Tempus Two

Author: Fayth

E-mail: fayth82@yahoo.co.uk

Parts: 11 -19


~Part: 11~ Get out of that one if you can.

The blonde’s eyebrow’s shot up to his hairline

“Yeah, Simon Hardwood. I go by Wood now.”

Oh shit. Willow tried to reconcile the sweet little boy that had crawled into her bed in London to talk about King Angelus and Queen Buffy to this handsome…deadly, vampire sitting smirking in front of her. Actually looking very confused right now.

“Hey Red, how’d you know what my name was.”

“D-Darla must have mentioned it.”

Darla gave her an odd look before adding

“Of course I told her all about you.” She lied smoothly “You know how proud I am of my little Grandchilde.”

“Aw shucks Mom.” Simon beamed

“You okay pet?” Spike asked concerned as he saw Willow’s hands shake when she picked up her tea. She looked down at her drink.

“Do you have anything stronger?”

“Got some bourbon, whisky, vodka, scotch.” He offered

“Vodka’s great.” Willow rubbed her head

“Gal after my own heart.” Simon leered down her top… no it was Wood now.

“Hah.” Willow chuckled weakly. And gratefully took the drink off Spike and downed it in one go. “Needed that.”

“I know, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, excepting Grandmum, of course,” he bowed in deference to Darla and flashed Willow a devastating grin.

“Of course.” Darla smiled and then watched Willow worriedly “Are you quite alright?”

“Yeah fine.” Willow shook her head determined to stop being such a wimp and get over it. She smiled brightly at Wood.

“So where have you been for the past few years?”


Willow knew the meaning of the term “time flies”, quite literally actually having spent most of the last month in the past, but sitting in the most gorgeous living room having the undivided attention of not one, but three Master Vampires on her, she found that when having fun, time does indeed fly.

Wood had reduced her to hysterics with his constant flirting and teasing- a fact which seemed to both annoy and amuse Spike. Darla managed to update Willow of anything that she may have missed under the pretext of informing Wood. And Spike sat and watched and moved closer giving her smiles and touching her whenever he could.

It was getting late and the sun had gone down when they decided to call it a day

“Oh beauteous Red, may I walk you home?” Wood grinned lasciviously and stroked her cheek

“No.” Spike growled and cuffed his childe around the back of his head “You have no idea where she lives.” He said with a satisfying smirk. “Stay here with Mom and I’ll walk Red home.”

Willow blushed “I’m sure I could go myself.”

“No way.” Spike said adamantly and Darla agreed

“Dearest it’s far too far and not all of the vampires around here are as fond of you as we.”

“But I want to walk Red home.” Wood pouted and shot her a teasing look

“I need the fresh air.” Darla mocked “Lets all go.”

“Yay, my own entourage!” Willow giggled and went to get her coat.


Spike made sure Willow wasn’t watching and then grabbed his childe by the ear pulling him into the hallway

“Hands off!” he snarled

Wood looked surprised “What?”

“Red.” Spike elaborated “Hands off, she’s mine.”

“I don’t see a claim or a mark.” Wood scoffed “Fair game.”

Spike clenched his fist and grabbed hold of Wood’s t-shirt. “She is mine. You touch her and I stake you.”

Wood’s eyes widened as he realised that his Sire was serious “Do you love her Sire?”

Spike’s jaw tightened and he looked down the hall to where Willow was laughing with Darla about something; her head tilted backwards, eyes bright with joy and mischief. She was perfect and she would be his.

“Just back off boy.”

“Sure thing pops.” Wood straightened “Just let Grandmother know too, I think she has a prior claim.” He sauntered off leaving Spike to collect his thoughts.

~Part: 12~ A walk in the Park normally goes well.

Willow couldn’t figure out what Spike had said to Wood but he seemed to take delight in holding her arm and leaning close while Spike ground his teeth and chain smoked his cigarettes. Darla just shrugged at their childish attempts and walked close to Willow, chattering about what life was like in Spain at this time of year.

Just when Willow was enjoying the quiet walk home Wood stopped and sniffed the air like a predator hunting his prey.

“Wood?” Willow frowned wondering what had him like this

“Slayer.” He hissed and his eyes glowed amber. Willow took a step away from him, recalling that this flirtatious youth was in fact a dangerous Vampire; she backed straight into Spike whose arms went out to catch her as she stumbled.

“Gotcha pet.” Spike’s soft voice sent shivers down her spine that had nothing to do with fear. A dark figure stepped out from between the trees

“Hey fang gang let go of…Oh hey Spike!” Faith dropped her stake down to her side and shot them a bright smile.

“Faith.” Spike nodded

“Darlie I didn’t know you were in town.” Faith inclined her head to the elder vampire who smiled her greeting at the brunette Slayer “And who’s the stud muffin?” Faith ran her eyes over Wood.

“Wood.” He said returning the favour

“Sheesh I’ll say this for the order of Aurelius, you sure know how to pick ‘em!”

Willow relaxed but didn’t move out of Spike’s hands, it felt way too comfortable and familiar.  Spike felt himself relax as she didn’t move away. She felt so right there in his arms.

“So Will what cha doing with these three?” Faith said smirking at the way Spike was holding Willow

“They were walking me home,” Willow explained “You out on patrol?”

“Yeah but tonight it seems dead, no pun intended.” Faith rolled her own eyes at the lame joke.

“Well perhaps you need some company?” Wood offered with a broad grin “I’m not doing anything right now; perhaps I can offer my services as escort?”

“Yeah you do that.” Spike nodded enthusiastically at the thought of getting rid of his exasperating childe for a while and having Red to himself

“Alright darling.”

Nearly all to himself, Spike grimaced as Darla answered.

“C’mon Slayer.” Wood drawled “Let’s see what you can do.”

Willow watched in amusement as Faith stared at Wood’s ass as he walked away; she shot Willow a grin and followed him.

“A Vampire and a Slayer- now where have I heard that one?” Darla sighed in annoyance “Why is it that my family is the odd one?”

Willow giggled and stepped away from Spike, suddenly feeling the cold.

“Come on Darla, I’m tired.” She hooked here arm in with the feared Vampiress and walked towards her house.

“So William when are you going to confess?” Darla asked as they stalked through the park. They had dropped Willow off and had gone looking for something to eat.

“Fess what mum?” Spike dodged the question

“Confess about your feeling for my daughter?”

Spike stopped and eyed her “Willow is your daughter?”

“So you admit its Willow.” Darla smiled smugly at getting Spike to admit it, he groaned realising his folly.

“Great so what you want to yell at me now?” he rolled his eyes “Stay away from the precious child.”

“Not at all.” Darla grinned smoothly “I think that you and my Willow will be great for each other.” Spike’s face split in an enormous grin “But she has been hurt a lot these past few weeks, William so I expect the kind of finesse that a member of Aurelius would aspire to.”

“Hurt by who?” Spike asked confused

“Whom,” Darla corrected “And she really should tell you herself.”

“So you approve then Mom?” Spike smirked

“Of course William, you are my favourite childe after all.” She smoothed his hair back from his astonished face


“At least until I change Willow.” Darla smiled at her darling boy, he was her favourite childe, he was gorgeous and sexy and had a brutal attitude tempered by a heart and a sarcastic wit that left her breathless. He was perfect and it was time he knew it.

“I thought Angel was your favourite childe?” he was stunned that his Grandmother thought he was her preferred.

“Perhaps at one time, he was. But that soul has mellowed him somewhat, I mean when he lost it, all he could think about was taking the Slayer to pieces. Honestly I thought I’d taught him better than petty revenge.” She shook her head “Although he was deliciously brutal.”

“Huh, pansy.” Spike muttered somewhat jealously and Darla hid a smile

“Not like my boy.” She purred and Spike preened at her praise.

“Speaking of childe can you smell Wood nearby?” Spike frowned as he could smell his Childe’s scent.

Darla sniffed the air delicately “Yes, it’s coming from behind that tomb.” The two Vampires edged around the crypt only to stop in shock.

Wood was standing there with Faith pushed up against the large marble tomb in lip lock, their hands all over each other.

Spike stifled a laugh and coughed none too discretely. Faith jumped and Wood stepped back lowering her to the floor.

“Hey Sire.” Wood said wiping his smirking mouth.

“Boy,” Darla looked as Faith adjusted herself “We were worried about you.”

“Oh I was just fine.” He shot Faith a smouldering look which promised that this wasn’t over and strode over to his Sire and Great Grand Sire with a cocky walk. Faith’s eyebrows rose

“Well, he could use a little practise but hey,” Spike grinned as Wood’s grin fell off his face- oh this was one who could keep his childe in line.

“I’ll show you practise.” He growled

“Whatever Junior.” Faith sassed and sauntered over to Spike running her hand down his arm “You want to show the boy how it’s done, daddy?”

Spike looked at her in surprise only to hide his own grin when he saw she was playing with him.

“Maybe later Slayer.” He smirked as he heard his childe mutter *it’s not so funny when it’s your love life being messed with now is it?* he thought amusedly.

“Oh yeah Fang, Lady G wanted me to give you a message, something about her and ol’ Rupes going out and needing a sitter for the brat.”

Spike swallowed “William the bloody does not baby-sit.”

“Well Hannah hates Buffy, Xander and Anya are busy, Riley’s patrolling, I don’t do kids and Will is still getting over her vacation from hell. That leaves you.”

“Oh bloody hell.”

~Part: 13~ So I sit on the baby?

Spike frowned as he reached the front door, how the hell had he been reduced to this? The feared scourge of Europe baby-sitting for the Watcher’s brat kid. He shook his head, what was the world coming to?

He pushed the door open to see Jenny walk in dressed in a sparkly short black dress and heels.

“Lady G, you look ravishing, what’s say you ditch the fusty Watcher and you and me go someplace?” he teased enjoying the flush that spread across her face. He loved flirting with the Watcher’s bird knowing that it annoyed old Rupert.

“Highly amusing Spike, but Jenny actually happens to have taste.” Giles sniped as he entered in his suit. “Hannah’s in the kitchen, she’s to go to bed at eight and no later.” He looked sternly at the Vampire “She can eat whatever for lunch but no sweets and snacks. She has a bath and brushes her teeth before bed and she likes a story.” Spike growled “But I’m sure she’ll forgo one on this occasion.” Giles added hurriedly “Numbers are on the fridge and we have…”

“To go, Rupert or we’ll miss our reservations. Thanks for doing this Spike.” Jenny leaned up and gave him a swift peck on the cheek.

Then the door was shut and Spike was left alone.

“Uncle Spike!” Spike winced as his delicate Vampiric hearing was pierced.

“Jeez nibblet, tone it down would ya?” he walked into the kitchen to see Hannah sitting in her chair with her crayons in front of her.

“I’ll tell Mommy you swore in fron’ of me again!” she said

“Such a shame I was going to take you for ice cream too.” He said sadly and grinned as she shot off her chair throwing her little arms around his knees

“I won’ tell, I’s joking!” she peered up at him with large chocolate brown eyes “Can we go for Ice cream?”

“We’ll see.” He looked at the table “What are you drawing?”

“I’m doing a picture for Auntie Willow.” She said proudly

“Of course.” He didn’t know why he bothered asking, Hannah was always drawing pictures for Willow, she plainly idolised her. Of course Spike could understand why, he was head over heels in love with her himself. There was just something about her that drew him to her. He had been with plenty of women over the centuries but none of them had ever touched him the Willow did with just a smile.

“Pictures of what?”

Hannah smiled “You.”

Spike did a double take at the small child “Me?”

Hannah nodded “Auntie Willow really liked the picture I did of you, she said that they didn’t have any foto’s of you coz you went-” she scrunched up her nose “Invisibled. But I can see you Uncle Spike, can you go invisibled?” she looked excited

“No, I think she meant that Vampires don’t photograph.” He grinned

“Well Auntie Willow liked my picture of you, she said she was gonna stick it in her room so I’m doing her anuvver one.”

Spike’s lips curved, Willow had a picture of him in her room, now that he’d love to see. Of course he’d just love to be in her bedroom full stop. Or in her bed. He derailed that kind of thought around the brat and watched her as she went mad with the black pen.




“Pretty please.”


She pouted “Please Uncle Spike.”

“No. and you can put the pouty lip away. And the damn puppy eyes, I’m not doing it.”

“Go on, please.”

“No, for the last time brat, it’s not for playing with…at least not for you.”

Her bottom lip quivered and her eyes began to tear. Spike’s resolve lasted all of two seconds

“Oh bloody-” he vamped out “There happy now?”

Hannah giggled, the tears magically vanishing and clapped her hands, she lifted her hands up and poked at Spike’s ridges.

“Bumpy!” he rolled his eyes

“You’re supposed to be scared.” He said in disgust

“Not scary, Auntie Willow isn’t scared and she thinks it’s pretty.”

“What?” his voice was kind of high pitched but the little kid just shifted on his knee and ignored his question

“Uncle Spike I’m hungry.”

“You just had some of those alphabet things.” He countered with a frown, Willow liked his vamp face?

“Not s’gettio hungry, ice cream hungry.” She said with a sly grin which took Spike a minute to react to

“No.” he said teasingly

“I bet Auntie Willow would like Ice cream too, we could take some to her.”

“That’s sneaky Bit.” He said impressed with her deviousness “Alright, I’ll tell you what, we can go see Auntie Willow and then get some Ice cream how’s that?”

“Yay!” Hannah bounced on his knee happy to get her own way, she was going for Ice cream and she got to see Auntie Willow, just one thing left to make it perfect “Can you go Grrr face again?”



Willow had just finished some of her homework and was sitting at her computer typing away when she heard a knock at the door.

She opened it to reveal Spike

“Hey Red!” Spike grinned at her

“Hey Spike.” she frowned “I thought you were busy tonight?”

“Yeah.” He ducked his head “I kinda had a bit of a problem and wondered if you could help sort it.”

“Uh I’ll try.”

“Great!” he peered around “Exactly what is a Pikachu?”

Willow stared and stared until Spike raised an eyebrow


“Why on earth would you need to know that?”

“This bird I’m with keeps talking about them.”

“Oh you were on a date?” Willow’s heart sank to her feet and she swallowed hard.

“Its me!” Hannah giggled from around his feet and poked her tongue out at Spike “I was trying to tell Uncle Spike about Pokemon but he’s being silly.”

“Help.” Spike mouthed and Willow’s face broke into a big grin. Spike wasn’t on a date.

“We was going for Ice cream. Wanna come?” Hannah asked, a huge hopeful look on her face

“Sure.” Willow ran inside and switched off her computer and grabbed her jacket.

She closed her front door and pocketed her keys.

“So, what were you up to?” Spike asked after a moment

“Just finishing up some assignments and stuff.” Willow tucked her hair behind her ears “You were babysitting?”

Spike knew that if he could he’d be blushing about now.

“Uncle Spike helped me drew you some pictures and then we had s’gettio’s and he did Grr face and now we’re going for Ice cream.” Hannah sing songed reaching up to grab Willow’s hand.

Willow held on and marvelled at the feel of Hannah’s tiny hand in her own.

~Part: 14~ Blame it on the choc chip!!

Spike couldn’t help but feel content, even his demon wanted to purr. He had his love by his side and a girl who idolised them both hanging on. He wanted the moment to last forever. He categorised each second in his mind, each sensation. The sound of Hannah’s giggles, Willow jacket rubbing against her jeans, her heeled boots clicking on the sidewalk and her soft breaths.

The smell of Vanilla that permeated Willow’s scent, her hair, the fresh leaves around them.

The faint feel of Willow’s hand brushing against arm as he moved closer.

They reached the Ice cream parlour and stepped up to choose flavours.

“I’ll have mint choc chip.” Willow decided.

“I want strawberry.” Hannah said bouncing delightedly.

“Chocolate.” Spike fished some bills from his pocket and paid for the Ice Cream.

They waked down the darkened street eating their Ice Cream and listening to Hannah babble.

Spike and Willow shared a smile as she danced in front of them. An elderly couple passed by and smiled

“Oh what a lovely family.” The old woman cooed.

Spike glanced at Willow who ducked her head and blushed. With a smirk he moved closer to her.

“You ok?” she nodded still blushing and reached her hand out to grab Hannah’s. But Hannah dodged out of the way, spying a pretty flower in front of her, and Willow found herself suddenly grasping a large cool palm instead of a small sticky one. Spike jumped at the contact and stared down at their joined hands at same time Willow did.

“Oh.” She said and went to pull it away but Spike held on tightly and shot her a sweet smile.

“I don’t mind.”

Willow licked her lip and bought her Ice Cream to her lips.

“You’re dripping.”

“Huh?” she looked up.

Spike gestured at her cone “Your Ice Cream.”

“Oh.” She had one hand holding the Ice-cream and the other holding Spike and she didn’t want to let go of either.  “Kinda full hands.”

Spike bit his lip almost shyly and pulled her closer. Keeping his eyes locked with hers he lowered his head and licked at the errant drop of mint Ice-cream. Willow swallowed; her throat dry.

Spike licked his way around the base of the cone until he came in contact with her fingers. His cool pink tongue darted out and touched her hand.

As he felt her breathing change he lifted his head and moved it closer to Willow’s, his eyes shifting to touch her lips.

Just before they could make contact

“Auntie Willow, look!”

Willow jolted backwards pulling her hand out of Spike’s in surprise.

“W-what is it Hannah?” her voice was as shaky as her legs as she walked over to where the little girl crouched to the ground.

Spike took the time to get himself under control; he wanted to grab her and throw her to the ground, kissing her until she had no breath left, he wanted to do things to her that Hannah wouldn’t even know about until she was eighteen.

“Fuzzy bug!” Hannah squealed as it moved.

“A demon?” Spike rushed over

“Caterpillar.” Willow answered with a half smile and half blush. She ducked her head again.

Spike reached down and took her hand, making her jump.

“C’mon Li’l bit, Rupes’ll have my head if I don’t get you in bed soon.”

Willow’s head shot around to him, her mouth open. It took a second for Spike to realise what he’d said.

“I meant Hannah.” He said with a smirk. Willow swallowed.

“I know that.”

She got to her feet and grabbed Hannah’s hand and the three of them walked hand in hand back to Giles’ place.


Spike sagged and dropped down on the sofa.

“Now I know why Vampires can’t have Children. Not even damn immortality and Vamp strength could put up with them, I don’t know how Lady G and Rupes manage it.”

Willow giggled from her place next to him on the leather couch.

“Aw poor Spike, did she wear you out?” her eyes twinkled with mischief.

“I still have enough strength for some things.” He raised an eyebrow at her which sent funny fluttering in her stomach.

The chattering girl had finally fallen asleep, the TV was on low, the sound just a muffled noise in the background and the only light was the table lamp beside Willow. It cast shadows on the wall that would have been scary had she been alone but with Spike here, they seemed intimate…romantic.

“W-what did she want you to do?” she asked, her throat a little dry.

“Drink of water, bedtime story, bedtime song, bathroom break, drink of water, another story.” He said wryly “I think the little minx just wanted to stay up and worship you.”

“It’s a little embarrassing.” Willow confessed.

“But understandable.” His voice lowered to a husky note “I’m sure that worshipping every inch of you would be more…pleasurable than going to bed alone or doing anything.”

His tone and soft voice sent shivers down her spine straight to her core. Her heart beat faster. He leaned closer.

“In fact I can’t think of anything I’d rather do.” He whispered and moved his head down. “Willow.” He whispered against her lips as they made contact.

It didn’t matter that the kiss was gentle, because the feeling that went through them both was electric, it sent goose bumps up Willow’s arms and made her shudder, moving her body closer to Spike.

He reached up with a hand and stroked her cheek as his soft lips moved against hers.

Her eyes had fluttered closed and all she could think about was the feel of Spike, her fist had come up to grasp his shirt, pulling him in closer, the silk soft under her fingertips.

She made a gentle sigh that opened her mouth to him letting his tongue slip in to taste her. And she tasted like heaven.

Spike used his hand to pull her closer until she was practically sitting on his lap; her hands in his shirt and his against her back holding her against him. He stroked her hair with his free hand relishing the way the strands felt through his fingers. She moaned and Spike tightened his grip on her unwilling to let her go. It was only when she pulled her head back gasping that he returned to his senses.

“Damn breathing.” He joked, his own unneeded breath ragged.

Willow fought to catch her breath and loosened her grip on his shirt. *wow* was the only thought swimming in her head. *wow he kisses just the same as-* her heart sank *William* William whom she was still very much I love with, William who had died so that this man could exist. William, who had loved her so very dearly, had asked her to marry him. Why was Spike doing this? He had never thought of her like that before, maybe she’d messed up time more than she had originally thought, maybe this incarnation of Spike was only with her because she had fallen for her Spike causing her to fall for William and he in turn with her. The thoughts spun around and around her head until she felt dizzy and-

“Uh.” She jumped off the sofa and raced to the bathroom throwing up everything she had eaten that day.

Spike frowned as she seemed lost in thought her emotions showing on her face, delight, surprise, guilt, pain and anger followed by suspicion and then when she had jumped up his heart had sunk, thinking he had lost her. When he heard the noises from the bathroom he hurried in behind her

“You okay pet?”

“No.” she said retching into the bowl.

“Stupid question.” He agreed and knelt by her side holding her head back “And I have to say that my ego didn’t need that.”

Her giggles were cut off by another bout of sickness.

Spike reached around and laid his cool palm against her forehead.

“You’re hot love.” He said concerned as Willow leaned into his touch.

“I don’t feel so good.” She answered weakly.

“You finished?” he pointed at the bowl and she nodded.

Spike picked her up and carried her back to the sofa, laying her down across his knees. He cradled her against his chest and kissed her forehead.

“You sleep, pet.”

He held her lose and hummed under his breath, rocking her slight feverish body and singing quietly.

“Spike?” she said gently after a moment, her voice heavy with sleep.


“You kiss nice.”

Spike looked down but she had already fallen asleep.

~Part: 15~ One word -- Immunization!!

Giles looked up as the door swung open and a red haired streak raced through, then the bathroom door slammed shut.

A few seconds later Spike walked in smoking a cigarette and looking concerned.

It had been three days since Giles and Jenny had come home to find Willow and Spike snuggled up together asleep on the couch. Jenny had beamed at him and shushed him but Spike’s super sensitive hearing had caught them and he had woken up. After looking at Willow for several minutes he’d explained to them that Willow was feeling bad and he had carried her up to the spare bedroom where he had watched her until dawn came and he was chased away by the sun.

Now Spike had the same look of concern and wonder on his face.

“Watcher.” He greeted and flung himself on the couch “Where’s Lady G and nibblet?”

“They went grocery shopping.” Giles motioned to the back “I take it Willow is still feeling under the weather?”

“Yeah.” Spike sat down and crushed his cigarette in the ashtray Lady G kept for him “Poor pets having a rough time of it.”

Just then Willow emerged from the bathroom looking a little sheepish.

“Hey Giles.”

He gave her a fretful glance “How are you feeling Willow?”

“Ooky with a side of Bleugh.” She sat down next to Spike and laid her head on his shoulder

“Translation?” Giles said without looking at Spike.

“Crappy with added nausea. Kinda like being at a Westlife convention.”

“And you would know how?” Willow raised her own eyebrows.

“Nibblet wanted to play me some of their stuff the other night.” He shuddered overdramatically making Willow giggle.

Spike draped his arm over her and tucked her up close.

“Sorry you feel bad love. But at least you have medicine and doctors and crap here. Back in my day if you got sick it was a case of put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.”

“Why z’at then?” she slurred.

“Because diseases were scary back then, pet; TB, Syphilis, Diphtheria, Scarlet fever and of course Small pox were all rampant.”

Willow froze her eyes wide. “Oh…crap.” She felt sick again. SMALLPOX?? They had been back to the past, a past where all these diseases that had supposedly been eradicated now, were rife and dangerous. They hadn’t been inoculated and now she was sick. Really sick, she could feel it.

“I h-have t-t-to g-go now.”

Spike smelled the scent of her fear overwhelming him.

“Willow, what is it pet?”

“I really, really don’t feel so good.” She said, her hands shaking in fear of the thought of letting loose a plague.

“Do you want me to take you home, I’ve got the Desoto?” Spike asked stroking her hand as she fidgeted.

“Please.” She said grabbing her coat. “Bye Giles.”

Giles stared bemused at the door as it slammed behind her. That girl really was odd.


Willow sat stunned on her bed. This. Was. Not. Happening. No way could this be possible. It just wasn’t real. It was all a bad dream and any moment she was going to wake up back in her Sunnydale ready for a day with Xander and Buffy and Giles. There would be no Faith and no Simon and no Jenny and no Hannah and no Riley.

She knew Spike would be over soon. He had been her constant companion these few months, just hanging out and talking to her. She’d gone to the Doctors and had to wait anxiously these past weeks for the test results and he’d been there. He had no idea that she’d been so worried that she had gone to the doctors about it, just as he had no idea why she had been avoiding her friends just in case she infected them, but still he had come over every day and often bought tales of what they were all doing. Darla had had urgent news and had taken Simon with her to wherever it was that she had needed to go, she was due back today and Spike was coming back to take her to see them as she was still feeling weak.

She dropped her head into her hands. Three months she had been in this version of Sunnydale. Three whole months where she had been surrounded by who knows how many people with this…thing. All this time she had thought she was fine and now…all she wanted was William’s arms around her.

She looked down at the book clasped in her arms, its pages well read by now. William’s journal.

Despite how often he had been in her house, to the point where he had a key, Spike had never been in her room, and it was still her private sanctuary the only place where she could truly fall apart. She traced the familiar words in the journal and felt tears spring to her eyes.

“I need you.” she whispered and then silently, she curled around the book and wept.

Which is how Spike found her.


He had come over to take Willow to see Darla and Simon who had come back today and wanted to see her. Darla had bought them presents and wanted to play at Santa. He grinned to himself as he let himself in with the key. Who would have ever thought that William the Bloody would have been given a key to the home of the Slayers best friend? Slayer ex- best friend, he amended. He intended to fill that space himself, he was going to be Willow’s best friend. She was his best friend the one girl in all of his over 100 year history that had ever affected him… that he could remember anyway.

He walked up the stairs quietly hoping maybe to catch her undressing, it was a cheap shot but he was hoping. What he wasn’t expecting to see was the reason for his existence, the Pixie with the strength to take on the entire world crying on her bed like the world had just fought back.

Although he had promised out of respect for her privacy not to go in her room, there was no way he could stand there and listen to those soft heart breaking sounds she was making.

“Pet?” he said concerned as he crossed the threshold of the room. But Willow, if she had even heard him in her despair, didn’t answer.

Spike sat next to her on the bed and tentatively put an arm around her shoulder.

Willow jumped at the sudden pressure and looked into Spike’s worried crystal blue eyes.

The soft tear tracks marring her cheeks caused him to groan in sympathy

“Oh Willow, love. What’s wrong? Tell me.” He stroked her cheek and ducked his head to look into her eyes “Spike’ll make it all better, I won’t let anything hurt you baby, just tell me, I promise.”

Willow clutched Spike’s hand like a life preserve.

“I’m so scared Spike.” she swallowed.

“Why?” he asked softly, in the same way one would speak to a scared kitten.

“I-I went to the doctors because I’ve not been feeling so good.”

Fear grasped Spike’s unbeating heart like a fist of ice. Dear Hell what was wrong with his sweet little witch?

“Ye-” he cleared his throat and tried again “Yeah?” he couldn’t manage more than that, his mind racing with all the things that could be wrong with her.

“I didn’t know, I’ve been in so many-” she cut herself off.

He braced himself. But nothing could have prepared him for the truth.

“I’m pregnant.”

~Part: 16~ …Huh???

Spike was astounded, dumbfounded. He blinked.

“Say what?”

“I’m pregnant.” The words sounded surreal “Oh Spike, I’m pregnant.” Her eyes opened in shock as if by saying it, it was somehow more real.

“Uh okay.” He was jolted out of his shock by Willow’s little body which suddenly started trembling again.

“Hey now Pet. Don’t panic. Old Spike’s here, you’re not alone here whatever you decide to do.”

“How could this happen?”

Spike raised an eyebrow “Well normally there’s a birds and bee’s talk but I think you got that bit sussed pet.”

Willow snorted despite herself “Yeah.”

“I take it this happened during that little vacation you girls had?” he said hesitantly.

Willow nodded and dropped her head into her lap, her hair fell over her face and she clenched her hands in her hair. She rocked back and forth.

Spike pulled a tissue from a box next to her bed and took her hands in his.

“Now, love.” He pushed her hair back and handed her the tissue. Then he took her little body and tucked her into his chest leaning his chin on her head and rocking her.

“Thanks.” She said sniffling as she fought to get herself together.

Spike waited and watched. He had known that there was a guy between herself and the Slayer on the vacation, he had overheard them talking about a “him” and drawn his own conclusions; it was one of the reason’s why there had been such a rift between them when they returned. He’d only asked once but the pain in her eyes had been enough for him. He’d never asked again. Now it seemed that it had been more than he’d ever thought. She was pregnant and he felt conflicted. Part of him wanted to stand up and yell at her, how could she let this happen?

Didn’t she know she belonged to him? Pregnant with another man’s child, a child *he* could never give her. But that jealous part was overwhelmed by the part that wanted- no – needed, to have her happy and here and…and to play house dammit.

“All done Red?” he asked rubbing her back gently.

“Uh huh.” She gave him a sheepish smile “For now. Sorry for blubbering on you.”

“Hey now, the leather’s been waterproofed and you can cry on me anytime.” He leaned closer and whispered conspiratorially “Just don tell anyone I’ve got a reputation to protect.”

Willow gave a little giggle

“There’s my girl.” He grinned at her and Willow felt a rush of pleasure at his words- His girl.

“So what are you gonna do?”

“I can’t kill it.”

“Never even crossed my mind.” And it hadn’t, Willow had such respect for life, even an unborn one there was no way she could ever figure termination. “I meant are you going to tell the daddy?”

For a second Willow adopted her deer-in-headlights look much to Spikes bafflement.

“N-no.” she managed after clearing her throat.

“Why not? Raising a kid ain’t cheap. You could let the bast-guy take some financial responsibility.” Spike gritted his teeth, like he’d want some Don Juan taking care of his Red.

“I have money. I j-just…there’s no way of getting hold of him.” She said weakly and it wasn’t really a lie.

Spike’s eyes narrowed “He didn’t *hurt* you, did he Willow, because if he did I will hunt him to the ends of the earth to make him pay.”

Willow was oddly touched “You’d do that?”

“In a heartbeat.” He vowed “Do I need to?”

“No he didn’t hurt me.” she said, her eyes softening.

Spike relaxed “Good, so no daddy.”

Willow bit her lip “I just hope mom and dad won’t mind me turning the spare room into a nursery. Oh god Spike what if they kick me out?” she turned to him wild eyed.

“Then you can come and live with me.” he promised, his eyes lighting up at the thought “I have enough stashed away that you would want for nothing pet, you and Baby. And I could take care of the kid while you were at college.”

Willow gaped “For real?”

Spike shrugged, unwilling to beg her to let him be a part of this child’s life but desperately wanting it.

With a squeal Willow threw herself into his arms. “Oh Spike.”

Willow wrapped her arms around his shoulders and rested her chin in the crook of his neck; it felt so right to be here holding onto him. For a wild moment she wanted to tell him the truth, how she had gone back in time with Buffy and met him and fallen in love with him and was now having his baby. But he had no recollection of his human life; it was probably not a good idea to dump all that on him at once, she wasn’t sure if Vampires could die from heart attacks or shock- probably not with the whole not beating/breathing thing but she didn’t want to test it. Besides, he wanted to help her take care of it now because he seemed to like her, she’d rather him do that than him do it out of some misplaced Victorian idea of duty- “I got her pregnant therefore I have to stay”, if she told him now she’d always wonder if he was staying for her or for the baby. She didn’t want any relationship they had to start out with doubt. Or his thinking that she was insane.

Maybe once she was sure that he liked her as much as she did him, she’d start to let subtle hints drop but for now she was content to keep it a secret.

Spike was taken aback when he felt her arms around him but wasn’t about to let an opportunity pass by. He hugged her back revelling in the feel of her small soft body held close to him. He laid his cheek on her soft hair and took in her sweet vanilla strawberry scent.

He pulled back reluctantly when he heard her sniffing again.


“Sorry.” she said “I just don’t know what I’d do without you and…I’m guessing this is the start of crazy pregnant lady hormones.”

Whilst feeling warmed by her words Spike gulped

“Pregnant woman hormones? I may just regret this love.”

“You might,” she teased “will you come with me to tell the gang?” she was suddenly serious and worried.

Spike took her face in his hand and pressed a kiss to her forehead “Of course. But we have an appointment with two of our friends first.”

~Part: 17~ Do you want me to kill the father?

Willow held Spike’s hand tightly as he opened his front door with his key and ushered her inside.

She felt rather than heard the voices rumbling from the next room and took a deep breath.

“Here goes.” She gritted her teeth and walked in.

“Willow.” Darla stood up and embraced her, after a second she stiffened and then pulled back staring at Willow in surprise.


Willow nodded as Darla caressed her stomach

“Oh darling.” She soothed and kissed Willow’s forehead.

“What’s up?” Wood asked puzzled from his place on the couch.

“Never you mind.” Darla said not taking her eyes away from Willow.

“Hey Red, who knocked you up?” Wood said with a smirk as he cottoned on to the tension.

Spike smacked him upside the head and dragged him into the kitchen.

Darla took Willow’s hand and led her to the white leather sofa and sat her down.

“Darling, is this who’s I think it is?”

Willow nodded. And Darla gave a huge sigh.

“I must say that life with you mortals is never boring.”

Willow gave a small start of laughter.

“I thought I was sick, that I’d contracted smallpox or something from going back in time with no inoculation. I kinda wish I had.”

Darla stared at her for a moment “Willow there are ways of getting rid of an unwanted child that the doctors know nothing about.”

Willow looked horrified “Oh that’s so not what I meant. I wouldn’t- couldn’t do that, its just kind of a shock I mean one second I’m-” she sighed “I don’t want it gone.”

Darla smiled “It will be new, having a child around.” They heard a loud thump and bang come from the kitchen “At least it will be well protected.”

They grinned at each other.


Spike slammed Wood up against the wall

“Pipe down childe.”

“Oh come on Sire, I was only playing.” Wood tried to knock Spike’s hands away from his throat.

“Playing or not, that’s not the kind of thing she needs to hear right now.”

He glanced towards the door separating them from the girls.

“Spike- Sire, you really love her don’t you?” Wood stared down at his Sire who was lost in thought.

“So damn much.” Spike confessed, lowering Wood to the floor. “But I think she’s still in love with whoever the damn father is. She won’t let me hunt him down but when she talks about him her heart races and her breathing changes.” Spike clenched his jaw.

“Could be fear?” Wood offered “If he raped her, she would be afraid of him and that could account for it.”

“She says no.” Spike dropped his hands from his Childe’s neck and ran them through his hair.

“Well she never forbade me from doing it.” Wood grinned “I could hunt him down and feed him his own testicles. If she won’t have any contact with him, how is she to know?”

Spike laughed, his childe taking away his anger in characteristic fashion “Damn Simon, you still remind me so much of me its scary.”

“Like Sire, like Childe.” Wood patted Spike on the shoulder “At least I don’t take after Angel.”

“Too right.” Spike leaned against the counter “You know I think that something is wrong with Red, other than the obvious.”

“What?” Wood cocked his head to the side and watched Spike.

“I mean the chit knows all about the whole family history thing and yet she made me sit there and tell her all about the accident and Angelus and all but it was like she was hearing it for the first time. She’s just different to how she used to be before her vacation.” He tried to put it into words “Before she was sweet and innocent and blushed if any guy got too close and now she’s still sweet and innocent but it’s like she’s stronger- can handle that much more.”

“Broken heart’ll do that to ya.” Wood said absently “Besides you said she’s more relaxed around you now so it can’t be too bad.”

“It’s not bad.” Spike said “I never said it was bad, in fact the fact that she doesn’t cringe around me now is great. I think we might be actually getting somewhere- until this whole baby thing threw me for a loop.”

Wood stared at him for a moment


“She cringed around you? I thought she was Darla’s daughter, why would she be uneasy around you?”

“You mean despite the fact that I never had a soul and am down in all the Watcher’s diaries as the most dangerous member of the Scourge of Europe? How about the fact that I am a Vampire? Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m a man? According to what I could see she’d never even been looked at by a man, like that, before. When she left all she’d had were some random kisses with that Wolf boy who went off with some witch-rat girl.”

Wood raised an eyebrow “You have to tell me that story sometime.”

Spike shook his head “From the second I saw her I wanted her and I watched her, flirted with her and she knew it, I think I made her nervous.”

“A master Vampire who watched her all the time making her nervous, how could that be?”

“Watch it.” Spike cautioned his smirking childe.

“So she’s up the duff,” Spike glared warningly at him “Sorry- in a family way, she still seems more open to you, so what’s the problem?”

“Its more than that, she’s older, wiser and more experienced. How is that possible in four months?”

Wood shrugged “Maybe the whole vacation from hell thing changed her- or it could possibly have been a spell.”

Spike scoffed “With this lot anything’s possible.”

“So do you want me to find out what’s with the new improved Red and get some dish on that guy?”

Spike nodded thinking deeply “Yeah, she doesn’t know you too well, maybe she’d open up more.” He paused “Just don’t letch on her, the girl’s mine.”

“No fear dad,” he sassed “I got my eye on the cute piece of Slayer ass.”

“Faith?” Spike let loose a wolfish grin “She’ll eat you alive.”


“Good luck.”

~Part: 18~ You can choose your family

“Hey Wills, Blondie.” Faith grinned as they walked in she noticed how Willow was clinging to his arm and she also noted how right it seemed. She turned back to her book rapidly flicking through the pages pretending to research.

Spike nodded his greetings without opening his mouth.

“Guys.” Willow said, wringing her hands.

“You’re late.” Jenny said with a grin at Willow “Hannah wanted to stay up to say hey but I sent her to bed.”

“Thank goodness.” Anya said “in my day children that talked as much as her would have been placed in the stocks.”

“I bought donuts.” Xander said into the embarrassed silence

“Great.” Willow smiled and stood awkwardly in the door. Spike took pity on her nerves; he knew full well that she was more terrified of what her friends would say than anything Darla and Wood would have. He also knew that she wanted nothing more than to run away. He took her coat off and hung it on the stairs before taking her by the hand and pulling her over to the sofa.

Sitting beside her he draped an arm over the back of the sofa.

Jenny looked amusedly at Giles who frowned at the possessive display. Anya beamed knowingly at Spike who ignored her.

He was far more concerned with the trembling redhead at his side that was emitting waves of fear and anxiety than at any supposition Anya had about his sex life.

“So why are we all here at Chez G-man?”

Giles grimaced “Xander-” he sighed, giving it up as a lost cause “Both Buffy and Faith have noticed a distinct lack of Vampiric activity the last few nights and that normally precipitates a dramatic event.”

“Not even enough to get a good exercise.” Faith moaned

“They did seem slightly off, me and Riley got them without even breaking a sweat but nothing to indicate oogyness.” Buffy said

“Oogyness?” Giles frowned “Your use of the English language is, on occasion, quite frightening.”

“Oogyness, noun, to indicate a nervous feeling of discomfort or predetermined anxiety normally indicative of building contention, in the family of weirdness, wiggins and willies.” Buffy laughed at everyone’s shocked faces “What? Did people forget that I actually did well in my S.A.T’s?”

“It’s one thing to know it; it’s another to see it in all its Buffy glory.” Xander shuddered “And can we please not mention S.A.T’S I still have nightmares.”

“He does too.” Anya volunteered “He wakes up believing he is being chased by pencils it’s very disturbing.”

Xander blushed as Spike scoffed “An, that’s one of those lets never mention moments.”

“Oh like that thing we did with the hairbrush and the jello.”

If possible Xander began to glow as everyone gaped at him.

“Kinky.” Faith winked and laughed as Xander went even paler

“I feel sick.” Willow said

“I understand.” Giles said polishing his glasses “I too-”

“No *really*.” Willow jumped off the sofa and raced to the bathroom.

“Oh!” Jenny looked concerned “I take it Willow still has that stomach bug?”

“It’s either that or the jello.”

“Enough Faith.” Buffy too looked slightly sick at the thought.

Spike said nothing and stared at the bathroom door like he could see through it.

“So if there is no specific creature feature can we go home?” Xander wanted to talk to Anya about private conversations again.

Willow came out of the bathroom and leaned against the door.

“You okay Willow?” Jenny asked “Let me make you some tea.”

Willow nodded as she sat back next to Spike and curled against his side looking green.

“I’m afraid not Xan, while we were playing with this Vamp he said something about a Packback demon coming to town, according to Mr now- dusty, this guy was some serious fiend. Riley was going to check with his guys but he’s been called away tonight on assignment.”

“Pack back? Do you mean a Paq-B’c demon?” Spike said abruptly.

“Yeah something like that.” Buffy nodded

Giles sighed and rolled his eyes “How many times do I have to caution you to pay attention to the names if these creatures. I take it you have heard of them Spike?”

“Yeah Paq-b’c ‘s are bloodsuckers, not like Vamp’s they’ll suck anything most have a yen for high power blood, my guess is he’s here for the Slayer. But if you know one’s coming to town usually a warning barrier will stop it.”

“Warning barrier?” Faith perked up

“Yeah they’re scared of a bit of magic show, putting a barrier around town should stop him coming in at all. Its pretty standard fare.”

“Willow can do it.” Buffy nodded encouragingly as Jenny handed Willow some tea.

“Sure, I’ll just need to look up the-”

“No.” Spike said firmly keeping a hand on her arm.

“No?” Willow frowned

“No.” he stated again “Red can’t do it, get someone else.”

“Hey.” Willow said insulted “I could too do it.”

Spike placed a hand on her flat stomach and stared pointedly at her “It’s not a good idea.”

“Oh?” Willow suddenly understood “Oh!”

Spike nodded, satisfied that she understood.

“Oh what? Wills you could, Spike said it’s a simple spell.”

“She’s not doing it. Magic comes from a person’s energy and life force, it can drain the body.”

Buffy shrugged “Wills done big magic before, she’s a kick ass Wicca.”

Spike stood up “Back off.”

“You’re not the boss of her.” Xander argued

“Guys keep it down Hannah’s asleep.” Jenny shushed them.

“W-Willow I do believe that Buffy is correct, with Jenny’s help your magical capabilities far exceed that which the spell actually calls for, you would be in no danger.”

“I could do it.” Willow began but Spike rounded on her, his eyes flashing

“No you can’t I wont let you risk-”

“But I won’t.” she said and Spike seeing the resolve in her face backed down.

“Why not?” Faith asked curious at the byplay between Willow and Spike.

Willow took a deep breath and reached for Spike’s hand.

He jumped at the contact but held her hot damp palm in his cool soft one and gave her the courage she would need.

“Because the magic might hurt the baby.”

Xander froze- a donut halfway to his mouth. Giles’ jaw dropped to match the tea cup that Jenny let fall to the carpet. Anya, Faith and Buffy’s eyes were wide open.

It was several moments before anyone spoke.

“Huh?” Buffy managed. “The what?”

“Baby. I’m pregnant.” She gripped Spike’s hand so tight he felt his bones creak.

“Holy shit.” was Faith’s addition to the conversation

“Language.” Jenny admonished absently as she watched Willow.

“A baby? Well Yay you.” Anya cheered with a grin.


“Just think Red, when the kid arrives, Xander will be able to communicate with it- same level of intelligence.” Spike teased trying to ease the tension.

“Pregnant.” Buffy repeated a growing look of horror on her face

“Good Lord.” Giles peered at her over his glasses “Are you quite all right?”

Willow gave a nervous giggle “Yeah I’m fine, just a little morning sickness, which doesn’t just happen during the morning by the way.”

“Tell me about it.” Jenny said walking over “When I was having Hannah I was heaving all over the place day and night.”

Xander stared at his donut in distaste and placed it back in the box.

Jenny threw her arms around Willow in much the same way Darla had done.

“If you need anything Willow, please tell me.”

“Thanks.” Willow felt tears spring to her eyes.

Buffy watched her and when she spoke her voice was hoarse “Is it-?” when Willow nodded in conformation Buffy paled and sank to the sofa.

Xander finally managed to stand “Wow Wills is gonna be a mom! I’m gonna be Uncle Xander again.”

“Yeah.” Willow said as he hugged her with one arm, she still refused to let go of Spike’s hand. “You can teach him- or her about the joys of donuts.”

“And twinkies.” He said seriously.

“Damn Will, don’t let the walking garbage can near the kid.” Faith sauntered over and clapped Willow on the back, her eyes soft.

Anya awkwardly hugged Willow too

“Pregnant women get hugged a lot, I read about it in Cosmo. It’s traditional.” Anya nodded sagely.

Jenny smiled at the group of them surrounding Willow, she always knew that they were a close group but the way they rallied around one of their own was still a sight to see. Except Buffy.

“Buff?” she asked and everyone turned.

Willow gave Spike’s hand one last squeeze and sat next to her friend.

“I’m so sorry Willow.” everyone was surprised and shocked to see tears in Buffy eyes and trailing down her face.

“Don’t be, I’m not.” Willow stroked her shoulder “How can I be?”

“You were supposed to have a full life, go to a prestigious college and have a great career and get married and have a proper family and I screwed it all up.”

“No you didn’t, I’m just doing things in a different order.” Willow smiled slightly “Really its okay.”

“What’s going on?” Spike asked annoyed, he had a feeling that this had something to do with the father of the baby and the jealous part of him reared its head.

“Willow, who is the father?” Giles asked sitting on the edge of the sofa, looking so very much like an overprotective father. He unconsciously echoed Spike’s thoughts.

“Yeah where’s daddy?” Xander growled at the thought of someone using his Willow.

“Gone.” Willow said at the same time Buffy replied


“Dead? Good Lord!” Giles looked at Willow with sympathy.

Spike found himself moving towards her even through his shock. He knew she was finally going to have to tell them what happened on this vacation and that she would need his support… although this did bugger up his plans for having Wood torture the guy.

Willow felt his hand on her shoulder and couldn’t help the lift that her heart felt from just knowing that he was there for her no matter what.

“It happened when we were on vacation. I already, sort of, knew him from way back. But we just kinda clicked; we had so much fun and so much in common.” Her voice softened as she thought about William, about their long walks and talks about poetry and nature and life. About how they danced together and could have witty conversations that would keep them in hysterics for hours.

Spike managed to choke back a growl at her reminiscing. She still sounded like she was in love- it was killing him.

“He was so great and then we-” she looked down at her stomach and blushed “Obviously.”

“So what happened?” Faith asked sitting on the floor by her feet, Faith knew what had gone on with the spell and going back in time but this was the first time Willow had mentioned a guy being involved but from the way Buffy had reacted when she came back to what Darla had let slip and the way Willow acted around Spike things were falling into place.

“He was turned.” Willow’s quiet words left them all stunned again “He was killed and turned.”

Spike ignored any looks that he might get from the others. He knelt down and pulled Willow into his arms offering her comfort. He gave her his strength whilst his mind reeled, no wonder she had been so pissed at the Slayer- the stupid bitch was probably too busy off flirting with whomever and whatever took her fancy to keep an eye out for Vampires.

“Is he-?” Giles didn’t know how to phrase the delicate question.

“Dust?” Anya asked archly, frustrated at these humans for being so damn fragile, especially when it came to asking pertinent questions, and yet annoyed on Willow’s behalf for what she was going through.

“N-no.” Willow said “He’s still around.” And not three feet away from you all. She added subconsciously.

“Anyway I don’t want to do the spell in case it damages the baby in some way.”

“Yes of course.” Giles -the ever understanding.

“You okay pet?” Spike noticed that Willow was starting to look drained.

“Tired.” She admitted quietly, it had been quite a day, all told, finding out she was pregnant and then having to inform the father of her baby without actually telling him that it was his. Then having to tell her Vampire surrogate mother and her surrogate parents and friends, no wonder she was shattered.

“Let’s get you home then Love.” Spike said taking her hand and dragging her to her feet.

Buffy glared at him irritated “Maybe one of us should drive her, or she should at least stay here where we can look after her.”

“I’ll be okay Buffy. Besides I still have to tell my parents.” Willow said unenthusiastically.

~Part: 19~ Hey…don’t I know you?

Willow closed the door and waited until she heard Spike’s footsteps get further and further away. He was being so great about this whole thing; he hadn’t crowded her or demanded the name of her lover or anything like that. He’d kissed her gently on the forehead before he left and promised to be over as soon as the sun set. Willow sighed as she put her bag down, she really had to tell him about the past but wasn’t really sure how to broach the subject.

As she turned to go upstairs the shadows moved and she screamed.

“Woo! Time to switch to decaf Princess.”

Wood smirked at her as she smacked his arm

“You scared the crap out of me.” She put her hand over her heart and faced him as his grin evaporated. Something had just clicked.

Wood bought his hand up from behind his back where he had been hiding something. It was a gilded photo frame that had rested on the mantelpiece; the photo was one from her first years in Sunnydale. She lay in the sun in the high school courtyard on Xander’s knee with Buffy sitting by their feet; they all looked so young and carefree.

She was confused for all of three seconds before it hit her, Buffy was in the picture.

“Princess?” She looked up into the cold mocking eyes of a vampire. “I think we need to talk Lady Rosen.”

“Oh shit.” was the only thing that Willow could think of.

“Indeed.” Wood gestured to the couch. He sat down next to her “Now how about we have ourselves a wee talk love.”

“Can it Simon, you were bought up in elegant Victorian London, not the cockney slums.” She regained some of her spirit and Wood grinned rapaciously.

“Now how do you know that love?, in fact while you explain that would you mind filling me in on exactly how one Lady Willow Rosen and one blonde Lady Buffy Summers happen to be in both Victorian England and in modern day Sunnydale California?” he motioned to the picture.

“Fine. As soon as you tell me how you know, what are you doing here?”

Wood put the photo frame down

“Easy Red, I was going to talk to you about the baker of the bun in your oven. Darla’s concerned.”

Willow knew for a fact he was lying, Darla knew who the dad was.

“Liar. Lemme guess, Spike promised not to harm him but sent you for the job.” Her eyes hardened, she guessed this Spike was more like the other than she thought, totally manipulative.

Wood swallowed hard as her eyes got cold, It wouldn’t do for her to get mad at Spike, Sire or not, Spike had been a product of Angelus and he had been a sadistic bastard by all accounts, before the soul. The last thing he needed was a repeat of the punishment he had gotten during the last civil war for his last indiscretion. If Wood somehow screwed things up for Spike with the only woman he had ever shown an interest in then his ass would literally be in danger.

“I volunteered when I heard that you were pregnant and the father wouldn’t be involved.” He said trying to take that look away from her “Spike had nothing to do with it.”

“Whatever.” She obviously didn’t believe him and he cursed

“For hells sake Will, Spike would kill me if he knew I was here, don’t tell him okay.”

Willow jumped at the vehemence in his voice “Fine.”

“Now it’s your turn to talk, pet.”

“Not so fast Simon, you haven’t finished yet.” She folded her arms over her chest.

“Fine, I came in and sat waiting for you when I saw the picture. Then it clicked. Two redheads called Willow could be a coincidence but the photo? I knew I knew that face, that bouncy blonde hair and disgustingly cheerful and selfish attitude? I took it out and read the back and I figure either the boy has such an effeminate name he got his ass kicked everyday in school or the blonde is called Buffy. Two blondes with such a bleeding daft name? Not likely. You are the same Ladies who stayed with us in London. Now Red, enquiring minds want to know how and why.”

Willow swallowed hard and stared at him.

“Are you sure you want to know Simon?”

“Wood.” He corrected “And yeah I do.”

“Spike’s name used to be William Ashton.” She waited for the penny to drop but there was nothing in his face that betrayed the revelation.


“He was enamoured of one Cecily Adams.”

Something flickered in his eyes and he frowned “Cecily?” his expression cleared “Bitch Cecily? My sister’s friend?”

Willow nodded and he inclined his head “Go on.”

“Buffy and me lived in Sunnydale California in the year 2000. But it wasn’t this Sunnydale. In our version things were different, radically different. She wanted to go back in time to see her one true love.”

“Went too far back?” he asked mockingly

“Not far enough. Buffy was dating Angelus.”

It was fun to watch his jaw drop “Angelus?”

Willow smirked “He lost his soul, same as he did here. We restored it, same as here but Buffy wanted him. In a big way, she wanted to sleep with him again, human Angel, so she talked me into going back in time.”

“He can’t be that good in bed. Besides you did a dangerous spell so that she could get screwed?” Wood rolled his eyes.

“No, she told me that she wanted to prevent Angelus from getting turned in the first place. That way Millions of lives would be saved, she appealed to my humanity and my trust in my friends.” Willow chuckled derisively “I lost that, as well as other things during the trip.”

“I bet.” He glanced at her stomach.

Willow glared at him “I didn’t mean that. I meant like my heart and faith in true love…I guess my innocence.” She sounded so sad yet resigned that even Wood felt sorry and wanted to hold her.

“So you ended up back in my time?” he prompted, hoping to get over the sentimental part of the evening.

“Yeah, your sister invited us to stay and since we were there anyway and we had to wait for the full moon to cast the reversal spell, Buffy wanted to have a real vacation so we joined the social circle. That’s when I met Spike…William. “

“Wait- wait- you met Spike?” Wood peered at her almost afraid.

 “I fell for him and he fell for me.” She smirked at Wood. “I made him forget about that Cecily bitch and we fell head over heels. But unlike Buffy, I had considered the timeline. If William wasn’t turned and Spike wasn’t there to help save the world then the world would be destroyed. I had to let him die, which meant not staying there with him and being in love and playing happy families. By giving up the one man I have loved in all realities, in all timelines and in all incarnations to be butchered and turned into a monster, just so the world didn’t get sucked into hell.” She looked away “I’m not sure it was the right choice.” Her voice was bitter and Wood felt it along with her.

“The Slayer would have said to screw the world and be selfish and this whole saving the world crap is her duty. What makes you so damn noble?”


“In what?”

“In myself.” She answered quietly “She doesn’t have it.”

“I don’t understand.” He confessed, shaking his head.

“Me neither.” She shrugged sadly “doesn’t make it any less so.”

“So what happened?”

“We came back to this reality. Apparently William ran after me and got himself killed by Angelus on the docks. He doesn’t remember me because of his accident.”

“Wait, I remember that. When I got older I remember Sophie saying something about some guy we knew actually disappearing, dying of a broken heart. Pining away or something. That was Spike?” he did a double take “You’re the phantom redhead? The one that stopped him from getting Souled?”

Willow shrugged “Apparently.”

“Wow.” He shook his head again “intense.”

“Things are so different in this reality, we screwed up big time, but Spike is still here and he’s… different from the last reality. But he’s still here.”

Willow bit her lip.

“Is that good?” he asked warily

“I still love William and our Spike.” she stared at her hands “I could be falling for this Spike too, but it’s all complicated.”


“I was in love with my Spike even though he didn’t care for me, then I went back in time and made that William fall for me, so if this Spike has any feelings for me, its probably because I forced the issue by forcing William to be with me. Spike never loved me and this one wouldn’t if I hadn’t interfered.”


“Complicated.” She nodded ruefully

Wood seemed to be deep in thought about something and nodded as if he had made up his mind about something.

“Buffy’s a bitch.”

“Old news.”

They shared a smile.

“Spike doesn’t know you’re his red.” Wood knew the answer but wanted her to back it up.

“No, I don’t really want to land it all on him, you know. Especially since he doesn’t remember it anyway.”

“Makes sense…as much as any of this does.”

“Thanks Simon.”

“You’re Welcome Princess.” He smirked at her, regaining some of his charm now the shock was wearing off.

“Just don’t mention any of this okay?” she asked him

“Sure.” Wood wouldn’t even know where to start.

“Especially about the whole baby thing.”

Wood looked down “Oh shit, I forgot about that.”

Willow raised an eyebrow “Gee I wish I could.”

“Spike wanted to know who the father was so he could kill him.”

“Funny he doesn’t look suicidal.”

Wood paled- as much as a Vampire could and then the corner of his mouth twitched, his lips followed and an explosion of laughter burst out from his lips. He fell to the floor clutching his sides in hysterics and Willow couldn’t help laughing too.

“Priceless…my Sire is jealous…of himself!” he managed between guffaws “He wants to kill the father of your baby…which is him… because he’s jealous. Oh damn Princess this is better than Springer.”

“Glad my life amuses.” Willow pouted, her eyes dancing.

Wood leaned forward and planted a kiss on her lips “Its better than those daft soaps my bleeding Sire makes me watch.”

“This Spike still watches Passions?” she grinned at him.