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25th September 2004

Couple of new pieces added. The reason they don't follow what could be seen as my "usual" style, is because they were created for challenges. Still, feedback/comments are always appreciated.

1st September 2004

New piece of fanart added - Hidden. It's a Spike/Dawn piece, and although I'm not a Spike/Dawn shipper, the inspiration just struck me when I saw the picture of Michelle Tractenberg that I used in the piece. Feedback, as always is appreciated.

2nd July 2004

The new sections of the gallery are up, so there's icons, wallpapers and titled art there now.

11th June 2004

Well, it's been nearly a year since I last updated - I guess I just figured people weren't visiting the site, so I concentrated on the others in the collective. But it's time to stop neglecting, so it's what I have done. Firstly, you'll all have noticed the new layout I'm sure. I'd love to know what you think of it, so feel free to email me or sign the guestbook. There are also new sections in the gallery including Livejournal icons, and general orum avatars, as well as my newest pieces of art.

Feel free to request art for me, wallpapers, or title art. You can also make requests for general art, and icons and avatars.

Enjoy the site, and enjoy the art!

As always, thanks for your support and for your interest.






18th June 2003

Well, I've added a new piece to the gallery, it's Spike/Xander, and it's called Boys in Black . I recently created some artwork for a zine, which I'm very happy about, and I plan to be doing a wider range of art soon, including wallpapers etc.. Please remember that you can request graphics from me, for fiction, websites (including banners and buttons) etc.. Hope you like the new piece. Also added a nomination at the Judgement Awards and the Jealous Much Awards, and theres a new affiliate - Witch Graphic.

29th April 2003

Ok, so it's long time no updates, unfortunately, I've not been doing much in the way of art, and have been consumed by real life, and other commitments. However, now I have the time to go back to start doing what I love again, and that is creating.

As you can see,there's a new layout, it's not too complicated, or too fancy, but I think it works well.There's also a change to the art sections, you'll notice that there are fewer pieces, but the way they are displayed is much better and easily acessible. The art on this site now, is only what I consider the best of my work, and the favourite pieces I have done. As my skill with photoshop increases, so does my art collection, and I simply feel that some aren't as good as they should be - I'm forever the critic!

Anyway, I hope you like the new layout, and the new art pieces. Hopefully there will be much more to come.

Thanks for your support, and as always, any feedback is extremely appreciated.

5th January 2003

Yes, theres a new layout - again! I've also added 4 pieces of art to the Babyverse section, and 2 pieces to the Buffyverse section. Any feedback on the art and the new look of the site is, as always, much appreciated.



14th December 2002

As you all may have noticed, I've changed the layout and style of the site. It now matches it's sister site, Dream With Me. I've also added more links and more artwork, so please check it out. You can now also request artwork from me - wallpapers and title art for fiction. If you want something that is not on the request form, please just add it on to the form in one of the boxes as a special request. Thanks.

19th November 2002

Added 3 pieces of art, and changed the background colours and the link here buttons.

22nd October 2002

Added 9 pieces of art. these again were originally title pieces for Baby Verse fan fiction.

12th October 2002

Added 24 pieces of art. These are originally title pieces for Baby Verse fan fiction, but I've taken the title's off, cause well, that's not the point.

22nd September 2002

Site Launched.

All artwork added.
Links added.
Buttons and Banners added.
Guestbook opened.
Launch Complete