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PR/Street Team
Hi All! I am looking to put together an Online Street Team for SFA. Basically, I need about 15 people to do promotions for SFA. Email friends, post on Boards, anything to get the word out that SFA is back in business, full swing. Only thing I ask is that no one SPAMS... that is a big no-no. Please email me at Admin@slayerfanfic.com if you are interested.
(Rave - 12/11/03 - 09:15PM)

I can do that! - spikelover6661 (09/02/04 - 04:18PM)

i can do it i already did on xanga
- angelsbabigurl08 (01/23/05 - 08:06PM)

I go to this other site, NeoSeeker and I know quite a few Buffy fans there. I could also put this site in my profile and signature at NeoSeeker so people see it. I'd be willing to do the job though. - vanillagigglez (02/07/05 - 11:54AM)

I'll do it! I'll post it on some boards and tell all of my friends who are Buffy fans - FlamingSoul3 (02/09/05 - 07:40PM)

Heck, why not, I've already told bout 6-7 people bout this site, I'll let some of my mates know and they'll send round a continual letter. And I'll post it on a couple of sites that owe me a favour or 2 - Lindseys Angel (03/11/05 - 11:47PM)

I can do it, I have a few angel freaks out their and one who looves angel to the grave. I will do every thing in my power to spread the word SFA - MICHAEL ANGELUS (08/29/05 - 09:27PM)

Hey, I'd love to help. I'm on Fictionpress and myspace and some other stuff that would be helpful. I will help spread the word too! - Cheza (04/23/06 - 12:26PM)

Yeah I'm up for that. ALways been interested in doin a bit of PR work. Sounds like fun I'll give it a go! - Redefinition (05/15/06 - 08:34AM)

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