Quit moaning

Author: Fayth

Email: fayth82@yahoo.co.uk

Pairing: W/S

Rating: PG

Summary: Willow wants to shut Spike up!

Disclaimer: not mine. unfortunately. Oh the things i could do with Spike!!!

Distribution: yeah ok

Notes: has been knocking around my head for months! it had to come out this way or in a mini explosion.

Dedication: For Angel S. cheers pet.


Willow rolled her eyes.

Xander sighed heavily.

Buffy shot a death glare and Giles cleaned his glasses again.

But none of their disapproval would shut him up.

"But I've still got Slayer taste in my mouth." Spike whined again. He had been complaining every minute for the past two hours.

"Shut up shut up shut up!" screamed Anya, who had finally had enough "We don't care if you have Slayer taste in your mouth. Just be grateful you weren't almost torn apart by demons."

Willow winced "Once again Anya, I am sorry. Really sorry." She couldn't believe that her little my will it so spell had had such dramatic results. Giles loosing his sight and Xander and Anya being chased everywhere by demons and, worst of all, in her opinion, Buffy and Spike getting married and exchanging spit.

They were all sat in Giles' place researching some demon or other. Willow sat by the computer waiting for the ding of the oven to tell her the latest batch of cookies was done. Spike was tied to his chair. Buffy was sitting next to Giles checking out books and Anya and Xander sat on top of each other pouring through volumes. Every now and then Xander's hand would reach out and snatch another cookie.

She had been baking cookies all day. Even Xander had to be full by now, she looked at him, or maybe not. She had offered to take on extra Spike sitting duties and research and clean Giles' car. The others had told her not to be so ridiculous- that each of them had made some dumb mistake and that she was past due for a screw up, but Willow felt the guilt even more.

But on the plus side she hadn't thought about Oz in two days. And even when she did it was a dull pain, she was even looking at other vamp.men with interest. But even Willow's patience was running out.

"But I can still taste the daft bint." Spike spat looking at the Scooby's in exasperation. Not only was he defanged and left tied to a chair but he had just been making out with the most annoying whiny bitch this side of the world Oh yeah and she was a Slayer. He was beginning to hate his unlife. He just wanted some more of those delicious cookies the adorable Red head had been cooking to take the damn taste of SLAYER out of his mouth.

"Oh it was such a picnic for me?" Buffy shuddered remembering coming to with her lips plastered to Spike's. "Lip lock with my immortal PAIN in the ass."

Spike smirked "Knew you were enjoying it, Vamps get you hot." He grimaced "But I feel violated."

Buffy rolled her eyes "Drama queen."

The oven timer dinged and Willow got up to remove the cookies from the oven.

"Hey everyone chocolate cookies, eat a cookie ease my pain?"

"Ooh me!" Xander waved his hands in the air and Willow slid some onto his plate.

"Anyone else?"

Buffy grabbed one as she walked back and Giles just shook his head

"What about me, don't I get a cookie?" Spike said annoyed. The cute chit was trying to ignore him. Willow walked by and put a few into his lap so he could pick them up with his hands and eat them.

For a few blessed moments everyone was quiet while Spike ate his cookies but it was too good to last.

"Reeed, I can still taste the Slayer, got any more cookies. I could dip them in my blood."

"Ew." Xander put down his cookie and looked green

"Shut up Spike." Buffy demanded

Willow was getting more and more frustrated *why wouldn't he just shut up, she could pretend he wasn't there if he shut up.*

Anya put her fingers in her ears as she turned the pages but even that couldn't cut out his whining.

"I can still taste Slayer."

"Oh for Heavens sake." Giles said and turned his back to the Vampire.

Spike grinned; he was getting on everyone's nerves. The Slayer looked about ready to stake him, Xander and Anya was trying their best to ignore him and Willow looked about ready to crack.

"But I still have Slayer taste in my mouth."

"Argh!" Willow yelled in frustration and stood up. She strode over to the Vamp who suddenly looked very worried and grabbed the collar of his coat.

She raised his head to hers and smashed their lips together assaulting his mouth. He almost gasped in surprise and Willow took the opportunity to slip her tongue into his mouth. After a few stunned seconds Spike returned the kiss with equal fervour but almost as soon as it started Willow pulled away breaking the kiss.

"Now quit moaning." She said breathlessly and strode back over to the computer ignoring the stunned looks of her friends.

She resumed her typing grateful for the silence.




"Can I have Willow taste in my mouth again?"

The End.