THE WILD BUNCH. BtVS Intertext/Allusion.

The Wild Bunch was a 1969 film by Sam Peckinpah, famous for its violent action.

Wild Bunch is alluded to twice in Buffy. In "The Harvest," as the Scooby Gang prepares in enter The Bronze to stop The Harvest, Buffy refers to it during the follow exchange:

Buffy: It's locked!

Giles: We're too late!

Buffy: I didn't know I was gonna get grounded!

Xander: Can you break it down?

Buffy: No, not that thing. Um... You guys try the back entrance, and I'll find my own way.

Giles: Right. Come on.

Buffy: Uh, wait! Guys! Here! (hands Willow her bag) You get the exit cleared and the people out. That's all! Don't go Wild Bunch on me.

Giles: Uh, see you inside, then.

And in "Bargaining," Part 2, Xander uses it in order to name the demon bikers who invade Sunnydale when they learn the Slayer is dead.

Anya: It ... it's the Buffy Bot.

Xander: Ah, peachy. No doubt to lead the wild bunch right to us again. Hey Will, next time this thing's damaged, couldn't ya program it to find the nearest Radio Shack, or...

--David Lavery