May Baby lust.

(slightly different from the other offerings)

Author: Fayth


Rating- NC17 (like I’d do less for my pets)

Disclaimer- Hah, as if!

Dedication- Happy Birthday to Feen, Countess Marsters, Midnight and Jos! My May babies!!!


The cloaked figure sat cross legged in the middle of the circle of sand its hands raised, palm upwards, above a smouldering cauldron.

“Detate, Maloris, Amore.” Those that were familiar with the normally soft tones would have been surprised at the low husky tone as it intoned the sacred dialect. Of course those familiar would have been far more alarmed at the dark set up that shimmered in the candlelight.

The darkened room, only lit by a few candles held the scent of the contents of the iron pot set over a low flame the tendrils of smoke dropping to crawl like mystic fog across the worn pages of the ancient text.

A scrap of paper scrawled in Latin sat next to the simmering concoction ready to be incinerated along with the correct incantation to finish the spell.

The process was delicate, fragile, prone to malicious misinterpretation by the deities it invoked and unless the spell caster wanted the results to be disastrous there could be no distract-




The hooded figure pushed back the dark material and turned off the heat.

“C-coming Willow!” *Blast, blast and double bugger-y blast!* Rupert Giles- former Watcher, former Librarian and current father figure to the Slayer cursed a blue streak as he threw his robes onto his bed and stepped out of the circle of sand.

He stared around at the mess in dismay; one of the last things he wanted the redheaded hacker- cum witch to see was this desperate attempt at a spell. He had enough problems trying to keep her off the more potent magic’s and ever since her break-up with that infernal- and totally inappropriate- werewolf her moods were unpredictable at best. Magic would only act as a dangerous catalyst for her earnest attempts at Wicca.

Giles shut his bedroom door and made his way downstairs.

As the bedroom door slammed behind him, the gust of wind caught the small slip of paper tossing it into the cauldron where a purple flame danced maniacally; eager to work its mischief. The contents bubbled furiously.


“Good evening Willow.” Giles smiled at his young protégé. “What can I do for you?”

“Me?” Willow looked confused for a second “I’m here to Spike sit. Aren’t I?”

“You are?” Giles did a double take

“Yeah.” Willow picked at the edge of her shirt “Didn’t you have a meeting or an interview or a date?”

“Good Lord!” Giles smacked his forehead “I’d clean forgotten. I was supposed to meet the council operatives for a re-evaluation.”

“I thought they fired you?”

“Y-yes well, they realise that they acted rashly and have decided to extend the hand of reconciliation.”

“They need Buffy?” Willow said sympathetically

“Precisely.” Giles gave her a wry grin and grabbed his coat and keys. “You know how pompously long winded these chaps can be, I expect to be gone some time. Probably until the early hours, w-will you be alright?”

Willow shrugged “Sure, he’s tied up in the tub right?”

“Correct, the keys are in the kitchen; his blood is next to the microwave. If he tries to leave do the uninvited…actually call Buffy.”

“I can do uninvited spells Giles.” Willow was piqued her eyes flashing with a mixture of indignation and hurt.

“I know that.” Giles replied in his best fatherly tone “I just want to keep you safe.”

Willow nodded and Giles came over to kiss her forehead before leaving.

“Goodnight Willow.”

“Night Giles.” She waited until the door closed before sinking into the nearest chair. So now Giles didn’t even want her to do basic spells. It wasn’t fair, her “friends” were ignoring her and now they were forbidding her to use magic? Life sucks.


Unlife sucks. Spike heard the front door shut and thought uncharitable thoughts that made whatever it was twinge in his head. The damn Watcher could come and go as he pleased but Spike was stuck chained to the bathtub with no one to torment. It was fun to scare the moron boy and his demon girlfriend, it was jolly to piss off the Slayer mocking Angelus and it was grand to make the Watcher stammer when Spike poked holes in his pathetic existence. But what Spike enjoyed most was watching the little witch blush and babble when he made sexual references and for a little while that haunted look left her eyes. That Wolf had to be the stupidest pup on legs for leaving such a class piece of ass. She was smart and funny and cute and –if he was right- under those… unique clothes… hot as hell.

Spike had entertained several fantasies about the girl since being locked up in here, each one steamier and more likely to get him staked than the last.


Upstairs the unwatched pot bubbled higher.


Willow threw the blood bag in the microwave and waited for it to heat up while she fingered the key. The blood wasn’t the only thing heating up.

She liked Spike- sympathised with him even, he lost Dru, and she lost Oz. She wasn’t allowed to do magic, he couldn’t feed. The problem- she decided- was trust. They didn’t trust her magic just like they didn’t trust Spike. Well Spike made her laugh and feel attractive, he could be sweet and fun and…and she was going to unchain him dammit!


The pot boiled over and the contents floated to the ceiling before exploding with a gentle POP and the contents dissipated into the air, creeping towards the air conditioning system to be dispersed through the house.


“Hey Spike!”

Spike’s head shot up as he came out fantasies of Willow wearing a leather cat-suit and brandishing a whip to find a quieter Willow wearing a green shirt and purple skirt and holding the dreaded “Kiss the librarian” mug… and a key. New development.


“This all boils down to trust.” She said knowledgeably as she put down the mug “They don’t trust me and they don’t trust you- right?”

“Uh right.” Spike had no idea what she was talking about but as long as her wild emphatic gestures pulled the fabric across her breasts like that- he wasn’t complaining.

“So if I trust you then you can trust me.” She finished with a flourish

Spike could poke holes in that theory a mile wide, the foremost being that if she found out what he had dreamed about her she’d trust him about as close to her as Sherwood Forest was to Sunnydale. But of course if it meant getting unlocked…with his hands free…

“Makes sense.” He nodded. Willow beamed at him and bent over giving him a great view of down her shirt as she unlocked his feet.

She paused and looked at him with big puppy dog eyes.

“You won’t make me regret this, will you?”

Spike groaned “Oh come on pet, not the puppy eyes!” he was reasonably sure that he could handle the puppy eyes as long as she didn’t do the… no, she wouldn’t…oh dammit. “Ok, ok I’ll behave just stop pouting!”

“Thanks.” She grabbed his manacled hands and unlocked them.

Spike rubbed his wrists “Not used to having chains on for that long.”

“You were in chains before?” she asked curiously and Spike raised an eyebrow

“Oh yeah.” Willow blushed at his tone

“I can’t imagine that being very enjoyable.” She held out a hand and Spike used it to lever himself out of the tub.

“Oh it can be.”

He pulled her close to him not letting go of her hand and leaning down.

“One person in total control.” He rolled his tongue, purring near her ear sending shivers down her spine “The other in submission, bending to the whims,” he trailed his free hand down her spine to rest on her hip pulling her in flush with his pelvis “and desires of the Master.”

“M-master?” Willow stuttered feeling a heat enter her body

“Oh yeah.” Spike loved the sound of that on her lips; he moved his head closer to her parted mouth “The Master sets the moves and the witch follows.”

“S-spike?” their lips were about to touch, breath- needed or not- mingling when


“The microwave.” Willow pulled back in surprise pulling out of the erotic haze.

Spike looked at her confused and picked up his mug of blood that she had bought in.

“I made some popcorn for me.” She explained and headed to the kitchen trying to calm her rapid heart beat down. Spike followed her watching the sway of her ass beneath the flowing material of the skirt.

Willow pulled the hot bag out of the microwave and poured the syrup on top. She licked the residue off her fingers.

“What’s the pop corn for?” Spike wanted to know

“I was gonna watch a movie.” Willow said as she moved to the sofa,

“Wait!” Spike’s alarm made her stop dead

“What?” she panicked was there a demon?

Spike plopped him self down on the sofa and then dragged her into his lap. “Better.” He leered. From this position, she had her hands full of the popcorn and he had his hands full of her. Plus he could see down her shirt.

“O-ok.” She said and then sniffed delicately “Can you smell that?”

“Y-yeah, what is that?” Spike lied, all he could smell was the syrup on the popcorn and Willow, and it was giving him visions of syrup flavoured Willow.

“It smells kinda tangy, almost like…” Willow shrugged as the scent went away. “Let’s watch the movie.”

“Ok.” Spike was more than amenable, although there were better things he could be doing.


Willow knew that the film had been on for thirty minutes but even if questioned under torture she would not be able to tell the plot her mind was focussed solely on the deadly Vampire underneath her. His hands were all over her. One was stroking her back in large circles and the other was placed over her stomach, close to her chest, but not nearly close enough for her tastes. He smelled of leather and cigarettes and something that was just Spike. She shuddered slightly.

”Cold, pet?” Spike pulled her closer so she was pressed against his chest, her head tucked under his chin. He smirked; he could tell that the shudder hadn’t been because she wasn’t cold.

Willow took another handful of popcorn and popped them in her mouth, just as her hand was on the way down for another handful Spike grabbed it; he raised it to his mouth.

Spike took her forefinger and placed it on his lips before sucking it into his cool mouth. He played with the tip his tongue swirling around and massaging the finger right down to where it met her palm.

Willow’s mind went delightfully blank and her mouth dropped open.

He gave her a wicked smile as he pulled the finger out with a pop.

“Spike?” she said shakily

“Hmmm?” he purred as he picked the next finger and ran his tongue across its length

“W-what are you doing?”

“I wanted a taste.” He sucked her finger into his cool mouth again and nibbled the side of her finger.

Willow whimpered “Y-you can have s-some popcorn.”

The look he gave her almost melted her on the spot “Who said anything about popcorn?”

Willow’s eyes almost rolled back in her head as he proceeded to lick and suck and nibble at her other finger and thumb saving her littlest pinkie for last. He took the pinkie and rolled it around his mouth mimicking the motions he was making with his tongue with his hand resting just below her breasts. As his tongue circled the tip of her finger his hand swept up, brushing his fingers on the underside of her soft flesh.

Willow’s breath was coming hot and heavy and Spike could feel her heaves through his very being. He pulled her closer and tilted her head up towards his moving his mouth down to taste the real sweetness.


“Bloody hell!” Spike cursed as the phone rang “Dammit!” he didn’t bother to hide his displeasure as Willow got up to answer the phone.

“Y-yeah?” it was with male satisfaction that Spike heard the breathless hitch in her voice.

“Yeah Giles, I’m fine…behaving? ... Um yeah… tomorrow? Ok then I’ll see you bye.”

Willow put the receiver down and turned to face Spike “T-that was Giles, the meeting is going to take longer than he thought he won’t be back until tomorrow.”

“That right?” Spike bit his lip rakishly and stood up.

Unfortunately Giles voice and the interruption had pulled back all of Willow’s insecurities. She skittered backwards away from his predatory gait.

“Uh, I …. Thirsty.” She managed and scampered off into the kitchen.

Spike took a moment to cool his need for the delectable redhead; it wouldn’t do to scare her off, not now when he was so close. He pushed his hands against the wall and arched his back, like a wolf stretching sensually before loping off after its prey.


In the kitchen Willow took the ice box out of the freezer and dropped a few cubes in the glass. Something had to be wrong with the air con, there was no way she should be this hot. She picked up one of the ice cubes and ran it over her forehead, the ice water trickled down her temple and over her cheek to pool near her chin. Willow hesitated a moment before unbuttoning the top few buttons of her shirt. She had no idea what was going on here, what Spike was doing to her and she was suddenly very afraid of finding out. She wasn’t a one night stand kind of girl; she was a forever and ever kind of girl.

Spike, however, was made for pleasure and he exuded it with each movement. What the hell did he want with her? She was the epitome of the girl next door. She didn’t have a desirable bone in her body. Pushing her x-rated thoughts to the back of her head Willow hitched herself up onto the counter and tried to cool down.


After a few minutes Spike wondered where his redheaded siren had run off to. She had been hot beneath his hands, all writhing and ready, adding fuel to his fantasies for when he was trapped in that infernal tub with nothing to do but count the damn ceiling tiles again (124, 6 cracked in one place, 4 in two and one with a dubious stain on it.). She was everything and more, and he couldn’t wait to have her back in his arms again where she belonged. Damn it was hot in here. He stalked towards the kitchen. And stopped dead.

Willow had her head arched back as she ran an ice cube down her neck, her eyes closed as she surrendered to the sensation.

Spike felt himself shudder. He crept towards her and followed the melting water trails down her slender neck with his cold finger. She didn’t notice at first, but as he became bolder trailing it down to the junction of her shirt, her eyes snapped open.

“Spike!” she blushed and turned her eyes away “I was hot.”

“Well then pet, I got the best thing for that.” Spike leered at her before ducking his head and trailing his cool tongue down her throat, nipping on her pulse point.

“Oh you really need to stop.” Willow said as she shivered again.

“Is that what you really want?” his husky voice made a bundle of nerves in the pit of her stomach ache. “Because it doesn’t smell like it.” He reached down and put his hand under her skirt trailing it up her thigh “It doesn’t feel like it either.”

Willow hissed as his hand reached its destination and his fingers curled.

She threw her head back again and gave a passable imitation of his growl. Spike chuckled and leaned forward to finally kiss her.


Willow jumped as she knocked over the toaster behind her snapping her out of the haze and Spike damned every electrical appliance that the Watcher had ever owned.

She looked down into his startling blue eyes that were pinning her to her place, on Giles’ counter.

“Spike what are you doing?”

“If you have to ask,” he grinned “Then wolf boy really wasn’t enough for you.”

“I meant why me?” she pushed him away despite the tight feeling all over with his words. Her soft queries bought him back to his current position, he had been about to take his precious girl in the Watchers kitchen, like some overeager school boy, what happened to his restraint, his sense of romance, his frigging control?

Spike ran a frustrated hand through his hair mussing it up. He backed away.

“I normally have more control than this.” he said with a frown at his actions.

Willow ducked her head “S-sorry.” She stammered

“No not for you darling.” Spike cooed and stroked her cheek, nuzzling into her soft skin. “You make me hot, but this is different.”

“It’s too hot.” Willow agreed “I feel dizzy.” Another wave of something hit her and she was back to where she started.

Spike’s vision blurred and he moved closer to the panting girl on the counter. Her eyes sparkled with desire and he was sucked back in.

“Baby let me taste you?” he practically begged and she nodded eyes flashing.

Spike ducked his head finally able to taste her sweet lips. He ran his tongue along them before coaxing open her mouth and slipping inside exploring the unmapped territory. His territory, if he had anything to say about it.

Spike pulled her closer still dragging her to the edge of the counter, her body firmly pressed against his; she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled ever nearer, feeling the denim of his jeans against her legs.

“This is wrong.” Willow managed as he pulled back to let her breathe

“Feels pretty right to me.” Spike hissed as her hands scratched at his back.

”No, it shouldn’t be this hot, and that scent earlier, m-maybe there was a spe-“ Willow trailed off as Spike stormed in for another assault on her senses.

“Bedroom.” Willow demanded and Spike smirked

“Yes Ma’am.” He scooped her up holding her firmly against his chest as he raced up the stairs to Giles’ room.

He kicked open the door only just barely registering that impeccable Giles had left his room in a mess. He swept the clothes off the bed and deposited his parcel on the sheets, *black, way to go Watcher!* he stared down at her just drinking in her presence and the fact that he had her here.

Her hair was messed up, her lips were red and pouting and her eyes just danced with desire. Spike had never needed anything in his entire unlife like he needed to be inside her now. He wrenched off his T-shirt and threw it aside before leaning down to tear off her shirt, the pieces coming away easily to be discarded. Spike growled as he saw what passed for underwear, a black lacy thing that was more holes than material, he knew his goddess had a racier side but this was just…neat. He made use of the chance to do more than just look down her shirt as he took them into his mouth working through almost two hundred years of experience to make her explode for the first time, panting his name.

As his fingers slipped under her panties to catch her shudders and prolong them enough so that he could feel each and every sensation she incurred, Spike was hit with a realisation that made him harder than ever. He was in love!

Willow’s senses were on overload. The feel of Spike’s mouth in her skin, the way his jeans brushed against her naked legs as her skirt went soaring over his shoulder in a arch of torn cloth, the sound of her ragged breathing and Spike’s growls and purrs as her hands touched him in all the right place, and the heat… oh boy the heat, she felt like any second she’d go up in flames.

Spike knew that if he could chose one perfect moment to carry him through eternity it would be this one, the sexiest redhead spread out beneath him her head thrown back arching her succulent body towards his waiting lips, her neck awaiting his kiss, a gesture of submission and those throaty sounds she was making as he rubbed his hips into hers. Wait… did she just growl?

“Spike!” Willow grabbed at his jeans and glared at him in impatience “Jeans off!”

The sheer need in her voice had Spike fumbling for the buttons on his jeans, damn it his hands were shaking.

Willow soothed her hands down his chest, undeniably touched by the way he was shaking. “I need you.” She whispered and helped him with the zip, pushing the denim down past his slender hips and kicking it off his legs onto the floor.

Spike slid down and made masterful use of his tongue, again. He wanted her to be totally tasted, from head to toe and all the scrumptious places in between.

Just before she explodes for the second time, she closed her eyes.

“No, no baby, keep ‘em open look at me.” Spike begged running his hands along her hips. “You’re with me. Spike.”

“Spike.” Willow nodded and locked eyes with his, pushing sweat soaked hair out of her face. “I know.” She smiled and his heart flipped.

He moved himself up her body and positioned himself at her entrance.

With a tender kiss he whispered “Relax.” And slowly edged in.

His eyes rolled as he felt the heat and tightness surround him.

“Oh Red, so…” he couldn’t find the words and instead kissed her deeply trying to transmit his meaning through his actions.

Willow wrapped her arms around his neck holding him to her as he set the pace, slow and deep and them more frantic as the rhythm caught them both in its spell. Spike thrust his tongue into her mouth in tandem with the thrusts of his hips. He began to roll his pelvis as he came down grinding against her, making her gasp. Spike lifted her back holding her in the new position which caused him to go deeper and harder than before.

Willow bit down on his shoulder as she came with a scream of his name.


Her tight heat, the shudders, his name and the bite pushed Spike over the edge and he roared her name as he followed her into oblivion.


“Wow.” Willow said as she could breathe again.

Spike smiled in satisfaction “Yeah. That was pretty damn perfect.”

“Really?” Willow blushed

“Did you doubt it, huh I could’ve sworn you were right there?” he said with a raised eyebrow

“I was.” Willow brushed a kiss across his lips “It’s just you’ve had like a hundred odd years of experience, so perfect for you has to”

Spike chuckled “Yeah over a hundred years as both William the Bloody and Spike.”

“William.” Willow tried it staring at his face trying to imagine him as a William.

“Mmm.” Spike felt that the conversation was getting too serious so he started smothering kisses all along her face and shoulders causing her to giggle as his fingers danced across her sides tickling her in all the right places.

"William!" she admonished with a laugh and Spike loved the way she said his real name, it made him hot, so damn hot. He needed her again. His kisses along her skin were feather light and left her aching for more. His fingers trailing along after his mouth felt like a breeze they were so soft. He went on to lavish murmured kisses to every part of her body driving Willow into a frenzy of need. She begged him to end the torture but he just smirked and carried on with his project, giving attention and yearning but never relief.

He crawled maddeningly slowly down her body and began to gently lap at her entrance sipping like it was fine wine, tasting their combined juices. It was like sweet ambrosia for him and he felt his control slip.

His teeth, becoming sharper, were randomly brushing against her core, making her hips jerk; while one hand stayed her bucking pelvis the other hand snaked up her stomach to knead her breasts. Whimpering she rolled her head back and tilted her hips, trying to make him make good on the promises his mouth was giving, but Spike was having none of that.
Spike bought his eyes up to look at her and shook his head in mischief. Her hands were resting on his head, her fingers tugging his blonde locks. Her face was flushed and she was insistently moving her hips, her body begging for release. Smiling to himself Spike moved his mouth away and chuckled as she hissed in disappointment.

Spike untangled his arms from her long legs and crawled over her body, his lips claiming hers, letting her taste them both. She moaned softly against his mouth and reached down to stroke him. His feral growl made her body ache and she quickened her movements feeling his hips gyrate against her hand. Feeling himself about to lose control Spike dragged her hand away and placed a kiss on the expert palm before he kissed her deeply as he penetrated in a long hard stroke. He rocked against her for a while building his own pleasure, her muscles grasping around him. Soft moans were coming from them both but Spike was still in control, his thrusts were so deliberate she felt like she was going insane.

She dug her nails into his back trying to slate her tension and the addition of the scent of his own blood increased his ardour and as his need grew he started to quicken his movements, thrusting harder into her trying to entrench himself even deeper into her tight warmth. Burying his face in her neck he came in rough jerks, his hips slamming into her as he roared her name, his head thrown back and he buried his fangs in her neck drinking of her sweet elixir.

“God Willow what are you doing to me?”

Dropping his head against her shoulder he waited for her to recover, her breathing ragged and her heart pounding. Spike ran his hands along her spine and lulled them both into an exhausted sleep.


Spike stroked her soft hair as he lay on his side, propped up on his elbow watching her sleep, fantastic or not, that hadn’t been natural. Spike prided himself on never losing control and he had been like the animal they all thought he was. It was after dawn, they had been in bed all night; of course they hadn’t stuck to the bed. No there had been that time against the wall, that time in the shower, and when Red insisted she heard a noise downstairs- the sofa…and the table. It was like a red haze came down on them allowing them to see nothing, to feel nothing, to want nothing but each other, to satisfy the primal urge. The last time, or had it been the time before that Willow had sat astride his hips making at least one of his fantasies become true. But she had been in pain, for hells sake she was only a human and he had lost count of the amount of times she had come. He pulled the sheet down to examine her. Bruises from tight hands marred her perfect waist and arms and she had several bites, on her neck, her breasts and her thighs. On his last trip down he had blown her red curls and seen more redness, the poor girl was so sore, but that hadn’t stopped them. They had come together in a fury of passion. And it wasn’t right. Well it was right but it wasn’t natural. Maybe there was a spell. Spike growled unwilling to accept that the Redhead didn’t really want him but that it was a spell that had forced her to acquiesce to his seduction. She had to care for him- right?


Willow felt Spike move the sheet down and fought back the urge to groan, she couldn’t. Not again, not for a while, it hurt, she hurt. But he didn’t touch her, just took a look and then tucked the sheet under her chin. She heard him growl and then he spooned into her from behind, clutching her tightly. Willow felt her heart give a leap of hope; maybe he did care about her a little.

“Spike?” she said softly

“Yeah love?”

“I-I think there was a spell.” She held her breath

“Me too.” He agreed and Willow felt her heart sink

“I never meant to hurt ya.” He said and nuzzled into her neck licking his bite mark

“Oh.” So he hadn’t wanted to hurt her, was he sorry that they had done…that?

Willow sat up clutching the sheet to her chest “It didn’t hurt. Well not much anyhow, I just couldn’t stop.”

“Me either.” His eyes pierced hers “Even now, when I know you can’t go another round I want to be inside you.”

Willow’s breath caught “Me too.” She whispered softly and moved her head closer to him

Spike swung his legs out of the bed and reached for his jeans “No, we can’t.” he growled as he pulled them on and tossed Willow his t-shirt.  He gritted his teeth as she wore *his* shirt, smelling of *them* telling the world who she belonged to. “Not until we figure out what the hell is going on.”

“So we find out what spell…hey that’s weird.”

“What?” Spike looked over his shoulder to where Willow was crouched on the bed her ass sticking up enticingly.

Willow peered over the side of the bed to the mess on Giles’ floor.

“I didn’t notice this stuff before.”

Spike sauntered around and stared down at the mess

“Oh fu-“


The sand circle was intact and the ancient text lay ominously open as they both stared.

Willow moved first and picked up the book. “Burning Love. Oh goddess Giles what were you doing?”

“Playing with bleeding fire it looks like.” He scowled “Love spells are damn dangerous.”

Willow nodded as she flicked through the spell “The gods and goddesses of love are notoriously twisted, any excuse to screw up a love spell, they thrive on the fallout of this, if Giles didn’t do the spell to the letter…”

“The spell could have translated to burning lust.” Spike finished off having down plenty of research into love spells when he broke up with Dru. “As the inability to keep our hands off each other should attest.”

Willow swallowed against the lump in her throat “The s-spell only lasts until sand circle is broken.” She read and looked at the red circle of sand on Giles’ floor. Break the circle and Spike wouldn’t want her anymore. She would be back to hurting over Oz and falling for Spike again.

“Just break the circle?” Spike asked her downcast face, surly she wanted the circle broken?

Willow nodded trying not to cry; Spike knelt down and looked up into her watery eyes.

“What’s wrong love?”

Willow shook her head not wanting to appear weak

“Tell me.” He coaxed and then a thought made him panic “Are you in pain, did I hurt you bad?”

Willow shook her head again

“Then what?” he added desperately

“When you break the sand, the spell will go away. You wont want me anymore.” She brushed away the tear that tracked down her face and Spike sat back incredulous


“You won’t want me.” She cried “No one does. Oz left and he’s the only one who ever looked at me, when the spell ends you won’t even like me anymore.”

Spike was silent for a moment “Does the watcher have a history of doing these spells?”

Willow looked up in surprise “No w-why?”

“Because this stuff is recent, I’d say he set it today. I’ve wanted you since I first saw you dancing with the Slayer in the Bronze, then again when I kidnapped you to do that sodding love spell.”

“But you were in love with Drusilla.”

“You think there aren’t witches between here and Brazil?” he raised an eyebrow “I wanted you.”

“Really?” her voice was full of hope.

Spike reached out and very slowly, very deliberately pushed the sand out of alignment. He pulled the circle apart, his eyes never leaving Willow’s. When he finished he turned back to her.

“I have dreams of you when I sit in my tub, I think about you and how soft your skin in and how much I want to touch you, to talk to you. It may make me the biggest poof this side of L.A but I love being with you, just listening to you pet.” He swallowed “I love you.”

Willow gaped “You do?”

“Yeah.” He ran his fingers through his hair again “I do, I never meant to but I saw you when he wouldn’t look at you and when he left and when they ignored you and I just couldn’t believe your strength at getting through that. It helps that you’re hot as hell and you shag like a goddess.” He added with typical Spike flair.

Willow giggled and her tears vanished “you really love me?”

“Yeah.” He smoothed her tears away “Now let’s clear up here and go downstairs, I don’t fancy the Watcher catching me with your pants down.”

Willow stood up and hunted for her skirt, wincing as she moved.

“Wait, you in pain love?” Willow bit her lip and nodded. Spike picked her up and carried her downstairs placing her gently on the sofa while he went to clean up.


Giles threw his bag on the floor and switched on the lamp. It had taken all damn night for the damn council operatives to make up their minds about what they wanted from him and his Slayer. He just wanted to go to bed and sleep for a while. But what he saw in his lounge shocked him beyond sensibility. One of the most feared and dangerous vampires in history was asleep curled up on his sofa with the sweetest red headed witch curled on his lap, arms entangled and heads close together. They were both flushed and mussed and holding on to each other tightly, he didn’t know whether to get the camera or the stake.

“Watcher.” He had been so intent in his perusal that he didn’t hear Spike wake up. Spike moved quickly carefully shaking Willow so she was awake.

“What is it Spike?” she asked tiredly and then her eyes shot open as she saw Giles

“Eep!” she squeaked

“Eep indeed young lady, I thought you were the clever one- it seems I was mistaken just what do you think you were doing untying him like that and…and sleeping with him. Of all the stupid, and I thought you had learned that lesson with that damned wolf-“

“Enough!” Spike roared scaring Giles into silence; he had seen Willow retreat into herself when the Watcher yelled at her. He knew from what had transpired upstairs that the girl had little self-esteem and there was no way he was letting the incompetent Watcher tear strips off *his* girl “This is your fault Rupert so leave Red alone.”

“My fault?” Giles spluttered

“Your bleeding spell upstairs misfired, probably because you buggered it up and it hurt Red here.”

Giles face fell from exasperated to horrified “The spell!” he had clean forgotten “My dear are you quite alright?”

“No.” Spike growled menacingly and stalked to the Watcher “Even a brain dead Nancy boy like you knows that love spells need constant attention, your little love spell twisted to a burning lust spell.”

“No.” Giles knew that with those, whoever was in its thrall had little control over their actions, many dying of heart attacks or from exhaustion trying to sate their lust,

“If she hadn’t have untied me, she could have gone insane from lust, Watcher. It has happened before or gone out looking for satisfaction and been raped or murdered or turned.” Spike’s fury was white cold. “You constantly tell her not to do spells or to be careful, well how about you take your own sodding advice?”

“Oh Willow I am so sorry.” Giles felt shame pour over every essence

“Why Giles?” Willow wanted to know

“Ever since Jenny died I have been so alone.” The proud Watcher was replaced by a tired man whose sole purpose in life is to watch a young girl be beaten every night until she is killed. His shoulders sagged “I just wanted to find love. I loved her so much.”

Spike and Willow both understood; more than he thought they ever could.

“We get it.” Spike said and then looked own at Red “But there is someone waiting for you, someone wonderful, someone who can love you the way you need and who is worthy of returning that, someone better.”

“Just don’t give up.” Willow added

Giles nodded his thanks to Spike and eyed the key sitting on the table.

“Don’t lock Spike up anymore.” Willow said softly and let the Watcher climb tiredly to his feet. He kissed her forehead

“Goodnight Willow.”

“Goodnight Giles.”

“Night Watcher.” Spike nodded and waited until the bedroom door closed

“Someone better?” Willow asked shyly

“Oh yeah.” He leered and pulled her back down into his embrace

“Spike I can’t.” she said regretfully

“I know, I just want to hold you.” He placed a kiss on her forehead

“I love you.” She returned his kiss to his stunned lips before pulling away her eyes glinting in mischief.

“I love you too.” He grinned and then froze, “Uh what are you doing?”

“Well just because I’m too sore doesn’t mean you are.” She said wickedly as she slid down his lap to his jean zipper.

Spike stared down at her “I’ve created a monster.” His lips curved in a smirk “Thank God.”

The End.