SIGNS. BtVS Intertext/Allusion.

In "Bring on the Night," as the Scoobies and the SITs prepare themselves for the attack of the seemingly invincible Turok-han, Xander offers an unlikely defense against the übervamp:

GILES: This day's almost over. And the sun will go down in 17 minutes.

XANDER: Hey, junior slayers, don't look so worried. I mean, sure, we don't know where Spike is, or how to fight The First, or if and when the super style vampire is gonna attack us all. However, house— boarded up. Now all we gotta do is trap this übervamp in a pantry, and it's game over.

WILLOW: Xander, newbies. Let's ease them in to the whole "jokes in the face of death" thing.

XANDER: Who's joking? That pantry thing could work. Are you saying M. Night Shamalayan lied to us?

BUFFY: You'll be OK

Xander is referring to M. Night Shyamalan's Signs, in which Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) discovers an alien locked in a pantry by Ray Reddy (Shyamalan).

--David Lavery