Watcher Junior:

The Undergraduate Journal of Buffy Studies

BUFFY: (urgent; to Giles) Dawn needs to do a research thing!

GILES: (to Dawn) Yes, you do.

DAWN: It’s cool. Watcher Junior to the library.

GILES: (to Buffy) I’ll go dig up my sources. Quite literally, actually. There are one or two people I have to speak to who are dead.

--"Chosen" (7022)


Slayage Editorial Board member Dr. Lynne Edwards of Ursinus College will serve as editor of a new division of SOIJBS, Watcher Junior, devoted to publishing undergraduate research on Buffy, Angel, and the Whedonverse.

Katy Stevens (LaTrobe University, Melbourne, Australia) will be WJ's Associate Editor.

An editorial board (made up of post-baccalaureate  students) is being assembled. A Call for Papers is available here. Go here to find a PDF version of the CFP [Acrobat Reader required].

Visit Watcher Junior's own website to learn more.

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