THE TAUNTER. Buffyverse Term/Concept/Idea/Intratext.

Buffy's suggested nickname for The First in "Chosen."


The night before the final Battle of Sunnydale, in which Buffy and her forces defeat the army of The First, closing the Hellmouth for good, a restless, sleepless Buffy is visited by The First in the form of Caleb. The following dialogue ensues:


THE FIRST/CALEB: Pretty, ainít it?

BUFFY: Youíre not him.

THE FIRST/CALEB: No, you killed him, right and proper. Terrible loss. This man was my good right arm. Course it donít pain me too much. Donít need an arm. Iíve got an army.

BUFFY: An army of vampires. However will I fightó

THE FIRST/CALEB: Every day our numbers swell. But then you do have an army of your own. Some thirty-odd pimply-faced girls, donít know the pointy end of a stake. Maybe I should call this off . . .

BUFFY: Have you ever considered a cool name? I mean, since youíre incorporeal and basically powerlessÖ how about the Taunter? Strikes fear in the hearts ofó

THE FIRST/CALEB: I will overrun this earth. And when my army outnumbers the humans on this earth, the scales will tip and I will be made flesh.

BUFFY: Talk on. Iím not afraid of you.

THE FIRST/CALEB: Then why arenít you asleep . . . in your dead loverís arms? íCause he canít help you. Nor Faith, nor your friends. Certainly not your wanna-slay brigade. None of those girlies will ever know real power unless youíre dead. You know the drill.

--David Lavery