asked warily.

“Eventually I'll get through.”

Spike wondered at the witch’s tone. Willow was always nice, to everyone. Even him, why was she being cold to this girl, what had she done to her?

He watched the Slayer as Faith intently watched Willow.

A few minutes passed and Spike started to get that funny feeling in the pit of his stomach that signified a shift. He braced himself as the room spun. He opened his eyes to see a studio apartment. A guy with a suit on stood talking to Faith.

“That's very interesting.” he said musingly

Faith agreed looking around “Yeah, I thought so, too. Are you serious about this place?”

 He smiled “Of course I am. No Slayer of *mine* is gonna live in a fleabag hotel. That place has a very unsavoury reputation. There are immoral liaisons going on there.”

Slayer of his? Ah this must be the Bad guy! Spike figured. So Faith was already playing against Slutty and the rest?

“Yeah, plus all the screwing. This place is the kick!” she enthused as she wandered around.

Spike grinned at her. She really was pretty cool. So much better than Buffy.

She walked past a leather punching bag hanging in a corner and continued into the sleeping area, like a kid at Christmas.

The man in the suit smiled at her “We'll keep your old place, in case you need to see your friends there, but from now on...” he stopped as Faith jumped on the bed ands started bouncing “Oh, hey, hey, hey! Shoes! Shoes!”

Spike stared at him dubiously, was this guy human? He knew Faith had gone bad, but who was this? He backtracked, Giles had asked Red to break into…this must be the Mayor.

Faith jumped off the bed and sauntered over to the Mayor almost expectantly “Thanks, Sugar Daddy.”

Spike’s eyes hardened. This wasn’t what he had expected. This girl wasn’t even 17 yet.

The Mayor lost his smile and said admonishingly “Now, Faith, I don't find that sort of thing amusing. I'm a family man.”

Spike let out a breath of relief. Ok he could like the guy now, he wasn’t so bad, and at least he had a sense of humour.

“Now, let's kill your little friend.”

Scratch that, he was going to kill Willow? The guy should die, horribly. Dammit, how many times had that girl escaped death anyway? She was like the energiser Bunny. He raised an eyebrow, oh he like THAT image.

Faith gave him an uneasy look.

“Don't worry. I wouldn't ask you to do it. Not this early in the relationship.” He said reassuringly “Besides, I think a vampire attack would be less suspicious anyway. In the meantime, let's take a look at the rest of the apartment, huh? If I'm not mistaken, some lucky girl has herself a PlayStation.”

Faith grinned broadly “No way.”

“Yes way!”  He chuckled.

Spike was piecing things together. So Faith was with the Mayor, not really surprising since the Scooby’s seemed to not trust her at all. The Mayor wanted to kill Willow because she could hack into his files. The mayor was a bad guy. He was glad that he had that sorted because he felt the room begin to spin and suddenly he was in the high school hallway again.

~Part: 4~

“Hey!” he turned to see that annoying guitarist that had turned up at Angel’s place when he was after the gem of Amara. What was he doing here?

“Oz! Hi!”

Spike stopped dead (no pun intended) so this was Wolf-boy? Funny he’d never actually had a face to put the name and disgust at the one that had turned Willow away and broken her heart. This underdeveloped loser was the infamous Oz?

They smiled at each other and moved closer to hug.

Oz teased her “There's something about you that's causing me to hug you. It's like I have no will of my own.”

Spike rolled his eyes and dug in his pockets for a cigarette. What had Red ever seen in this dumb ass?

When they pulled apart Willow had that huge smile on her face, the one that shamed the sun and Spike felt jealous of the damn Wolf again. He wanted to be the one to make her smile!

“Where were you yesterday?” she asked grasping the boy’s hand. Spike pushed his hand through the back of the wolf’s head trying to push out his brains or knock off his head. It didn’t work.

Unaware of Spike’s attempts to decapitate him Oz continued “Mm... We got back late, sort of very.”

“We? Who? Where?” Willow asked almost resigned.

“The band. We had a gig in Monterey Sunday night.”

They stopped by a classroom.

Willow looked distressed “Oh, you did? How come I didn't know?”

“I thought you did.”

Obviously not, Rover, Spike growled.

Willow was hurt “Maybe I would have liked to go.”

Oz shrugged “Didn't figure you for missing school.”

Spike fought the urge to ram his fist through Oz’s heart…and then decided to anyway, not like it’d hurt.

Willow continued disappointed, not realising that a ghost was pulling her boyfriends organs out “You think I'm boring.”

Spike froze “No. You are never boring.” He answered her sincerely.

“I'd call that a radical interpretation of the text. We're playing tonight at the Bronze.” Oz offered.

“I can't. I have too much homework.” She apologized. That was the first thing he had to fix when they started dating, Spike thought, her constant apologizing.

“If you get done early...” Oz said as he walked into the class room only letting go of Willow’s hand when he had to.

“Wanker!” Spike called as he walked with Willow down the hall.

“I have no idea why you were with him, pet. He was never any good for you. Total pillock. No fire and nothing up here you know.” He pointed to his heart “Not like me. I’d be good for you.”

He walked across the quad with her basking in the sun. He looked over and gasped. Her hair looked like it was on fire, it was beautiful. He had never seen her in the sunlight before- obviously. She was like a radiant Goddess; she made his fingers itch to touch her, to pour his feelings out on paper. He reached for her only to have her hurry ahead slightly.

“Percy! Hey. Listen, I thought we could get together today at lunch and go over your Roosevelt paper. You know, what books you'll need and stuff.”

Oh yeah, it was the jock. Spike sniffed disinterestedly at the kid who ignored her.

“What are you talking about?”

Willow started “Me tutoring you. Your, your history paper?”

“Oh, yeah, yeah. Snyder said *you* were gonna do it.”

Spike glared at him, wishing he could just rip out this guy’s spleen and hand it to Willow. What was it about her that bought out his caveman side?

Willow was as surprised as Spike was annoyed “He never said that.”

“What meeting were *you* at?” Percy said obnoxiously.

Willow sighed trying to be accommodating “Look, I-I'll get the books you need. Just meet me at lunch and...”

Percy interrupted her “No, no, no. I don't have any time at lunch. I gotta hang out.”

Willow hesitated “Well...”

Percy stopped and faced her, impatiently “What, what, you got something better to do? Just type it up and put my name on it. Oh, and don't type too good. Dead giveaway.” He left without a backward glance leaving a despondent and indignant Willow behind.

She sank down on one of the benches dejectedly, pulled off her pack, reached in and pulled out a banana.

“I'm eating this now. It's not lunchtime, I don't even care.”

Spike chuckled at her adorable attempt at rebellion but before she could begin peeling it, Buffy and Xander walked up to her.

Spike looked them over.

Buffy had never been subtle when it came to her wares but this should have been banned, especially at school. No wonder Xander couldn’t take his eyes off her. She had “Hooker” written all over.

And as for the boy wonder? That kid, although not as chubby as he was now, was every inch a gangly, awkward teenager. By this time they had instilled fear into the hearts of demons and killed the master and already saved the world? He was deeply ashamed of his kind.

“Hey.” Buffy chirped.

“Willow, did you remember to tape Biography last Friday?” Xander asked without even greeting her.

He was annoyingly like the Watcher

Willow nodded absently struggling with the banana “Uh-huh.”

Buffy turned to Xander, proudly and said “See, I told you. Old Reliable.”

Xander nodded whilst trying not to look down her top. He totally missed the glare that Willow set him.

“Oh, thanks.”

“What?” Buffy was surprised.

“'Old Reliable'? Yeah, great. *There's* a sexy nickname.”

She pouted and Spike leaned over to catch her bottom lip before remembering he couldn’t touch her.

Buffy stammered “Well, I-I didn't mean it as...”

Willow just sighed “No, it's fine. I'm 'Old Reliable'.”

Xander didn’t see what the problem was; he just wanted to earn brownie points with Buffy.

“She just means, you know, the geyser. You're like a geyser of fun that goes off at regular intervals.”

Both Willow and Spike glared at him in disgust “That's Old Faithful.” they both said.

Xander looked confused “Isn't that the dog that, that the guy had to shoot...”

Willow was now angry “That's Old Yeller.”

Buffy turned to him.

“Xander, I beg you not to help me. Will, I-I didn't mean it as a bad thing. I-I think it's good to be reliable.”

Spike rolled his eyes. They couldn’t see that it was insulting for a 16 year old girl to be seen as nothing more than reliable?

Willow stood up “Well, maybe I don't *wanna* be reliable all the time. Maybe I'm not just some doormat person. Homework Gal.”

Spike looked at her, aware that they were both thinking along the same lines. Well not exactly the same, she probably wasn’t thinking that she was hot when she was angry and that she wanted to shag herself…

Xander just joked “I'm thinking nerve strike.”

Willow huffed at him in that adorable way “Maybe I'll change my look! Or cut class. You don't know.”

Buffy and Xander just gave her surprised looks.

“About damn time!” Spike cheered “And you won’t be laughing when you get Syphilis or Angelus tries to kill you.” He laughed at the thought of all the horrible things that were going to happen to these people.

Willow hadn’t finished “And I'm eating this banana. Lunchtime be damned!”

Spike couldn’t help the smile as she almost whispered the word “Damned”, her first attempt at rebellion and she couldn’t even cuss, it was oh bloody hell…it was adorable.

As she moved to go away Buffy ran after her, which in Spike’s book was the first thing she’d done right.

“Will, wait. I'm really sorry...”

But Willow just looked at her ruefully “Buff, I'm storming off. It doesn't really work if you come with me.”

Spike looked at a chastened Buffy and laughed gently at Willow’s words whilst still marvelling. Even when she was mad, she still thought about others.


He heard Buffy say as he followed Willow back into the school.

“You told ‘em love.” He approved.

Willow didn’t respond since she had no idea he was there and began to trudge up the stairs.

“Uh, Willow?” Both Spike and Willow turned to see Anya standing at the bottom of the stairs.

“Uh, hi.” It was obvious by her tone that she had no idea who this girl was.

“Lucky you.” Spike snorted.

Anya gestured at herself “Anya. I'm sort of new here. Um, I know Cordelia?”

Willow just smiled thinly “Oh, fun.”

“Willow, was that sarcasm?” Spike pretended to be shocked.

Anya stepped up closer to her in a secretive way “Yeah. Um, listen, I have this little project I'm working on, and I heard you were the person to ask if...”

If she had been less polite she would have rolled her eyes and frowned, but being Willow she just sighed “Yeah, that's me. Reliable-Dog-Geyser Person. What do you need?”

“Oh, it's nothing big. Just a little spell I'm working on.”

Willow was suddenly interested.

“A spell? Oh. I like the black arts.”

“Yeah and they always turn out so well. Don’t do it pet.” Spike advised smoking his cigarette which he had forgotten.

Anya continued unabashed “I just need a secondary to create a temporal fold. I heard you were a pretty powerful Wicca, so...”

“Oh now you want her to do spells!” Spike rolled his eyes.

Willow was excited that someone wanted her for her spells and not her school smarts “You heard right, mister! I-I-I'm always ready to work some dark mojo. So, tell me, is it dangerous?”

Spike eyed her again. Maybe he did have the chit all wrong.

“Oh, no.” Anya said dismissively.

Willow was clearly disappointed “Well, could we pretend it is?”

Spike clutched the rail as he felt the earth shake under him “Not again!”

~Part: 5~

When the seasick Vampire next opened his eyes he realised he was back at the High school but in an empty classroom after dark.

Spike watched as Willow and Anya sat in a circle with a big white plate with a picture of a green necklace on it. Willow was arranging herbs, bones and candles while Anya sat at a desk preparing a mixture of sands and powders.

Anya was speaking so Spike moved closer trying harder to pay attention. “The necklace was a family heirloom passed down for generations. Then it was stolen from my mom's apartment.”

Spike chuckled “Liar.”

“How does the spell work?” Willow was fascinated.

“Uh, well, we both call on Eryishon, the Endless One, offer up the standard supplication, then there's a teensy temporal fold. We hope. Um, then I pour the sacred sand on the representation of the necklace, and Eryishon brings it forth from the time and place it was lost.” Anya got up and kneeled in front of Willow, offering her a weak smile.


Anya ignored Willow’s nervous smile “Are we ready?”

“I think so.”

Spike moved and sat down behind Anya watching Willow’s face. Even in candlelight she was radiant- effulg- oh bloody hell. He grimaced there was no way he was falling for Red- Right?

Anya took a deep breath and held her hand out over the plate.

“Eryishon. K'shala. Meh-uhn.” She intoned as Willow held her hand out.

“Diprecht. Doh-tehenlo nu-Eryishon.”

Anya picked up the bottle of sacred sand and held it over the plate.

“The child to the mother.”

“The river to the sea.” Willow completed as she held the bottle too.

“Eryishon, hear my prayer.”

Both Anya and Willow closed their eyes. There is a low rumbling sound and Spike wondered if he was going to be leaving…but no this was in the room itself.

“Uh pet?” he tried but before he could say anything else a pillar of blue energy wrapped itself around the girls and the plate.

Spike watched as Willow’s eyes opened, and then time froze.

“What?” he yelled “It was just getting good!”

Halfrek appeared in front of him, “I know, Honey, but I want you to see what she does.” She gestured to one wall and the map of America flew up to reveal a white board “This is what she is seeing now.”

“Wait a second.” Spike said suspiciously “Is that popcorn I can smell?”

Halfrek looked embarrassed “I told you this was a favourite.” She pouted and vanished in a huff of attitude.

Spike shook his head and watched the screen as the action around him returned to life.

He saw Anyanka, with her vein-y face choking Giles and shuddered when she licked her fingers. Then his jaw dropped as he caught a glimpse of Willow and Xander dressed in leather in full vamp face, before he could take it in the picture changed.

“Hey rewind!” he whined as he saw Anyanka’s necklace glow green and then a harsh looking Buffy staking Xander. He gasped at that and then even more when he saw Willow in tight binding leather get pushed back onto a stake and dusted. The green glow vanished as her necklace was smashed. Spike couldn’t tear his eyes away as random flashes occurred. Willow attacking Buffy, the Master watching as Willow fell to the floor. A huge lunk of a lad grabbing her and the abandoned factory. The hairy little wolf boy grabbing Willow and then the Master attacking Buffy.

Spike growled as he saw Angel release some humans before Willow fought one and then the wolf boy grabbed her again before she vanished.

As quick as it had arrived the energy stooped and Spike was bought back to the moment by Willow’s hushed gasp.

“That was... W-w-what was that?”

Anya seemingly had other problems as she searched the ground frantically “Oh, it's not here. It's not here!”

“No shit Sherlock.” Spike said his eyes on the wary Redhead.

“Okay, that's a little blacker than I like my arts.” Willow said.

Anya exclaimed “Oh, don't be such a wimp.”

“Hey!” Spike said annoyed at her tone, this from the girl who thought she was dying every time she got a cold.

Willow just stepped back “That, that-that wasn't just some temporal fold that was some weird Hell place. I-I don't think you're telling me everything.”

Anya glared at her “I swear, I am just trying to find my necklace.”

Willow glared back indignantly “Well, did you try looking inside the sofa *in Hell*?”

Spike spat out his laughter at the unexpected joke once again struck by how *damn funny* the girl was.

“Look,” Anya smiled sweetly “we'll just try it again, and...”

“No! I-I think emphatically not!”

“I can't do it by myself!” Anya snarled.

“Oh I think the moron would disagree.” Spike joked.

Willow gathered her things “That's a relief. I'm outta here.”

“Fine! Go! Idiot child.” Anya muttered.

“I believe these chicken feet are mine.” Willow said archly “Look, m-magic is dangerous, Anya, i-it's, it's not to be toyed with. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have someone else's homework to do.”

Spike raised his eyebrow at the obvious contradiction and shook his head. Bleeding mortals.

As the funny feeling spread in Spike feet and he held on to the table to stop the lurching, he saw Anya break the plate in frustration and scream


Then the world spun.

~Part: 6~

When the world stopped so all passengers could disembark, Spike realised that he was in the Factory. A non- burnt out Factory. He looked around and suddenly there was a flash of light and a figure appeared on the floor. A leather clad figure with fiery red hair. She looked up and Spike gasped. It was Willow. A pale Willow wearing clothes so tight they were almost painted on. Her make up was dark and seductive; her lips a cherry red that promised things that sent a shiver right through Spike. She was a Goddess in tight leather. His jaw hung open in astonishment.

She cast her hooded eyes around at the empty factory.

“This is weird.”

With a grace that reminded Spike of sleek jungle predators in Africa, she stood and slinked towards the door, her hips sashaying in an unconsciously provocative walk. She touched her palm against the door feeling for warmth; for daylight.

A wolfish grin that made little Spike stand to attention graced her features as she opened the door and sloped out onto the street.

Spike’s eyes were drawn to her tiny waist, emphasized by the binding leather as it swayed in front of him evoking images of things that would get him dusted should the Slayer ever find out.

Spike heard children laughing and screaming as they stalked the street side by side, him unable to take his eyes off her exquisite form.

As she walked a confused look was on her face. It seemed like to her this was all alien, she had been used to fear in humans not laughter and it was disconcerting to have them pass so near and not be afraid. When a scream sounded out, she spun searching for something but the lost look came back when she realised it was a scream of pleasure.

It was that lost look that made Spike groan, she reminded him so much of Drusilla. Dark, beautiful, deadly and innocent. He had never wanted anything so much as he wanted to touch this crimson haired siren and sink into her cool oblivion. She was perfect. He had known the witch had some serious talent but this was beyond his wildest expectations, he was walking around hard enough to poke holes in concrete and she had only said three words.

An old woman approached and stuttered

“E-e-excuse me, young lady...”

Willow snarled down at the woman obviously unhappy at the audacity of this meagre human at addressing her. The woman stammered some more and walked away. Willow’s face fell. The woman hadn’t even screamed. She rolled her eyes annoyed and headed towards the Bronze.

Spike couldn’t take his eyes off her as she slunk into the Bronze, a slow prowling number matching her movements playing in the background.

She looked around, watching the punters play pool and ignoring the few that dared to look askance at her leather attire.

She pouted forlornly as she stared around, a guy in a leather jacket looked like he was about to make a move but was put off by the edge of danger that emanated from her form.

Spike sat on the edge of the pool table just as some guy knocked into her.

The guy looked up and Spike recognized him, an evil grin spread across his face.

“Hey!” the dumb jock recognized her, and looked her up and down “Rosenberg? What are you doing, trick-or-treating? You're supposed to be at home doing my history report. I flunk that class; you're in big trouble with Snyder. Till we graduate, I own your ass.”

Spike chuckled “Big mistake.”

She raised her eyes and looked at him with weary amusement.

“Bored now.”

She shoved the heel of her hand squarely into his chest and gave a light push, sending him flying onto a pool table next to a gleeful Spike. Percy landed hard on his back, and his momentum forced him to fall off the table in a tumble of arms and legs. Several guys around them stared shocked at the spectacle.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, man!”


“What's up with *that*, man?”

“What the hey?”

Willow now had the attention of a crowd as she sauntered over to the stunned Percy.

“I'm having a terrible night.” She pouted and reached down grabbing him by the throat, she lifted him up and Spike, from his vantage point could see her fingernails biting into his flesh, causing bruises.

“Wanna make it better?”

Percy panicked and tried to hit her, his eyes going wide as she blocked him without effort, she began to smirk as Percy choked.

Spike was giggling now in maniacal glee, his expression one of pure delight- until he saw Xander.

“Uh oh!” he sang, a twinkle in his eye.

Xander came up behind the watching boys, eager to get in on the fun.

“What's going on? Is there a funny thing?”

The guys laughingly pointed over at the two of them who had their hands wrapped around each others throats.

Xander misinterpreted the situation and rushed up yanking Percy off Willow.

“Back off! You stay the hell away from her!” he yelled at the jock.

Percy choked out an “Okay! Sure!” before he scrambled away.

Spike sighed “Trust you to stop the fun.” He pulled out another cigarette watching the new scene with keen interest.

Xander turned to make sure Willow was unhurt and Spike laughed at the gob-smacked look on his face as he took in Willow’s clothes.

The laughter faded as Spike saw Willow’s face light up at seeing Xander. “Xander!”

Spike glared at the moron before puffing on his smoke.

“He’s a ponce love, don’t be fooled.”

Xander couldn’t get over her clothes “Will, changing the look not an idle threat with you.”

“You're alive!” she beamed and hugged him.

Spike rolled his eyes “Unfortunately.”

She ran her hands over his neck and back and Xander’s expression turned uneasy.

“Uh... Will, this is verging on naughty touching here. Don't wanna fall back on bad habits.”

Willow smiled.

Xander suddenly jumped back “Hands! Hands in new places!”

“Hey now!” Spike jumped up outraged as he realised where Willow’s hands had just gone.

Willow stepped back looking at Xander with Spike’s favourite expressions for the moron; Disbelief, revulsion and confusion

“You're alive.”

“Unfortunately.” Spike repeated still annoyed and more than a little jealous.

Xander nodded “You mentioned that before. Will, are you okay?”

“No! Everything's different.” she said plaintively and Spike reached for her trying to convey comfort.

“It’s okay pet.”

He suddenly scented the Slayer.

“Shit, pet we have to go.”

Buffy came up and looked at Xander “Oh. There you are.”

“Hey, Buff.” Xander said never taking his eyes of Willow.

Buffy smiled clearly not recognizing the girl “Aren't you gonna introduce me to you’re... Holy *God*, you're Willow.”

Spike suddenly wondered how, exactly he had fallen in love with this stupid bint. She was a few haemoglobins short of a blood bag.

“You.” the hatred was evident in Willow’s voice.

Buffy had obviously realized why Willow would be dressing like this and tried to be a good friend.

“You know what? I, I like the look. It's, um... it's, it's extreme, but it, it, it looks good, you know, it's a leather thing, and, uh... I said extreme already, right?” she said to Xander.

“I don't like you.” Willow spat.

“Me neither.” Spike volunteered glad that it was the truth.

Buffy was hurt “Will, I'm sorry about today. You know how my foot likes to live in my mouth. But you know... y-you really didn't have to prove anything.

“Leaving now.” Willow said after looking at both of them in disgust, they were human and below her notice.

“Will, gotta say, not lovin' the new you.” Xander said sadly.

Buffy was still willing to make it up “Will, wait...”

She grabbed Willow's arm from behind and turned her around.

Willow vamped and roared at Buffy “Get off me!”

Buffy and Xander weren’t the only ones who stood speechless in the Bronze. Spike’s jaw had dropped, his cigarette falling from his open fingers as his eyes…and other places bulged.

She was…her demon was… Spike swallowed deeply and forced down his immediate reaction. He hadn’t felt this horny since his early fledgling days. She was perfection, her demon was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen- even more so that the one bestowed on his dark Princess. She was dangerous and innocent and he was falling faster than gravity would allow. He raced out after her, not wanting to let her out of his sight.

~Part: 7~

As Spike came out of the Bronze into an alley he saw two Vampires creep up on his new obsession.

“Willow Rosenberg.” one of them snarled.

“I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.” she said in a voice that was so like her human counterpart Spike smiled softly and then shook himself.

“Then we won't talk.” Replied the less than astute Vampire and they both tried to attack her.

Spike had the opportunity to look at the Vampire as she fought with poetry and elegance. She kicked one Vampire and flipped the other as he grabbed at her. She half- turned and kicked the others head. She blocked their attempts to attack her like she was swatting flies and quickly had them cowering in fear. She snapped the first one’s wrist and held him down.

“You made me cranky.” She admonished softly.

“There's been a mistake here. We were sent after a human.” he panted like he had to breathe.

“Really? Who do you work for?” She seemed intrigued.

“I'm not telling you a thing.” His meagre attempt at denial was halted abruptly when she gave a half smile and broke one of his fingers.

“Who do you work for?” she repeated.

“Wilkins. The Mayor.”

She grabbed another finger and broke it.

“*Who* do you work for?” she fluttered her lashes suggestively.


“He finally gets it.” Spike cheered as she dropped the guys arm and let him up. She faced both Vampires.

“Get your friends. Bring them here. The world's no fun anymore. We're gonna make it the way it was. Starting with the Bronze.”

The Vampire nodded obediently at his new boss.

“Yeah you go love, oh I could see us together as eternal...oh crap-” Spike yelled as the ground began to swirl.

“No I want to stay here!” he yelled.

But contrary to his desire he was suddenly in the library watching Buffy and Xander walk in with detached faces, their very posture indicating their deep silence.

“Oh thank you.” He said thoroughly pissed off “I was standing with the love of my unlife. Now I’m here with you wankers.” He growled and tried to rush them only to end up in front of Giles who had heard them come in.

“Oh, Buffy. I thought you were going out tonight. I didn't expect...” he paused taking in their expressions.

“What is it?”

Spike leaned against the counter still annoyed beyond belief at having to leave Willow. He listened as Buffy and Xander explained what had happened to Willow.

They all sat on the stairs to the stacks, detached and staring off into space.

Like their whole world had crumbled, which it had.

Giles dangled his glasses from his hands and Xander idly handled a cross, making Spike a little uneasy.

“This isn't real.”

Spike rolled his eyes “Yeah because that would make it go away.”

Buffy agreed numbly “I can't feel anything. Arms, legs, anything.”

“Let’s test that theory.” Spike groused.

“She was truly the finest of all of us.”

“Yep.” Spike agreed.

“Way better than me.” Xander added.

“Much, much better.” Giles said decisively.

“It's all my fault.” Xander bowed his head.

“Why do you say that?” Giles looked askance at him.

“Statistical probability.”

Spike snorted.

“No, it's me. I-it's me. I'm the one that called her reliable. She must have gone out and gotten attacked, which she never would have done if I hadn't have called her reliable. And now my best friend is...” Buffy trailed off.

Spike felt a presence and turned to see Willow walk in behind him

“What's going on?” she asked.

Spike smiled at her innocent look. The smiley faces on her pink jumper were growing on him. She was such a contrast to her other self but at the same time he could see the parts that went into making her demon self.

They all looked up at her surprise written all over their face. Xander lifted his cross in some sort of involuntary defence.

Willow noticed their sad faces.

“Jeez, who died?” when their faces didn’t change she was taken aback and realised she may have gotten it right

“Oh, God! Who died?”

In answer Xander jumped up pointed his cross at Willow's face.

“Back! Get back, demon!”

Willow looked concerned at Xander like he had flipped out or something.

Xander was briefly confused when she didn’t cower from the religious icon and peered at it in confusion. He shook it.

Spike couldn’t help the laugh that burst through. He brushed at his eyes.

“Hell, you people are better than T.V.”

Buffy and Giles watched her as she ignored the cross and slowly approached.

“Willow, you're alive?” her voice broke.

Willow was puzzled “Aren't I usually?”

Without any further hesitation, Buffy ran the few yards to her best friend and hugged her hard and close.

“Oh!” Buffy exclaimed at her friend’s warmth.

Before Willow could let out more than a quiet “Oof” Xander too had his arms around her hugging her for all she was worth.

“I love you guys, too?” she said hesitantly.

Spike rolled his eyes, jealous at her attention and words.

“Yeah okay enough already.” He muttered.

The hug went on for far too long in Spike’s estimation before Willow said “Okay. Oxygen becoming an issue.”

Buffy and Xander moved back, both smiling watery smiles. Willow smiled back totally unsure of what was going on. She turned to the most logical choice and most level headed person to help her out.

“Giles, what's going on with these...?”

Before she could finish she found herself being warmly embraced in an armful of tweed from the normally reserved Watcher.

“Oh!” her eyes wide.

“Hey now!” Spike yelled “Get you mitts off her, you old perv, he’s copping a feel, pet. Lecherous old fart. LET HER GO.”

Willow groaned a little from the tightness of the hug and Giles released her, a little embarrassed at his emotional display.

“Oh. Sorry.”

He stepped back and Willow looked really uneasy.

“It's really nice that you guys missed me. Say, you all didn't happen to do a bunch of drugs, did ya?” she asked accusingly.

“That would explain an awful lot love.” Spike agreed as he moved closer, keeping an eye on the Watcher. “But I think they missed you.” He traced the curve of her cheek with his fingers.

“Will, we saw you at the Bronze. A vampire.” Xander explained.

“I'm not a *vampire*.” she said half insulted.

“I am.” Spike offered “I could do you too.” The more he thought about it the more he liked the idea, Willow as his childe, devoted only to him.

“You are.” Buffy paused at Willow’s look “I-I mean, you, you were.

Giles, planning on jumping in with an explanation any time soon?” she asked desperately.

Giles stammered “Well, uh... something... something, um, very strange is happening.”

Spike snorted again as Xander remarked facetiously.

“Can you believe the Watcher's Council let this guy go?”

Spike watched Willow as she smiled sweetly; he felt his heart skip and the air thud in his ears. Then he was in the Bronze.

“Well that was relatively painless.” He said thankfully.

He watched as Anya walked up to the bar and sat down.

“What a day. Gimme a beer.”

The bartender just looked at her “I.D.” he stated

Anya gave him an incredulous look.

“I.D.” he repeated.

“I'm eleven hundred and twenty years old! Just gimme a friggin' beer!” she yelled.

“Oh that’ll show him.” Spike remarked “I swear you and the moron are made for each other.”

“I.D.” the guy repeated clearly unimpressed.

“Gimme a Coke.” She gave in.

Spike got up and wandered around the club wondering where either Willow was right now. He saw the stupid Wolf boy on the stage with another tall dumb looking guy and wondered what he was doing.

“Man, we need a roadie. Other bands have roadies.” The tall dumb guy said wistfully.

“Well, other bands know more than three chords. Your professional bands can play up to six, sometimes seven *completely* different chords.” The Wolf quipped but it seemed to go right over the other’s head.

“That's just, like, fruity jazz bands.”

“Anyhow what are you talking about Roadies for? You have Willow.” Spike spat “You gonna cheat on her, I’ll tell…” he trailed off as he realised how that sounded.


Spike turned slightly.

“Oh great Wolf boy and the poof. Match made in a gel tube.”

“Hey, man. You looking for Buffy?”

“As always.” Angel said with a wry smile.

Spike decided then and there that he was over Buffy. No way was he following in his daft Sire’s footsteps.

“Well, no sightings as of yet, but I think she said she'd show.”

The door opened and several Vampires walked in fanning out in standard formation. They were in full vamp face and people began to back away in fear. The Vampire that had attacked Willow in the Alley came in last and grabbed a boy, throwing him into a table.

“Oh look if it ain’t Curly.” Spike smirked at Angel’s sudden attention.

“That doesn't look good.” Wolf boy said

“Oh you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Spike rocked on his heels.

Curly took centre stage “EVERYBODY, SHUT UP! Alright. Nobody cause any trouble or try to leave... and nobody gets hurt.”

Angel turned slightly to Oz “Why don't I believe him?”

The kid responded just as quietly “Well, he lacks credibility.”

“Can you get outta here?” Wolf boy asked Angel.

“Skylight in the roof. I can make it.”

“Yeah he’ll use his Poofy Angel wings.” Spike nodded smugly.

“I think we need some backup.”

“I think I'm needed here.” Angel countered and Spike shook his head


“Ten to one. Could get pointless.”

The door to the Bronze opened again and Spike stood straighter as Willow entered. She was looking very pleased and smiled as she reached the centre of the room, the now empty dance floor.

She glided into the centre of the room and looked around blissfully.

“Look. Everyone's all afraid. It's just like old times.” She purred.

Wolf boy stared at her with a look of utmost shock and horror on his face which was mirrored by Angel.

“Get Buffy. Do it now.”

Spike chuckled as Angel spun on his heel and begun climbing the stage ropes to the roof.

Tall and dumb leaned closer to Oz and whispered in awe.

“Dude, check out your girlfriend.”

Spike spared him a glare before jumping down off the stage to stand by his girl. Well would be his girl if he wasn’t invisible.

She sauntered leisurely over to a girl alone at a table.

“What's your name?” she asked sweetly.

“Sandy.” said the girl, with the right amount of fear in her voice.

Spike watched as Willow lightly brushed her fingers along Sandy's arm and slowly pulled her onto the dance floor where everyone was watching them raptly.

“You don't have to be afraid... just to please me. If you're all good boys and girls, we'll make you young and strong forever and ever.”

She turned the squirming girl around and stroked her head.

“We'll have fun.”  She grinned and grabbed Sandy’s head pulling it to the side and licking the girls’ neck.

“If you're not...”

She glared around, daring anyone to interrupt and vamped out roaring in primal warning as she bit down.

Spike was so proud he was ready to burst.

“Questions? Comments?” she said as she dropped the drained girl to the floor. Spike laughed riotously.

“Oh girl, me and you are gonna have a ball!”

“Willow. You don't wanna do this.” Gasped the wolf horrified.

Spike tried to drape his arm over her shoulders and was disappointed when his arm just went straight through her.

“I don't? But I'm so good at it.” She replied with a smirk.

“Who *did* this to you?” his voice was low with horror.

“I know you. You're a White Hat. How come you're talking to me like we're friends?” she seemed positively confused.

“Beats me,” Spike said “why you were dating the ponce in the first place!”

Anya slowly came up behind her.

“'Cause he thinks you're someone else. He thinks you're the Willow that belongs in *this* reality.”

“She does belong here.” Spike growled.

“Another me?” she replied intrigued.

“You know this isn't your world, right? I mean, you know you don't belong here.”

When Willow spoke again her tone was wistful “No. This is a dumb world. In my world there are people in chains, and we can ride them like ponies.”

Spike swallowed, all the blood in his head rushing…elsewhere at her innocently phrased statement. She was amazing, a walking, talking contradiction. Around her he seemed to be a walking, talking hormone.

“You wanna get back there.”

Willow pouted “Yeah.”

“So do I.”

Spike snorted “Who gives a flying- oh crap.”

~Part: 8~

The next thing Spike knew he was standing in the library at the school. Again. They were all sitting around quietly looking perturbed.

“And this is the crack team that foils my plans.” He said subconsciously moving closer to Willow “Deep, deep shame.”

“This is creepy. I don't like the thought that there's a vampire out there that looks like me.”

Her sad voice made Spike turn to her and he stopped himself just before he hugged her, knowing full well that his arms would go straight through. It was odd, he loved to touch and yet he had never really touched Willow, well when he got back that would all change.

“Not looks like. Is.” Xander maintained.

“It was exactly you, Will, every detail. Except for your not being a dominatrix. As far as we know.”

Willow rolled her eyes and grinned “Oh, right. Me and Oz play 'Mistress of Pain' every night.”

“That wanker!” Spike growled until he realised she was joking and relaxed. Still he was impressed that she could joke at a time like this.

“Did anyone else just go to a scary visual place?” Xander asked raising his hand.

“Oh, yeah.” Buffy added and even Giles looked a little off.

“Not so scary.” Spike muttered as he kicked at the bin, his mind awhirl with all the fabulous things he could do with chains.

They all looked up as Angel made an entrance, it was noisy and he was breathing hard like he had been running.

“Buffy, I... I just... Something's happened that...” he looked at Buffy and Xander “Willow's dead.”

Spike smirked as Buffy and Xander nodded deliberately. Willow straightened up and Angel turned at the noise.

“Hey, Willow.” He said distractedly.


He looked at Buffy and Xander as if wondering why they hadn’t reacted. Xander raised his eyebrows at Angel and Spike rolled his eyes.

“Dumbass.” He snarled.

Angel did a double take at Willow.

“Ah clicked did it?” Spike knew his Sire could be oblivious but this was just conformation.

“Wait a second.”

“We're *right* there with you, buddy.”

Buddy? Since when had Xander ever been pals with the great Poof? Spike suddenly felt a swell of jealousy. They were *his* crew now, even if they hated each other. He knew that Harris had always been a firm opposer of the Souled one, it was the only thing they ever had in common. So why the sudden empathy? Maybe Willow was enough to bring them together and if that was the case then maybe when he got back to Sunnydale and made Willow his, maybe him and Xander could…could what? Be friends? His thoughts were caught when the Slayer spoke

“We saw her, too, at the Bronze.”

“Okay. She's there now with a cadre of vampires looking to party.”

It was as if that was the signal for battle, they all got up and in the place of a bunch of tired and bored teens was a crack fighting troop of hardened soldiers.

“We can figure out who she is *after* we stop the feeding frenzy.”

Spike lagged behind as they moved out into the hallway his mind still working away at his thought on the dynamics of the Scooby gang. Wouldn’t it just bite his Sire’s arse if he were to come back and hear that Spike had made himself a member of the Scooby gang? An actual member, not just an outsider. It made him smile and he was so lost in thought that he didn’t realise that they had stopped in the hallway until he walked through the Slayer.

“No, I don't want her in combat yet. Not around civilians.” Giles was saying to which Xander cheered.

“Hear, hear.”

“What did I miss?” Spike said aloud.

“Guys? What are we gonna do with me? The...other... me?”

“Well I could offer suggestions?” Spike leered and as if they could hear him the three other men shuffled their feet and looked away embarrassed.

“Dirty perverts!” he scoffed.

“I don't know, Will. I mean, we just have to stop them.” Buffy soothed and Willow nodded almost appeased.

“I-I get that. I just kind of wanted to know...Oh! Hey, uh, go. I-I'll catch up.”

Spike watched them go and wondered which to follow. His mind was made up as he watched Willow’s ass sashay away.

~Part: 9~

He kept his eyes pinned to her lovely figure as she leapt up to reach over the counter. Her butt stuck up in the air and he grinned, he could really get used to that sight!

He felt someone behind him but before he could turn, they had their arm around Willow.

“Alone at last.” She gloated.

Spike stared in amazement. Two Willow’s. One Vampire and one human; one the sexy siren of darkness and the other, the epitome of innocence and sweetness. Heaven and hell together.

He felt himself grow aroused as he stared at them, what he wouldn’t give to be able to touch them right now.

The Vampire Willow turned her other self around and eyed her outfit

“Well, look at me. I'm all fuzzy.”

“Yeah but cute.” Spike said with a grin.

“What do I want with you? Uh...” human Willow frowned and Spike just knew she was trying to work out how this situation affected her grammar.

Vampire Willow elaborated “Your little school friend Anya said that you're the one that brought me here. She said that you could get me back to my world.”

“Oh. Oh! Oops!”

“But I don't know...” she continued with a wicked grin “I kinda *like* the idea of the two of us.”

“Oh me too.” Spike hissed it was a fantasy comes true.

“We could be quite a team, if you came around to *my* way of thinking.”

Willow looked at her uncertainly “Would that mean we have to snuggle?”

“Oh please God yes.” Spike felt his trousers get tighter.

“What do you say? Wanna be bad?” she licked her neck.

“This just can't get more disturbing.” Human Willow freaked out.

“Ack! Ew! No more! You're really starting to freak me out!” she flapped her hands and tried to leave but her Vampire double stepped in the way. Willow picked up the cross that Xander had tried to stop her with and waved it at the Vampire, it had about as much success with Vamp Willow as it had with the human one. She batted it away and picked Willow up, throwing her across the counter.

Willow landed with a crash, hitting her head hard against the metal filing cabinet.


“Hey don’t damage the merchandise!” Spike growled.

Vampire Willow stalked around the counter “You don't wanna play; I guess I can't force you. Oh, wait. I can.”

Spike ran up behind her in time to see Willow fire a gun at the Vampire, it hit her chest dead centre.

“Bitch.” moaned the Vampire as she fell to the floor.

“Good shot pet.” He said relieved. Spike watched Willow get off her butt and run down the corridor anxiously calling the Scooby’s back. He was getting more and more confused. On the one hand he had this deadly Vampire who’s darkness excited him and on the other he had the sweet innocence of the human which he wanted to bask in. which one did he want more?

Willow came back in followed by the gang and she stared gesturing wildly.

“Look at her!” she squealed “She’s out.”

“Good shot Wills.” Buffy said impressed.

Angel and Xander dragged Vampire Willow by the arms into the book cage.

Giles stared dumbfounded “It's extraordinary.”

Willow glared at him “It's horrible! That's me as a vampire? I'm so evil and... skanky. And I think I'm kinda gay.”

Spike burst out laughing “And this worries you? Oh I bet blonde witch would just love that!”

“Willow, just remember, a vampire's personality has nothing to do with the person it was.” Buffy reassured her and Willow nodded almost comforted until Angel turned back.

“Well, actually... That's a good point.” He finished off Buffy’s glare

“Whipped and Tactless, no wonder you get on with the bloody cheerleader.” Spike rolled his eyes.

Xander broke the silence “So, uh, what do we do now?”

“We still have to get to the Bronze.” Giles reminded them.

“Well, even if they're supposed to wait for her they may start feeding. Vampires are not notoriously reliable.”

“So we charge in, much in the style of John Wayne?” Xander’s tone was hopeful.

“High casualty risk. I haven't any other plan, though.” Giles confessed as he took his glasses off to clean them.

“Uh, I have a really bad idea.” Buffy raised her hand. Spike leaned forward intrigued, only to be suddenly put off balance and land in a heap on the floor in front of the Bronze.

“Dammit Hallie!” he growled.


Angel dropped down from the roof of the Bronze onto a crate, then down to the pavement.

“They're still in a holding pattern. That's good. It means they must really be afraid of you.”

Spike turned and his jaw dropped, Willow was wearing her Vampire double’s costume, her flushed skin making a stark contrast to the tight black leather. Her chest expanded, pushing at the binding corset which in turn pushed her breasts up and out. It was an eyeful. One which Spike appreciated.

“Who wouldn't be?” she mocked a she tried to get comfortable in the tight leather.

“Are you okay in that?” Buffy asked.

“It's a little binding. I guess vampires really don't have to breathe.” she looked down “Gosh, look at those.”

Spike looked up to find all three men doing exactly that.

“Oy eyes off, she’s mine!” he growled indignantly.

“Um, ahem, Willow, you, uh, you go in and defuse the situation as best you can. At least try and get some of them to come out and even up the odds a bit.” Giles stammered trying to take his eyes away from her cleavage.

Buffy apparently didn’t notice “First sign of trouble, you give us a signal. We come in hard and fast.”

“What *is* the signal?” Xander wanted to know.

“Me screaming.” Willow nodded.

Angel looked around “Giles, you and Xander wait by the back entrance.”

“Good.” Giles nodded and they left.

“Watcher taking orders from a Vamp, and you wondered why you were fired?” Spike tutted.

“Now, you're sure you're up to this?” Buffy was asking Willow.

“Don't worry. I won't do anything that could be interpreted as brave.” She beamed at Buffy and Spike felt his heart give a lurch.

“She’s walking right into the lions den, you sods do something.”

“We'll be right outside.”

Willow nodded and twisted uncomfortably in the leather. She took a deep breath and knocked with firm resolve.

“No pet, you don’t knock!” he groaned as he followed her inside.

~Part: 10~

“Hi. I'm back.” She smiled.

“Did you find the girl?” the Vampire asked her, it was the one Spike had dubbed curly.

“Yep. I did.” Willow responded.

“Where is she?” Anya asked annoyed.

“I killed her.” She answered with a little hesitation.

Willow continued despite Anya’s look of stunned disbelief “And sucked her blood, as we vampires do.”

After a moment she turned to the vampire on the door.

“You know, I think maybe I heard something out there. Why don't you go check?”

Spike couldn’t help but smirk as her sweet voice, like that would fool anyone with half a brain.

Anya glared “H-how could you kill her? She was our best shot at getting your world back.”

“I don't like that you dare question me.” Willow stalked around “Maybe I'll have my minions take you out back and kill you horribly.” She gave a little smile, clearly enjoying herself. She looked towards the stage and gave a little wave to the Wolf.

“Vampires. Always thinking with your teeth.” Anya groused.

Willow responded haughtily “She bothered me. She's so weak and accommodating. She's always letting people walk all over her, and then she gets cranky with her friends for no reason. I just *couldn't* let her live.”

“Ho, are we letting out a little angst pet?” Spike hopped up and sat on the edge of the stage.

“You know, he's been gone for a while. Why don't you go check on him?” she said to the nearest vampire and patted him on the shoulder.

“Well, Boss, since that plan is out, why don't we get with the killing?”

Willow started.

“I don't know if I feel like killing anymore.” she ignored the cautious stares of the Vampires and walked around, desperately trying to come up with a plan. “I'm so bored. I-it would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Where's the fun?”

“With all due respect, Boss, the fun would be the eating.”

“No Red has a point,” Spike mused “This would be more fun if there was a chase. Fledges today are just so impatient.”

“Maybe we should let everyone go, and give them a thirty second head start.”

“I’m game.” Spike said pleasantly “a chase makes the blood taste better.”

“Wait a minute.” Anya said resolutely.

“No! I *like* my plan.” Willow frowned.

“Oh, nice try.” Any snickered.

“I think you’ve been made pet.” But Spike could have saved his little revelation as Willow had already gotten it.

“Okay, let's get to the killing. Why don't we start with her?” she pointed to Anya.

Anya glared in disgust “Why don't we start with you? If she's a vampire, then I'm the creature from the black lagoon.”

Willow took a few steps back as the Vampires edged towards her. Spike jumped up and stood in front of her in a totally pointless, but oddly gallant gesture.

Anya sagged as she realised what the fact that human Willow stood in front of her probably meant.

“So where is she?”

Willow shrugged “She who? I told you I -I killed her.” She stammered unconvincingly.

“I'm just so tired of being around human beings and all their baggage. I-I don't care if I ever get my powers back.”

“I think he should eat you.”

“The only one eating Willow will be me!” Spike growled.

“This girl has a history of mental problems dating back to early childhood. I'm a blood-sucking fiend! Look at my outfit!” Willow tried desperately.

Curly shook his head “A human. I should have smelled it right away.”

“A human? Oh, yeah? Could a human do this?” with that Willow let a shriek that would have done a banshee proud and Spike who had been standing right next to her covered his sensitive ears.

“Sure. Yeah. Humans do that. Yeah.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I think, yeah.” Anya and Curly responded simultaneously.

The door to the Bronze opened and Buffy and Angel came storming in much in the style of John Wayne. Buffy rolled over a pool table and grabbed a pool cue, smacking several Vampires with it on her way to the centre of the room.

Spike turned just as Anya approached Willow with a smile.

“Don’t let her get away with that pet.” He cautioned and Willow pulled back her fist and smacked Anya sending her sprawling to the floor unconscious.

“Go you.” Spike said impressed staring down at the comatose Anya.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Happy, but ow!” Willow shook her aching fist and Oz grabbed her by the arm pulling her onto the stage and away from the fighting.

“Hey wolf boy, hands off the girl.” Spike glared but being ghostly he couldn’t smack Oz as hard as he wished. He saw Angel fighting in the midst of the fray and wished heartily that he could be there protecting his Willow. Strange how he now thought of her as his Willow, he hadn’t even spoken to her much and now he couldn’t imagine his unlife without her.

He followed Oz who was dragging Willow towards the back when the Vampire version of Willow appeared in Vamp face, crashed into him and threw him as far as her strength could, right into that daft boy who had been singing.

“No more snuggles?” Willow tried but the Vampire was having none of it, she punched her making her fly into the drum kit where the cymbals went down with a crash.

Spike could hear noises from the back, figuring that Giles and the moron had found their way in and were aiding the fight, it didn’t help his nerves however because the Vampire Willow had her human counterpart by the throat and was slowly choking the life out of her.

“Help her!” Spike bellowed at Buffy who was fighting with Curly. She was attacking him with a pool cue whilst being attacked by another vamp.

“Stop bleeding playing and help!” he screamed at Buffy.

He looked around but Angel, too, was fighting with a vamp.

“Angelus! Stop pissing about!” he knew that Angelus would never have had this much trouble with a fledgling.

Willow whimpered and started to go blue. Buffy seemed to hear and looked up to see her friend in a chokehold. She went pale and killed the Vampire in a business like way before running to her friend’s aid.

“About sodding time!” Spike sighed in relief

Buffy leaped up onto the stage and went to stab down hard with the pool cue into Vampire Willow's back with it, when Willow’s hoarse shout reached her ears.


Instead of staking the Vampire, Buffy just grabbed her and pulled her off, letting Willow get some much needed oxygen. Angel appeared just as she got her in a secure lock.

“About time you showed up.” Spike said in disgust kneeling down to inspect Willow’s throat.

Willow stood up and gingerly massaged her neck.

“Nice reflexes.” She managed.

Buffy shrugged “Well, I work out.”

Vampire Willow pouted “This world's no fun.”

Willow smiled sadly “You noticed that, too?”

~Part: 11~

Spike blinked at when he opened his eyes again he was in the factory where he had first seen his beloved Vampire Willow.

“So back again.” He sighed and watched as Giles, Anya and Oz finished setting up for the spell to send her away.

 Xander stepped close to the Vampire Willow, whilst Angel had his eyes firmly fixed on her. Spike growled at him.

“Oy mate, your bird is over there, this one is spoken for…and that one.” He gestured at human Willow.

“So, um, in your reality, I'm like this bad-ass vampire, huh? People afraid of me?” Xander said.

Both Spike and Vampire Willow rolled their eyes at him in exasperation but like usual Xander was oblivious

“Oh, yeah. I'm bad.”


Spike followed the wolf who walked over to his Willow and Buffy who were conversing.

“I'm not sure about releasing this thing into the wild, Will. It is a demon.” Buffy said uncertainly.

“I just can't kill her.” Willow said softly.

“No. Me, neither.” Buffy sighed.

Willow carried on as if trying to explain herself “I mean, I know she's not me. We have a big nothing in common, but... still.”

Surprisingly Buffy seemed to understand “There but for the grace of getting bit.”

“Again.” Spike stood by Willow “If only I hadn’t been chipped.”

“We send her back to her world, and she stands a chance. It's the way it should be anyway.” Willow smiled and walked over to her Vampire self whilst Giles admonished Anya.

“Uh, we're about ready here. Don't you try any tricks now dear.”

Anya was sulking “I don't need tricks. When I get my powers back, you will all grovel before me.”

Both Willows and Spike rolled their eyes and shook their heads at her delusions of grandeur.

“As if. You become Xander’s lap dog.” Spike smirked.

“Yes, uh, if you, uh, Willow-s, would like to, uh, complete the circle.”

Willow looked at the Vampire “Good luck. Try not to kill people.” She smiled warmly at the stoic Vampire and hugged her.

The Vampire looked strange for a second and then hugged her back reaching down and…

“Hands! Hands!” Willow squeaked and danced back out of reach. Vampire Willow gave her a wicked, knowing smile and they walked over to the circle.

Spike knelt in front of the Vampire and looked her straight in the face.

“I’ll miss you pet.” He traced her face with his fingers, not touching her. “But I know what I want.” He looked over his shoulder to where Willow was laughing at something Buffy said.

Spike stood back as the scene froze and Hallie appeared.

“So they send her back.” He said sadly.

“Yes, it was disappointing but such a fun time was had. Willow learned something about her self and gave them all quite a scare.”

“I can see why it’s a favourite.” He nodded as the scene around them spun and he found himself back in the bar with his whisky in front of him.

He picked it up and downed it in one go, trying to assuage his seasickness before pouring himself another.

“Now you see why that girl is too much for you?”

Spike stared at her “Are you kidding, with her at my side we’d have the Slayer dead in a matter of hours, we’d take over the Hellmouth and-”

“Sure. I didn’t mean the Vampire version William.” Halfrek snorted

“I meant the human Willow is just as much if not more, what with her witchy powers now which are stronger than any of you can imagine and she’d be more than a handful.”

“I’d love the challenge.” Spike leered and then remembered himself and who he was talking to “But the Vampire version was a treat, her demon was magnificent.”

“But she’s not a Vampire and I saw you William. You want her as a human. Too bad you won’t have her.”

Spike growled at Halfrek and her ability to see through him. She was right; he did want the human and knew that he couldn’t have her; she was with that waste of space of a girlfriend, believing herself in love. As much as he had loved and adored the Vampire version, he was drawn by the human Willow’s soft sweetness and warmth, her loyalty and stubbornness, things she still had even though she was older. Although he had admired the cunning of the Vampire he knew that right now she would be too much for him, at least while he had the chip. He sagged in realisation “Yeah I guess, what with the chip and all. Plus Buffy still thinks I’m in love with her and-”

“She’s with Tara?” Halfrek seemed amused.

“Yeah, one more obstacle.” He sighed and finished his drink “I just wish she wasn’t gay.”

“Wish granted.”

The End