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Whatever happened to Rave?
The point of this "news story" is pretty much seen in my title. What happened to Rave? The site owner, leader, manager extrodinaire? Has anyone heard from Rave lately? Just curious. -Marissa
Posted By: Shay on 07/24/06 - 04:38PM - (0 Comments)

Site Skins
Site Skins have been disabled while they are being updated. Thanks! Rave
Posted By: Rave on 08/12/04 - 09:19PM - (15 Comments)

Need Additional Staff
Apparently some of our Staff have gone AWOL, ok, actually all of them have, except me. I haven't heard from any of them in a LONG Time. So I'm back to running the site alone again... :-( If any one wants to give me a hand, please email me at Rave@TheSlayer.Net and put SFA in the Subject. Thanks! Rave
Posted By: Rave on 07/30/04 - 01:03PM - (26 Comments)

Beta - Readers
Just wanted to let everyone who signed up to be a beta reader know that I am going thru the applications right now and I have 8 approved so far: WordThief, Sita, Josh, Aryn Lane, Jen, Mandy C, mlleB and Natalie. I'll be adding the Beta-Reader's Page and their contact info & profiles shortly. If you are still interested in becoming a Beta-Reader here @SFA - Please go to the Resource Section and complete the application.
Posted By: Rave on 01/12/04 - 05:46AM - (12 Comments)

Submission Formatting - PLEASE READ
Please do not use BRACKET characters in your fics. Since the archive is automated and is set to allow certain HTML tags, using BRACKETS throws off the system and any text you have inside of brackets will be erased...
Posted By: Rave on 01/12/04 - 04:18AM - (4 Comments)

PR/Street Team
Hi All! I am looking to put together an Online Street Team for SFA. Basically, I need about 15 people to do promotions for SFA. Email friends, post on Boards, anything to get the word out that SFA is back in business, full swing. Only thing I ask is that no one SPAMS... that is a big no-no. Please email me at Admin@slayerfanfic.com if you are interested.
Posted By: Rave on 12/11/03 - 09:15PM - (8 Comments)

Just a Question? by Cass (G)
Not a fic bui if anyone has read my Short fic IT HAS TO BE BETTER?...

The Arena's back. Where you want it or not....

Hell on Earth 4: Signum - Series 1 by Timan (PG13)
Wolfram and Hart might be down but their not out. in secret they formed Alo...

Give Up Forever by Krissy108 (G)
re-write/Buffy and Angels goodbye. Please review!!!...

Times Like These by Celtic Pride (R)
A possible eighth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This would be episod...


f e a t u r e d
Whisper by Shay (R)
My first challenge fan fic. Willow gets mind-reading capabilites, and goes ...

The Turning Series by claudia6913 (R)
Dark fic told from Willow's and Angel's POV. She is trying to deal with he...

Secrets Exposed by Angeldove (PG13)
Connor and Dawn get caught up in the web of lies and secrets they are force...

Hank by Painbow (PG13)
Buffy’s dad returns; S6, post DoubleMeat Palace...

Road Trip by crayonbreaky gal (R)
Wesley and Faith take a road trip to Los Angeles after they attend a weddin...

Between Apocalypses by rockangelz25 (PG13)
Just a background of what happened immediately after the final episode of "...

Angel Season 5 (Redux) by Kevin (PG13)
Please Review. I will return the favor.
In the first chapter...

Whisper by Shay (R)
Spike comes to save the day? _____________________________ Please Read an...

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