School not really Hard enough.

Sequel to Happy Halloween.

Author: Fayth

Disclaimer: Joss owns Spike ...and I hate him for it.

Rating: Nc17

Spoilers: Season 2

Dedication: To Amber Lynn aka Lita and her b/f Blake.
Thanks for the feedback and the fan club LOL.

Notes: For the purpose of my story season 2 is all
askew. Buffy already knows about Spike before School
Hard and Parent teacher night and has met Drusilla.
Takes place after Halloween and in my world School
Hard hasn't happened yet, got it?


Spike stared into space and thought about his redhead.

After Halloween they had spent so much time together,
talking, kissing or shagging and it had just felt

He'd wondered why the great Poof had never smelled his
scent on her and Willow had given him a little grin
and confessed that sometimes she did a little magic,
her teacher had turned out to be a technopagan and
taught Willow a few bits, it turned out she had a
natural aptitude for Magic. She had done a cleansing
spell whenever she knew Angel would be around so he
couldn’t smell him on her.

Spike grinned widely at the thought of the little
witch pulling a fast one on his Sire.  She was getting
quite good at the spellcasting, he recalled how
ecstatic she had been when she'd first learned to
float a pencil, and she’d run to the mansion and told
him in excited tones and to celebrate they'd... Spike
shifted as his body also recalled how they'd
celebrated. That had been a wild night.

But it was daytime and his sweet Red was at school
with her pathetic excuse for friends- who didn't even
realise that Willow was sleeping with a deadly demon,
or that the demon was the childe of their own pet
Vampire. Actually Willow still didn't know that her
"William" was Spike, feared childe of Angelus and half
the infamous scourge of Europe.

*Hm must tell her sometime* Spike thought wickedly, he
knew she had heard of Spike just didn't realise that
she was sleeping with him. Anyway since she had to
spend the Majority of the day at School he had missed
intelligent company and had decided to become Master
of Sunnydale as a hobby, which meant minions.

His two favourite minions were two skaters that he had
found in the Fish Tank, the only club in Sunnydale
that could boast a Rave scene.

Lita was a tall brunette with amazing blue/green eyes
and a mischievous smile that even death couldn't
destroy and she often had him grinning at her
boundless enthusiasm.

She had insisted that he turn her boyfriend Blake and
after seeing him Spike had acquiesced. Blake reminded
him of himself with ice blue eyes and intimidating
physical presence which his dark hair with blonde
highlights only accentuated.

"Spike, y'okay?" Lita asked snapping her gum.

Spike glared at her

"Oh sorry, is everything all right Master?" she
amended hurriedly.

Spike shook his head "I hate the bleeding Sun." He
cursed the daylight that kept him away from his Red
and wondered what she was doing.


"So then he said that I have to take care of this
whole parent- teacher night thing by myself or I’d be

"Wow Snyder said that?" Willow said her apple halfway
to her mouth.

"Well, me and Sheila-," Buffy confessed "But I can't
see her making juice and handing out hors devours."
her shoulders slumped "Plus Giles' said there's this
major feast of Saint vegemite or something coming on
Saturday, which Angel thinks that this Spike guy is

"Look Buffy, we'll help with the Parent teacher night
and we can handle this Spike."  Willow also shuddered
"Although can we do it from a distance?" he kind of
gave her the creeps and she'd never even met him, only
from what she'd heard from Buffy and Angel. As she
contemplated one Vampire, her thoughts drifted to
*her* Vampire- William, he was amazing and so
attentive, she couldn't wait for school to finish so
she could...

"Earth to Willow come in Willow, where'd you go."
Buffy smiled indulgently

"N-nowhere really."

"Really?" Buffy was sceptical "So you weren't thinking
of a certain dark haired goofball we all know and you

"Wha-Oh Xander no I wasn't thinking about Xander," she
paused "Actually I don't think about Xander that way
any more." she was delighted "I’m over him, I’m over
him Buffy!" she squealed excitedly

"Yay you." Buffy was happy for her friend "Unrequited
love is a bitch."

Willow's face fell, "Oh Buffy you know Angel likes
you, he just has that Brooding thing that he has to
take care of." she patted her friends arm

"Thanks Wills. So you up for Bronzing tonight?"

"Yeah, later." first she had her Vampire to meet and
keep happy; William wanted to see her straight after
school. She couldn't wait.


Spike looked up as Drusilla swanned into the room
carrying the body of a drained child.

"What's that?" he said

"He was anointed, all special- the stars said, but he
wouldn't play with Miss Edith and so we sucked him

Spike nodded, Dru was obviously having a sane moment

"Chosen eh? Never could stand them lot of ponces all
up their own arses what was he chosen for?"

"The feast."

"That's right, pet. The feast of Saint Vigeous should
be a party."

"Taffy girl is all weak and hurty." Spike watched with

"Slayer's vulnerable?" a calculated gleam entered his
eyes. Now that was interesting, after all Slayer blood
was a delicacy to be savoured and nothing would
enhance his reputation like a third Slayer, especially
Angelus' pet. Drusilla looked at Spike as a far away
look replaced his normal concentrated features.

"Spike-y wants to hurt the Taffy girl and make her
bleed and the fire Fairy is caught in the heat she's
all burned and smells of Smoke."

That roused Spike out of his musings "Fire fairy-
Willow." he smacked the heel of his hand against his
head "Of course I keep forgetting that Red is the
Slayers friend. Hmm could be a problem, I need to get
my girl out of the crossfire."

Suddenly a little bell rang by his chair and Dru
giggled and spun in circles

"I'm ringing, can you hear me ringing?"

"That's not you, you daft bint it's my alarm it's set
for 4 o clock. When Red gets out of School and I don't
want her to find out about you so clear off." he said

Dru pouted "Spike doesn't love his Princess any more."

"Like a sister, Dru." Spike softened "I'll get you
better and then you can be with Daddy, how’s that

"Like Christmas and sticky blood." Drusilla clapped
her hands in glee

"Good now clear off, LITA" he bellowed and the minion

"Yes Sp-Master?" she remembered in time

"Take Dru away and tell the bleeding minions to keep
hidden, Red's coming over."

Lita nodded with a small smile, all the minions knew
to keep hidden when the Red headed human came over-
especially after what had happened to the last minion
who had scared the girl, they'd been cleaning up blood
and dust for weeks. Surprising by keeping their Master
happy she had endeared herself to the minions and they
knew enough to keep her safe. Plus the very fact that
she was a witch and had helped the Slayer kept their

Lita stared at Dru with distaste- stupid insane bitch,
fancy ignoring Spike for that Pussy whipped Angel- no
taste at all. Even Blake was better than Angel, she
grinned as she thought of her Boyfriend.

"Come on Drusilla." she said impatiently "Miss Edith
won't like to be kept waiting." Dru nodded and
followed her out

"Lita?" she turned at Spike's tone

"If you keep the bitch amused I’ll let you and Blake
play with the chains in the basement."

Lita's eyes glowed yellow "Thank you Master." and
hurried off to do her Master’s bidding.

Spike settled back to wait for his witch.


Willow had had a hard time convincing the Slayer that
she was all right to walk home by herself and didn’t
need an escort, after all what would the Slayer say
when Willow wasn't going home but to William's

She'd thought about asking William about Spike but
William was no traitor and would never turn in one of
his own- unless he could profit from it, of course.
She giggled- in that way he was a typical Vampire.
As she came to the mansion her shoulders tensed, she
thought that perhaps William didn't live alone but had
minions, although she'd only ever seen the one. But
sometimes when they were together she could hear
noises in the old house, William claimed it was just
ghosts and then went on to take her mind off things.

"William?" she called as she entered the front door.
It was so dark in here!

She screamed as strong arms wrapped themselves around
her waist from behind and fangs grazed her throat. She
tensed ready to fight- until she heard chuckling. She
turned and stared up at William's laughing eyes.

"Jerk." she scolded

"Ah come on pet, it was fun." he didn't remove his
hands, instead sliding them under her shirt to caress
her smooth stomach.

That felt nice. Willow closed her eyes and leaned
against his hard chest "Mmm." she moaned as his hand
found her breast.

Spike hardened at her innocent moan and he suddenly
picked her up and raced up to his room with her, he
slammed the door shut with his booted foot and threw
her on the bed.

"William!" she giggled as she bounced on his bed "I
can walk you know."

"I know." he stalked towards her pulling off his red
shirt and T-shirt and kneeling on the bed between her
legs. "But not for long, if I have something to say
about it."

Willow struggled to get out of his clutches "Oh no you
don't mister. I'm meeting the others at the Bronze

Spike growled at the thought of her spending her time
with the Slayer and his poof of a Sire. He vamped.

"Mine." he snarled and Willow stopped her struggle and
stroked his forehead until he relaxed and started

"I don't want him." she said understanding his need
for reassurance if not the reasons behind it.

He nodded and his grin returned "Now where were we?"

Her arms went around his neck pulling him closer. His
lips closed over hers and his mouth ravaged hers. She
ran her hands through his soft blonde hair and he
pulled at her shirt needing to feel her soft body
against his. She pulled back to breathe and help him
with the clothing issues that were going on.
His lips found his previous bite mark and he nuzzled
the mark, happy that she still wore it.

Her hands stroked his chest and teased his nipples
eliciting small growls from him- a sure sign she was
doing something right.

"Mister Vampire- you are wearing too many clothes."
she pouted pulling at his jeans.

"As are you." he said grinding their hips together.
Willow gasped at the feel of him rubbing against her

"Well you're the Master Vampire do something about it
Damn It." she ordered and Spike laughed

"It makes me all hot when you get dominant." he leered
as he pulled his jeans off and threw them across the
room. Always an equal opportunity vamp he gave her
jeans the same courtesy. His eyes widened

"No panties Red?" she blushed at his lascivious look.
He rained kisses along her neck and paid particular
attention to her pulse point, sucking it with his
blunt teeth.

As his hand snaked between her legs Willow groaned and
pushed her hips up against the rhythm of his fingers.
She leaned up and sucked at his neck in the way she
knew he loved.

"Ah bloody hell Willow." he gasped as her teeth nipped
at his neck. He thrust a finger inside her, two, then
three and let his thumb free to play as he cupped the
back of her head pulling her into his kiss. He
captured her scream of pleasure in his own mouth, the
vibrations echoing through him.

Pushing her legs apart he lowered his head to her
centre and tasted her. There would never be anything
that tasted as good as Willow, he thought. Unable to
control himself he sucked and licked at her swollen
flesh until her fingers clenched in his hair and she
was begging him for more, calling his name. He stroked
inside her with his tongue then rubbed it over her
clit as he inserted a finger inside her.

With William's finger pressing against her and his
tongue stroking her clit Willow came again, his name
on her lips. Spike let her ride it out and then
crawled up her body and positioned himself.

Spike groaned as he thrust into her. "Hell Willow," he
moaned into her neck as she closed around him, No
matter how many times they had done this he was always
surprised at how hot and tight she was.

"Goddess, Will!" Willow cried as he filled her and
rocked within her. "That feels... good, oh Will." she
wrapped her legs around his waist, her fingers digging
into his shoulders "Don't stop. Please goddess, don't
ever stop!"

"Not gonna stop," Spike groaned “Never gonna stop,

Willow grabbed his head with one hand and pulled him
down to her, crushing her lips to his. Spike took
control of the kiss, thrusting his tongue into her
mouth in time as he pumped into her heat. He felt his
body ready itself for release and reached between them
to stroke her clit, wanting her to join in with him.

Willow keened and Spike felt her muscles clench around
him, milking him, and he cried her name as he emptied
himself inside her.


They lay together for a long while just relishing
being near each other.

"Miss me?" she asked teasingly

"I hate that bloody school." Spike murmured into her

"I know, I’m beginning to hate it too." she said
softly then sighed "I have to go Will, if I’m not at
the Bronze they'll come looking for me."

Spike's heart sank "Stay a little while longer." he

And she did.


The Bronze was hot and sweaty and Willow felt
uncomfortable being there, especially as Buffy asked
her to help with her French so Mr DeJean didn't tell
Joyce she was an imbecile.

"La vache... doit me... touche... de la... jeudi. Was
it wrong? Should I use the plural?" Buffy looked up
from her book and Willow swallowed a look of amusement

"No. But you said, 'The cow should touch me from

Buffy looked chagrined "Maybe that's what I was
feeling." she tried and Willow felt bad at telling her

"And you said it wrong."

Buffy sighed in despair "Oh, je stink."

Willow grinned at her friend "You're just not focused.
Its Angel missage." she knew how that was - she missed
William like crazy, although she was still sore from
their afternoons activities. He really hadn't wanted
her to go, but had relented when she said she had
school stuff to do as well and she was sure he had
Vampire stuff to do and just try to eat anyone she
knew okay?

Buffy brightened up at the talk of Angel "Well, he
didn't say for sure. It was a 'maybe see ya there'
kinda deal."

Just then Xander came up and asked them to dance with
him. Buffy realised that she had been studying for 12
minutes – which is probably why she felt her brain was
all fried- and pulled Willow onto the Dance floor.

Willow was sore and really wouldn't have minded
sitting this one out, but Buffy dragged her and Willow
forced some slow moves out of her aching body to
pacify her friend.


Spike stared around the Bronze and his eyes came to
rest on the Slayer dancing with his witch. Willow's
moves were slow and a proud grin crossed his face as
he realised why.

He frowned as he realised what he had to do might hurt
his Redhead, but bloody hell he was Master and
Master's didn't allow Slayer's to live unchallenged on
their territory. He'd already had to stake one
obnoxious Vamp who questioned why Spike had not fought
the Slayer. He couldn't very well turn around to the
general populous and claim that his pet was the
Slayers best friend and that if he hurt her, he hurt
his pet. He never wanted to do that, would rather die
than do that but he wouldn't admit it to everyone. So
he needed to fight the Slayer, or at least attempt it.
But like his Sire had taught him, get to know your
enemy. Hence his business here tonight.

He turned to his nearest minion "Go get something to

He walked next to the abandoned table with Willow's
books on it and smiled as he saw W&W doodled on the
cover of one of her books.

He walked slowly onto the dance floor so that if he
spoke loud enough the Slayer would hear him but Red

"Where's the phone? I need to call the police. There's
some big guy out there trying to bite somebody." Buffy
took the bait and ran outsides leaving her friends
staring after her bewildered.

Spike stalked outsides and hid in the shadows as Buffy
fought his minion.

Willow grabbed the victim and ran away with her taking
her to safety just before Buffy caught the stake
Xander threw to her.

"Spike! Gimme a Hand." the minion yelled and Buffy
paused and stared into the shadows before staking the

Spike made sure Willow wasn't around and stepped out
of the gloom clapping his hands. Buffy looked at him
with a confused expression on her face.

Spike smirked "Nice work, love."

Buffy looked at him speechless "Who are you?"

Spike mock pouted "Forgotten me already, never mind
You'll find out on Saturday."

Buffy shook her head "What happens on Saturday?"

Spike put his head on the side and answered coldly "I
kill you."

He heard footsteps coming and faded back into the
darkness as Willow came running around the corner.
He needed to pick Dru up something to eat and suddenly
there she was with two morons following her talking
about leather seats in a Cadillac. No way would Willow
know a skanky Bitch like her- she'd do for lunch.


After their impromptu research session, all about this
Spike character Willow found herself wishing they
could just escape this Saint Vigeous thing, she'd even
suggested it to Giles "We can't run, that would be
wrong, could we hide?" and then he'd dug up that
information about Spike killing two Slayers, and she
wanted to bury herself in William’s arms and never let
him go.


Spike watched as Dru drained the Skanky girl from the
club, his mind fixed on his current dilemma.

The other night he had been in Willow's bedroom
waiting for her to come home when he'd seen a flyer
for Parent- teacher night and the date ringed in red.
He'd asked her about it and Willow had sighed saying
her parents were out of town and wouldn't be able to
go but she would be there to help Buffy who had to
make sure the night went smoothly or she'd be

Spike had laughed at this but had been so angry when
he found out that her parents hadn't been to a single
parent- teacher night, they knew she did well at
school and expected her to continue to do so. He'd
been all for hunting down the unfeeling bastards and
making them pay but Willow had soothed him saying that
it didn’t matter because she knew he cared about her
and that’s all she needed.

He'd kissed her and tried to take away the pain that
those parents had caused but he feared it was too

That night as he'd watched her sleep the realisation
came to him, he loved her.

Totally and utterly, he would give his unlife to
protect her and keep her safe.

But he needed to hurt the Slayer, he was a Vampire, it
was in his job description.

But how to do it without hurting his Red?

He had a plan. Willow didn't know he was Spike. So
Spike could kill the Slayer and Red would never
suspect him.

So if Slutty was vulnerable on Parent teacher night
all he had to do was make sure Willow wasn't there and
he could kill Buffy, without having to worry about the
little witch.

He grinned at his own genius and settled back to watch
Dru finish her snack. He'd work out a way to keep Red
from the festivities.


The next night

Willow had to go early to help Buffy with the
refreshments, but it was still dark by the time she
had to leave and she was just walking across the park
when she heard footsteps behind her, she spun around
dragging a stake and cross out of her jacket when
William stepped out from behind a tree.

Willow sagged in relief. "Will!"

Spike looked at her agitated "I need you to do
something for me pet."

"What?" she said worried

"Go home and lock your door behind you and stay there
all night."

Willow blinked in confusion "Wh-why?"

"There's a big Vampire thing going down tonight."
Spike decided to try honesty "A Master is going on the
hunt; I need you to stay indoors. For me please pet."

"Okay." if William was worried then it might be best
if she went home and called Giles to let him know.
"I'll go home."

Spike nodded tensely and pulled her flush against his
body and into a bruising kiss

"Red, I..." no he couldn't tell her he loved her, not
just yet.

"What?" she asked

"I mean it, stay inside." and with one last kiss he
rushed off into the night.

Willow ran through the park but before she reached the
end she heard voices and ducked behind a tree

"So Spike has finally decided to make a move on the

"Yeah we're going to the high school tonight, should
be a massacre, wanna come?"

Willow didn't stop to hear the rest but turned and ran
back to the high school.

Buffy, she had to warn Buffy.


Panting, Willow flung open the doors to the library
and gasped as she tried to make herself understood.


"Buffy?" Giles filled in

Willow nodded clutching her side

"Is making Punch, I believe, what's wrong?"

"S- Spi-ke." she said

"What about Spike?" Giles said

"C-Coming here!" she all but shouted at his inability
to do anything but stand there and ask bloody stupid
questions. OK maybe she'd spent too much time with

Giles dropped his tea cup and as it smashed on the
floor the lights went out and they heard a crash from
the front lobby.

There were screams and the sounds of panicked running
before Buffy's voice reigned loud and clear

"Everybody, this way! C'mon C'mon!"

Willow ran out of the library and ran into Cordelia,
they headed right but a Vampire had other ideas and
grabbed Cordelia. Willow picked up the nearby Bust of
Roosevelt and smacked the Vamp over the head with it.
She grabbed Cordelia and pushed her into a nearby
closet and locked the door behind them.

From inside the closet all she could hear were screams
and Cordelia murmuring "oh God, Oh God" over and over.
Suddenly she heard a voice sound loud among all the

"Slaaayer! Here, kitty, kittyyy. I find one of your
friends first, I'm gonna suck 'em dry. And use their
bones to bash your head in." There was a sound of a
nearby door being kicked in but Willow concentrated on
that voice, it was so familiar.

The arrogant voice yelled louder  "Are you getting a
word picture here?"

Cordelia began whimpering "Oh, God, oh, God!" and
Willow put her hand over Cordelia's mouth to keep her
quiet as the voice almost registered.

Then just as the suspense was killing her the voice
sing songed "Someone's in the ceeeeeiiiling!"

After a few precious moments where orders were barked
out, silence fell. Then the sound of crashing above
her, like someone was poking holes in the ceiling. She
glanced up but they faded away and then there was a

Willow jumped as Cordelia moved

Cordelia breathed out "I think he's gone." and reached
for the door

But Willow wasn't some B- horror movie airhead and
whispered "he could come back"

Cordelia looked as if that had never occurred to her
and she looked at Willow "What are we gonna do?"

Willow rolled her eyes “Pray." It occurred to her she
would have to spend the night locked in the closet
with her enemy, possible all night. It was either that
or risk death by Vampire.  She sat up "Let me go out
and see."

She crept down the Hallway and overheard Angel and
Xander talking to that arrogant voice, against all
sense she edged closer rather than run, screaming in
the opposite direction.

As she turned the corner she saw Angel and Xander
talking to a figure dressed in a long black trench
coat and Buffy sneaking up behind him.

A vampire ran into her from behind pushing her towards
the little group as The Master punched Angel sending
him into Buffy and leaving Xander sprawled on the


"Fe fi FO fum, I smell the blood of a nice ripe girl."
Spike grinned at the Slayer.

Buffy stood up and looked at the axe she carried "Do
we really need weapons for this?"

"I just like 'em. They make me feel all manly." Spike
ran his hand over his chest. He dropped the pole he
was holding and motioned to the Slayer ignoring the

"The last Slayer I killed she begged for her life. You
don't strike me as the begging type."

Buffy glared at him “You shouldn'ta come here."

Spike smirked at her “No. I've messed up your doilies
and stuff. But I just got so bored. I'll tell you
what. As a personal favour from me to you," and to Red
he added silently "I'll make it quick. It won't hurt a

Buffy shook her head at him “No, Spike. It's gonna
hurt a lot."


Spike looked into the shadows and saw Willow staring
at him with a look of pure astonishment on her face.

"Oh bloody hell." he whispered under his non existent

Angel stood up and yanked Xander to his feet. They
stood side by with Buffy and Willow who stepped into
the light.

Buffy scowled "Will, run."

"There's Vampires everywhere." Spike blurted, if Red
left his side he couldn't guarantee her protection
here. The place was overrun by hungry minions and any
of them could take her. “Besides we haven’t been
introduced properly.”

"That's right Willow; you haven't been introduced to
Sunnydale's latest bastard." Buffy spat "This slime is

"Spike." Willow said sadly staring at the ice blue
eyes of her William. Her eyes were wide and tears hung
on her lashes.

"Spike get out of here." Angel commanded

But Spike couldn't take his eyes of his beloved Red.
He clenched his jaw and forced himself to look away

"You are bound and determined to ruin things for me
aren't you." he said.

He addressed the wall but Willow knew he was talking
to her.

Angel smirked thinking Spike meant him "You should
stay away from my town Spike."

Tears spilled over Willow's eyes

"Crying won't help." Spike said desperately, wanting
nothing more to take her into his arms and kiss it all

"I'm sorry!" she shouted startling her friends "But
someone I care about is going to get hurt tonight.
An-and I don't want that." she sobbed

"You shouldn't be here." Spike growled. His mind
acknowledged that there was no way he was going to win
here, he had satisfied his minions cravings and his
Master's status by attempting to get rid of the Slayer
and rather than prolong this he had to do a tactical

His red head was hurting and he couldn't kill her
friends while she was here, neither could he comfort

Suddenly a lady with blonde hair appeared behind the
assembled group with an axe.

"You stay the hell away from my daughter!" she hissed
and even Spike could see she meant it.

"Bloody women!" he turned and fled out of the broken
window and called out to his remaining minions as he


After the Police had gone Willow went home mentally
and physically exhausted.

Spike was sitting in her living room as she opened the

“Red.” He said hesitantly

“Spike.” She was too tired to add emotion to the
words, but Spike winced.

“Yeah, I guess I forgot to mention that bit.”

Willow just looked at him. After a long moment Spike
looked away

“I won’t say I’m sorry, pet. I wouldn’t mean it. I’m a
Vampire- you knew that, it’s my job to attack the
Slayer. Being a Master, well, it’s expected- hell-
demanded. She’s a challenge to my territory and…”

“I know.” She said softly and he looked up in surprise
“I know all about Vampires and territoriality and
behaviour patterns. I do research for the Slayer of
course I’m going to know.” Her voice took on a bitter

“But of course you knew that.”


“Isn’t that why you are with me? Because I have inside
knowledge to the Slayer- you knew where she was
tonight, knew she was vulnerable- because of me. I
practically handed her to you on a damn plate. So tell
me exactly how stupid I’ve been Spike. Tell me that
you’ve been using me since the beginning to get to the
Slayer.” *I will not cry* she vowed *I will not cry*.

Spike’s face registered horror “No, no no pet, you’ve
got it all wrong I never…would never… I didn’t.” he
stood in front of her and lifted her chin with his
finger and stared into her eyes “When we first met, I
didn’t have a clue who you were, or who your sodding
friends were. After you told me, I still didn’t care,
love. I don’t, I have never used you to get to the

“Right.” She didn’t believe him

“Believe me Willow.” The fact that he used her name
made her look into his eyes for the first time.
“You are the reason that I didn’t go after her sooner,
I couldn’t bear to see you get hurt and I knew it
would hurt you because one of us would end up dead.
Deader.” He smirked “I told you to stay out of the way
tonight because I couldn’t let the bitch go
unchallenged much longer and I wanted you to be safe.
You promised me that you would stay home, pet. Why did
you lie?”

“I didn’t lie.” She replied hotly “I never promised
and I was going to do exactly as you said and then I
overheard two vampires talking about Spike going after
the Slayer and I had to warn Buffy.”

Spike stroked her face and nodded, of course she would
go to help her friend, that’s the kind of girl she
was. That’s why he loved her- she neglected her own
safety for the people she loved.

“Why did *you* lie?” Willow wanted to know

“I knew you had heard of me, Angelus probably had a
bunch of stories and all that crap written in the
Watcher’s diaries about me. I wanted you to make up
your own mind about me, get to know the real me
without all the prejudice. Plus I liked the fact that
you weren’t that scared of me, and yes-“  He put a
finger over her mouth before she could say it “I liked
putting one over on Peaches.”

Willow couldn’t help the grin that spread across her
features and Spike suddenly felt relieved that he
hadn’t lost his witch.

“So what now?” she asked

“Well I’d like to take you upstairs and shag you into
unconsciousness but I think we need to talk a bit.” He
bent and brushed his lips against hers and smiled
against her as she opened her mouth and her hands
snaked around his back.

“Later.” she murmured.

It took every ounce willpower he possessed to push her

“No now.”

“Why?” the wary look was back in her eyes and Spike
pulled her close to him to make sure she didn’t run
away when he dropped his little bombshell.

He guided her to the couch and sat her down next to
him, holding her hands in his.

“Will- Spike what is it?”

“You can call me William, if you want, pet. It was my
human name.” he smiled down at her

“Spike suits you.” Her eyes twinkled

“I think it’s best that we have no more secrets from
each other.” He said seriously “I want you to be able
to trust me, trust what I say. I need you to be able
to come to me if you need me, to be able to tell me
everything and believe me. Believe in me.” He grimaced
at how sappy that sounded but Willow’s eyes shone with
brightness that- had he had breath- it would have
taken it away.

“OK.” She nodded “Tell me.”

“First up, I’m Angelus’ Grandchilde, Dru’s childe.
That’s Drusilla. She’s insane; we were together but
drifted apart. Especially since I met you. I realise
now she that wasn’t what I wanted.” He looked
knowingly at her and she blushed the way he knew she

“How long were you together?” she asked

“’bout a century, give or take.”

“A century?” she gaped, she hadn’t even know about
vampires for a decade, a century? How could she
compete with that much history?

Spike could see the questioning in her eyes “Now now,
Red.” He shook his finger at her “none of those
thoughts. Me and Dru are- how do you bloody Yanks say
it- way over?” Spike imitated a valley accent trying
to get her to laugh. It worked as Willow cracked up
over Spike’s appalling mockery.

“Any questions, love?”

“What were you like as a human?”

Spike rolled his eyes “Never the easy ones with you.
*That* my fairest Red is a closely guarded secret that
very very few know and that I will reluctantly share
with you when I have you chained up somewhere so you
can punished for laughing.”

“I won’t laugh.” She said honestly and then looked
down slightly embarrassed


“Can we still try the chains sometime?” she said in a
little girl voice

Spike threw back his head and roared with laughter “Oh
I knew there was a reason why I loved you.”

Willow froze “You love me?”

Shit. “Yes.” Double shit. Willow looked gob-smacked “I
love you Willow.”

Willow wrung her hands in her shirt and stared at
them, when she looked up it was with hope


“Yep, really. Quite desperately actually.” Well, might
as well go all the way.

“I- I’m not sure what to say.” She admitted biting her
lip “it’s all so quick and… and I”

“It’s alright Red. I know it’s quick for you, I didn’t
expect you to say it back yet.” He had secretly hoped
but never expected. “I wasn’t going to tell you
tonight, didn’t think you ready to hear it.”

“Thank you for telling me, I could fall in love with
you so easily but I need time to be sure.” Willow’s
expression begged him not to hurt, and not to hurt
her. He couldn’t refuse her anything.

“Take your time Red; I’ve got a bit of it. I’m not
going anywhere, and I wont stop saying it either.” He
warned with an impish grin

“Good.” She sent one back to him “Feel free to try to
convince me.”

She squealed as he picked her up and took the stairs
two at a time.

“Oh I will, and I think I’m gonna kick Lita and Blake
off those chains tomorrow.”

And he did.