Tempus Two

Author: Fayth

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Timeline: ok so I never actually said in Tempus Focus, basically because it didn’t matter but this takes place halfway through Season 5. Riley left, Joyce died, Spike NEVER had a crush on Buffy, Oz is gone but no Tara.

Dedication: For everyone who wanted a sequel. Esp. Feen, Em, Angel S, Inell, Countess Marsters, KallieRose, Jenn and Shawn.


~Part: 1~ Tempus Two

The Mansion on Crawford Street had never been given a name. Some said that the ghosts that haunted it refused to let tenants stay long enough to christen it. Others said that ghosts were ridiculous and that the mansion was just too creepy to be lived in.

So it lay abandoned –mostly- and in disrepair. None dared go near it- not even to enjoy the teenage party season. Junkies were often fearless but not even they were that stoned to disregard the general feeling of being watched that the Mansion purveyed.

So no one saw the window panes rattle and the dust whirl like an earthquake tremor rolled underneath the house. No one saw the flash of blue light, and no one saw two figures appear prone on the ground.


Buffy opened one eye and groaned. “Ouch!” She sat up and looked around. Yeah, they were back in the mansion and their clothes were in a pile in the corner. They were home. She cast her eyes around anxiously and saw Willow who was still curled up in a ball, eyes squeezed tight shut.

“Willow?” she reached over to touch her only to have Willow recoil.

“I’m awake.” She said dryly unwinding herself and walking over to her clothes. “Let’s go home.”

Buffy nodded still watching her friend closely as if she would disappear if she took her eyes off her for a second. Willow clambered into her tight jeans studiously ignoring the blonde.


The Walk back to Willow’s was done in silence, Buffy not quite knowing what to say to her stoic friend and Willow unwilling to attempt conversation.

As they reached the Rosenberg house Buffy turned to Willow.

“Willow, I am so sorry.”

Willow turned haunted blank eyes to her “I won’t be over for research for a few days; I think my parents are due back. I’d appreciate you not mentioning the spell to Giles. I don’t want another lecture on the abuse of magic.”

Buffy nodded and opened her mouth to try to mend her fragile friendship with the witch but Willow shut the door and Buffy was left alone in the stillness.


Willow wasn’t sure how she’d gotten home- or to her room. There were probably stairs involved but that was taking thought processes to a new level.

All her brain could actually deal with right now was simple instructions. Breath in, breath out, one foot, other foot, keep moving, breathe in, out, step, step.

Her clothes were suddenly in a pile on the bathroom floor and hot water cascaded over her shivering body.

Breathe in, breathe out.

An old T-shirt for some band that she didn’t recognise found its way on to her body.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Her eyes found the bag she had bought back with her Victorian clothes and other gifts and objects in it.

Breathe in, breathe out.

In there was William’s journal. A red-leather bound directory of his heart.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Her fingers picked up the bag and found the journal.

Suddenly like a burst dam all of her thought returned as she curled herself around the familiar book like a life preserve and tried to find oblivion.


Buffy stared outside Giles’ house and tried to muster up the courage to go in. her legendary courage failed her. In her attempts to regain hr Angel, she had probably messed up the world, and even more damningly, broken her best friends’ heart.

She knocked on the door with her forehead and the dull echo felt like the pounding of her heart as it creaked open.

“Buffy!” was Giles’ surprised greeting as he ushered her inside.

Buffy looked around. Xander sat with Anya on his lap flipping through demon texts; he glanced up when he heard the door.

“Hey Buff, when did you get back?”

“Oh great, look what the brat dragged in!” came a sarcastic voice from the corner

Buffy turned slightly to stare at the guy in the corner.

His bleached blonde hair was combed back to show off his defined features and ice blue eyes. And his black t-shirt and jeans showed off his lean figure.

Her mind could barely reconcile this to the quiet, shy, fair haired poet who had so lovingly wooed Willow to love him; his long fringe flopping into his eyes and shy smile as he dug his hands into the pockets of his brown suit which hid his muscles. So different and yet the same.

Buffy began to hyperventilate *Oh Wills.*

Spike became uneasy as the Slayer carried on staring at him. He glanced at the Watcher who was as nonplussed as he was.

“Buffy?” Giles said softly “Did you have a good vacation?”

Buffy finally turned away from Spike to look at Giles who had that fatherly gleam in his eyes.

She began to tear up “I- I think I lost my best friend.” And with that revelation she threw herself into Giles’ arms and sobbed.

~Part: 2~ Waking up is hard to do

Giles stared down at his sobbing Slayer attached to his waist and tentatively patted her on the shoulder.

“Um…there, there?”

“Oh Rupert, I would have thought that you knew how to comfort a crying woman by now?”

Buffy tensed and told herself that she was imagining things. There was no way she heard that.

“Well, dear. I can’t very well do those things to Buffy now can I?”

Buffy pulled away from Giles and turned, her jaw dropped.

“Miss Calendar?”

The cute brunette grinned at her before glancing oddly at Giles “Wow, that’s old, Buffy. You were at my wedding, my bridesmaid as I recall. I think you can call me Jenny. Or failing that Mrs Giles?”

“Oh God.”

“You okay hon?” Jenny walked over and placed a hand over Buffy’s forehead “You sick?”

“Sod that, what was that about Red?” Spike demanded standing up and glaring at Buffy.

“Down boy.” Xander rolled his eyes at Spike’s theatrics “She never said anything was wrong with Willow. Is there?” he said suddenly suspicious.

Buffy couldn’t answer she was still staring at the no longer quite so dead techno pagan.

Xander wondered what Buffy had done that made her think she had lost her best friend. Willow was the most forgiving person he knew. What could Buffy have done to make Willow not forgive her?

Buffy sniffed and stepped back from the group. She’d promised Willow that she wouldn’t tell them about the spell.

“I-I did something so s-stupid and s-selfish and I -I h-hurt Willow.” Fresh tears sprung up as she remembered the dead look in her friends eyes.

“So why are you here instead of trying to make it up to her, you stupid bint?” Spike demanded

“Spike, keep your voice down or you’ll wake Hannah.” Jenny hissed

“Who?” Buffy felt like she’d fallen into a twilight zone

“My daughter?” Jenny said with a bemused grin “Noisy kid, likes to pull your hair?”

Spike grabbed his coat and Buffy concentrated on one thing at a time

“Where are you going?” she asked in a panic

“’m going for a walk, a smoke and to check on Red. Not that it’s any of your business, bitch.”

“You are so not.” She stood in front of him

“Get out of my way.” he rolled his eyes “Like you could stop me anyway.”

“Oh I so could now you have the chip.”

“What chip?” Giles was staring at Buffy like she was insane.

“Spike’s chip?” her voice faltered “Government chip?”

“What you been smoking Slayer?” Spike said in disgust and pushed past her.

“No wait Spike, please.” He stopped and turned. Buffy had no idea what was going on but if Spike went to see Willow, it would only make things worse.

“Please don’t go see Willow, Spike. You’ll only make things worse right now, please. Please.”

Spike watched shocked as the Slayer who treated him worse than dirt begged him. He exchanged confused glances with the others over her head.

“Whatever. Fine but I need a smoke.” He walked out and the door slammed leaving Buffy alone with all eyes on her.


Spike stalked along the streets, towards Willow’s home. He had been there several times with the rest of the gang but never on his own. It didn’t seem right to be alone with Willow when he couldn’t be with her. He couldn’t tell her how he felt about her, much too afraid of a rejection. She was the reason why he’d stayed in this stinking town after his Sire’s finally moved on to L.A. He’d told both Dru and Angel of his feelings for the witch and they had encouraged him to go after her. But she was too good for the likes of a demon like him. He didn’t even have a soul like both Angel and Drusilla had, how could he possibly be with such a paragon of beauty and light?

His mind tried desperately to remind him of a memory he had had as a human but an accident early on in his unlife had forced the memories of his human self away and had almost totally eradicated his human identity. All he knew were flashes occasionally. Green eyes, a song he’d heard, and walks in the sun with someone he loved. And the letter of course, the one so creased and worn that the words were almost unintelligible to someone who hadn’t spent the last century and a half memorising them for when the flimsy paper it was written on finally gave in to the ravages of time in a way that he never would and disintegrated.

He turned his mind back to Willow, his friend. He wasn’t going to go and talk to her; just check and make sure she was alright.

Taking a final drag on his cigarette he crushed it beneath his boot and launched himself at her balcony. With a predator’s grace he landed silently and peered in the darkened window, crouching low and hiding in the shadows.

Willow lay in a foetal position on the bed wrapped around what Spike presumed to be a stuffed toy. Maybe the one he’d given her as a gift a few months ago for her birthday.

What unnerved him was the expression of anguish on her features as she slept. His unbeating heart went out to her and he fought the urge to find the Slayer and beat her until she hurt as bad as Red obviously did for whatever she had done to his precious.

He stayed until dawn keeping a silent vigil at the redhead’s side.


Willow opened her eyes and for a blessed, blissful moment it was all a dream. Then reality crashed down on her and she felt her heart ache all over again.

She’d had what she had always wanted, someone who had wanted to be with her for all eternity and who loved her completely. But she’d had to give him up, had to let him die in the most horrible way- to kill and be killed- so as not to disturb the future.

She didn’t really hate Buffy although if the blonde hadn’t talked her into the idea she wouldn’t have even considered it. All so Buffy could be with Human Angel. But still Willow had done the spell so it was partly her fault. She dragged herself out of bed and threw on some jeans, feeling strange after weeks of long dresses and under things. She glanced at the clock and was surprised to see that it was after four, she had slept through the entire day. The thought was abstract as she didn’t really care too much right now about anything. She made her way to the kitchen as her stomach protested that comment.

She noticed the light flickering on the answer machine and hit play before she could change her mind. Eggs, she could manage eggs.

BEEP “Hey Wills, it’s Xander are you okay? Did you do some funky mojo on the Buffster, she’s acting all weird. Call me.”

BEEP “Willow, it’s Buffy. I am so sorry about everything and um… we *really* need to talk. Things are a little different. Oh crap I gotta go, I’m sorry. I love you.”

BEEP “Willow this is your mother. I needed to call and say that your father and I are on conference in Europe and will be unable to drop by before our flight. We’ll call before we return. Oh and Happy birthday, we have made a deposit so you can choose your own gift. Goodbye.”

BEEP “Wills its Xand again. I’m worried about you. Call me…what?...Anya says she knows some demons who owe her favours…no Anya evisceration is not the best way to deal with Buffy… no I don’t think that’s very helpful at all… call me Willow!”

BEEP “Willow, its Giles here. We are very worried about you. Do call us if you need to talk.”

Willow smiled gently at the message. It was nice to know that she had great friends who cared about her.

She retreated to her room and picked up the bag she had dropped on the floor last night. It contained a few mementos from her vacation. A few dresses and trinkets, a book for Giles; necklace for Anya and one for her mother; a mini dagger for Xander and a gothic cigarette box for Spike.


Her breath caught in her throat, she knew that eventually she would have to see him.

It would be so hard to see the demon with the face of the man she loved with each breath she had. Unwittingly, her feet made their way to the bed where the Red journal lay abandoned. She had just picked it up to read again when the doorbell rang. Willow made her way downstairs and sighed when she saw Buffy standing at the glass.

“What is it Buffy?” she asked tiredly

Buffy looked guiltily at her friend, Willow had dark circles under her eyes and a sad expression on her face.

“Sorry to bug you Wills, but we really do need to talk.”

Willow grabbed her jacket from the rack. “I need a drink.” She muttered and they walked away.

~Part: 3~  Sweet Suprise?

Willow ordered a mocha with whipped cream and extra sprinkles, she had a feeling she’d need both the caffeine and sugar to get her through whatever it was that Buffy had to tell her.

Buffy sat across from her in the booth and played with her sleeves.

“What is it?” Willow asked finally.

“First up I’m not gonna stop apologising and um…here.” Buffy pulled a brown bag out of her bag.

Willow looked inside and then back up at Buffy in surprise

“Store bought.” Buffy said “I can’t bake and I didn’t want to give you food poisoning on top of everything else.”

“Cookies?” Willow grinned and pulled a white chocolate chip one out of the bag “Go on I’m prepared.”

*As if!* Buffy bit her lip unsure where to start. “Last night I spent all night with Giles’ Watchers diaries.”

Willow stared “Voluntarily?”

Buffy scowled for a second “I can read you know.”

Willow made a motion with her hands as if to say “go on”.

 “Um, I kinda noticed some stuff was different when I went to see Giles and hence the book fest.” She looked like she’d rather be anywhere but here.


“Ok. Beginning.” Buffy took a deep breath “When Angel first came to Sunnydale, he wasn’t alone. He bought both Spike and Drusilla with him.”

“Huh?” the cookie lay halfway to her mouth- forgotten.

“I haven’t found out why yet but apparently they were all still together when they came here.”

“Oh…crap.” Willow’s eyes were wide

“I just skim read his cliff notes but from what I can find, when me and Angel did the…had… you know, he lost his soul but for some reason he didn’t go on a killing spree.”

“Um, yay?” what was she supposed to say

“So-” Buffy decided to get it all out in one go. “Kendra died in battle with Vampires, Faith is still around and good apparently, Riley never left, Giles is married to Miss Calendar and they have a daughter called Hannah, Mom is still alive and Spike has no chip, so how are you?”

“Is there alcohol?”

Willow tried to assimilate everything. Faith was there still and she was good. Miss Calendar was alive and so was Joyce. Riley was around and Spike had no chip. Could she pass out now?

Buffy watched her warily “You Okay?”

Willow gave her a look which just screamed “Duh!” and sipped her mocha

“The sky still blue?”

Buffy nodded

“I can deal then.” She took a deep breath “I think we need to find out a little more about the place we’re in.”

“Ok, the best place to start would be Giles’, I mean *the* Giles’.”

“Then let’s go.” Willow replied less than enthusiastically.


Willow was happy to see that Giles’ place hadn’t changed all that much, it was far better gardened but the outside was basically untouched.

Willow pushed open the door and let her eyes adjust to the light.

“Auntie Willow!” there was a scream from about knee height and Willow felt herself be hit by a streak of brown light.

She looked down to see the most adorable brown eyes staring up at her.

“’llo Auntie Willow.” The little girl grinned. “Mommy said you was back. Did ya miss me?”

“Uh sure?” Willow said with increasing panic

“Hannah?” Buffy guessed and the bundle of energy turned to her

“’llo Auntie Buffy.” her tone was far quieter than when she had greeted Willow. Buffy suddenly got the impression that Hannah didn’t like her very much.  She looked down a little disappointed

“Are you gonna beat Daddy up again?” Hannah stared at Buffy from beside Willow.

Willow tried to smother a grin as Buffy spluttered

“I don’t beat Giles up!” she cried

“Is she still on that?” came a voice from the doorway and Jenny Giles walked in and bent down to Hannah’s level totally oblivious to the shocked look on Willow’s face. “Honey, I told you that Buffy only play fights with Daddy. They don’t mean to hurt each other. Now why don’t you show Auntie Willow what you were up to this week.” She looked up and her soft smile included Willow “She drew you some Pictures.”

“Oh?” Willow forced a grin on her face, trying not to look like she wanted to throw her arms around Jenny and cry. Miss Calendar had been her inspiration for all things supernatural, in the absence of Sheila Rosenberg, Jenny had become a female role model.

Hannah held out her hand and grabbed Willow’s.

“C’mon Auntie Willow, I wanna show you my pictures!” Willow found herself being dragged over to a large table in the middle of the room. It was full of books and volumes at various stages of being read and what really shocked Willow was a huge computer sat at one side. A computer at Giles???

Hannah dropped Willow’s hand and clambered onto the high chair next to her.

“Daddy said I’s not s’posed to touch his books but I used the paper you got for me and I drew you these.” She brandished some brightly coloured pages with a huge smile.

“Uh thanks?” Willow took them cautiously. Ok so she had had a little practise with children recently, with Simon Hardwood but she still had no idea how to handle the attention. She looked down at the first one. There was a bright circle in the sky coloured in with pale yellow and there was a dark blue line across the top of the page. The bottom was coloured in green and there were several people in the picture.

“Who are they?” she asked Hannah

“That’s Daddy.” She pointed to a stick figure with big eyes -no wait they were glasses- and holding a book, he was coloured brown –for tweed maybe? “And that’s Auntie Buffy getting eaten by a Vampire.”

The blonde stick figure had red all over her and had a stick figure with pointy teeth standing over her with a big smile.

Willow choked back a laugh. “Lovely.” She grinned

“Uncle Spike likes that one too.” Hannah said sagely and then pointed to the next one “I drew uvver ones too!”

Willow turned the page to the next drawing it had the same sky and grass as the first. This one had lots more people in it.

“That’s Auntie Anya and Uncle Xander.” The two stick figures were holding hands “That’s Mommy and Daddy.” The big glasses stick figure was holding hands with the one wearing stars and moons earrings. “That’s Auntie Buffy and Uncle Wiley.” Buffy had long blonde hair and a little bit of red on her body.

“Why is Auntie Buffy bleeding?” Willow asked

“She got bit by the Vampire.” Hannah said firmly, and then looked nervously to where Buffy and Jenny were talking “But don’t tell Mommy.”

Willow agreed, she could learn to love this kid.

“That’s me and Uncle Spike and Auntie Faith and Auntie Joyce and You.” Stick Figure Willow was holding hands with stick figure Hannah.

“Next.” Hannah said impatiently

Willow obediently turned the next one over. There were only three people in this picture.

Hannah had obviously spent a lot of time on this one. The middle figure had a pink shirt with a star on it, a pink skirt and chocolate brown hair in bunches with a big smile on her face.

“That’s you?” Willow guessed and Hannah nodded.

The figure to the right had a purple skirt and black top with a star to match the one on Hannah’s shirt and red hair and green eyes. She was holding Hannah and had stars and moons all around her.

“The stars are your magic.” Hannah explained

Willow turned her attention to the other character. All dressed in black except for his yellow spiky hair and blue eyes, oh and the red over his…fangs?

Underneath was written 

“Mommy helped me with my words.” She stated proudly and Willow swallowed the sudden lump in her throat

“I drawed this one today.” Hannah carried on “’specially for you but I want Uncle Spike to see it too, so you can’t take it home yet, ‘k?”

“Ok.” Willow hugged her “Thank you Hannah, they are beautiful.”

~Part: 4~  Back to the…wait a minute where are we?

Buffy managed to convince Jenny that they just needed to look through Giles books for a while to sort out a demon she had seen on patrol, Jenny was just happy that the two girls seemed to have gotten over whatever had upset Buffy yesterday. She walked off to make them a drink.

“This is weird.” Willow whispered to Buffy. “We are home but it’s not home.”

“I know.” Buffy said back “I spent all last night just talking to Mom, I wanted to just look at her forever, but she had to go to the gallery. It was amazing.” She wiped the tears from her eyes “I never knew how much I missed her until now.”

Willow smiled and then looked sad “I don’t think I’ve seen my parents since Graduation. At least some things don’t change.”

She picked up the Watchers diary and flicked through the first few pages. Her gaze fell on the drawing that Hannah had done of her, Willow and Spike. Spike.

“I- I have to go now Buffy.” She stood up in a hurry and grabbed her jacket. She left quickly.

“Where did Auntie Willow go?” Hannah said as she looked up from her drawings “Did you beat her up?”


A loud knock disturbed Willow as she sat on her bed staring into space. She raised her head and was surprised to see it was night outside.

She went downstairs and answered the door.

As she swung it open, her jaw dropped in shock and her heart beat out a loud rhythm against her chest.

Spike shifted his feet as Willow stared at him like he was a ghost. Okay it wasn’t that unusual for him to be there.


Willow snapped out of her trance and clacked her mouth shut as the security light came on illuminating Spike’s bleach blonde hair. Blonde- not brown. Spike- not William.

“H-hey Spike.” she croaked, her throat suddenly dry.

“You okay?” he peered concerned at her.

Not trusting her voice she just nodded and stepped back letting him enter. He heart flipped as he came in without an invitation. In their reality Spike had never been into her house. Just one more thing that was different.

Spike gave her a smile so reminiscent of William that her heart lurched. All those flips and lurches, maybe she was having a heart attack?

“Heard you were hurt.” Spike came right to the point

“I’m fine.” She lied

As she looked she could see differences. Spike stood tall, proud where William had hunched like he was expecting a blow. Spike exuded confidence where William was painfully shy. Spike William.

Spike raised an eyebrow, her normally sparkling eyes were sad.

“Sure, pet. You’re fine and I’m Santa. Look the Slayer said she’d hurt you-”

“She *told* you to come here?” Willow’s shock at Buffy’s callous disregard momentarily outweighed her hurt.

“No, stupid bint actually told me not to come. Begged me actually.” He shook his head in disbelief “The Slayer *begged* me. Said I’d make it worse. Like I would ever hurt you.”

“You wouldn’t?”

Spike was surprised. “Of course not.” I love you, you daft girl. You are the reason I didn’t go to L.A with Poof and Poof-etta. “So love, are you gonna tell me what the Slayer did to hurt you?”

Willow eyed him, if Buffy had made a big scene out of it; they were all going to expect an explanation.

“She did something without thinking and it landed me in a situation that caused me pain.” She said carefully telling the truth without actually telling the truth.

“Physical?” he raked his eyes over her trim figure checking for bruises.

Willow shook her head “Emotional.”

“Ahh the worst kind.” He replied with a half smile “I-I’m here if you need to talk.” He nearly swallowed the words, when had he turned into a pansy?

Willow’s smile made him forget his pansy behaviour as it lit up his insides. “Are you going to the Watchers?”

“Is there a creature feature?”

“Does there have to be, pet?”

“Isn’t there always?”

“Do you always answer a question with a question?” he gave her a teasing smile that did strange things to her

“Why do you want to know?”

Spike chuckled, he loved battling wits with Willow, and she seemed a lot more confident after her vacation, maybe being hurt by the Slayer caused her to grow up a little. She was still his Red and he still wanted to rip out the Slayer’s throat but she was much more comfortable around him than before. He could learn to enjoy this.

Willow felt the tension leave her body. She could do this, be friends with Spike. Now she was over the initial awkwardness, she could pretend. Pretend that she hadn’t gone back in time and fallen in love with William pretend that her heart hadn’t been shattered; pretend that she could be friends with Spike. Pretend that she wasn’t in love with Spike.


Buffy looked up as the door opened. She had been totally miserable all day, dodging the questions Jenny threw at her and the suspicious looks of the little brunette who wanted to know what she’d done to her precious Auntie Willow. She managed to come up with new names to call herself for breaking her friends’ heart and was getting quite creative too.

After her emotional outburst last night everyone had tried to get her to confess what she had done to Willow, but as she had promised the Witch that she wouldn’t tell, she had refused. They had left confused and disappointed in her.

Truthfully she was disappointed in herself, after all Willow had done for her, she felt like an evil bitch.

She turned to the door, fully expecting it to be Spike, the thought sending a pang that she couldn’t quite understand. Despite his annoying qualities she admired Spike’s resilience and ingenuity in coping with his chipped status, but she’d also grown to like human William. The fact that she’d had to leave sweet William to be murdered by her future love to turn into smart ass Spike didn’t sit well with her at all. And now that Spike was un-chipped?? She had extra guilt coupons.

As the door opened and Spike sauntered in, his usual cocky manner in place she felt the overwhelming- and unwelcome-urge to apologise.

“Did you know the door opens both ways?” he asked over his shoulder

Buffy watched confused

“Are you just grasping for ideas now?” came a reply and Buffy’s jaw dropped as Willow walked in behind him.

“What *do* you mean?” Spike frowned playfully.

“Did you know the door opens both ways?” Willow mimicked “Do you know how lame that was?”

“Do I want to?” he countered

“What’s going on?” Buffy was really confused. Willow and Spike looked at each other and burst into laughter.


“Do you know that game where every sentence has to be a question?” Willow watched as Buffy’s face cleared

“You’re playing that game with Spike?”

“Yeah.” Spike drawled and Willow immediately clapped her hands in delight.

“I win!” Spike groaned realising his error

“Sod it Slayer, we’ve been playing for over an hour and I was just about to win.”

“Dream on Spike!” Willow sat on the table and reached for a drink can next to Buffy. It was empty.

“Thirsty, love?” Spike was up and heading for the kitchen “What do you want?”

“Tea?” Spike nodded and went to fix her a drink.

Buffy hurriedly turned to her friend. “I didn’t tell him to go see you.”

“I know.” Willow’s eyes darkened slightly “He said you begged him to stay away.”

Buffy looked away

“I didn’t want to make things worse.”

“I don’t hate you.” Willow knew what Buffy had been thinking. “I’ve spent the last few days trying to get through this by myself, just like I did with Oz and I realised that I don’t want to. I need my best friend."

With half a sob Buffy threw her arms around Willow “I love you Willow I’m so sorry I screwed everything up.”

“It’s okay Buffy.” Willow patted her on the back

Buffy pulled away and wiped her face with her sleeve “Does it hurt to be reminded of him?” she nodded to the kitchen.

Willow closed her eyes “A little, it helps that they act so different, this Spike is different still from the other one, but you know how I felt about him.”

“Him who?” Spike came in with a steaming cup of tea for her

“No one.” Willow warned Buffy with a glance. Spike caught the look and something clicked. They must have been talking about their fight, it was over a guy. The thought hurt. A lot.

~Part: 5~  Absent Family… and you are?

“Uncle Spike!” the shrill scream hurt the Vampire’s tender eardrums.

“Hells sake Li’l bit, turn the volume down okay?” Spike winced

Hannah put her hands on her hips “Mommy said you was not to say that around me.”

“Say what?” Spike asked mischievously

“Hell. Oops.” She slapped her little hands over her mouth and Spike chuckled

“I won’t tell on you if you don’t tell on me.”

Willow giggled to see Spike so light-hearted. Then she recalled what he’d just said.

“Doesn’t it get confusing when you call Dawn L’il bit too?”

Spike looked confused “Who’s Dawn?”

“Oh!” Willow looked at Buffy who shook her head sadly; she’d regained her mother but lost her sister.

“Hey Uncle Spike I drewed a picture, you wanna see?”

Spike nodded and Hannah ran over to pick up the drawing. “It’s you and me and Auntie Willow.”

Spike looked at the childish drawing and smiled. He picked her up and she sat on his knee wrapping her arms around his neck and planting a kiss on his cheek.

“It’s perfect pet.”

“Hey Red!” Willow turned to see Faith enter followed by Xander and Anya.

“Faith?” Willow had never been on good terms with the rogue Slayer, especially after Faith had tried several times to kill her.

Faith came over and hugged Willow tightly, much to both Buffy and Willow’s shock.

“Missed ya babe.” Faith grinned and snapped her gum stepping back from the witch. “I had to patrol all by my lonesome. Course these two were little help and I could a used your mojo and-”

“You wanted Willow to do all the research?” Giles asked from the door

“Straight up.” Faith shuddered “Books are wicked scary.”

“Where’s the rest of the gang?” Xander said plopping down next to Willow and giving her a one armed hug.

“There’s more?” Willow said amazed. The Scooby’s seemed to have grown in leaps and bounds.

“Only Mrs G and Riley.”

“I have asked you not to call me that.” Jenny said as she came in from the kitchen with a frown at Xander.

“Sorry Mrs G.” he replied unabashedly.

She rolled her eyes “Why do we have to put up with this comedian?”

“In order to be a comedian, someone has to find him funny.” Spike replied dryly

“Hannah finds me funny don’t cha Han?” Xander cooed and she giggled.

Spike poked her in the side “Whose side are you on?”

“Auntie Willow’s.” she said sincerely as Spike started tickling her

“Me too.” He whispered in her ear and turned to look at the redhead.

Willow couldn’t stop the expression of uneasiness from her face. This was all wrong, half these people weren’t even alive and the other half were too nice. Sure it was great to have Jenny and Hannah, but they weren’t supposed to be here. Why were they here? What had Willow changed so much that they were alive?

She felt sick to her stomach and so dizzy.

“I’m not feeling so hot, guys.” Willow said standing up “I’m gonna go home.”

“I’ll walk you.” Spike volunteered immediately. Buffy looked round but no one seemed to question it. It seemed he did it a lot, which was something to think about.

Willow’s head was hurting, there was just so much she didn’t know and sooner or later she was going to slip up, like she did when asking about Dawn. What had caused this much change? What had she done that caused this much change, she amended.

“Are you alright Red?” Spike asked

“Really no.” she answered honestly wondering if Spike could help her.

“What is it?”

“Everything feels really different.” She explained hesitantly “Since we got back. I don’t feel like I belong here.”

“Of course you do.” Spike gave her a look “Hell, Li’l bit worships you, she asked every day when you were coming home. Everyone missed you.”

Willow sighed, that’s not what she meant, but she had borrowed Giles’ diaries, they were tucked in her bag so she could at least get some answers.

“So how are you Spike?”

Spike smiled, a genuine smile, it wrenched at her heart “Can’t complain. I got a call from Angel and Dru from LA yesterday, they want me to go visit soon.”

“Oh!” Angel and Dru were in LA together “Are you okay with that? Do you still love her?” she asked cautiously

Spike stopped short “Love Dru?” he started laughing “What gave you that idea? I’ve never loved Dru, in case you didn’t notice last time she came to visit, Dru is nuttier than a fruitcake, although the soul has calmed her down a bit.”

“Soul?” Willow whispered horrified

Spike gave her that odd look again “Yeah, her soul.”

“H-how did she get that soul?”

“You know the story.” Spike frowned

“Y-yeah but I want to hear it again.” Willow lied smoothly as they reached her house “Y-you could come inside and tell me, I-if you want to that is. I have hot chocolate and marshmallows.”

Spike couldn’t pass up the opportunity; spend time with Red, alone without the interruptions of the others? Plus hot chocolate.

“I’d love to.”

~Part: 6~ Story time or getting to know me.

Spike sat on the sofa with his steaming hot drink and poked the Marshmallows with his spoon. “I love this stuff.”

“I know.” She said without thinking, Spike raised an eyebrow and she blushed

“Joyce told me.” She hurriedly explained and then looked down at his smirk.

Spike couldn’t help the grin, so Willow had talked to Joyce about him had she?

“So you want a story love?”

“Yes please.” She hoped the previous subject was done with.

“Ok, well it was a few decades after I was made. I don’t remember anything about before that because of the accident.”

“Accident?” she frowned and Spike stared at her

“You know, my accident?” he prompted and Willow shrugged one shoulder

*She knows this*. Spike thought

Willow interpreted his look and quickly tried to fumble for another lie, she was getting pretty good at that “Ok so I do know but pretend I don’t, I’m in the mood for a story.” she grinned sheepishly

“We were in a place in Europe, where there were riot and mobs and stuff. Brutal guards who liked the bayonet. All four of us were out hunting and came across a field of bloodthirsty guards. We figured the scourge of Europe could handle them. But the bloody sods knew about creatures of the night and had dipped their bayonets in Holy water. They wore crosses everywhere and were so soused up on something, never found out what it was like they never even felt pain. Anyway, I had two of ‘em and I was fighting away like the boss himself when I was distracted and one blindsided me with his consecrated spear, pierced me straight through the eyebrow into me brain.” He pointed to his scarred eyebrow “That’s where I got this.”

Willow’s heart sank further and further.

“Anyway, Angelus and Darla dragged me out of the fray and set to with the healing blood but the bayonet sliced up some of my memories, the Doc said that with Vamp healing it’s only a matter of time before the tissue regenerates and the memories come back. Like amnesia.” He sipped his drink

“Ok.” Willow nodded with a breath designed to calm her. This was so not good.

“So I can’t remember anything about me being human, although Angelus says I’m not missing much. Apparently he found me in London harbour crying over some chit who’d left.”

Really *really* not good.

“Now the soul story. Like I said it was a few decades after I was turned. We were in Romania. It was a great place, full of juicy superstitious maidens and big blokes. We were living it up, having a grand old time. Then one night we were all going out to hunt, Darla said she’d found a choice bit for Angelus’ rebirth day. So we spied on the gypsy camp. The gal Darla’d got her eye on was the Princess of the camp, she had long red hair and a full hour glass figure. Right choice she was. But I always had this thing…” he paused and looked at her “About redheads.” Willow blushed

“I reckon maybe the girl I was hung up on from my human days was a redhead but whatever it was, I didn’t want to hurt the gypsy girl. So I went off on my own and came back later to find Angelus, Darla and Dru all crying over each other. Turns out the Gypsy’s took offence to having their princess drained drier than the Sahara. They cursed all three of them with Souls. It took me days to get anything coherent out of any of ‘em, then it was mostly babbles. I was the one they all looked after; what with my memory loss and all but now it was my turn to play Daddy. Having ta make sure they fed and it had to be animal blood, they weren’t having any human. It was a right pain, course in those days you couldn’t pop down to the local butcher.” Spike finished his drink and sat back. “After a few years things got better, they could go out and take care of themselves a bit. Darla recovered first and helped me some. She was always the strong one. Dru and Angelus took longer but eventually they were better. Then they started on me trying to get me to change and not eat humans.” He gave a small laugh “I promised not to drain them, but I wouldn’t give up human blood. Not for them.” *I’d do it for you* he thought suddenly “Anyway we were contacted by Whistler and came to the Hellmouth to help Slutty. Darla hated her on sight and so took off for parts unknown. Me, Dru and Angelus stayed to help.”

Willow’s head was pounding and she felt like her head was about to explode. This was all so wrong.

“My head hurts.” she moaned

Spike bit his lip, should he offer? “You know I was told that I did good massages.”

“Yeah?” Willow rolled her head on her shoulders “Prove it.”

Spike pulled her over and sat her in front of him on the floor, savouring the feel of her against his legs. He pulled her hair out of the way relishing the feel of it’s silkiness beneath his fingers and ran his hands over the back of her neck and her shoulders. His hands felt great against her back, all soft and cool. He started rubbing his fingers in circular patterns across her back, his thumbs pressing in deep. Willow felt herself easing under his ministrations and couldn’t help the moan that slipped from her lips at his actions.

Spike froze. “Okay pet?”

“You stop now and we are having words.” She growled and Spike felt himself react to her assertiveness.

He swallowed and continued to rub her back and shoulders. Her skin was wonderful and smooth and her hair smelled of vanilla and strawberries. He breathed in her scent and was so glad he’d offered to walk her home again.

“Why didn’t you go to LA with Angel and Dru?” she asked as her eyes closed

“I don’t like LA.” He responded simply “The Hellmouth holds some appeal for me.”

“Lots of demons to fight?” she guessed

“That too.” He grinned.

Willow was getting sleepy. “Mm Spike that is so good but if you don’t stop now, I’m gonna fall asleep on you.”

Spike fought back the image of Willow, sweaty and sated falling asleep on him. “O-” it came out a squeak “Okay, Red I’ll be off.” He stood up adjusting his duster around him.

“See you tomorrow?”

“Sure thing.” He hesitated “It’s great to have you back.”

Willow’s smile shone brightly “Thank you Spike.”

~Part: 7~ Previously in this reality

The next day dawned bright and clear and Willow was feeling better than she had in a while. Okay, she wasn’t with the love of her life but Miss Calendar was alive and she had a daughter and Joyce was alive and Faith wasn’t evil and Spike was unchipped and happy. She and Spike seemed to be friends and… there was someone at her door.

“Yo Red, you gonna let me in?”


“Yeah, no one but.  C’mon Red ain’t no way you’re getting outta training that easy. Plus I got a hankering for a big ass breakfast, a hungry Slayer is a cranky Slayer.” Faith flopped on Willow’s sofa and eyed the girl. “You gonna train in your PJ’s? It might turn Blondie’s head but it ain’t doing nothing for me.” She considered for a second “Well not much anyway.” She winked at Willow.

“We train?” she had a hard time getting that through her head.

Faith frowned “Three times a week with breakfast, you haven’t been gone that long honey.”

Willow sat heavily on the sofa “yeah just gimme a sec.” she didn’t know how many more surprises she could take.

“You okay Red?” Faith said concerned leaning over to Willow and putting a hand on her arm. Willow flinched involuntarily and Faith drew back hurt.

Willow felt bad when she saw that look on Faith’s face.

“Sorry Faith, but since we got back I’m a little out of it.”

“I know, Xander said that Slutty did something to ya. I could pound her head in for ya?”

Willow choked on a laugh “Thanks but not just yet.”

“So what did bitchy the vampire layer do?”

Willow was about to give the same answer that she gave to Spike but something stopped her. Faith was always honest, brutally so and had managed to keep her agenda secret from the Scooby’s for months. Maybe she wouldn’t have to bear this alone and Faith could help her with what she didn’t know.

“How long have we been friends Faith?”

“A couple of years.” Faith shrugged then grinned “Great years.”

Willow blushed “I have a secret, one that you can’t tell anyone or even mention to anyone. You probably won’t even believe me.” She muttered

“Hey babe, I always believe you.” Faith insisted “And you know you can trust me.”

“Ok.” Willow took a deep breath “Me and Buffy went back to the past.”

Faith stared at her

“I did a spell that was supposed to take us back to when Angel was human so Buffy could spend some time with him as a human. Actually she told me that she wanted to stop him being vamped so lots of people would still be alive, I believed her but it was a lie, she wanted to screw human Angel. Anyway we ended up a little out. Because she wasn’t concentrating on the right date. We ended up in London in the 1870’s. I fell in love with someone there but had to leave him and come back to the future so I didn’t change anything.”

“Oh god Red.” Faith threw her arms around the Redhead “I’ll kill her for you. Is that why you’ve been a little off recently?”

“Sort of, you see I must have changed something because all this.” She circled her finger around “Is wrong.”

“Wrong how?”

“In my reality?” Willow sighed “Well for a start Jenny is dead. Angelus killed her after he slept with Buffy.”

Faith’s eyes went wide “No shit?”

“Giles then nearly killed him. Then he tried to end the world but Spike was working with Buffy and stopped him.”

“Why would Blondie not help Fang?”

“In my reality Spike hates Angel. He was in love with Drusilla and Angelus took her away from him. Only Angelus was cursed by the gypsies and he left them all alone. Spike hates him but Dru left him for a chaos demon.”

Faith rocked back on her heel “Holy crap. What else?”

“Joyce died of a brain tumour and before that Riley left Buffy.”

“I wish.” Faith muttered “When commando boy is around B is even more useless than normal.”

Willow smirked “You two didn’t get on well there either, especially after you turned evil and joined the Mayor in trying to kill us.”

Faith gaped “I did?” Willow nodded sadly “Sorry.” Then she shrugged “I guess I had a few issues.”

“That’s one way of putting it.” Willow grimaced “You do believe me, don’t you?”

“Sure thing, you’ve never lied to me Red, I know I can count on you.”

“Well there’s a tonne of stuff that is different so I’m a bit out of my depth here I keep making faux pas like when I asked Spike about Dawn.”

“Who’s Dawn?”

“Dawn is Buffy’s sister but not really. She was a ball of energy the monks made to stop Glorificus coming to open the Hellmouth.”

“Huh.” Faith was impressed “That skanky Hell god? With a witch, two slayers and three Vamps? We kicked her ass back to wherever she came from.”

“Oh in my reality we weren’t really sure how to do that bit yet.”

“Olaf’s hammer and some kick ass Wicca from you.”

“Yay me.” Willow cheered herself “So care to explain what is what in this Sunnydale?”

“Where do you want me to start?”

“So far I got Spike was turned but doesn’t remember much because of some accident. Angel, Dru and Darla were souled and came to Sunnydale, Spike and Dru aren’t in love and a whole bunch of people are alive that really shouldn’t be.” She beamed “Start from there.”

“Well B and Fang were in love and got pelvic, Angelus appeared but Dru hit him with a crowbar and locked him in a cage. They called up Darla who came and recognised Jenny from the Calderash lineage. Jenny found the curse and you three did it resouling Angel. After a while B forgave Jen and she married Giles. I kinda turned up after that. Angelus and Dru went off to LA to escape the temptation and Spike stayed behind, no one has a clue why.” Except Faith who watched them all and had figured out his crush on Willow early on but she didn’t think that the redhead was ready to hear that yet. “Since B spent so much time with Soldier boy me and you are best buddies. We train three mornings a week and you come on patrol with me, then you go to class and do the learning thing. I work at the construction site.”

“Oh boy.” Willow buried her face in her hands “I just know I’m going to screw up.”

“Nah, I’ll steer you right Red.” Faith smiled “After all what are friends for?”

Willow smiled. This was nice she actually hadn’t had a friend like Faith before. This might be fun

“Of course if this is just a ruse to get out of training I will kick your pretty little ass.”

Spoke too soon.

~Part: 8~ Unexpected guests.

It was nightfall again and Willow had spent the last two days with Faith just going over the new improved History. They’d gone to Giles last night and Willow had realised that Hannah did actually think that Willow was the most amazing person ever to walk the planet. It was kinda nice.

The new gang had sat around and watched movies and pretended to research, apparently with two Slayers there really wasn’t much in the way of threats any more. To her surprise everyone was invited. Riley sat with Buffy and Buffy was in her element. After the other reality she realised that she didn’t want to lose Riley so she was doubly attentive to him, a fact which he adored. Giles sat with Jenny and Hannah insisted on being between Willow and Spike. Willow still wasn’t as comfortable with Spike as she could have been, but at least she didn’t break down and cry when he was around. Faith sat in the large chair with her legs on the furniture and threw popcorn at everyone. Occasionally Joyce joined them too, she was friends with Jenny.  Xander and Anya were as close as they had ever been, although that was another reason for contention in Willow’s book. She had gotten in a big argument with Buffy about that.

Buffy had been saying how wonderful life was and how pleased they must be that Oz and Cordy found them so Cordy made the wish bringing Anyanka to Sunnydale. There was a moment’s silence.

“What’s an Oz?” Spike wanted to know

“Oz, Daniel Osborne. Werewolf, Willow’s ex?” Buffy got quieter.

Xander looked weirdly at Buffy “Werewolf? Willow’s ex? What’s up with you recently Buff, Willow never dated a werewolf.”

“So how did Anyanka end up here?”

“Cordy found me making out with Amy Madison and wished that Amy was a rat.” He gestured to the corner where a rat sat spinning in a wheel.

“But Willow was with Oz after the whole order of Taraka thing.” She protested “When Spike and Dru…” she trailed off. They didn’t call the order because they were already with Angelus.

“What was that about the order of Taraka Buffy?” Giles sat up “Did you have a prophetic dream.”

“I bet it was too much cheese before bed right Buffy?” Willow all but growled and got up storming out.

“PMS overload?” Xander guessed

Buffy disentangled herself from Riley, got up and followed Willow out. Willow was leaning against the wall in the courtyard wither eyes tightly shut.


“Go away Buffy.” she replied annoyed

“I’m so-”

“Quit telling me you’re sorry!” Willow opened her eyes and fixed Buffy with a glare

“Excuse me.” Buffy snapped “I was trying to make things better; I don’t know why you are in such a snit anyway.”

“You have no idea do you Buffy? My life wasn’t that great in our Sunnydale but it just seems to get worse and worse, of course you wouldn’t know. Everything has come up roses for you. You have your Mom back and a great Boyfriend, someone to help with Slaying, no guilt over the Angelus thing and a devoted Watcher. I have no idea where my parents are, my best friend is too busy with her great new life, I have lost the only guy I have ever loved, have the guilt of knowing that I let him die when I could have stopped it and I don’t even have the friendship of his alter ego like I used to. Oh and now I find that I don’t even have my first boyfriend. My life isn’t even mine anymore.” She wiped away a hot tear and ignored Buffy’s mortified expression. “So just go back to fawning over how great things are and LEAVE ME ALONE.” She realised that things had gone quiet inside as she shouted and then turned, running home.

Buffy looked down at the ground where her tears were splashing on the floor. She was never going to be able to make this right. Willow hated her, and with good reason. She heard the front door open and Riley came out. He pulled her into his embrace and she stood there crying into his broad chest.

Spike stood at the window glaring in seething hatred at the blonde Slayer.


Anyway that was last night and Willow had spent all day at home trying to make the house more like a home. She had already finished all her homework and gave thanks that the classes in this reality were the same as the ones in the other Sunnydale. It would have been horrible to have to start again.

Willow had cleaned her room and decided to change the décor, she hadn’t liked the care bears for many years, so it really was time for a change.

Just as she sat down to make some sketches she heard the door bell ring.

She ran downstairs hoping that it wasn’t Buffy. It wasn’t.


“Hello there Willow, darling. It’s been an age.” The blonde Vampire swept inside leaving Willow gaping at the outside unable to believe what had just walked through her door. WITHOUT AN INVITE?

“Close the door precious we have much to talk about.”

Willow closed the door and walked into her lounge waiting for Darla to sit down. The tall Vampire gave Willow a soft smile, she was dressed in a long black dress and her blonde hair was down making her look softer, but the edge in her eyes made pretty clear that she wasn’t someone to mess with.

“I heard strange things while I was on my travels and then I get a call from Dru telling me that the stars are changing.” Her expression was one of disgust “That was a conversation I don’t care to repeat. However our little loon did manage to tell me that it had something to do with my little tree, before she went totally off the deep end and asked if potatoes really did have eyes. I’ll really have to talk to Angelus about that girl.” She waved her hand “I digress. Willow dearest, what happened.”

Willow sighed as she surreptitiously edged away “I don’t think you’ll believe me.”

“Absolute nonsense darling, you do remember that I am your adoptive mother and as such I will believe anything you say.”

A beat


“Figuratively of course love.”

Willow shook her head “I guess this will make more sense…oh never.”

“Tell Mommy what the problem is.”

Trying not to rationalise why the most feared Vampire was sitting on her couch talking about Willow being her daughter was actually comforting instead of terrifying Willow took a deep breath and proceeded to tell her “mother” what had happened, even the parts about William and Spike, which she kept from Faith.

~Part: 9~ Revelation is not just the last book!

Two hours later Darla was pacing the floor. “I knew that annoying little blonde would screw up the world too, but to do it to my precious daughter.” She growled and vamped out. “I could gut her for you.”

It was a welcome change to be instantly believed about something by an adult. Darla’s first words were

“Well, this is the Hellmouth, after six hundred years I suppose I was a little naive to believe I’d heard and seen everything, time travel had to happen sometime.” She was so blasé and now she was offering to gut Buffy for her, it was…sweet.

“Faith offered to that too.”

Darla sniffed and turned back to human face “Yes well, no body does it better than a Master, although I am grateful that at least one of your friends has some modicum of loyalty.” She paused “How does William think on this?”

“I haven’t told Spike, I wasn’t sure what to say. I mean I can’t just say “Hey Spike I went back in time and fell in love with you, it’s my fault you got Vamped and died and I broke your heart. Sorry about that.” It is a little complicated Darla.”

“I know precious.” Darla sat next to her and stroked her hair. “I will protect you, you may not remember much but that I promise you.”

Although Willow was pretty certain that Darla had never done this before to her, it felt right, and she felt herself lean into the touch. Why on earth did she feel like Darla wouldn’t hurt her?

“How did we become friends Darla?”

“We got on when I first came to Sunnydale and you helped me leave, set me up with a birth certificate and papers that made my existence legal. I came back and saved you when your “mother” tried to burn you at the stake and that was when I adopted you. Not legally yet but I vowed that I would take care of you, you should have called me. Except you didn’t know it, so I’ll forgive you this once. Besides after you resouled my boy, we are linked.”

Willow couldn’t hold it in anymore; she started to cry “I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know anything about my life here and there some stuff that is just so bad, and Buffy is so happy and it seems like I have nothing, not that I had much anyway. But it hurts.”

Darla pulled her into her arms and rocked her “I know baby girl, I know. When life changes so fast and you don’t know your past it feels like you’ve lost yourself. But life isn’t all bad for you here. That little brat of the gypsy’s adores you, I know you’ve lost the wolf boy but William adores you, and although your biological parents should be hung by their entrails the Watcher has always been there for you and you will always have me. Even my boy and his crazy childe love you.”

“Angel and Dru?” Willow swiped at her eyes

Darla nodded with a smile “And of course the new Slayer.”

“I think you are wrong, Spike doesn’t like me.” Willow felt a lot better though.

“Then why is he pacing outside and has been for the last hour?”

“He is?” Willow was shocked

“I can always tell when family is about. I spent the last few months with his childe so I have news for him can I invite him in?”

“Okay, wait Spike has a childe?” a horrible thought crossed her mind “It’s not Harmony is it?”

“No it’s a darling boy. He’s in Sunnydale.” Darla stood up and opened the door “Come on in William and stop hovering it is most unbecoming of a Master Vampire.”

Spike shuffled in a little embarrassed. “’lo Mum.”

“Now is that anyway to greet your mother? You were bought up in the age of chivalry after all.”

Spike grinned and then kneeled down at her feet and kissed her hand above the knuckles.

“Welcome back to Sunnyhell mother. I hope your journey went well.”

“Very well William. I thank you. Now get up boy, you are giving me a crick in the neck.”

Spike stood up and sent a small smile Willow’s way, one that was immediately noticed by Darla.

*So my little boy has a crush?*

“William, that pesky Slayer has been upsetting my girl.”

“Yeah, I heard.” Spike looked at Willow “Are you okay love?”

Willow nodded “I- I lost my temper this afternoon, I guess I’m not feeling too hot.”

Darla felt her forehead “A little elevated, perhaps you should go to bed, my dear. Perhaps in something cool, that red silk nightgown I bought you.” Darla hid a grin as her Vampire hearing caught Spike’s moan at the visual image she presented.

“Ahh that reminds me William, I spent the last few months with your delicious Childe, teaching him how to hunt, he is coming along famously. He came along with me this time; he’s out hunting right now.”

“Great, he’s been away too long.” Spike beamed “He hasn’t met…everyone yet.” He finished quietly not looking at Willow.

“We need to talk boy.” Darla smirked “Let’s go to your apartment, I need somewhere to stay.”

“Me casa et su casa.” He shrugged “You okay Red?”

Willow nodded, feeling better than she had in a while.

“Perhaps you should come over to William’s place tomorrow and I could… reacquaint you.” Darla nodded knowingly “We could all spend the day together.” Spike looked sharply at the scheming Vampiress.

Willow blushed “Sure, if that’s okay with you Spike?”

“Nothing I’d like better.” He replied honestly “Come on Mum, we’ll find my childe and we gotta let Red get some shut eye.”

“Good night darling.” Darla air kissed Willow’s cheek as Spike looked on jealously

“Why are you so different with a soul?” Willow asked the question she’d wanted to since Darla got there.

“A soul?” Darla grinned evilly “My dear I got rid of that pesky thing a long time ago, you think Angelus is the only one who can have a moments happiness?” she left leaving Willow in open mouthed shock.


Willow sat on her bed staring at William’s journal. Darla loved her. That was weird, the last time she had seen Darla she had been about to feed on her and Jesse. Now that Vampire apparently had adopted her as her daughter, she wondered briefly if that meant that Darla would change her in the future. Okay so maybe life wasn’t so bad here as she originally had thought, so she didn’t have Buffy; apparently she had Faith, who had spent more time with her this week than Buffy had done in months before they left.

Ok so her parents were AWOL but she now had Jenny and Giles, who had invited her over for dinner, much to Hannah’s delight, and Darla. Three parents instead of two.

No Oz or William but according to Darla, Angelus and Dru were her friends and Spike liked her too. Maybe he did, she guessed she’d find out tomorrow- spending the day with them.

~Part: 10~ Friends in d-icy places.

It was with trepidation that Willow found herself outside Spike’s apartment the next day. She had had to call Faith to get the address because she only knew Spike’s crypt- the other Spike’s crypt- and not his home.

But now she stood outside the front door of a very respectable apartment. She knocked and the door almost immediately swung open.

“Hey Red, c’mon in.” Spike smiled at her causing her heart rate to speed up.

“Hey Spike, I bought some hot chocolate powder and marshmallows.” She handed him the brown bag with the goodies in. “Sort of an alternative to wine.”

“Thanks.” He said oddly touched “Darla’s up and in the living room but my childe got in late last night so he’s still in bed.” He closed the door behind her “I’ll give you the grand tour when he wakes up, he gets grouchy if you disturb him.”

“Sure.” Willow was glad that he had said that, that meant that she hadn’t been here before. She took the opportunity to look around as she walked through the hall. There was no sun light -obviously- and the hall was quite dark she could make out that the walls were in a dark green with dark wood panelling, she expected the rest of the house would be more of the same dark colours. Which is why she was pleasantly surprised to find the living room done out in the exact shade of Spike’s eyes, ice blue. It was gorgeous. The walls were that rich blue, the carpet was deep and white, the ceiling was in frosty white and the furniture matched, there was a white leather sofa and the tables and units were all painted the sky blue. It was so different from what she had expected she nearly gasped aloud.

“Wow, Spike this is gorgeous.” She enthused and walked over to the wall where there were pictures. One was of a huge glacier, matching perfectly with the ice theme of the room. Another was a drawing; judging by the A in the corner it was Angelus’ work, of six Vampires. Angel was on one side holding Darla, Dru sat at his feet with a doll in her lap and Spike slouched against a post with a male Vampire at his feet. There was another Male Vampire stood by Angelus.

“Who are they?” she pointed to the two unknown males

Darla came up behind her and looked “Ahh that’s Penn, Angelus’ first childe, a little unhinged but perfectly bloodthirsty…was I should say, he was staked in 1912. The other one is Spike’s childe, what is it he likes to call himself now?”

“Hell if I know, Wood, I think.” Spike shrugged “I should never have turned anyone with such an imagination.”

“Why did you make a childe?” Willow was curious; her Spike had never showed any inclination of making childer

Spike looked down and Darla chuckled

“My boy went to London and found someone that looked like him, he decided that children should look like their parents and so he turned the lad.”


“I was only about 20 then.” Spike snarled to Darla for making him look like a wuss “Hardly knew a thing, besides the kid reminded me of someone.” He again cursed the damn accident for taking his memories.

Willow bit her lip, had she offended him?

Darla shook her head silently guessing what the redhead had been thinking.

“My dear boy, you have your fathers temper.” She scolded mildly and inclined her head to where Willow stared sadly at the wall. Spike swore at himself for upsetting Willow and walked over to her.

“Hey none o’ that Red.” He smiled into her upturned face and fought the urge to kiss her. “Didn’t mean to snap.”

Willow took a step back before she caved in and begged him to kiss her.

“S’okay Spike.”

“Now precious, we need to talk.” Darla patted the seat next to her.

“Didn’t we do that yesterday?” Willow asked quietly not wanting Spike to know why she was so off.

“Not about that.” Darla stroked Willow’s hair again.

“About what?” Spike asked curiously

“William-” Willow’s breath caught at the name and as both Vampire’s looked at her she turned it into a cough. Darla winced at her mistake.

“Dear boy, I’m sure Willow is parched.”

“Right.” Spike said flatly not believing it, but it was his mother. So he went into the kitchen. Trying to eavesdrop on the conversation held between the woman he was in love with and the one that had practically raised him.

“I think we about talked that to death, and I should know.” Darla said softly.

“I guess.” Willow’s reply was hesitant at best.

“What is it child?”

“I liked talking to you, in the other… I never got a chance; you tried to kill me and my best friends and then were gone.”

Spike gaped from his position behind the door *when did Darla try to kill Red?*

“Well I obviously benefit from superior intelligence this way.” Darla grinned “What I wanted to say was regarding the future.”

Willow looked up in interest.

“I can’t imagine it being easy being around here with-” she nodded to the kitchen “And that Slayer.” Her voice clearly showed her distaste on that subject.

“Gee Darla anyone would think you don’t like Buffy.” Willow teased and Darla grimaced.

“What her mother was thinking.” She shook her head and returned to the seriousness of the conversation “I’ve missed you my love. Perhaps now would be the time to readdress the idea of travelling with me.”


“Leave this god-awful place and come with me, I’ll show you the world, everywhere. Paris, London, Venice, Japan, Europe, Romany all of it.” Darla leaned forward “Come away with me.”

*No.* Spike begged, he didn’t want Willow to leave just when he was ready to make his move. Sort of.

“Leave Sunnydale?” Willow was struck, did she want to leave the only home she had ever known, even if it wasn’t home anymore.

Sensing her thoughts Darla smiled serenely “They haven’t been treating my baby well, and I just want you to come with me. We could get reacquainted.”

Spike decided it was time to make a move. He clattered the tray as he bought in a drinks tray. “Here you go love, tea for you, bloody Mary for mother and one for my childe who is just waking up.” He listened for the telltale footsteps from down the hall.

Willow looked up eager to meet Spike’s childe.

“Hey. Oh take out.” The guy grinned as he saw Willow.

“Oh no you don’t boy.” Spike growled and the kid rolled his eyes

“Lemme guess, you’d be Red?”

Willow nodded and stared at the childe of Spike. He was right, he did look like him, he had blonde hair almost as light as Spike’s was but totally natural and blue eyes. His frame was lean and he had adopted Spike’s smirk. There was something about him that nagged at Willow and she was certain that she’d seen him in her Sunnydale.

“Grandmother’s told me all about you.” He regarded her with his amused expression “And daddy too, of course.” He moved forward and sat next to her flinging an arm over the back of the sofa and coincidently her shoulder

“I’m Wood.” He used his other hand to raise hers to his lips and kiss it above the knuckles “Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“Willow.” She replied with a grin at his easy flirtatious manner

“Really?” he raised an eyebrow “I knew a Willow way back when. She was a redhead too.”


“I think she was a seer, she knew about me meeting Angelus and Darla before it actually happened.”

Willow wondered where that sinking feeling came from “Really?”

“Yeah she was my Princess.”

Oh. Bloody. Hell.