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Beta - Readers
Just wanted to let everyone who signed up to be a beta reader know that I am going thru the applications right now and I have 8 approved so far: WordThief, Sita, Josh, Aryn Lane, Jen, Mandy C, mlleB and Natalie. I'll be adding the Beta-Reader's Page and their contact info & profiles shortly. If you are still interested in becoming a Beta-Reader here @SFA - Please go to the Resource Section and complete the application.
(Rave - 01/12/04 - 05:46AM)

Hey just wonderin' how i could get a beta reader?
- adancer (09/29/04 - 12:57PM)

I set up an application to be a beta-reader what happens next? - Psyche2 (10/19/04 - 05:38PM)

How do you get a Beta to read you story? - BuffyFanatic (01/12/05 - 05:32PM)

How do you get a Beta to read you story?and what's a beta? - angelsbabigurl08 (01/22/05 - 08:19PM)

Yeah, how'd ya get a Beta? - tamzinrose (02/17/05 - 03:45AM)

If you guys want a beta reader, I would be happy to do all I can as an unoffical beta reader. I'll be gentle, promise, just e-mail me your stories and I'll correct spelling/grammar errors and help with content things you want me to look at. ^_^ - I Heart The Nerd Herd (03/06/05 - 01:30PM)

Im also an unofficial beta, so if you want me to, I can beta it. The choice is up to you, but if you do, I cant guarentee that I'll be as easy as The beta above me here, so if you want someone a bit tougher, email me. And I'll do my best. - Lindseys Angel (03/11/05 - 11:38PM)

What happens after I've submitted my ap? - Ksue (04/11/05 - 09:15PM)

I'm in desperate search of a beta reader to call my very own. Check out some of my stories and please leave me a comment with your contact info if you think you're interested. Thanks guys! Hope to hear from ya! ¤ Alana ¤ - 4lana (08/04/05 - 12:03AM)

Just curious, as to how the beta reader page is coming along. - Eris (08/23/05 - 08:20PM)

If you guys want a beta reader, I can do that for you, I beta read for other fanfic sites, so if you need help just contact me. - wiccan_sara (01/03/06 - 10:17AM)

I put in an application to be a beta-reader, but I really don't know what a beta-reader is.

Can anyone tell me? - Revon (05/12/06 - 08:31PM)

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