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Click the link below to visit the forums. Most of my sites now use the same message board, so there are forums for Angel and non-Angel discussion.

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I was hoping not to have to post "rules" but lately I'm having to delete a lot of posts. So, when posting, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please stay on topic. This is a site dedicated to the entire show, not just to one of the celebrities, so I would prefer that the majority of posts be show-related.
  • Be respectful of the celebrities. Posts that only bash a celebrity will be removed.
  • Be respectful of other posters. It is fine to disagree with someone, but state the reason you disagree. Don't attack the poster of the message.
  • Have fun! If you enjoy Angel as I do, you just can't talk about him and the show enough. This is the place to discuss the show with others and let your thoughts be heard (well, read anyway).

The old board - which still has pop-up ads galore, slow service, AND now requires registration to post - will remain open for a while, just in case anyone is looking for something that was posted there.

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