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Need Additional Staff
Apparently some of our Staff have gone AWOL, ok, actually all of them have, except me. I haven't heard from any of them in a LONG Time. So I'm back to running the site alone again... :-( If any one wants to give me a hand, please email me at Rave@TheSlayer.Net and put SFA in the Subject. Thanks! Rave
(Rave - 07/30/04 - 01:03PM)

Hi. I sent you an email, but am not sure you recieved it. Send me one at lenoxfiles@hotmail.com or meblenox@yahoo.com and let me know what help you need. I may be able to help.

aka MichaelB - MebbtheScribe (07/31/04 - 12:43PM)

I also sent you an email. I have not gotten a reply back, but if you need help, drop a line to skm1515@yahoo.com.

somnambulist29 (Shea) - somnambulist29 (08/01/04 - 11:59AM)

I'm filmtheory@yahoo.com. I'd love to help out. - filmtheory (08/02/04 - 10:01AM)

I'd like to help out if I can. e-mail me at Sweetangelmj05@aol.com - always angel (08/02/04 - 12:02PM)

I sent you an email too (Dreamer17555@aol.com) and would love to help out. - Barbie Girl (08/02/04 - 05:35PM)

I've sent an email as well. also would love to help out. write me at AngelBuffy@aol.com. - Ivory (08/03/04 - 05:40PM)

Hi Guys! I'm going thru all the emails now and I will get with all of you shortly. Basically what I need help with is still moving all the old fics from the old site to this one (that simple cut and paste) and reviewing new submissions here.

Thanks again to you all!
Rave - Rave (08/03/04 - 10:10PM)

I emailed you a few days ago, because I'm really interested in helping you out. I have a lot of exeperience. Email me at DiDiWriter@aol.com
Thanks - Creana (08/04/04 - 10:07PM)

I'd love to help you review new stories and whatnot. wendy@wendyness.com - wendyness (08/05/04 - 10:59PM)

Hi, I emailed you as well. rachay87@hotmail.com - I would love to help out, I'm good at things like that! -Marissa - Shay (08/06/04 - 08:49PM)

Ok! The out pouring of help has totally rocked. So far I have taken the first 25 people that responded and have extended invitations to join the staff to them. If you have asked to help out and I haven't gotten back to you yet, please hang tight. I have saved all emails and I am going thru the rest of them now. My ulimate goal is to have 8 to 10 General Staff to help out with ALL aspects of the site (such as coding, Help Reports, Link/Affiliate Management, Public Relations, etc...) and 15 - 20 General Archivists to help approve submissions.

Thanks again to you all and I hope to get to wrok with MANY of you in the future.

Rave - Rave (08/07/04 - 08:44PM)

Hey i changed my e-mail address. I can now be reached a sweetangelmsj@aol.com. I would love to help approve new submissions. - always angel (08/11/04 - 03:04PM)

i would love to help
my e-mail is kurtisiscool@hotmail.com - evilspike2000 (08/16/04 - 10:41AM)

Ok, looking at the side toolbar, I'm assuming that you have enough people to help out, but if you need more people to help approve submissions, etc, then I'd be more than happy to help. - dreamsuntold (08/16/04 - 12:47PM)

I emailed you...I don't know if you got it or not....
I'd love to help
bsparker@dodo.com.au - Dana Rosenberg (08/28/04 - 07:43AM)

I would love to be on the staff so if you need me my email is swtlilprnss@yahoo.com. - angelsbabigurl08 (01/22/05 - 07:51PM)

I would love to be on the staff so if you need me my email is swtlilprnss@yahoo.com. - angelsbabigurl08 (02/15/05 - 05:13PM)

I sent you an email and i'm not sure if you got it so if you just wanna email me its swtlilprnss@yahoo.com. - angelsbabigurl08 (02/23/05 - 12:58PM)

I would love to help out. Email me at Fireballqueenkd@aol. - Fool_For_Love (03/07/05 - 07:48PM)

I will help if you still need it. email me at canadianmoose123@yahoo.com - tabatha (03/20/05 - 06:21PM)

Hi, Rave. If you see this, I'm just letting you know I am still here. If you could send me the blog where all the info was kept, that would be great. Send it to lenoxthehunter@yahoo.com . I have been out of touch for a long time. I can peruse the site, but have lost everything else. My computer had major problems, but those problems are somewhat gone. My comp is a bit sluggish now, however, I can still browse and keep up my writing. Drop me an email if you can. Thank you. Me B - MebbtheScribe (06/18/05 - 10:53AM)

Hmm, i would offer some help but it seems that everyone and their mother has already volenteered sooo...blah. Well, that and for some reason my e-mail won't send an e-mail to you... - Painting_Stitches (07/19/05 - 12:37PM)

That's okay, Painting_Stitches. I guess I'm going through a transitional period here anyway. I am moving and am not with a computer any more. I sincerely hope that I will have time once again to write for Slayer FanFic. So much to finish and so much to begin anew. Thank you for your patience. MebbtheScribe aka MichaelB - MebbtheScribe (07/23/05 - 09:04AM)

hi. if there's any help that is needed, i would gladly offer to help and become a helping member of the staff. my email is moongoddess1892@yahoo.com thanx - BelovedSlayer (08/25/05 - 03:05PM)

If you're still looking for help, email me at me_is_cooper@hotmail.com. - Cooper_666 (06/11/06 - 06:47PM)

I'm avalible if you still need help, since i'm pretty much always on. My E-mail is ReneagadePunk1@aol.com - Innocent Delirium (06/19/06 - 11:01PM)

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