''For centuries he preyed on the weak. Now helping the hopeless is his last chance for redemption. Just connecting with the people who need him can turn deadly.''

Angel Lonely Hearts - 1ADH02

Written by David Fury - Directed by James Contner - First Aired on October 12, 1999

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The Short: From the
WB11 home page: Doyle receives a new vision that sends the group to the club scene. They soon learn they are looking for a serial killer who seeks his prey from D'Oblique, a chi-chi singles bar. While perusing the crowd, Angel meets Kate, an L.A. police detective and D'Oblique regular. Though they initially bond, Angel is pre-occupied by his mission and devotes his efforts to pursuing the killer. After a violent confrontation, Angel discovers the suspect is a demon parasite. Doyle and Cordelia bond as they learn more about the identity and behaviors of the demon and Kate and Angel soon work together to catch the killer.

Card The Long: After a ''Previously on Angel'' segment (see Continuity #1) we see Angel sitting alone in his office in the dark. Doyle walks in and turns on the light. Doyle tries to get Angel to go out and meet people, saying they should celebrate the new company with Cordelia. Angel isn't interested. Cordelia shows up and is happy the new calling cards have come in (see Reference #1). Doyle has a vision of trouble at a bar and Angel says they will be going out after all. At the bar, called D'Oblique, a girl named Sharon sits quietly and a man named Kevin approaches her with a pick up line. (Listen to the teaser here.)

Angel & Kate At the bar Sharon and Kevin make small talk (see Reference #2). Angel, Cordelia and Doyle walk in and split up looking for the trouble. Angel is clearly out of his environment around people. Cordelia starts to pass out cards but Doyle stops her from drawing too much attention. She insists she knows what she is doing, they see Sharon and Kevin leave together (see Reference #3). Meanwhile Angel has men thinking he's trying to pick them up then meets a woman named Kate who wants to know if he's okay. They talk (see Reference #4). Cordelia and Doyle talk about how she can't figure him out. She wants to know about the visions (see Reference #5). A man who got one of the cards tries to pick up Cordelia. Doyle tries to defend her. Kate tells Angel she has trouble trusting men (see Reference #6). She asks if he wants to leave, but he says he can't. Trouble starts with the man trying to pick up Cordelia, thinking she's a hooker. Doyle hits the man. There is a fight, Angel helps then the bartender breaks it up and ejects the guy that approached Cordelia and his friend. A woman named Marcie is impressed with Angel and they go to the bar and talk (see Reference #7 & 8). Kate sees this and leaves. At Kevin's place we see Kevin and Sharon in bed in afterglow. She wants to leave, but he wants her to stay so he can hold her. At the bar Angel, Cordelia and Doyle are sitting around at closing time and can't figure out why they are there. They are told to leave. Cordelia mentions how hard this is for Angel because of his curse (see Cool Quotes #1). The next morning at Kevin's place Sharon is getting dressed calmly as Kevin's body lays there dead and decomposing.

Kate Back at the office the next night Angel, Cordelia and Doyle are researching strange occurrences around that bar. On the computer they find newspaper articles about a death and a disappearance near the bar. Angel decides to go back there. When he arrives Angel bumps into Kate again. He apologizes for abandoning her and tries to get her to stay away from the bar but can't say why. She tells him off (see Continuity #2). Kate goes in and gets a drink. She bumps into Sharon who is picking up a guy. Angel notices a man asking for Kevin, who disappeared. At the office Cordelia and Doyle look through the books for demons who might fit the pattern. Cordelia says how much demons disgust her. At the bar Angel learns Kevin went out with Sharon, he finds out her name from a guy and runs off to find her (see Reference #9). Kate notices how he runs off. At Sharon's place Neil apologizes for his performance in bed to Sharon. She goes to hold him. Angel runs down the street. Suddenly a monstrous snake thing springs from Sharon and burrows into Neil's body. Angel rushes in to discover the thing climbing into Neil, who knows Angel isn't human. Angel says it has to stop, but Neil says he needs to find the right body. They fight. Neil is strong and mops the floor with Angel, then disappears. Kate rushes in not seeing Neil and pulls a gun and a badge on Angel.

Cordelia & Doyle Kate says she with the police. Angel says he's tracking the killer too, but she doesn't believe him. Angel apologizes then knocks her down and dives out the window to the street below, meanwhile Neil watches from the window ledge. Cordelia and Doyle show up at her place, which is in a shambles. Angel shows up and she invites him in. He tells them how now Kate thinks he's the killer and they need to lay low. Angel tells them it's a burrower demon. He wants them to research it's weaknesses. Angel leaves to look for it again. Angel looks for the demon as Kate looks for Angel. We see Neil pick up a new woman. Kate breaks into Angel Investigations and searches his home. The demon in Neil takes over the woman. Angel returns to Cordelia's place and finds Cordelia and Doyle asleep covered in books. Cordelia says she found a demon called Talamour who fits the description. She says it is strong, doesn't like fire, and when it leaves a body it starts to fall apart. Angel calls Kate to warn her (see Reference #10). He says he'll meet her at the bar. She reluctantly agrees. At the bar Kate tells the bartender to let her know when Angel arrives, and shows she's a cop. A man tries to pick Kate up. The bartender tells Kate he saw Angel in the alley and leads her out. Once outside the bartender jumps her, knocks her out and pulls off her shirt.

Bartender Angel knocks out the bartender before the demon can enter Kate, but the bartender's body has started to fall apart. Angel and Kate are knocked into a room and locked in, as the bartender goes out to try to pick up a woman to jump into. He is falling apart and no one will talk to him. Angel tries to use a line shooter to pull them out a window to escape, but fails. Kate pulls out a gun and shoots off the lock (see Goof #1). The bartender is rapidly deteriorating. They chase him outside into an alley where he has grabbed a woman. Angel jumps him and they fight. Angel flips him into a burn barrel and right as the flaming body is about to get Angel Kate shows up and shoots it, saving Angel. As the paramedics take the body away Kate and Angel talk. She assumes it was the bartender all along. She thanks him and tells him she searched his place illegally. He shows her a calling card and he walks off (see Goof #2). Back at Angel Investigations, Angel thanks Cordelia and Doyle and asks if they want to go out, but they are glad to go home and rest. Angel is thankful to sit alone again in the dark.

Creature Feature

The Hidden Talamour The villain of this episode is a Burrower demon named Talamour. He has the ability to burrow into bodies of victims, killing them and taking them over. When inside a body he it is very strong and resistant to damage. He is able to tell Angel wasn't human upon seeing him and is vulnerable to fire.

The entire plot of this episode reminds me of the 1987 film The Hidden, where a body jumping, sex seeking alien slug causes murder and mayhem in a Los Angeles, chased by a police detective and another alien who is hunting it. The alien was also very tough and didn't like fire. Sound familiar?

Demon Piasca Doyle mentions a demon named Piasca, a flesh-eating Indian demon that enters victims through the mouth and eviscerates from within. Cordelia mentions a demon who wears a writhe of intestines on it's head.

Cool Quotes

  1. Cordelia: ''Well, a couple of hundred years ago all you had to worry about was a hang over. Today, because of your curse thingy, you can't sleep with anyone or else you might feel a moment of true happiness, and lose your soul, become evil again, and kill everyone.''
    Angel: ''Thanks Cordelia, I always appreciate your perspective.''
    Cordelia: ''No problem. Hey, the last thing I want is to show up at the office and find that I'm working for a homicidal monster.''
    Cordelia, blunt as ever. Listen to the quote


  1. Doyle: ''It's not like you have a signal folks can shine in the sky when ever they need help, you know?''
    The Batsignal is a device used by Gotham city to summon Batman, a costumed crime fighter from DC Comics that inspired several television shows, cartoons and films. Also referenced by Willow in Some Assembly Required. (Thanks to Victor for helping attain this picture.)

    Ken and Barbie
  2. Sharon: ''Yeah, I had that. Only I had a him, where you had a her. Actually I just had a Ken and Barbie.''
    Ken and Barbie are a famous doll line by Kenner. Barbie has her own web site at http://www.barbie.com/. Also referenced by Willow in Welcome To The Hellmouth, Cordelia in Halloween and Pete in Beauty And The Beasts.

    Peter Pan
  3. Cordelia: ''You see jazz-hands over there? Mama's boy. Peter Pan complex. Self-absorbed closet-dud, with a big the world owes me chip on her shoulder. Check out Sarah, Plain And Tall. Has or comes from big money.''
    Doyle: ''How do you know all that?''
    Cordelia: ''Well, you've got to be rich to snag the Calvin Kline model she's leaving with.''
    Peter Pan is a story by J.M. Barrie. The Plot: The three children of the Darling family receive a visit from Peter Pan, a boy who never grew up, who takes them to Never Never Land where an ongoing war with the evil pirate Captain Hook is taking place.

    Sarah, Plain And Tall is a book by Patricia MacLachlin about a 19th century mail order bride.
    Calvin Klein Calvin Kline is a designer whose self-titled firm (founded 1968) was instrumental in the late 1970s-early 1980s designer jeans craze. In 1979-1980, television ads shot by Richard Avedon featured featherweight pubescent actress Brooke Shields purring ''You know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.'' Klein has consistently prospered through provocative advertising. In the 1980s television and print ads for his fragrance Obsession and underwear line used images that were variously pretentious and erotic, but always talked about.

  4. Kate: ''Anyway I don't expect to find him here at the International House of Posers.''
    The International House of Pancakes is a restaurant chain owned by IHOP Corp. IHOP restaurants feature moderately priced, high quality food and beverage items, and table service in an attractive and comfortable atmosphere. Although IHOP restaurants are best known for their award winning pancakes, omelettes and other breakfast specialties, IHOP restaurants are open throughout the day and evening hours and offer a broad array of lunch, dinner and snack items as well. There are over 800 IHOP restaurants located in 37 states, Canada and Japan. They have a web site at http://www.ihop.com/.

    Mission Impossible
  5. Cordelia: ''Plus, your visions are kind of lame. A bar? That's nice and vague! I mean they should send you one of those self-destructing tapes, you know, that come with a dossier?''
    The 1966 television series Mission Impossible featured self-destructing tapes used to send the main character on his assignment. Plot: An elite covert operations unit carries out highly sensitive missions subject to official denial in the event of failure, death or capture. An interesting fact is that Mission Impossible regulars Martin Landau and Barbara Bain are the real life parents of Juliet Landau, who played Angel's former love Drusilla during season 2 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

  6. Angel ''What are you looking for?''
    Kate: ''Depends on how many Daiquiris I've had.''
    A Daiquiri is a cocktail of rum, lime juice and sugar.

  7. Angel: ''No, I I mean, I'd really like to know. So how do you want to do this Twenty Questions?''
    Twenty Questions is a guessing game. One player has an object or topic in mind, and the other player tries to guess what it is by asking a maximum of twenty questions to which the answers are yes or no. (Thanks to Melissa Evans for this information.)

  8. Angel: ''So Marcie from Barstow. That doesn't even rhyme or anything.''
    Barstow, California has a web-based guide to the city at http://www.exploring-barstow.com/.

    Dustin Diamond
  9. Bartender: ''Ah, she was there just a minute ago, getting it on with some Screech.''
    Samuel ''Screech'' Powers is a character from the 1989 comedy television series about six students going to Bayside High School called Saved By The Bell. He was played by actor Dustin Diamond. Plot: Zack, the cool preppy, Slater, the athlete, Screech, the nerd, Lisa, the gossip queen, Kelly, the cheerleader, and Jessie, the honor student all group up at Bayside High. (Thanks to Poppedijn for the picture of Dustin Diamond.)

    Cagney And Lacey
  10. Cordelia: ''Cagney and Lacey Kate? I thought we were hiding from her.''
    Cagney and Lacey was a 1982 television series starring Sharon Gless as Christine Cagney and Tyne Daly as Mary Beth Lacey, two women police detectives. Plot: Two female police detectives cooperate with each other both in their professions and in their personal lives.


  1. Angel: ''Previously on Angel.''
    City Of - Doyle tells the story of Angel. Angel kills some vampires in an alley. Angel meets Cordelia at a party. Doyle says he's been sent by the Powers That Be and he gets visions. Angel meets Tina. Margo calls Cordelia. Russell Winters attacks Cordelia. Angel fights Russell. Angel meets Lindsey McDonald of Wolfram & Hart. Doyle asks if Angel is game.
    Amends - Angel bites a man.
    Becoming Part 1 - The gypsies curse Angel.

    Angel returns! Angel goes to hell!
  2. Kate: ''Well, I'll tell you what. I can go where ever I want and ah, you can go to hell.''
    Angel: ''Been there, done that.''
    Becoming Part 2 - In order to save the world from being sucked into hell, Buffy had to send Angel there instead.
    Faith, Hope and Trick - Angel mysteriously returns to Earth several months later, but for him hundreds of years passed in hell.


  1. After Angel and Kate get out of the locked room, they run past a mirror in which Angel's face is visible as he passes it, despite the fact that he is a vampire and should cast no reflection.

  2. As Angel walks away from Kate, he passes a police car, and his reflection is visible in the window.


  • Lonely Hearts was the third episode to be shot, but they scraped production of the episode Corrupt, which was to follow City Of, because it was too dark. The scene where Cordelia makes up the business cards was more or less lifted from the Corrupt script.

  • The song during the musical interlude is Vast's Touched. You can download a clip of the song here. You view the lyrics here.

  • The shooting script for this episode called the demon Zavorux, not Talamour.

  • You can download audio clips from this episode at http://www.glennquinn.com/multimedia/audio/angel_lonelyhearts.html.

  • The name Kate is Greek for pure. (Thanks to Megan from the Watcher's Diary for finding this.)

  • Angel's telephone number is 555-0162 and his business is called Angel Investigations.

  • The two newspapers Doyle found the murders in were the West Hollywood Courier and the Los Angeles Globe Register.

  • Doyle explains that the invitation rule for vampires only stays in effect while the owner of the home is alive.

  • Cordelia invites Angel into her apartment.

  • New name for Angel: Mister Obvious (by Doyle).

  • The Morgue

      Talamour Dead
    1. Sharon Richler: In Kevin's bed, burrowed to death by Talamour/Kevin.
    2. Neil: In Sharon's bed, burrowed to death by Talamour/Sharon.
    3. Neil's Pick-Up Girl: In bed, burrowed to death by Talamour/Neil.
    4. Talamour/Bartender: In an alley, burned by Angel and shot by Kate.
    Note: Before the episode starts Kevin and at least two others were killed by Talamour. The bartender was killed off screen, presumable by Talamour inside the body of Neil's pickup girl.


    Angel David Boreanaz as Angel
    Cordelia Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Doyle Glenn Quinn as Allen Francis Doyle

    Guest Starring:
    Kate Elizabeth Rohm as Detective Kate Lockley
    Sharon Lillian Birdsell as Sharon Richler
    Bartender Obi Ndefo as the Bartender

    Neil Derek Hughs as Neil
    Kevin Johnny Messner as Kevin
    Girl Jennifer Tung as Neil's pick-up girl
    Marcie & Angel Tracey Stone as the Pretty Girl (Marcie, Left)
    Guys David Nisic as the Slick Guy (Right)
    Guys Ken Rush as the Guy (Left)
    Regular Connor Kelly as the Regular
    Tina Tracy Middendorf as Tina (Uncredited, seen in flashback to City Of.)
    Russell Vyto Ruginis as Russell Winters (Uncredited, seen in flashback to City Of.)
    Lindsey McDonald Christian Kane as Lindsey McDonald (Uncredited, seen in flashback to City Of.)
    Margo Renee Ridgeley as Margo (Uncredited, seen in flashback to City Of.)
    Vampire Josh Wolloway as the Good Looking Guy (Uncredited, seen in flashback to City Of.)

    Famous Faces

    Bartender Obi Ndefo, who played the bartender, played the part of Kelemane in the Star Trek: Voyager episode Blink of An Eye 6.12 and played Drex in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode The Way of The Warrior 4.01.

    Female Ensign Girl Obsessive Star Trek fans may recognize Neil's pick-up girl for her small part as a Trek actress. Jennifer Tung played the female ensign in the 1998 film Star Trek: Insurrection. She played Klea in the Charmed episode The Demon Who Came In From The Cold 3.19. She was crowned Miss Chinatown U.S.A. at the age of 17.

    Marcie & Angel Tracey Stone, who played Marcie, played on Malibu Shores with Charisma Carpenter in the episode The Fall in 1996. She was also in the 1998 film Dead Man On Campus as the girl groupie with Alyson Hannigan, who plays Willow Rosenberg on Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

    Guys Ken Rush, who played the guy, has his own web site at http://www.kenrush.com/.

    Points Of View


    Episode #2, Lonely Hearts was just too predictable. The plot is obviously pulled from the film The Hidden, but on the plus side, The Hidden was one of my favorite films. Having Angel falsely accused of the murders was easily foreseen, and the fact that Kate was a cop was already known months before the series started. I was slightly surprised when the bartender jumped Kate, but that didn't last. It was nice to see that this demon could beat Angel in a fight, something we don't see often enough. Too bad the writers seemed to forget Cordelia was taking computer programming classes with Willow in the Buffy pilot when they decided she had almost no computer or typing skills. I'm sure Christine will see the obvious male hero and female victim roles, but at least some of the victims were male. The writers did make sure that whenever Angel fought the villain it was in a male form. In the end it was Kate who saved the day, but she remained clueless as to what really happened. I think this diminishes her character, by having her not see obvious things, like the fact that the bartender was at the club when she left it and found the victim with Angel, who supposedly had just fought the killer. If Angel had fought the killer then Angel should have known it was the bartender, who Kate left at the bar a few minutes before. I did enjoy seeing a little fun poked at bar scene, something I avoid because I can't stand it. Amazing how all these lonely beautiful women were hanging out just waiting to be picked up by any guy with a bad line. Cordelia was a bright spot in her usually matter-of-fact way of reminding us why Angel can't date and her reminiscing over her high-school days. Her presence there does remind me of the fact Charisma Carpenter just doesn't look like an 18 year old. As the last episode was meant to set up the show, this one seemed geared to enforce the basic Doyle-gets-a-vision Angel-goes-to-work pattern, as well as introduce Kate. Hopefully the show will get more interesting as it develops.

    5 out of 10

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