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Site Skins
Site Skins have been disabled while they are being updated. Thanks! Rave
(Rave - 08/12/04 - 09:19PM)

When are they likely to be up again? - Benny (09/17/04 - 09:05AM)

What are site skins? - frenchtoast101 (09/25/04 - 01:44PM)

Hi Benny & Freanchtoast101 - Skins should be back up shortly. Skina are ways you, as the user, can change the look and layout of the site. - Rave (09/28/04 - 09:25PM)

Cool, thanx Rave! - frenchtoast101 (09/29/04 - 06:10AM)

How can i get a beta user? - adancer (09/29/04 - 12:57PM)

How can i get a beta user? - angelsbabigurl08 (01/22/05 - 07:57PM)

Yes, When are they to be back up? - freckles (02/08/05 - 09:20PM)

When are they to be up again? I want skins! - freckles (02/08/05 - 09:21PM)

LOL, when are they going to be up again? i'd like a skin, please!!! - raycheld20 (05/13/05 - 08:16PM)

are they almost finished??Its been almost a YEAR! skins...please?... - Vamp_Grlz (06/28/05 - 08:08PM)

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. And if you don't have skin... there will be problems. Skin please. - redmoon (08/24/05 - 10:24PM)

When are the skins going to be up again??? They've been in the process of being updated sooooo long....Skins.Please. Soon. - frenchtoast101 (09/18/05 - 11:11AM)

What are the skins, and what's a beta user? :) - Quortoth (10/30/05 - 06:44PM)

I'm a little confused at exactly what a skin is and how you get one. WHen they are back up will someone plaese tell me how to get one thanks a bunch. - littlewiccan (11/20/05 - 02:02PM)

Something tells me the people running this site kinda stoped a year ago....Are you guys alive????? - Acila (12/24/05 - 11:59AM)

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