Click on the name to see the category requirements, or scroll down the page to view them in their entirety. If you have any suggestions for categories, please email me the details and I'll be happy to add them to the next round if the judges feel they are appropriate. Thank you.

If you are nominating Spike/Xander fiction, please note that fiction entered into the specialised category for that ship - the Nummy Treat category - cannot be nominated in the Wonder category [and vice versa]

If you are nominating Spike/Buffy fiction, please note that fiction entered into the specialised category for that ship - the Stake Me category - cannot be nominated in the Dazzle category [and vice versa]

| Angelic | Anguished | Believe | Bite Me |

| Brevitas | Caritas | Champion | Chosen One |

| Dazzle | Endurance | Entangled |

| Entwined | Erotic | Exotic |

| Intrigue | Journey | Library |

| Metamorphosis | Moonlight | Moriati |

| Nummy Treat | Only Me | Portal | Seduction |

| Seer | Slay Me | Sombrero |

| Stake Me | Sundown | Thrill Me | Thunder |

| Wonder | Judges Choice |

| Effulgent/Souled/Outstanding |


Angelic Award - Best AtS Fan Fiction

Anguished Award - Best Angst Fan Fiction

Believe Award - Best Original Character

Bite Me Award - Best Spike Fiction

Brevitas Award - Best Short Fiction Caritas Award - Best Song Fiction Champion Award - Best Heroic Fiction


Chosen One Award - Best Slayer Centric Fiction

Dazzle Award - Best Conventional Shipper Fiction

Endurance Award - Best Long Fiction

Entangled Award - Best Ats/BtVS Crossover Fiction

Entwined Award - Best Crossover Fiction

Erotic Award - Best Female Slash Fiction Exotic Award - Best Male Slash Fiction Intrigue Award - Best Plot

Journey Award - Best Series

Library Award - Recognition and Recommendation

Metamorphosis Award - Best Episode Stealer

Moonlight Award - Best Romance Fiction

Moriati Award - Best Villain

Nummy Treat Award- Best Spike/Xander Shipper Fiction


The Only Me Award - Best Minor Character Fiction

Portal Award - Best Character History

Seduction Award - Best PWP

Seer Award -Best Point Of View Fiction

Slay Me Award - Best BtVS Fan Fiction

Sombrero Award - Best Humourous Fiction

Stake Me Award - Best Buffy/Spike Fiction

Sundown Award - Best Dark Fiction

Thrill Me Award - Best Dramatic Fiction

Thunder Award - Best Action Fiction

Wonder Award - Best Unconventional Shipper Fiction

Judges Choices Award Effulgent/Souled/Outstanding Awards - Outstanding Author