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(Rave - 01/12/04 - 04:18AM)

Hey, um I keep trying to add the second chapter of my story"Chucky' I just wanted to make sure you got it because I've sent it in twice. It's in the recent list again but I can't find the second chapter. Please help me out! I'm gettin a little confused and frustrated here.
:-p - frenchtoast101 (08/26/04 - 06:58PM)

Nevermind, I got it. Well almost anyway...My story is up there twice, one with 2 chapters, which is what I want, and one with just chapter 2. I don't want to delete the chapter 2 by itself, because I don't want to delete the chapter 2 with the chapter one... I hope you understand all that. Could you please delete the chapter 2 by itself, if you can. Thanx! - frenchtoast101 (08/29/04 - 07:45PM)

Nevermind, I'm good. - frenchtoast101 (09/15/04 - 06:23AM)

well...i added a story and my brackets and text are there...mmm - johnnySnowball (06/03/06 - 05:47PM)

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