Lying to me.

Sequel to School not really hard enough.

Author; Fayth


Rating; 18 for ooh sex scenes

Pairing; W/S

Summary; Lie to me with a twist. My twist.

Disclaimer; I have taken the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and used its creation's for my own pleasure. Mwah ha ha!

Distribution; want, take, have

Dedication; For Bunnycharlotte who asked for more to this series and Angel S.



The Mansion was quiet, almost like a tomb, except that around here tombs were considered choice living accommodation and therefore liable to be quite lively. The minions were staying far out of the way as they knew the Masters girl would over in a while and she freaked if they were too close. None of them minded so much, when the little redhead was coming over the Master was much more amenable to whatever request they had. She was sweet and radiated an innocent power, they knew that when she was ready the Master would turn her and she would rule by his side with an iron it was probably not a good idea to piss her off.

The Master sat in his chair waiting impatiently for his lover to appear.

Spike couldn't help but smile, unlife was good recently. He had a devoted little witch who he loved more than unlife itself and Drusilla was being taken care of by some of his more intelligent minions. Really he had no idea what he'd do without Lita and Blake. They were a bleeding godsend.well almost. They had taken Dru out hunting both last night and tonight so he could have some alone time with Willow. His Willow.

The thought of his love made his grin grow even wider. She was a marvel and enigma wrapped in a sweet blanket of power and purity. And she was totally into him. She may not love him yet as he loved her but it was a close thing. Although she had yet to tell him the words he was sure that she was in love with him too. He felt rather than heard the door knock and resisted the urge to run down the stairs like a giddy schoolboy. Instead he took an unneeded breath and waited for one of the minions to let Willow in.

"Spike?" she called as she entered the house "Oh hey Lucius."

"Lady." The tall minion smiled at her. "The Master is upstairs. Everyone will be out this evening."

"Oh ok." she smiled sweetly before biting her lip "Um we were researching earlier and there is this demon new in town, he likes to eat flesh, dead flesh so careful okay?"

Lucius could not help the smile that came back, really he shouldn't be friendly with humans but this human was just so likable. He nodded his respect "Thank you My Lady I will be."

Willow turned and walked up the stairs glad that one of her new friends was aware of the danger that awaited them outside.

She entered the Master bedroom and saw Spike waiting on the huge double bed for her.

"Hey Will- Spike." It was still odd to think that her boyfriend was the much feared William the Bloody aka Spike!

"Hey Baby." He drawled letting his gaze wash over her in a way that made her tingle "Have a good day?"

"It was okay. Jenny's taking Giles out; she told me they were going to Monster trucks!"

"The tweedy watcher at Monster Trucks?" Spike stared incredulously at her for a moment before bursting into laughter. "Oh I would pay to see that."

Willow sat on the bed next to him "There's a new guy at school, he's an old friend of Buffy's called Billy Fordham."

"I like the name Billy, good strong name that." He pulled her closer to him and dropped her school bag on the floor next to the bed. He began to massage her shoulders.

"Yeah thought you'd like that." She muttered as the tension began to leave her back "You are so good at that." She moaned

"Yeah." Spike shifted a little on the bed in response to her throaty moan "Well I had a century practice and anyway you shouldn't have so much tension this young, pet. I bet your damn book bag is too heavy as well."

"Well you try going to school on the Hellmouth and tell me how relaxed you are." She retorted as she suck into his soft embrace "Anyway Cordelia was being a bitch again, she actually identified with Marie Antoinette."

"Well I could make her lose her head if you want pet?" he offered casually "I know a guy who has an axe."

Willow giggled and then half turned to look at him "The scary thing is that I never know if you're kidding or not."

Spike didn't want to tell he that he was perfectly serious "Anything else happen today?"

"Well I got an A in my test and um Buffy mentioned that she saw AngelandDrutalkinglastnight. How was your day?"

"Huh?" Spike stopped and sighed "I really have to speak to my minions."


Lita stood outside the Bronze hopping nervously from foot to foot.

"Oh my God, Spike is going to kill us if he finds out."

Blake shrugged "Chill Lit' we'll find her and everything will be fine."

Lita turned to Blake, her long brown hair flying around her "Chill? Chill? We lost Drusilla.again!" she sighed even though she didn't need the breath "That's twice."

"We found her didn't we?"

"Yeah talking to Angelus!" she gulped "If Spike finds out then we are dead."

Blake smirked and Lita fought the urge to punch him.or kiss him.

"Dead-ER then." She amended

"Look she wants to be near Angelus right? So we have followed Angelus and we will find Dru, no one needs to know no harm no foul?"

"So where is she then huh?" she gestured around

"There's Angelus, there's the Slayer and ooh look two-" she put her head on the side "Quite cute guys playing pool but no loony Vampiress!"

Blake frowned his eyes turning a darker blue "Quite cute?" he moved forward in a predatory way. "Quite cute?"

Lita flashed a grin "Not as cute as you babe." As Blake wrapped his arm around her Lita saw a flash of dark hair out of the corner of her eye

"Ooh Blake there she is you go that way and I'll go this way and we can catch the crazy bitch before Spike decides to use us for target practice."


"So Dru went out to talk to Angel." Spike was pacing in front of the bed where Willow sat.


"And the Slayer was right there?" he growled as he paced. What the hell was the chit thinking in her screwed up little mind? They were not safe in Sunny hell, Angelus was not safe no matter how much she may have wished it and she wouldn't be safe around him until Spike could find a way to bring her back to full health. Although he was close. As soon as she was better he could tell her to push off and find someone else to take care of her sorry ass, but until then he was honour bound to take care of her.

In his frantic pacing he didn't see Willow getting quieter and quieter until she slipped off the bed and picked up her bag

"I'll see you later." She said softly and turned to go

That bought Spike out of his musing immediately "Wait, why?"

Willow shrugged one shoulder not looking up from the floor "You seem kinda busy so I'll let you get some peace."

Before she could take another step to the door Spike was in front of her

"Red?" She refused to look up until he placed a finger under her chin and made her catch his eye "What is it, love?"

"I know you and Drusilla have a whole history that I couldn't even begin to-"

Spike groaned cutting her off "I'm sorry baby. I was just worried, if Dru goes off to Angelus she might let something slip about us and then him and his pet Slayer will try and take you away from me. Dru is like a sister to me, Red. Yeah we've had history but its past, like you and that Xapper prat."

"Xander." she corrected with a giggle

"Right." He smiled relieved that she had laughed "You don't have feelings for the moron anymore right?"


"But you still don't want anything to happen to him." He caressed her cheek "Same with Dru, I don't love her anymore. I love you. But I don't want the Slayer to hurt her either. I want to get the daft bint better so I can tell her sod off and leave me to my girl." He stared deep into her eyes "That's you."

"Good." Willow replied with relief "I'm sorry I just-" she flapped her hand in a you-know gesture and Spike took the hand, bringing it to his lips and kissing it.

"You never have to be insecure with me. We promised no more secrets, and its no secret that I find you perfect."

He led her to the bed and crawled on it pulling her with him.

Willow dropped her bag and knelt next to him on the bed. He placed his hand under her chin and bought his lips to hers softly brushing against them in feather like kisses. Willow shivered, she was never sure what to expect from Spike, some times he was so soft and sweet and gentle and sometimes he was like the demon he insisted he was, dominant and rough. She was equally turned on by whatever he did, maybe it was just him. Spike let his hand drift down her back pulling her closer to his aching body. He wanted her so much. She twisted her hands in his soft blonde hair and opened her mouth deepening the kiss until she was breathless and panting.

Spike slipped her blue sweater off her head and threw it on the floor allowing her only seconds to snatch her breath before returning to plunder her mouth again.

Willow let her nimble fingers get to unbutton his shirt and pushing it off his shoulders so she could kiss her way down his neck, nibbling and biting causing him to growl and shudder.

She caressed his chest and smoothed her fingers down to his jeans pushing against the growing bulge. Spike arched into her touch as she undid the fly letting him spring free. He pushed her back on the bed and pulled off her skirt and removing his jeans in a fluid movement.

He sat back to look his fill and watched her as she blushed under his perusal. It amazed him that she could still blush after all the things that they had done to each other. Handcuffs, scarves, candle wax and blood, amongst other things, and yet she could still blush like a virgin bride. Just another thing that made him love her more.

"Take a picture it'll last longer." She complained as he just gazed at her not moving.

"Oh is someone feeling neglected?" he leered and bent down to kiss her feet. He laved his tongue on the inside of her calf and up her leg, paying special attention to the spot on the inside of her knee where she was ticklish. He loved her breathless giggle when he touched her there. He placed baby kisses on her thigh and missing her centre returned to her feet and lavished the same attention on the other leg.

"Spike!" she hissed as he danced over her sensitive spots.

"Patience kitten." She felt him smile against her stomach as he licked her belly button making her arch. He pulled away her black lace bra chuckling at the thought of that sexy lingerie hidden under blue fluffy sweaters and denim skirts. Hidden treasure for his pleasure for him alone.

He cupped his hands around his treasure and made Willow keen as he nibbled on her skin. Willow laced her hands through his hair making it go that mussed sexy way she loved and then ran her finger nails over his back.

As she dug her fingernails into him causing little rivulets of blood to run down his back, he turned game face and hauled himself up her body to pin her with his intense amber eyes.

"Mine." he growled and entered her in one thrust.

Willow gasped at the feeling of being well filled. She expected Spike to be rough; after all she had provoked him by drawing blood. But as he gazed into her face he dropped a sweet little kiss on her lips and traced his way down her cheek and nape making her shake as he rocked inside her.

"Yours." She promised.

She felt the pressure build and she moaned as it exploded within her, but Spike kept up his rocking motion. He kissed his way across her shoulders and up her neck, nibbling as she had done to him, he licked the bite mark that she had to hide under her clothes so that he wasn't staked by Buffy or his idiot of a Sire. He grinned to himself as he felt her come for the third time and sensing his own release he sped up his motions reaching between them to help her on her way to her fourth. He bit down on her as he reached the precipice. They came together crying each others names and then slumped to the bed boneless.

 "Love you." He whispered in her ear before they succumbed to sleep.


Buffy frowned as she hung up the phone. She had wanted to call Willow to tell her what had happened tonight at the Bronze. First Angel had lied about where he was last night and then Ford had revealed that he knew about her being a Slayer before she left Hemery High back in LA, she had felt a little guilty at leaving Xander alone playing pool with Angel but she had to get away from him. She knew she had seen him with that dark haired girl, she thought it was the Drusilla she had seen before but wasn't sure and then he had to go and lie about it and now she couldn't even obsess about it with her best friend. Where was Willow anyway?



"Hmm?" Spike murmured quite content to stay where he was.

"I have homework in for tomorrow, so I have to go home now."

"Do it here." He turned over and saw her sitting, fully dressed on the edge of the bed. Willow blushed as his naked body came into view with only a strategically placed sheet.

"I would but my laptop is at my parents place, it has my files that I need." She eyed him as he sat up "so I have to go."

Spike reached over and grabbed his jeans pulling them on "Gimme a sec, pet, and I'll come with you. Not going to let my baby walk alone in the Hellmouth at night."

"Okay." She knew she should be annoyed at his possessive attitude but she found it comforting that after so many years of parental indifference there was someone who cared about what happened to her. He dragged on his boots and shirt before slinging his duster over his back. She bit back a grin.


She shook her head "That is such a creature of the night ensemble. *My* creature of the night."

"Too right!" he said as he searched his pockets for his cigarettes "Let's go, Red."


Willow's room hadn't really changed that much over the years. Her bedspread was still patterned with flowers and the walls still boasted cutesy pictures of Kittens and artsy Monet's. Spike grimaced.

"Love, this is such a girl's room."

She arched an eyebrow at him in a way that he found so sexy

"I am a girl Spike."

"I know." he got off the bed, where he had been unable to convince her to stay and prowled over to where she sat typing away on her computer. She had insisted that she spent at least some time doing her homework after all she couldn't spend all night in bed with him. He wasn't quite sure where that logic came in but she had promised to hurry up and get back in with him. That had led him to find amusement while he waited, leading him to his current observations.  "But not even you are this girly. I mean seriously have you even looked at this stuff?" he gestured to the cuddly toys gathering dust on the shelves.

Willow looked around, seeing the room for the first time in years. She wrinkled her nose in distaste.

"You're right."

"I know that." He said as if it were never any doubt. He gave a wolfish smirk "So can I redecorate?"

"How?" she laughed at the idea of Spike in painter's overalls.

"Hmm," he pretended to think "Blood red walls with chains hanging from them and maybe black silk sheets. Some instruments of torture and candles around?" he nibbled her shoulder

"Well maybe the candles." She giggled as he pouted. Then he stiffened

"What?" she asked

"Peaches?" he cursed as he felt Angelus getting closer

"What would Angel be doing here?" she frowned

"I don't bloody well know." he said frustrated as he searched for his clothes "But he can't find me here, he'd kill us both."

"You can wait in the hall until I get him to go away, no one else is home."

"He'll be able to smell me, pet." Spike added worried for her safety

"I'll do a quick spell, he can't come in unless I invite him anyway." she ushered him out into the hall and sat cross legged in the middle of the room.

"Cleansing breath, Lady of harmony, woman of peace, Cleanse the aura of the room, Hide our scent from the beast."

She felt the power surround her as she heard something land on the balcony. Mist spread around the room masking their smell. She scrambled to her feet and sat in front of the mirror brushing her hair, hoping that the mist would dissipate soon.

She heard knocking on the windows. She took a deep breath and dropped the brush on the bed. She walked slowly to the blinds, making sure it was Angel and also trying to give time for the spell to cleanse away her and Spike's scent from the room.

"Oh Angel!" she pretended to be surprised and opened the door "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to talk to you." He said in his usual brooding way that had her wanting to roll her eyes and tell him to lighten up.

She looked away to hide her reaction to him "Oh well."

Willow gestured into the room, trying to clear some of the mystical smoke from her room.

"I can't. Unless you invite me, I can't come in."

"Oh!" Duh like she didn't know that, Dumbass, she was stalling.

She saw the magical residue leave which meant the spell had worked.

"Well, okay, I invite you. To come in."

She turned away glad that he was as oblivious to anything that wasn't blonde and destined to kill him as usual.

As she turned she saw her bra and Spike's shirt lying on the bed. She quickly grabbed them and stashed them hoping that Angel hadn't seen or recognized his child's clothes.

"I-if this is a bad time, I."

"No!" there was no way he was coming back later; Spike would go nuts if he knew she had seen Angel alone. In a way he was as insecure as she was, if he knew she had been around his Sire. it didn't bear thinking about.

Angel was looking at her funny "I just. I'm not supposed to have boys in my room." She lied quickly Angel gave a small smile "I promise to behave myself."

*Right, because then Spike won't rip your head off for touching me.*

"Okay good."

"I guess I need help." she bit back the obvious response to that remark, and tried not to channel Spike so much.

"Help? You mean like on homework? No, 'cause you're old and you already know stuff." She babbled hoping that he would go soon. What on earth could she possibly help him with?

"I want you to track someone down. On the net." He said looking at her lap top

She smiled her relief "Oh! Great! I'm so the net girl." she sat at her desk and had a brief flash of worry that he wanted her to find Spike or Drusilla.

Angel lurked behind her "I just wanna find out everything I can. Records, affiliates, I'm not even sure what I'm looking for yet."

Willow picked her favourite search engine and prayed that he wasn't going to say Spike "Good. What's the name?"

"Billy Fordham." Willow froze *Oh you've got to be kidding me?*

"Uh Angel? If I say something you really don't wanna hear, do you promise not to bite me?" she had turned to face him as she spoke hoping he saw the seriousness in her eyes.

He sighed "Are you gonna tell me that I'm jealous?"

Willow bit her lip "Well, you do sometimes get that way."

Angel grimaced "You know, I never used to." He sat down heavily on her bed as if he was making himself comfortable "Things used to be so simple." Willow turned back to the computer and decided to do his search anyway.

"A hundred years, just hanging out, feeling guilty. I really honed my brooding skills. Then she comes along."

Willow turned to him reacting to the misery in his voice. She knew how he felt; she had gotten so comfortable being the nerd, geek girl and then bam hello Spike.

"Yeah I get jealous. But I know people. And my gut tells me this is a wrong guy."

Willow nodded, she'd felt odd about Ford too. She turned back to the laptop "Okay but if there isn't anything weird.hey that's weird."


"I just checked the school records, and he's not in them. I mean, usually they transfer your grades and stuff. But he's not even registered." She heard him move about behind her.

"He said he was in school with you guys, right?"

As Willow went to answer a voice called up from downstairs

"Willow? Are you still up?"

Willow tried hard not to laugh at the blatant falsetto that Spike had just used. She stood up and pointed to the balcony "Ack! Go! I-i-i-i-i-i-'m just going to bed now mom!" and I'm going to kill Spike.

Angel went out onto the balcony and turned to face the cute redhead in her nightshirt

"Come by tomorrow at Sunset. I'll keep looking." She said really not eager for Spike to hear that part but knowing full well that Ford was trouble and needed keeping an eye on.

"Don't tell Buffy what we're doing, alright?" Angel sounded almost nervous

"You want me to lie to her? It's Buffy!" she said, she hated keeping secrets from Buffy.except the one about sleeping with her mortal enemy.

Angel gave her a look that was almost a pout "Just don't bring it up until we know what's what."

"Okay, I-it's probably nothing." She said hopefully

"That'd be nice." he glowered into the night and disappeared.

Willow closed the patio doors and was nervous about what Spike would say now Angel was gone.

She didn't have long to find out.

Spike came in the room with a closed expression.

"Spike?" she asked tentatively

"What the hell was the great Poof doing here?"

"He was jealous, you remember that new guy I told you about Ford? Well he and Buffy go way back and I guess Angel felt threatened."

Spike looked at her strangely "Angelus was jealous. of a mortal boy?" he burst out laughing, but it wasn't good laughter. It sounded quite sad "Half the scourge of Europe sitting on a flower power bedspread pouring his undead heart out to little redhead jealous because some kid is into the Slayer?"

He sat on the bed and looked up at her "Since when did you become his confidante anyway, pet?"

Willow shrugged "He's never really spoken to me before but I think he may be right about Ford, he doesn't show up on the school records, which could mean his records haven't transferred yet or-"

"Something a little more sinister." Spike finished with a grimace. He ran his hand over his face in an exclamation of frustration.

"C'mere pet." He pulled her to him and rested his face against her middle, rubbing his nose over her nightshirt feeling the soft material beneath his cheek. "You done all your homework?"

Willow looked longingly at her computer School work, Spike, School work, Spike. No contest. She kissed the top of his head


He looked up and gave her a heart stopping grin "Good." He pulled her face down to his and kissed her. Willow felt his desperation and returned the favour with equal intensity. She dragged him up and pushed him against the wall and ripped his t-shirt, he couldn't help the chuckle as she impatiently tore the t-shirt to pieces.

He fumbled with the zipper on her jeans until she pushed his shaking hands away and pushed them down her hips kicking them off her feet. She undid his and his jeans joined hers on the floor, the legs entwining as a portent of what was to come.

Spike flipped them around so he was pressing her into the wall, she wrapped her legs around his waist and he tore off her panties. The sudden sensation caused Willow to overbalance and they stumbled into her desk, knocking the stuff on it so that it fell with a loud clatter.

Willow giggled against Spike's mouth as he tried to right them and they banged against her shelf, books tumbling to the floor.

He pulled her close kicking the trash can out of his way as he searched for the bed with his lips fastened to Willow's, which impeded matters somewhat.

He dropped her down and tried to lie on top of her but missed the bed completely lowering her to the carpet. He felt something dig into his side and found one of the books which had been knocked off the shelf. He threw it away and leered at her.

"I have you at my mercy."

"My! What big teeth you have!" Willow couldn't help her giggles

"All the better to *eat* you with." Spike raised an eyebrow and crawled down her body until he could lap at her centre.

Willow arched into his touch as he set off alarms in all the right places. She shuddered gasping his name as she came. In a quick move she flipped them over and straddled his thighs

"My turn Spike-y I'm hungry." She pouted and wrapped her dainty little hands around him. She lowered her mouth and sucked, licked and nibbled.

Spike hissed in appreciation of her rhythm and moaned her name to the pulsing of her heart.

"Oh yeah, Baby." He managed "Like that."

He felt himself tighten and flipped them over so he could enter her with quick deep thrusts. She was so hot and so damn tight; he knew it wouldn't be long. The muscles in his back rippled as he felt himself tighten and he reached down between them to hasten her descent.

"Spike!" she screamed

"Willow!" he bit down on his bite marks and felt her blood flow. Willow could feel the pulling sensation of blood leaving her body and she gasped. It was an erotic sensation and held them both in thrall as they both erupted.


The next day Willow tried to avoid Buffy as much as possible, she knew that her friend would see her guilt, plus she had that homework from last night to do since Spike hadn't left until an hour before she was due to go, he had taken the sewers.

She had been caught by the water fountain where Buffy had happily explained that Ford knew about her being the Slayer and that Willow should lay off the coffee. By the time night fell, Willow was exhausted but she'd let Xander know about meeting Angel to find some dirt on Ford. Xander was all ears, any one Buffy was interested in was bad news to him and he was pleased to be right for a change. Willow shook her head glad that she had gotten over her crush on him, because his blind following of Buffy was just gonna be painful.

They met Angel outside her place and she told them that the only thing she'd been able to find was the address to this Sunset club, nothing else incriminating or otherwise.

"He leaves no paper trail, no records, that's incriminating enough."  Angel glowered and Willow wished she'd just given him the address and agreed to spend the night at the Mansion with Spike.

Xander  nodded "Yeah I'm gonna have to go with dead boy on this one."

Angel gritted his teeth "Could you *not* call me that?"

Willow shook her head *Oh that was gonna make him stop!*

Angel knocked on the door and a pair of eyes peered out the view hole.

"We're friends of Ford's." Angel lied smoothly

The face nodded and the door creaked open, it was really gloomy inside and everyone appeared to be dressed in black.

Willow looked down at herself "Boy we blend right in."

"In no way do we stick out like sore thumbs." Xander agreed

"Let's look around. You guys check out downstairs."

Willow glanced at him in surprise. Ok it's nice that he thought they could take care of themselves but hey what if this place was dangerous. She scowled. Spike would kick his ass.

"Sure thing bossy the cow." Xander moaned as they walked down the stairs, Willow had a sudden thought.

"Okay but do they really stick out?"

Xander stopped "What?"

"Sore thumbs. Do they stick out? I mean, have you ever seen a thumb and gone "wow that baby is sore!"?"

Xander gave her an odd look "You have too many thoughts."

Willow frowned at him. That was uncalled for. Spike loved to hear the random thoughts that appeared in her brain, they made him laugh. He thought them, and she, cute.

While she was lost in her musings about how wonderful her boyfriend was she began to notice something a little weird.

Xander apparently noticed it too "Are we noticing a theme here?"

"As in Vampire's Yay?"

"That's the one."

"You guys are newbies. I can tell." They turned to see a cute girl with long blonde hair.

"Oh no. we come here all the time." Willow replied

"Don't be ashamed! It's cool that you're open to it. We welcome anyone who's interested in the lonely ones."

"Lonely ones?" Willow's heart sank as she saw Angel come down behind the girl

"Vampires." He said flatly

"Oh we usually call them the nasty, pointy, bitey ones."  Xander said with a malicious grin at Angel

"So many people have that misconception." The girl explained "But they who walk with the night are not interested in harming anyone. They are creatures above us, exalted."

*Oh boy!* thought Willow

"You're a fool." Xander looked at Angel

"You don't have to be so confrontational about it. Other viewpoints than yours may be valid, you know." She walked away

"Nice meeting you." Willow called and turned back to Angel annoyed that he had been mean

"You really are a people person." Xander scoffed

"Now no one's gonna talk to us." She added

Angel waved a hand dismissively "I've seen enough. I've seen this type before. I mean, they're children making up bedtime stories of friendly vampires to comfort Themselves in the dark." Willow really wondered what bug crawled up Angel's ass

"Is that so bad? I mean, the dark can get pretty dark. Sometimes you need a story."

"These people don't know anything about vampires. What they are, how they live, how they dress..."

Just then a guy dressed identically to Angel came down the stairs and looked at him before moving on into the darkness. Angel had the grace to look embarrassed.

Xander couldn't help the grin that flitted across his face "You know, I love a good diatribe. But I'm still curious why Ford, the bestest friend of the Slayer, is hanging with a bunch of vampire wannabes."

Willow agreed "Something's up with him, you're right about that." They left the club unaware that someone was watching them go.


Spike wandered into the Mansion and saw Dru staring into a bird's cage. He scowled. Oh yeah he forgot her had to deal with her. He also had to have a word with Lita and Blake about her midnight excursions. Probably with some whips involved.

Drusilla poked in the cage "You sing the sweetest little song. Won't you sing for me? Hmm? Don't you love me anymore?"

Spike looked in the cage, the bird was dead. He shook his head cursing Angel again for snacking on gypsies between meals.

"Darling! I heard a funny thing just now. Lucius tells me that you went out on a hunt the other night." Well it didn't do to tell her that it was Willow who had mentioned it first.

Drusilla didn't look at him, her attention fixed o the cage "My tummy was growly. And you were out." He had been with Willow. She talked to the bird "Come on. (Whistles) I'll pout if you don't sing."

He knew he had to get her attention to try to impress the importance of her actions to her; he sighed and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"You, um, meet anyone? Anyone interesting? Like Angel?"

"Angel." Spike as glad that he was over her, because her saying *his* name like a prayer had always had the ability to break his un-beating heart. That was before Willow.

He was glad that he had his little Redhead and she was his totally. He kissed Dru on the forehead in a friendly way

"Yeah. So... What might you guys have talked about, then? Old times? Childhood pranks? It's a little off, you two so friendly, him being the enemy and all that."

Dru ignored him "I'll give you a seed if you sing."

Spike grew annoyed with her; he was trying to look out for the daft bint. "The bird's dead, Dru. You left it in a cage, and you didn't feed it, and now it's all dead, just like the last one."

Drusilla cowered away from his temper and whined like a kicked puppy.

He sighed and was contrite

"Oh, I'm sorry baby. I'm a bad, rude man. I just don't like you goin' out, that's all. You are weak." He took her hand. "Would you like a new bird? One that's not dead?" he sucked her finger trying to get her attention. Boy was he glad that Willow wouldn't know about that, she'd rip him a new one. But physical presence was the one way to get Dru's attention sometimes and this looked like one of them. He heard a noise from behind a stack of crates

"This is so cool!"

Spike looked up to see a young boy standing right there, bold as brass. Right there in his damned lair. The kid grinned "I would totally live here."

Spike sighed and called loudly to his good for kitty litter minions "Do I have anyone on watch here? It's called security, people. Are you all asleep?" he walked towards the youth "Or did we finally find a restaurant that delivers?"

The brat didn't back down "I know who you are."

Spike shrugged "Yeah, I know who I am, too. So what?"

The kid came closer "I came looking for you, Spike. You are Spike, right? William the Bloody?"

So the brat did know who he was, he was far too arrogant for his liking.

"You've got a real death wish. It's almost interesting."

Just then one of his more athletic minions came in and handed him a book. Spike leafed through it. He could have asked Red to get it for him from the watcher but knew she hated the conflict of interest that arose around that issue. He couldn't put her in that position.

"Oh, this is great. This'll be very useful. So, how did you find me?"

He saw the exchange of glances between the minion who gave him the book and the brat. *Interesting*

"That doesn't matter. I've got something to offer you. I-I'm pretty sure this is the part where you take out a watch and say I've got thirty seconds to convince you not to kill me?" he smiled "It's traditional."

Spike had had enough of this kid; he could smell Slayer all over him and had the revelation that this must be the Ford that had Willow so worried. Just for that he should kill him. He slammed the book shut.

"Well, I don't go much for tradition."

He grabbed the kid by the ear unsure whether snapping his neck would annoy Willow.

Drusilla suddenly stopped him "Wait, love."

She put her hand on Spike's shoulder. She was obviously feeling a little more lucid than before so Spike let him go.


Ford almost begged "Oh, c'mon! Say it! It's no fun if you don't say it."

Spike was confused for a second.  "What? Oh." he rolled his eyes and bowed his head. Damn movies always making Vamps sound like amateur dramatic ponces. "You've got thirty seconds to convince me not to kill you."

Ford bounced on the spot. "Yes! See, this is the best! I wanna be like you. A vampire.

Spike fought the urge to roll his eyes again.  "I've known you for two minutes, and I can't stand you. I don't really feature you livin' forever." He turned to Drusilla. "Can I eat him now, love?"

It was troubling Spike, the latest boy toy of the Slayer wanting to be a Vampire, he didn't like how this was going.

Drusilla shook her head, putting a final nail in his sinking feeling.

The boy was obviously tired of the way this was going

"Well, feature this- I'm offering you a trade. You make me a vampire, and I give you the Slayer."

The boy preened when he realised he had everyone's attention.

*Oh bloody hell!*


Spike sat on Willow's bed waiting for her to come home. He heard her say goodbye to the moron and close the front door.

She walked slowly up the stairs and opened the door.

"Ahh!" she screamed as she realised that there was someone in the room. "Spike!"

He heard her heart going a million miles a second and gave a little smirk.

She noticed immediately

"What is it?"

He loved that about her, she always knew when something was troubling him and would go out of her way, move heaven and earth, to make things better for him.

"I think we need to talk."

"Oh?" she replied in a small voice. She sat down opposite him in her chair and tucked her feet close together pushing her hair behind her ear and un-tucking it again.

Spike was confused. Why did he smell tears? He suddenly figured it out and rolled his eyes.

"You damn American's, this isn't about *us* precious. I have some bad news for you do-gooders but we are still ok!"

"Oh!" Willow said with a sheepish smile

"Hell Red, are you gonna get in a panic every time I say we need to talk?" He knelt in front of her "Baby, I love you, I am head over heels, 100% totally devoted to you and that is never going to change. Please stop thinking that I could just walk away from you."

"Sorry." She said and kissed his nose "What is it?"

"That ponce that Angelus is all jealous over. Annoying kid about Yay high, brown hair, shops at the Gap, coughs a lot?"

Willow's eyes widened "Ford!"

"That's 'im. The little brat came to the Mansion."

"Huh? What? Why?"

Spike glanced down at her clasped hands. "He offered a trade, we make him a Vampire and he gives us the Slayer."

"Oh no, oh no." Willow's eyes shone with tears. She buried her face in his neck.

Spike stroked her hair offering her silent comfort.

"Sorry Princess." He murmured

"Did you?"

He nodded "Had too, love. All the minions were around. He's luring her to the Sunset Club. Don't know how he's planning on holding her but the brat is one shot short of a cocktail. We go in and snack on everyone else in the club and he tosses in the Slayer as incentive to turn him."

"Why does he want to do this?" she asked tears streaming down her face "We were nice to him, he played pool with Xander and B-B-Buffy was his friend. Why does he have to be evil?"

"I don't know love." He felt his heart ache at the anguish his sweet girl was in. She could go her whole life fighting demons and Vampires but to know that badness lived in one so close to her, it was too much, she shouldn't have to deal with human evilness on top of everything else.

He rocked her gently and planted kisses over her head. She calmed down and stood up. "Okay. So tomorrow Buffy will know, Angel is telling her tonight, we have to let you get the club to preserve status. What can I do?"

"Stay away." He asked "I don't want you to be hurt, I'll tell the boys that the Slayer is mine and they can have whoever they want."

Willow looked away

"Baby, I am a Vampire."

"I know that. I know you have to feed and kill, but I am a human and death isn't as easy for me. I'm trying to deal with the fact that the man I love is a serial killer whose sole purpose is trying to kill my best friend. So excuse me if I'm a little distracted okay? Spike?"

But he had stopped listening


"The man you love?"

Willow coloured

"You love me?"

She bit her lip as he got to his feet and walked over to her lifting her chin until her green gaze met his.

"You love me?" he repeated hope shining in his eyes

"I love you." She answered.

He moaned and caught her mouth with his.

"I love you, too." He bit her lip and pulled off her shirt running her hands over her skin.

Willow felt him kiss her so gently that she was sure she could taste each unnecessary breath that he took.

"I need to shower, Spike." She said slowly and shyly

"You take one with me?"

Spike rested his head against hers. "God yes."


The shower wasn't really built for two people but since they were not exactly uncomfortable in close proximity it wasn't a problem.

Spike soaped Willow back and washed her hair. He paid special attention to her legs and breasts making perfectly sure that they were pristine clean. Willow returned the favour taking extra special care of his chest and ass. Have to keep the merchandise in quality order. That night the love making was so soft and sweet that Willow had never felt so loved. Afterwards, as they lay in each other's arms in a tangled mass in between the sheets, Spike spoke up.

"Say it again?" he begged

"I love you Spike."


The confrontation at school was not pretty but it did give Willow a chance to annoy Xander by suggesting that Angel and she had forbidden love *As if!*


The confrontation at the Mansion was much more instructive.

"Oh Lita?" Spike sang as he made sure the chains were tight.

"Yeah?" Lita came in the room and blanched when she saw what Spike was holding.

"Is there a little something that you and you boyfriend forgot to mention to me?" his voice sounded almost pleasant, which meant she was in deep, deep trouble.

"Uh, um I don't know?" she squeaked.

"Maybe Blake has an idea huh Blake?" he turned and kicked what Lita had assumed was a pile of old clothes in the corner.


Blake spat the blood out of his mouth. Spike had beaten the crap out of him, but he knew that he had got off easy compared to what the last minion who annoyed Spike had done; they were still finding pieces of him over the ceiling.

"Oh Spi- Master. The other night we took Dru out and she got away from us but we found her pretty quick." She said quickly, hoping to get out of a beating.

"I see." Spike nodded reasonably "Anything else?"

"Uh she, uh s-s-she met A-angelus?" Lita stammered

"That's the one!" Spike pointed at her "Now why didn't I know about this yesterday?"

"Sorry. Really sorry." Lita kept her eyes to the floor, her demon fought against this submissive show but it was either be submissive now or be dust later- not a huge decision.

"Now I'm a little annoyed at the fact that I had to find from my girl that Dru was having conversations with the enemy. I should dust your asses, but I need to keep you two around, you are my most intelligent minions and you take care of Dru. So I'm gonna be lenient, no punishment. This time. You screw up again and you become ash, got it?"

Lita nodded

"What was that sweet-cheeks?"

"Yes Master."

"Good girl." Spike patted her on the head "Now clean up Blake and get yourselves up stairs, we have to go soon."

Lita waited until Spike had gone before rushing over to Blake.

"You okay?" she asked warily

Blake stared at her with his good eye "Behold me, super human."

Lita smiled, he was okay.



When Lita had cleaned up Blake they made their way upstairs to see Spike gathering all the minions.

"When we get there, everybody spread out. Two men on the door, first priority's the Slayer, everything else is fair game, and let's remember to share, people."

He just hoped he'd get through tonight without any mishap, there was no way he could kill the Slayer. He couldn't do that to Red, not just yet anyways.

He turned to Drusilla

"Are you sure you're up for this?" *say yes, say yes* he pleaded internally

Drusilla pouted "I want a treat. I need a treat."

Spike grinned, he hoped Willow had done as he'd asked, then this plan could go off without a hitch "And a special one you'll have. Lucius!" he held up his keys

"Bring the car around."


As they got closer to the warehouse Spike could hear sounds of a fight coming from insides.

He grinned maliciously.

Lita opened the door and Spike walked through in time to see the Slayer on the floor and the brat standing over her. A cute blonde started up the stairs with a smile on her face. He vamped out.

*Stupid bleeding idiot!* he thought in disgust and roared at her. She flinched but didn't back down and he reluctantly gave her extra points for bravery until he smelled the fear. The stupid girl was frozen by fear. He tore off her choker and pulled her to him, she started to cry and his demon roared with happiness.

Before he could get carried away with the blood lust he yelled

"Take them all. Save the Slayer for me." He just hoped to goodness that Red had passed on the message. The Vampires jumped down the stairs past Spike and grabbed the nearest human to them.

Unable to resist the hot blood pumping away in front of him Spike bit down on the girl he held in his grasp. Her blood was hot and sweet and tainted by fear but she could never ever taste like his Red, no one could.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw the Slayer get up and the brat tried to hit her with a crowbar. She grabbed his arm in mid-swing and used his momentum to pull him into a concrete pillar.

Buffy's head hurt and she was sure that her heart was breaking. Ford had been her friend and she was forced to hurt him. She was so tired of being lied to. She looked as his unconscious body slumped on the floor and then at the chaos surrounding her. She had no idea where to start. She suddenly remembered what Willow had said to her as she was coming out.


Willow pulled Buffy aside.

"Buff I'm so sorry about not telling you about this, you have no idea how much I hated lying to you."

"I know Wills." Buffy tried not to be so hurt, Willow had only been looking out for her, it just wasn't in Willow to deliberately withhold something from her friend.

"Look." Willow lowered her voice and made sure no one was listening "I've read Giles' Watchers' diaries. It turns out that this Spike guy is totally into that Drusilla you saw Angel with. If you can threaten to hurt her maybe you can, I don't know, hold them off?" Willow said nervously "Just don't kill her or that would drive Spike insane and he'd try and kill us all." She smiled brightly "Good luck."

Despite the pain she felt Buffy felt herself respond to her friend's perky enthusiasm.

//end flashback//

And look there was the insane Vampiress all by her lonesome. She took a running leap and somersaulted off a couch to land on the balcony, she vaulted the rail to land besides Drusilla.

She held a stake to her chest

"Spike!" she called

The blonde Vampire dropped the girl and watched as his beloved hovered inches from death.

"Everybody STOP!" he yelled. At his command all the Vampires stopped draining their hysterical victims.

Buffy nodded "Good idea. Now you let everyone out, or your girlfriend fits in an ashtray."

Drusilla glanced up from her frightened stare at the stake and whimpered "Spike?"

Spike gave her his best reassurance "It's gonna be alright, baby. Let them go!"

As the victims were dropped they hurried up the stairs and out into the night, some crying some still in shock.

"Down the stairs." Buffy ordered

Spike slowly backed down the stairs, his eyes on the Slayer. This was the do or die moment. As much as he didn't want to hurt Red, if the Slayer hurt Dru she was dead. Buffy forced Drusilla ahead of her, still holding the trusty stake at the ready.

Buffy reached the top of the stairs and stared down at Spike.

*to slay or not to slay* she thought, this was the woman Angel had been so friendly with. Jealousy reared its ugly head but as her hand tightened on the stake she recalled Willow's words.

"Just don't kill her or that would drive Spike insane and he'd try and kill us all."

She stared at Spike for a moment and then looked down at Drusilla. With a quick push she threw Dru at Spike and ran, not seeing Spike catch and steady Drusilla, giving a large smile of relief.

Spike began to chase the Slayer but slammed against the door as she slammed it shut in his face.

"Uh, where's the doorknob?"


Buffy watched as the people walked away from the building supporting each other. She felt her head spin and just wanted to sit down and cry. Angel came up behind her and she resisted the urge to fall into his arms and sob.

Willow and Xander were behind him.

"You guys are just in time." she said bitterly

"Are there Vampires?" Willow said concerned *Oh please don let her have hurt Spike!*

"They're contained. They'll get out eventually though. We should probably go. We can come back when they're gone."

"Come back for what?" Sweet Xander so oblivious.

"For the body." Buffy answered staring at the entrance.


Inside that same entrance Vampires were banging against the door in a hopeless attempt to open it. Spike nearly told them to save their energy. His Red had cased the joint and knew that the steel door was built to withstand bomb attempts, there was no way several dozen dumb ass minions were going to break it. He also knew that as per their plan Willow would be along later to let them out.

Drusilla was moaning and so Spike went over to sooth her. He grinned as he thought how smoothly the plan had worked. No one got hurt, especially him and especially his Red who loved him, even though he was planning on sucking the life out of those stupid kids who trapped him in here.

He heard a new noise behind him and sighed.

"What happened?" said Ford as he scrambled to his feet

"We're stuck in a basement."

"Buffy?" Ford wanted to know

Spike moved towards him "She's *not* stuck in the basement." he quipped dryly

Ford shrugged and then added with a touch of panic

"Hey, well, I delivered. I handed her to you."

*Idiot* Spike thought "Yes, I suppose you did."

"So? What about my reward?"

*Reward?* he just stood and stared at the brat who stared back.


They had been waiting around for over two hours when they heard a small scratching at the door. Spike stood and picked up Drusilla from where she had, finally, fallen asleep.

"Blake?" he handed her over to the tall Vamp and walked to the door.

It opened to the small nervous face of Willow.

"Hey!" she gave a small grin "Everyone okay?"

"Sure, just a little claustrophobic." Spike leered tiredly at her

"But since we all woke up in a coffin, we have fond memories of Claustrophobia."

Lucius nodded at the redhead "So don't worry Lady."

The other minions grinned at her. "Thanks for the rescue Lady." They said.

Spike stared at them in bemusement and then turned back to her

"Lady?" he mouthed and Willow shrugged sheepishly.

"Can we go already, this girls a dead weight." Blake quipped as he held the sleeping Dru.

"Go feed." Spike ordered as he grabbed the corner of the door.

"In a minute Master." Lita said as she also took hold of the corner of the door with a knowing glint in her eyes

Lucius and his childe April also grabbed hold of the door.

"On three." Spike grinned and they pulled the corner of the door down, buckling the door frame. So now the Slayer would think that they had managed to bend the door to get out and Red's involvement would be kept quiet.

He looked at his most faithful and intelligent minions who not only had loyalty to him but also to his mate. He inclined his head and they bowed their allegiance and ran into the night to feed before day break.

Spike held his hand out for Willow to hold onto as they walked towards the mansion.

"How are you doing, pet?"

"I don't know what to say."

"Why say anything?"

"I don't want to hate Ford, I didn't know I could hate but he was going to feed Buffy to you and all those innocent people, he was just gonna-" she bit her lip as tears spilled down her cheeks "But Buffy told me he had cancer, he was just so scared of dying. I don't know what to say or feel and I don't know what to do."

"Some people are scared of dying love." He answered and tightened his grip "You never have to worry about that."

"Nothing's ever simple anymore. I'm constantly trying to work it out; who to love or hate who to trust. It's just, like, the more I know, the more confused I get."

Spike nodded "I reckon that's called growing up, pet."

"Well I don't like it." She said childishly and wiped her face with her fist "You've been around for centuries, Spike. Does it ever get easier?"

"What, life?"

Willow nodded

"I'm not really one to know being dead and all, baby."

"Lie to me."

"I can't do that pet." He turned to her "It never gets any easier, after the hell that is teenage years, it doesn't get any better. Choices are never easy and the good guys will stab you in the back as soon as the bad guys. No one wears black and white and evil can be so damn good looking while good can be ugly as hell. People die and it's rare that there is a happy ever after."

Willow nodded sadly

"But through it all I will be by your side, I can make the lies easier to take and I can help tell who the bad guys are. I will be the one holding you up when you fall and be there to wake you from the nightmares and I will kiss it all better."

He wiped her tears away and kissed her forehead.

"Because I love you."

"Me too."

"Then let's go home."

The End